Pamphlets on Forestry, Volume 3

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Page 85 - Rosenthal, who has received helpful suggestions from the following authorities : Colonel RG Ebert, Department Surgeon, Western Department, United States Army. WA Sawyer, MD, Director of the Hygienic Laboratory of the California State Board of Health. William B. Herms, Assistant Professor of Parasitology, University of California, and Officer in charge of Malaria Investigations, California State Board of Health. Dr. George W. Shaw, Consulting Agriculturist and Land Expert. Symmes, Means & Chandler,...
Page 87 - Every bunk house, tent, or other sleeping place used for the purpose of a lodging or sleeping apartment in such camp shall contain sufficient air space to insure an adequate supply of fresh air for each person occupying such bunk house, tent, or other sleeping place.
Page 87 - ... dig a pit. In short camps not likely to be used again all kitchen waste may be thrown into the pit. but in camps of longer duration it is necessary to strain all dish water, etc., through a box sieve suitably placed over the pit and then to burn all solid matter in the range or incinerator.
Page 87 - Figure 5 (page 11) shows how a well located on high ground may be polluted by the contents of a cesspool lower down. Figure 6 (page 11) shows how a cesspool located on high ground may fail to pollute a well lower down.
Page 87 - A rock pile Incinerator which can be installed very cheaply if rock is available on the ground. This incinerator is suitable for a camp of about two thousand five hundred persons. the wall so as to provide a sloping approach, thereby preventing surface water from gaining access to the pit. Build a pyramid of large stones 4 or 5 feet high in the center to provide a central draft. The heat of the bottom stones evaporates the liquid slops while the solids are soon consumed as fuel for the fire. Precautions...
Page 87 - ... how a cesspool located on high ground may fail to pollute a well lower down. 7. Frequent analyses of the water in use should be made to assure the water's purity. 8. If drinking water is kept in a barrel, the barrel should be cleaned frequently. The water should be drawn from this barrel by a faucet, and a tight cover kept on the barrel to prevent men from dipping in with a cup and also to prevent insects from entering. 9. The use of individual drinking cups should be encouraged among the employees....
Page 18 - Region. 2. Central Coast Region. 4. Interior Valley Region. 5. Mountain and Plateau Region. The Northwest Coast Reg-ion. This section is mountainous, being covered principally by the Coast Range. The valleys are relatively -small and irregular. The important climatic features of this section are the moderate temperatures throughout the year, the high annual rainfall, and the prevalence of high winds and fogs along the coast. At Eureka in Humboldt County the highest temperature recorded is 85.2...

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