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joy, whilst Mary prostrated herself with humble gratis tude at the feet of her kind benefactor. Lazarus, con. vinced that what had passed would prove conducive to the glory of God, and the happiness of his friends, was reconciled to life, and was contented to bear a little longer the infirmities of human nature; since he was convinced that the soul could exist after the death of the body, and his Divine friend would never forsake him. This miracle was an incontestible proof of our LORD's mission, and many received it as such. It is surprising to think that any should resist such forcible conviction ; but some there were who, with incorrigible hardness of heart, confirmed our Lord's former remark, If they hear not Moses and the Prophets, neither will they be per. suaded though one rose from the dead.

The portion of sacred writ we have been considering abounds with instruction. From the sickness and death of Lazarus, and the consequent affiction of his sisters, we learn, that the best people are liable to personal and domestic evils; but they will ultimately promote the glory of God, and the eternal happiness of those who submit to them properly. If relief and consolation are delayed, they may be certain it is for some good purpose, and should therefore wait with patience and re. signation. No dangers or difficulties could intimidate our LORD from pursuing the work appointed for him by the FATHER. We should endeavour to imitate his blessed example to the utmost of our power, and per. form the duties of life with steadiness and intrepidity, whilst we have opportunity ; then, when the night of death comes, we may close our eyes in peace, in full assurance that our Lord will awaken us at the last day.' Let us, then, attach ourselves to his service with the same affection as St. Thomas did.



If we accustom ourselves to contemplate our SAVIOUR as the Resurrection and the Life, it will greatly moderate our grief for the loss of friends, whom we may then pect to meet again with joy.

As our blessed Redeemer himself wept when he saw the tears of others, though he was going to wipe them away, we should sympathize in the afflictions of our friends, and not flee, as many do, from all scenes of sorrow and distress.-Numbers of those, who came to comfort Martha and Mary, were converted to the faith of CHRIST; and, without the aid of a miracle, those who go to the house of mourning, may derive spiritual benefit to themselves,


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