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Page 673 - Hall stated in a paper read before the North of England Institute of Mining and Mechanical Engineers that "flame traveled the length of the adit.
Page xlv - The duties of all officers shall be such as usually pertain to their offices, or may be delegated to them by the Council or tho Institute ; and the Council may in its discretion require bonds to be given by the Treasurer.
Page xliv - ENGINEERS are to promote the Arts and Sciences connected with the economical production of the useful minerals and metals, and the welfare of those employed in these industries, by means of meetings for social intercourse, and the reading and discussion of professional papers, and to circulate, by means of publications among Its members and associates, the information thus obtained.
Page 506 - ... the smelting oven. The iron which is here made, was to me described as soft, pliable and tough, and is said to have the quality of not being attacked by rust so easily as other iron; and in this point there appears a great difference between the Spanish iron and this in ship-building.
Page 611 - I take this opportunity to express my opinion in the strongest terms, that the amazing exhibition of oil and gas which has characterized the last twenty, and will probably characterize the next ten or twenty years, is nevertheless, not only geologically but historically, a temporary and vanishing phenomenon one which young men will live to see come to its natural end.
Page 693 - ... hard-burned. And if a sample lot of brick is sent to a mill to be tested the chances are that when the superintendent is asked how the brick stood the test, he will have forgotten all about them. The only way for a manufacturer to test the brick, is to build a furnace and test them himself, and to do this under as nearly, as possible, the same conditions as those under which they will be used in practice. The furnace used by the writer for making such tests had nearly the form of a puddling-furnace....
Page 122 - Additions. These consist of a special pig, containing both silicon and manganese and also an additional quantity of manganese introduced in the shape of a 50 or 60 per cent. Mn ferromanganese. A part of these ingredients is taken up by reactions which prevent the formation of blow-holes; the remainder is left in the metal to impart to it certain physical qualities.
Page 323 - The freest government cannot long endure when the tendency of the law is to create a rapid accumulation of property in the hands of a few and to render the masses poor and dependent.
Page 516 - Furnace Falls, on the Gananoque River, in the County of Leeds. This county was first settled in 1785, and its boundaries established by proclamation of the 16th July, 1792. About the year 1800, a company composed of Ephraim Jones, Daniel Sherwood, Samuel Barlow and Wallace Sutherland erected a blast-furnace at the Falls, the water-power being no doubt utilized to drive the machinery and work the blast. " The ore was of inferior quality and had to be drawn a considerable distance; consequently the...
Page 429 - The rapid diminution in the flow of the gas from the wells in the vicinity of East Liberty would seem to be due to the driving back of the gas by the flooding of the gas-sand with water. The relative proportion of water, oil, and gas in a sand bed, and the pressure* under which the gas exists, have an important bearing upon its occurrence, when considered in conjunction with the dip of the sand and the position of anticlines. If nothing but gas existed in a given homogeneous sand-bed, having only...