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with blessings. I now give thanks to God for that which I already have. I am filled with joy, for I know that all spirituality is mine for the asking. God has given me all peace, health, joy, love and wisdom; these represent the gold of my prosperity.” Such words adhered to will insure success in all the walks of life.

Do not alone speak these words, but constantly reiterate them to yourself day after day, believing them, so that in time the words will hold you, and prove their power. power. Then live

up to them, act them out in your daily life. Be so cheerful and full of fun and liveliness that the depressed ones about will feel enlivened by your spirits, and will be carried away from their worries with the idea that something bright and pleasant is about to take place, such will be the contagion of your sweet good-nature and happy outlook. Sing, if necessary; dance, if need be; be blithe; keep an upward tone to all your actions. The darker the day and the hour the more cheerful should be your attitude.

“Never say die." Stick to the happy side of life, even if the time seems long, for patience and faith are sure to find their reward in an outward appsararce of the thing desired.

Keep your mind ever upward, your soul spiritual (as it is in Truth) above the dross of the earth and and earth-life. We must not find fault with anything, but overlook all darkness in life, ignoring it as it were not existing, and praising continually that which is good. Praise is a great power.

It is one form of thanksgiving.

We find one cause (and the greatest) for poverty to be faith in poverty. That which holds poveriy to one is depression. Depression makes improvished ideas, weak minds, selfishness and want. That which attracts poverty in many cases is fear of the conditions, just as fear is often the cause of disease. There are those who say they do not believe in poverty; that they do not fear it, and yet poor conditions are theirs. In the subconscious mind


might say unconscious mind- the hidden thought, that is, they must believe in lack, or these things would not face them up. There are others who make it a practice of laying something aside for a rainy day," as they express it, creating in their thought an evil yet to come. Why not lay by something for a joyous day, one among all the happy days that are?

To root out these deceptive thoughts hidden away in the depths of man's nature, let him deal with thoughts consciously, recognizing their value, and making a daily practice of thinking along lines of the good and the true, and praising God continually. This is possible, for constant true thinking is constant acknowledgement of a higher Presence, and uplifts the soul, bringing it into conscious at-one-ment with the Father.

Don't for one instant allow yourself the weakness of attributing your discouragements, failures and poor conditions to an all-wise and loving Creator, for such untrue statements are libable to rob you of your birthright. Your birthright is the Kingdom. The Kingdom is God's country. It is here within the soul. Oh, realize the joy of it! No one can rob you of that save yourself. Doubt is the destroying angel; therefore have faith in your own good, and drive out doubt as you would a thief. No one may enter your castle except the lord of your

castle. God helps those who help themselves.” The first means we have found to be thought. The second is the putting into practice the silent word, as though we believed it. For instance, if we are thanking God that we now have all that we need, (and we certainly have of air and sunshine, though some poor souls seem even to rob themselves of that, and are struggling along in dark tenements), if we are praising Him for all good, why should we hesitate to open our purse and buy that which seems necessary, even though little is left? But God can fill that purse again if you helieve in the literal demonstration of Divine power. Does some one say, “Impossible, I have been paid my salary for the month's work, and one must not be foolish and overrun his accountthat would be extravagance." Certainly it would, if there could be no faith back of the act. Never attempt anything unless you have faith enough to push it through, and that means a stick-to-it quality that will enable you to try again where you seem to fail.

There is demonstration upon demonstration to prove this truth, but why persue page after page of the doings of others, when one may realize for himself, if he will but practice, and the secret of the practice of prosperity has already been given.

One demonstration will be sufficient to cite: There was once a woman who realized a regular sum for work done each month. There came a day toward the end of the month when all her money being spent in the service of the Lord, she felt she must have something extra. She told no one of her need, but to the Lord she said, “Thou knowest my desires. I do not ask for silver or gold, for if I really need the amount Thou wilt give it to me.'' With some such words she expressed herself to God, and to herself she said, “I will think no more of money, for what is mine is sure to come, therefore will I be satisfied in my Good." She then put the matter from her, and made herself contented. Barely a week had gone by when a letter came addressed to her, and within it a note which read:

"DEAR FRIEND ---Accept this, please, for yourself, as coming from the Lord."

No name was signed, but folded in the note lay a greenback for the amount she had wished. This is how faith and thanksgiving to God demonstrate. We attract our own unto us by reason of our faith. Most assuredly, the Lord helps those who help themselves. Let us not fold our hands in idleness, nor our minds, but go to work with what faith we have, and by our silent word of Truth (the Word of God, which is any true thought) generate more faith, so that we are as magnets drawing the Good steadily and surely toward us. This is truly possible.

Remembering to use our word of power unselfishly and for the good of all, it is sure to demonstrate, but when self-interests are forwarded, and the God-word is put into action for self alone, if demonstration of the moment takes place, suffering quickly follows in its wake, and we are victims of our own greed. Therefore let us recall that man does not live to himself alone. He must be open, free, generous, filled with a great philanthrophy, emboldened with the desire to benefit and bless.

There are some poor, mistaken, deluded individuals who are spending their time wishing and praying for money, and thinking they are right in such a prayer. No, this is dangerous ground they are treading upon. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added."

Surely we have enough to do in overcoming sin, in praying to see no evil, for “the eyes of the Lord are too pure to behold iniquity," and in understanding the Christ-nature. God is Love. Love, when rightly understood, gives us all we need. is to love. The whole of demonstration lies in the understanding of giving. The whole relation of success is found in the



Our part

Never utter base coin from your mental mint. Give full and free expression to the best that is within you.

Inhale deep breaths of hope every morning. Let cheerfulness radiate from you freely. Never add to the burdens of today yesterday's failures or to-morrow's cares. Make such good use of your spare moments that there may be no foothold for evil thoughts. In all your dealings with your fellowmen have an iron will to'do right, a heart of gold to feel right, a tongue of silver to speak right.”


[The following extracts from previous numbers of UNITY were made by “N. A. E.' whose letter and diagram are also given as an appendix.- ED.]

The first step in this process is to attain that peace, purity and power of soul which God only can give. Pray much, forgive all, praise all, condemn not, put away pride, seek beauty for its spiritual radiance rather than its mortal form, and then you will attain both.

Second step — Quicken through the Power of the Word all the functions of the body. The specific details of this process each will find for himself as he proceeds.


The body has many brains or ganglion centers through which the mind acts. We use consciously the brain in head only. We should think through every brain cell in the organism, and consciously direct its action in building up the body. When you have attained control of the various functions in the organism, through thinking through the brain center that holds the vital energy there as a storage battery; then you can stop all decay and dissolution, and perpetually renew the body.


Let us learn the new song of life, which is positive praise to the Divine Intelligence, that is the, life and latent consciousness of every atom of this created cosmos. Every thought you think is a living mental tone that embodies the One Intelligence, but modifies its force toward freedom or bondage, according to the quality of your faith in good or evil. These thoughts live in the atomic cells of your flesh, and whatever the tone or quality of the aggregate of all your thoughts, such will be the tone of your physical organism. Your word is your only burden.

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