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sites, 250

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CHILD, C. D., Band Spectrum from Mercury Vapor,

Chromosomal Duplication, A. F. BLAKESLEE, J.


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Civil Service Employees, 9

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Conservation of Quality of Water, W. F. WELLS,


Corn Seed Parasite, J. B. S. NORTON and C. C.
CHEN, 250

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Corrosion of Firearms, W. J. HUFF, 61

Cretaceous, Recedent Lake Shores of, J. R. WIE-
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Czecho Slovakia, Appeal for Publications, A.

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410; Gager's Introductory Course in Botany,


DAVIS, W. M., African Rift Valleys, 456

Dean on Helmets and Body Armor in Modern
Warfare, D. FRANKLIN, 201

DEGEER, G., Determination of Geochronology, 502
DEMPSTER, A. J., Positive Ray Analysis of Mag-
nesia, 559

DENNISON, D. M., Crystal Structure of Ice, 296
DEXTER, J. S., Albino Vertebrates, 130
Diastrophism, E. W. BERRY, 315

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Differentials, A. S. HATHAWAY, 35

Digestion, Psychological Factors in, J. R. KANTOR,

Discussion and Correspondence, 13, 35, 59, 81, 107,

129, 154, 175, 198, 223, 248, 272, 290, 314, 339,
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Diurnal Migration, C. O. ESTERLY, 307

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ments of Rats, 447

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EARLE, F. S., Tropical Research, 363

[blocks in formation]

Edwards, Jonathan, on the Mechanistic Concep-
tion of Life, J. M. C., 409; as a Freudian, E. E.

Efficiency in Thermal Phenomena, E. H. LOCK-

WOOD, 366

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Electrical Engineering Course at Mass. Inst. Tech.,

W. H. TIMBIE, 163

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EMMET, A. D., Fat-soluble A and Xerophthalmia,


Engineering, Societies, Federated Amer., 194;

Foundation, 533

ESTERLY, C. O., Diurnal Migration, 307

[blocks in formation]


LING, Chromosomal Duplication, 388

Fat-soluble A and Xerophthalmia, A. D. EMMET,

Filters, Wrattan, C. E. K. MEES, 608

Fisheries, on the Gulf States, 31; Fairport Bio-
logical Station, 310; Bureau of, Laboratory

Building at Fairport, Iowa, 503

FLEXNER, S., William Henry Welch, 417; Twenty-

five Years of Bacteriology, 615

Flight of Fireflies and Flashing Impulses, H. A.


Floods, C. L. MEISINGER, 17

Foods and Drugs Act, Enforcement of, 124
FORBES, A., Biophysics, 331

FORBES, A. W., and A. G. WEBSTER, Thermal Cal-
culations, 175

FORBES, E. B., Influence of Fresh Food in Lacta-
tion, 467

[blocks in formation]

Gilman Memorial Lectures on Geography, 358

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Journal, 387

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logical Research with Rockets, 559

Gold, World's Production of, 55

Gold, E., Aids to Forecasting, A. M., 155

GOODRICH, H. B., Barbour Microdissection Appa-
ratus, 252

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Freezing Point Lowering and Electrical Con-
ductivity, 494

Greenland, Plan of Expedition to, L. KOCH, 552
GUDGER, E. W., Whale Shark on Florida Coast, 191
GUNTHORP, H., Distribution and Spermatogenesis
of Myriapoda, 36


HARVEY, R. B., Plant Disease Organisms, 84
HATHAWAY, A. S., Differentials, 35
HAUSMANN, E., Samuel Sheldon, 355

Hawaiian, Scientific Institutions, 32; Olona V.

