Flittings of Fancy

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H. Colburn, 1837

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Page 192 - Now would I give a thousand furlongs of sea for an acre of barren ground ; long heath, brown furze, any thing: The wills above be done! but I •would fain die a dry death.
Page 50 - Alas ! — how light a cause may move Dissension between hearts that love ! Hearts that the world in vain had tried, And sorrow but more closely tied ; That stood the storm, when waves were rough, Yet in a sunny hour fall off, Like ships that have gone down at sea, When heaven was all tranquillity...
Page 204 - In flower of youth and beauty's pride. Happy, happy, happy pair; None but the brave, None but the brave, None but the brave deserve the fair.
Page 140 - O'ER the glad waters of the dark blue sea, Our thoughts as boundless, and our souls as free, Far as the breeze can bear, the billows foam, Survey our empire, and behold our home ! These are our realms, no limits to their sway — . Our flag the sceptre all who meet obey.
Page 268 - twas, but it express'd her fortune, And she died singing it : that song to-night Will not go from my mind ; I have much to do, But to go hang my head all at one side, And sing it like poor Barbara.
Page 256 - The widow looked comically at the recollections which I brought to her mind; her rosy lips began to disclose their treasures in a half smile; and this, in turn, expanded into a laugh like the laugh of Euphrosyne. This was the very thing for me. I...
Page 253 - Jupiter, the vases presented nothing but hearts-ease and love-lies-bleeding; the very canary birds were inspired, and had a nest with two young ones; and the cat herself looked kindly over the budding beauties of a tortoise-shell kitten. What a place for a sensitive heart like mine ! I could not bear to look upon the mirrors which reflected my broad shoulders on every side, like so many giants; and would have given the world to appear a little pale and interesting, although it might have injured...
Page 244 - ... undisturbed when surrounded by a pack of terriers which seemed hungry enough to devour one another? Whenever the door slammed, and they looked for an addition to their cry, they seemed for all the world as though they were going to bark ; and if a straggler really...
Page 54 - Sweet arrogance ! is it not the day three thousand years on which we parted ; and did I not promise to be here at sunset?
Page 231 - ... every thought was poetry. A scrap of paper lay upon the table, and was presently enriched with a sonnet on each side, which I had the vanity to think were quite good enough to be transferred to Lady Betty's most beloved and lilac pocket-book. I raised my eyes, and, lo! in the bustle of parting with Lord S , she had forgotten to deposit it in her desk. What an agreeable surprise it would be for her to find how I had been employed! How fondly would she thank me for such a delicate mode of showing...

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