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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1959

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Page 23 - Papers of interest primarily to scientists working in these fields. This section covers a broad range of physical and chemical research, with major emphasis on standards of physical measurement, fundamental constants, and properties of matter. Issued six times a year. Annual subscription: Domestic, $9.50; $2.25 additional for foreign mailing.
Page 23 - ... related to the Bureau's scientific and technical activities. National Standard Reference Data Series. NSRDS provides quantitative data on the physical and chemical properties of materials, compiled from the world's literature and critically evaluated. Product Standards. Provide requirements for sizes, types, quality, and methods for testing various industrial products. , These standards are developed cooperatively with interested Government and industry groups and provide the basis for common...
Page 18 - ... materials needed by industry, commerce, educational institutions, and Government; provides advisory and research services to other Government Agencies; develops, produces, and distributes Standard Reference Materials: and provides calibration services.
Page 23 - Consumer Information Series Practical information, based on NBS research and experience, covering areas of interest to the consumer. Easily understandable language and illustrations provide useful background knowledge for shopping in today's technological marketplace.
Page 18 - Standards, the Institute for Materials Research, the Institute for Applied Technology, the Center for Computer Sciences and Technology, and the Office for Information Programs. THE INSTITUTE FOR BASIC STANDARDS provides the central basis within the United States of a complete and consistent system of physical measurement; coordinates that system with measurement systems of other nations; and furnishes essential services leading to accurate and uniform physical measurements throughout the Nation's...
Page 23 - TECHNICAL NEWS BULLETIN The best single source of information concerning the Bureau's research, developmental, cooperative, and publication activities, this monthly publication is designed for the industry-oriented individual whose daily work involves intimate contact with science and technology for engineers, chemists, physicists, research managers, product-development managers, and company executives. Annual subscription: Domestic, $3.00; $1.00 additional for foreign mailing.
Page 15 - NBS TECHNICAL PUBLICATIONS PERIODICALS JOURNAL OF RESEARCH reports National Bureau of Standards research and development in physics, mathematics, and chemistry. It is published in two sections, available separately: Physics and Chemistry (Section A) Papers of interest primarily to scientists working in these fields.

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