HAWK, P. B., R. J. MILLER and O. BERGEIM, Gas-
tric Response to Foods, 253

Health Activities, Score for, 532

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Helium, Arc, G. M. J. MACKAY, 366; and Hy-
drogen Models, E. C. KEMBLE, 581
HERDMAN, W. A., Oceanography and Sea Fisher-
ies, 209

HERING, C., Mechanical and Electrical Quantities,
509, 636

Hermaphrodites in Mammals, C. R. MOORE, 179

HERRICK, G. W., Scientists and Upbuilding of

Peace, 93

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HOLLINGWORTH, H. L., Psychology of Nationality
and Internationalism, H. A. Pillsbury, 511
Honey, a Luxury, M. C. TANQUARY, 538
Calcium Metabolism, 318

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HRDLIČKA, Á.. Anthropological Problems of the
Far East, 567; Publications for Czecho Slovakia,

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HULL, C., Doctorates in 1920, 478, 514
Human Heights, E. G. BORING, 464

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Hybridizing, Laws of, L. J. C., 492
Hydrogen, Peroxide, Decomposition of, S. MOR-
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Industrial Laboratory Apparatus, 600

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JOHNSTON, E. S., Absorption-Transpiration Ratio
in Nutrient Media, 517

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JONES, E. L., Surveying from the Air, 574
JONES, L. R., Pasteur, History of a Mind, 15
JORDAN, D. S., Orthogenesis among Fishes, 13; Fur
Seals, 225

Journal, Biological, H. A. GLEASON, 387; of Mor-
phology, W. C. ALLEE, 84

[blocks in formation]

Kofoid on Noctiluca, M. M. METCALF, 110

Lactation, Influence of Fresh Food in, E. B.

LAIRD, E. R., Einstein's Theory and Spectrum

Lines, 14

LANGMUIR, I., Structure of Hydrogen Molecule and

Hydrogen Ion, 433


Freezing Point Lowering and Electrical Con-

ductivity, 494

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Hydrogen Peroxide, 202

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Library, Obligation of Investigator, N. E. STEVENS,


Light Deflections in Solar Eclipse, L. A. BAUER,

LIND, S. C., Radium Emanation, 640
Linked Genes in Rabbits, W. E. CASTLE, 156
LIPMAN, J. G., Section O-Agriculture, 64
Lister, Institute, 15; Memorial, 150
LIVINGSTON, B. E., Minutes of Executive Commit-
tee, 495; Chicago Meeting of the American As-
sociation, 521; Status of Affairs of American
Assoc., 499; and F. THONE, Atmometers, 85
LOCKWOOD, E. H., Efficiency in Thermal Phenom-
ena, 366

LOEB, J., Proteins and Colloid Chemistry, 449

LYON, M. W., JR., Family and Subfamily Names in

Zoology, 291

MACKAY, G. M. J., Helium Arc, 366; High Tem-
peratures and Emission from Gases, 637
MACKIE, W. W., and F. N. BRIGGS, Fungicidal
Dusts for Control of Smuts, 540
MACMILLAN, W. D., Structure of the Universe, 67
MCNAIR, F. W., Sidewalk Mirage, 201

Maine Agricultural Station, Directorship of, C. D.
WOODS, 584

Maize from Burma, G. N. COLLINS, 48

MALOTT, C. A., Static Rejuvenation, 182

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289; Soc., Amer., A. DRESDEN, 393; F. N. COLE,

518; Assoc. of Ámer., 577

Mathematische Zeitschrifte, G. A. MILLER, 155
MATTHEW, W. D., Die Stämme der Wirbelthiere, O.
Abel, 37

MAVOR, J. W., Drift Bottles in Gulf of Maine, 442
Mayer Memorial Medal, 9

Mechanical Engineers, Amer. Soc., 437; Aeronaut-
ical Section, 401

Medical, Education, 109; Research, T. C. ALLBUTT,

115; Education in the United States, 148;

Schools, Scholarships, 169; College, University

of Cincinnati, Centenary, 505

MEES, C. E. R., Wrattan Filters, 608

MEISINGER, C. L., Floods, 17; Tornadoes, 293;

Aerological Work in the United States, 410;

