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Brookwalter, Esq., of Lawrenceburg, the latter of whom acted as my aid, and greatly facilitated the execution of my orders.

The companies, for the most part, subsisted themselves, for which, with the pay for their services, pay-rolls have been filed at Adjutant-General Noble's office, at Indianapolis.

The immediate danger of our border having passed away, I find it very difficult to keep up sufficient interest in the organized companies to continue their drill and efficiency. Their entire dependence upon their own donations to keep up armories, music, and other expenses, seriously check their military enthusiasm; and to retain them in organized companies, some direct appropriations must be made to meet these expenses. The law under which these companies are organized is very deficient, and I would suggest its material change. The election of company officers, for example, should precede their being mustered in as a company; and in view of the fact that so few of those of our State, who are liable to do military duty, are required for border defense, those who do not connect themselves with the Legion should pay a specific tax to the State for a military fund, out of which the Legion could be uniformed, and all armory expenses paid.

By legislative co-operation, the companies now formed could not only be made more efficient, but new companies would be formed, and a general desire would be manifested to be enrolled in the Legion.

I am, General, yours most respectfully,

J. H. BURKAM, Colonel Twelfth Regiment, Indiana Legion.

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The undersigned begs leave to submit the following report of the Receipts and Expenditures of this office, from May 29, 1861, the date of my commission, until the second day of November, 1861:

The books of the Auditor's office will show that I have drawn from the Treasury the sum of......

887,491 11 Amount drawn by Isaiah Mansur, and not reported in

his exhibit: From Camp Wayne, Richmond....

2,271 01 Tippecanoe, Lafayette.

1,480 19 Vigo, Terre Ilaute.

1,823 64 Amount of invoice from I. Mansur used by me..... 1,716 79


$94,782 74 Amount of money received from sales of property.... 623 58

Total amount charged to the United States Government $94,159 16

To account for this Expenditure, I have itemized each bill or voucher upon which I drew money, and append the same hereto, showing the precise cost of each article or thing purchased, and of whom purchased; also, the amount of salary or per diem allowances to each person, and to whom paid; together with freights

expressage, postage, telegraphing, office rents, &c., &c., and to whom paid.

I have kept a separate account with each camp in the State, and by daily provision returns of issues, which were required to be regularly sent to this office, I am enabled to give the number of rations issued at each camp.

The cost and expense of the various camps at Indianapolis was.

$29,068 92 Number of rations issued...

249,451 Cost per ration at Indianapolis.

11 65-100c

8,250 40

Expense of Sixteenth Regiment at Rich

mond.. Number of rations issued..

58,205 Cost per ration.

14 17-100c

Expense of Fifteenth Regiment, at Lafay


4,767 90

Number of rations issued .
Cost per ration.

35,382 13 47-100c

4,626 01

Expense of Fourteenth Regiment, at Terre

Haute ...
Number of rations issued..

32,501 Cost per ration.

14 23-100c

5,313 04

Expense of Twelfth Regiment, at Evans

ville Number of rations issued..

35,858 Cost per ration..

.14 89-100c

5,133 96

Expense of Twenty-Fifth Regiment, at

Evansville ...
Number of rations issued

41,639 Cost per ration.

12 37-100c

7,230 67

Expense of Sixth Regiment and Cavalry

Company, at Madison . Number of rations issued..

47,284 Cost per ration.

15 28-100c

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