On the Practicability of an Invasion of British India: And the Commercial and Financial Prospects and Resources of the Empire

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J. M. Richardson, 1829 - 152 pages

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Page 129 - From the nature of the country, the charms of which were heightened by novelty, and by the expectations we formed of the sights and incidents which we should meet with among so wild and extraordinary a people, it may be supposed, that these morning expeditions were pleasing and interesting. Our evening rides were not less delightful, when we went out among the gardens round the city, and admired the richness and repose of the landscape, contrasted with the gloomy magnificence of the surrounding mountains,...
Page 142 - Europe, to stay the overwhelming career of the autocrat, who aimed at little less than universal dominion. The Turks, however, have done it effectually of themselves, single-handed, without the assistance of any one power, European or Asiatic ; and the Sublime Sultan may now boast, with the Roman warrior, . . . . ' like an eagle in a dove-cote, I Flutter'd your Russians in Bulgaria ; Alone I did it.
Page 127 - Canighul, decorated with innumerable tents and pavilions, which displayed the luxury of a great city and the spoils of a victorious camp. Whole forests were cut down to supply fuel for the kitchens ; the plain was spread with pyramids of meat, and vases of every liquor, to which thousands of guests were courteously invited...
Page 62 - ... the country, contained a profusion of plum, peach, apple, pear, quince, and pomegranate trees, which afforded a greater display of blossom than I ever before witnessed ; and the uncultivated parts of the land were covered with a thick elastic sod, that perhaps never was equalled but in England. The greater part of the plain was highly cultivated, and irrigated by many water-courses and canals. Never was a spot of the same extent better peopled. From one height, Lieutenant Macartney took the bearings...
Page 11 - Government, in 1809, into Central or Western Asia, pointing out to them, in general terms, the advantages to be anticipated from making every possible exertion to ascertain the nature and resources of those countries through which an invading European army might advance towards Hindoostan ; and likewise sanctioning the employment, in the capacity of political assistants or surveyors, of any number of officers that might be deemed requisite to give full effect to this suggestion.
Page xiii - Our wellequipped fleets and well-dressed troops give, to be sure, an air of magnificence ; but then it is well known that we owe almost fifty millions, and have been forced to apply the sinking fund, not to discharge that debt, but to furnish out these...
Page liii - ... a doubt that much time will elapse before such a material change can be produced in their habits, as to verify my prediction. But should the present or a future sovereign be duly impressed with the importance of the subject, it is impossible to say how soon such an alteration might be effected, particularly when we consider the acknowledged docility of temper, which all the common natives possess.
Page 36 - Asia. This oasis, situated in the midst of an ocean of sand, would become the point of reunion for all the commerce of Asia, AND WOULD SHAKE TO THE CKNTHK OF INDIA THE ENORMOUS COMMERCIAL SUPERIORITY OF THE DOMINATORS OF THE SKA*.
Page 23 - We have nothing to apprehend from the Rajpoot states if raised to their ancient prosperity. The closest attention to their history proves, beyond contradiction, that they were never capable of uniting, even for their own preservation ; a breath, a scurrilous stanza of a bard, has severed their closest confederacies. No national head exists amongst them as amongst the Mahrattas ; and each chief being master of his own house and followers, they are individually too weak to cause us any alarm.

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