Hurricanes, 638

MELTZER, S. J., Men of Science in Rumania, 292

Mendola, Lake, Flora of, H. W. RICKETT, 641

Mercury Vapor, Band Spectrum, C. D. CHILD, 248

MERRIAM, J. C., Frank Slater Daggett, 242; Re-

search Spirit of Average Man, 473

METCALF, M. M., Kofoid on Noctiluca, 110; Classi-

fication of Opalinidæ, 135

Meteorological Soc., Amer., C. F. BROOKS, 205; Re-

search with Rockets, R. H. GODDARD, 559

Meteorology, Notes on, LE ROY L. MEISINGER, 17;

293, 410; 638

Microscopic Under-sea Life, 102

MILLER, A. M., Use of Term Fossil, 408

MILLER, G. A., Mathematische Zeitschrifte, 155

MILLER, R. J., O. BERGEIM and P. B. HAWK, Gas-

tric Response to Foods, 253

Mills and Fishways, R. T. MORRIS, 365

Mines, Bureau of, 149; Missouri Experiment Sta-

tion, 245; Low Temperature Laboratory, R. B.

MOORE, 483

Mirages, H. H. PLATT, F. F. BURR, S. R. WIL-
LIAMS, 290

MONTGOMERY, P. M., Reprints from Scientific In-

stitutions, 583

MOODIE, R. L., Works of Ameghino, 469

MOORE, C. R., Hermaphrodites in Mammals, 179

MOORE, R. B., Low Temperature Laboratory of

Bureau of Mines, 483

MOOREHEAD, W. K., Explorations in Panhandle of
Texas, 339

MORGULIS, S., Scientific Men in Russia, 108; and
V. E. LEVINE, Decomposition of Hydrogen Per-
oxide, 202

MORRIS, R. T., Mills and Fishways, 365

Morse, Harmon Northrup, I. REMSEN, 497

Museum, of Nat. Hist., Expedition to Asia, 380;

of Buffalo Soc. Nat. Sci., 632

Myriapoda, Distribution and Spermatogenesis of,


[blocks in formation]

Naturalists, Amer. Soc., 437

Nebraska Academy of Science, C. O. CARLSON, 471

New York, Acad. of Sci., 633; Botanical Garden,

Lectures, 268

Nela Research Laboratory, Reorganization, 150
Nervous System, Efferent Path of, F. H. PIKE, 111
Nomenclature, Zoological, 291, 491, 603
North Carolina Acad. of Sci., R. W. LEIBY, 185
NORTON, J. B. S. and C. C. CHEN, Corn, Seed Para-
sites, 250

Nutrient Solutions for Plants, D. R. HOAGLAND,

Oersted's Discovery, 288

Office of Development Work, 219

Ohio, Academy of Science, E. L. RICE, 136; State

University, Department of Chemistry, 438

Oil, Origin of, C. W. WASHBURNE, 60

Opalinidae, Classification of, M. M. METCALF, 135

Oriental Institute, Acquisitions, 402

Orientals and Occidentals, Meeting, 103

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Orthogenesis among Fishes, D. S. JORDAN, 13

Orton Memorial Library, 439

Ostrich, Mutations in, J. E. DUERDEN, 165

Paleontology and Pragmatism, E. W. BERRY, 529
PALMER, C. S., Reversal of Sodium Line, 176
Pantel, Joseph, J. H. FOULQUIER, S. J., 266
PAPPENHEIMER, A. M., Winternitz on Pathology of
War and War Gas Poisoning, 367

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230, 254, 276, 297, 319, 345, 369, 390, 414, 564,
588, 612, 642

PARTRIDGE, E. A., Galileo's Experiment, 272

Pasteur, History of a Mind, L. R. JONES, 15; In-

stitute of Paris, 484

PATTERSON, J. T., Roof Rat, 249

PEARSON, K., Institutes of Anthropology, 371
Pennsylvania, University of, Lectures, 460

PETER, A. M., Kentucky Academy of Science, 41
Philadelphia Acad. of Nat. Sci., 633

