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• Let thy heart pant for universal praise,

Such as, unbrib'd, to virtue, virtue pays. rw . • Is this withheld ? try ev'ry winning art, • To melt the hard, to sooth the froward heart.

Sue for esteem—to all but fawning bend, w * Whom this will purchase is a worthless friend; • But scorn the thought, as vainest of the yain, • That what good nature loses, pride will gain. · Less than your merit does your friend approve? Still merit more, his love constrain with love.

opid, anxori 03 • This conduct tried, remains he still the same?

wo SVS SONOR12 • Learn you to pity what the world will blame. • The gen’ral censure his neglect ensures,

NwOQU OLOT 19 • Thy honour brightens and thy praise secures.'

biam $ .3176ater: 1 25 World


TITOVAR Jaguzicu sdt beol yon gris OT:
Nov se neotų ati opuca i obra

FABLE LXXIII. 1981 casa'
៖ ឱ.នង1ឬ 03 1 1913 { [11] * *

satya'ya ot ang ildigings bra . The 'Squire had din'd alone one day, aisvig And Tom was call’d to take away sonuiti M : Tom clear'd the board with dextrous art: W But, willing to secure a tart, at vi srl I The liquorish youth had made an halt, BRA And left the Pepper-box and Salt eds saecht: Alone upon the marble table : solo o Who, thus, like men, were heard to squabble :


Pepper began, ' Pray, Sir,' says he • What business have you here with me? • Is't fit that Spices of my birth • Should rank with thee, thou scum of earth? • I'd have you know, Sir, I've a spirit · Suited to my superior merit. • Tho' now confin'd within this caster, . I serve a northern Gothic master; • Yet born in Java's fragrant wood, • To warm an Eastern monarch's blood, • The sun those rich perfections gave me, • Which tempted Dutchmen to enslave me.

. Nor are my virtues here unknown, • Tho' old and wrinkled now I'm grown. • Black as I am, the fairest maid • Invokes my stimulating aid, • To give her food the poignant flavour, . And to each sauce its proper savour. • Pasties, ragouts, and fricassees, • Without my seasoning, fail to please : . « 'Tis I, like wit, must give a zest, * And sprightliness to ev'ry feast.

· Physicians too my use confess; • My influence sagest matrons bless : • When drams prove vain, and cholics teaze, • To me they fly for certain ease. * And, when of dulness wits complain, • I brace the nerves, and clear the brain.

• But, to the 'Squire, here, I appeal,• He knows my real value well:

· Who, with one Pepper-corn content, - Remits the vassal's annual rent.

· Hence, then, Sir Brine, and keep your distance,
• Go lend the Scullion your assistance;
• For culinary uses fit, .
• To salt the meat upon the spit;
• Or just to keep our meat from stinking-
* And thena special friend to drinking !

"Your folly moves me with surprise,'
The silver Tripod thus replies,
· Pray, master Pepper, why so hot?
• First cousin to the Mustard-pot !
• What boots it how our life began ?

'Tis breeding makes the gentleman:
• Yet, would you search my pedigree,

I rose, like Beauty, from the Sea ;
• The Sun, whose influence you boast,
Nursd me upon the British coast."

The Chemists know my rank and place,
· When nature's principles they trace:
• And wisest moderns yield to me
• The elemental monarchy.
• By me all nature is supplied
· With all her beauty, all her pride!
• In vegetation I ascend;
* To animals their vigour lend; ..

Corruption's foe, I life preserve,
. And stimulate each slacken'd nerve.
• I give jonquils their high perfume ;
* The peach its flavour, rose its bloom :

• Nay I'm the cause, when rightly trac'd, Of Pepper's aromatic taste.

Such claims you teach me to produce; • But need I plead my obvious use, • In seasoning all terrestrial food, . • When Heaven declares, that Salt is good.

• Grant, then, some few thy virtues find; · Yet Salt gives health to all mankind : * Physicians sure will side with me, . . While Cooks alone shall plead for thee :

In short, with all thine airs about thee, "The world were happier far without thee.'

The 'Squire, who all this time sat mute, Now put an end to their dispute: He rang the bell-bade Tom convey The doughty disputants away

The Salt, refresh'd by shaking up, At night did with his master sup: The Pepper, Tom assign'd his lot. . With Vinegar and Mustard-pot : A fop with Bites and Sharpers join'd,. And to the side-board well confin'd. .

[blocks in formation]

Perch'd on a poplar's verdant spray,
A Blackbird sung the hours away;
Charm'd all around, and seem'd to call
An Echo from his Lordship’s hall.
Confin’d in state, a Bullfinch, there,
The melting music chanc'd to hear.
Bursting with envy, silence broke,
And, thus, from gilded cage he spoke :.

Cease, bungler, thy discordant noise, · Untun'd thy throat, and harsh thy voice ; • How dar’st thou, vagrant, as thou art, • To me thy dissonance impart ? • Know'st thou I sing by studied rules, * And boast the learning of the schools ?

Soft rapture to the heart convey, * And charm the list'ning soul away?". • To please my Lord, and soothe his cares,

I warble soft Italian airs; • Which he in gratitude repays • With costly food, and gen'rous praise : • Whilst thou, condemn'd thro' air to rove, • Or hide thee in the gloomy grove, • Feebly to suck the beverage scant, . And pine in endless care and want;

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