Philosophy and Ethics of Research and Publica-
tion, F. PLACE, JR., 583

Phosphates in Morocco, 484

Physical, Constants of the Ocean, G. F. MCEWEN,
62; Soc., Amer., 577

Physiological Reviews, 459

PIKE, F. H., Efferent Path of Nervous System,

Pillsbury on Psychology of Nationality and Inter-
nationalism, H. L. HOLLINGWORTH, 511

PLACE, F., JR., Philosophy and Ethics of Research
and Publication, 583

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thology at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, 576

Plants, Uses of by Indians, O. A. STEVENS, 99


Mirages, 290; Road Reflections, 467

Pleistocene Clays, H. L. FAIRCHILD, 284
Positive Ray Analysis of Magnesia, A. J. DEMP-
STER, 559

Postglacial Time, H. A. GLEASON, 340

Potential Difference in Electric Cell, N. A. KENT,

POWERS, E. B., Naples Zoological Station, 323
Pricer, John Lossen, H. J. VAN CLEAVE, 242
Proteins and Colloid Chemistry, J. LOEB, 449
Protozoa in Sawdust, C. W. STILES, 315
Psychology, Physical Measurements in, A., P.

Rational System of Units, E. Q. ADAMS, 527

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Registrar General, Report of, 54

Relation between Mechanical, Chemical and Elec-

trical Quantities, C. HERING, 509

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Reprints from Scientific Institutions, P. M. MONT-

Research, and Radicalism, N. E. STEVENS, 25; W.
H. HOBBS, 177; Biochemical, 37; and the Col-
lege Teacher, L. D. WELD, 45; Cotton, 76; Coun-
cil, National, 77, 379, 402; Medical, T. C. ALL-
BUTT, 115; Chemical, France and England, 148;
in Colleges and Carnegie Foundation, L. A.
ROGERS, 176; Chemical, in India, 217; North
American Forest, 218; Aviation, 267; and Agri-
culture, W. P. THOMPSON, 301; Tropical, F. S.
EARLE, 363; Spirit of Average Man, J. C. MER-
RIAM, 473; Problems, C. T. BRUES, 492; Forest,
Survey of, 532; in France, Italy, Belgium and
Japan, 400

RICE, E. L., Ohio Acad. of Sci., 136

RICH, A. R., Blood Coagulation, 38

RICKETT, H. W., Flora of Lake Mendota, 641

Righi, Augusto, A. TROWBRIDGE, 122

Road, Building with Federal Aid, 31; Reflections,

H. S. PLATT, 467

ROBB, E. F., Calcium Metabolism, 510

ROBERTSON, J. K., Spectrum of Mercury Vapor,


[blocks in formation]

Sahlberg, John, A. G. BöVING, 216
SALISBURY, R. D., the Geology of South Australia,
W. Howchin, 586

Salmon, Atlantic and Pacific, H. B. WARD, 264
SARGENT, W. W., Pacific Division of Amer. Assoc.,

SAUNDERS, F. A., Visible Sound Waves, 442
SCHUCHERT, C., Pan-Pacific Scientific Congress
and Bishop Museum, 74; Second Norwegian
Arctic Expedition, 131; Silurian and Devonian
in Shropshire and France, 339
Science, and the Public, 292; Scientific Teaching
of, C. G. MACARTHUR, 347; and the Nation, 585

Scientific, Notes and News, 10, 32, 57, 78, 104,

125, 151, 171, 195, 219, 245, 269, 290, 311, 335,

358, 382, 404, 439, 461, 487, 506, 535, 558, 578,

634; Books, 15, 37, 61, 110, 131, 155, 178, 201,

226, 251, 340, 367, 410, 443, 511, 586, 609;

Events, 18, 30, 54, 76, 101, 123, 148, 168, 192,

217, 243, 267, 287, 310, 332, 356, 379, 401, 437,

458, 484, 504, 531, 554, 581, 600, 632; Con-

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SCHUCHERT, 74; Conference, Pan-Pacific, 286,

Resolutions, 325, 352; Matters of Interest in

Congress, 102; Men in Russia, S. MORGULIS,

108; Reprints, R. M. MACDONALD, 131; Books

in France, 217; Periodicals, Plight of, H. S.
REED, 466; Societies meeting at Chicago, 505

Scientists and Upbuilding of Peace, G. W. HER-

RICK, 93

SCOTT, C. E., Germination of Urophlyctes alfalfa,


Second Norwegian Arctic Expedition, C. SCHU-

CHERT, 131

SETCHELL, W. A., Geographical Distribution of

Marine Algae, 187

Sheldon, Samuel, E. HAUSMANN, 355

SHARP, L. W., Request for Separates, 637
SHELFORD, V. E., Preservation of Wild Life, 464
Shull, A. F., Principles of Animal Biology, H. J.

SHULL, C. A., Sulphur as Fertilizer, 376

Sidewalk Mirage, F. W. MCNAIR, 201

Silurian and Devonian in Shropshire and France,


Singer, C., Greek Science and Modern Science, F.

H. GARRISON, 178; Scientific and Medical Manu-

scripts, F. H. GARRISON, 226

SLONAKER, J. R., Ages of Animals, 134

SLOSSON, E. E., Jonathan Edwards as a Freudian,

SMITH, J. E., Agricultural Geology, 139

Sodium Line, Reversal, C. S. PALMER, 176

Soil, Fertility, R. STEWART, 21; Alkali, F. S. HAR-

RIS, 198

Sound Waves, Visible, F. A. SAUNDERS, 442; Com-
pression of, C. BARUS, 586

Sounds of Splashes, A. T. JONES, 295

South African Association, Bulawayo Meeting of,

[blocks in formation]

Static Rejuvenation, C. A. MALOTT, 182
Calcium Metabolism, 318

STEVENS, N. E., Radicalism and Research, 25;
Obligation of Investigator to Library, 223

STEVENS, O. A., Uses of Plants by Indians, 99

STEWART, R., Illinois System of Soil Fertility, 21

STILES, C. W., Protozoa in Sawdust, 315

Sulphur as Fertilizer, C. A. SHULL, 376
Surveying from the Air, E. L. JONES, 574

TANQUARY, M. C., Is Honey a Luxury, 538
Temperature Prediction, G. L. WEST, 61
Teutonic Scientists, Relations with, W. W. CAMP-
BELL, 109

Texas, Explorations in Panhandle, W. K. MOORE-

HEAD, 339

Thermal Calculations, A. W. FORBES and A. G.

THOMAS, H. E., and R. S. KIRBY, Disease of

Wheat, 368

THOMPSON, W. P., Research and Agriculture, 301
THONE, F., and B. E. LIVINGSTON, Atmometers, 85


TIMBIE, W. H., Course in Electrical Engineering at

Mass. Inst. Tech., 163

Van Beneden, Prof., 55

Whale Shark on Florida Coast, E. W. GUDGER, 191

Wheat, Varieties, 268; Disease of, R. S. KIRBY

and H. E. THOMAS, 368; Protein Content of,

W. F. GERICKE, 446

WHEELER, W. M., La Vie Psychique des Insectes,

C. L. BOUVIER, 443

White Pine Blister Rust, E. G. CHEYNEY, 342
WIELAND, J. R., Recent Lane Shores of the Cre-
taceous, 537

Wild Life, Preservation of, V. E. SHELFORD, 464

WILLAMAN, J. J., Levulose Sirup, 351

Mirages, 290

WILLIAMSON, E. B., Exploration of Venezuela, 154
WILSON, H. V., Anatomical Literature, 178
Wilson, James, 267

Winternitz on Pathology of War and War Gas
Poisoning, A. M. PAPPENHEIMER, 367

Wisconsin Academy of Science, T. C. CHAMBER-

LIN, 1

WOODS, C. D., Directorship of Maine Agricultural

Station, 584

Wundt, Wilhelm, E. B. TITCHENER, 500

X-ray Energy acting upon Frogs' Ova, W. M.

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