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The above mentioned vouchers are numbered consecutively after those paid by my predecessor, and have been filed with the Auditor of State, to be forwarded to Washington City for settlement.

A small fund has also been created by the sale of various articles of military goods to officers and others, by the sale of ammunition, by freights advanced for contractors—the bills being paid by the Auditor of State and the amounts subsequently refunded by the shippers, and by donations from contractors, in view of prompt payment of their bills, or as discount threon.

The following is a summary of the items of this account:

Sale of sundry articles..
Sale of ammunition.
Freights refunded.
Donations by contractors...
Donation by J. H. Vajin, Quarter-Master General.....
William Wilson, refunded on settlement for advances

previously made...

560 JS 681 75 563 08 1,239 00 150 00

220 00

$3,414 41

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In the absence of any funds advanced this Department by the State, for the payment of the smaller kind of bills constantly incurring, the fund in question has been a great convenience, and has been used many times over, saving annoyance to ourselves, and vexatious delay of payment to many other parties; the bills paid out of it having been, from time to time, presented to the Auditor of State, duly authenticated through the course prescribed by law, and the amounts repaid to this Department by the Treasurer of State. The above amount ($3,287 91,) which is now in the form of certified vouchers, will be paid into the State Treasury as soon as the condition of the Military Fund will allow of the vouchers being audited.

The following summary from the ledger shows the amounts that have been certified by this Department for payment up to the date of this report, arranged under proper heads according to the nature of the claim. Vouchers have, of course, been taken for every expenditure, for the smallest as well as the largest, and filed in the office of the Auditor of State. It would, doubtless, be desirable, on some accounts, for the present report to be accompanied with a full exhibit of all the items embraced in the summary here given. But such information, apart from its exceedingly voluminous character if readily accessible, could not be obtained without the labor of many weeks in making copies of the vouchers on file in the office of the Auditor of State. The propriety of preserving copies of every bill in the office was overlooked in the great pressure of business that crowded upon the Department at its first organization; yet, prior to the Military Auditing Committee entering upon their duties, in the month of July, 1861, no claim was paid without rigid scrutiny and proper attestation. After the date just men- . tioned, all claims underwent examination by that committee, and of their fidelity to the interests of the State I need not speak. For these reasons, I undertake to give items of two general accounts only, those of clothing and of camp equipage, already referred to as papers B and C.



Work and materials.
Clothing ..

$112.217 37 406,484 75


Military stores, troops, and persons on military busi


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Quartering troops.
Labor-Warehouse, camps, and armory
Lumber—For sundry camps.
Cavalry equipments
Camp equipage....
Hospital-Indianapolis and various other points, sur-

geons' and nurses' pay, medicines, &c.. Expense account.

136,010 62

7,679 38 11,894 25 1,512 17 8,864 25 65,801 77

20,659 17 5,851 12


Nails, tools, and sundry supplies for camps and armory, 15,428 24
Buildings--Ordnance Department, &c...

11,768 70

699 60 1,834 94

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Straw for camps...
Infantry accoutrements
Fuel for camps and offices
Forage-Cavalry and artillery horses, in sundry camps,
Organizing and recruiting regiments at various posts,
Detective Service-Arresting contraband goods..
Burial grounds at Indianapolis for soldiers and rebel

Music-Band service.
Musical Instruments-- Drums, fifes, and bugles.
Horse shoeing--Cavalry and artillery horses..
Interest—To banks on loans for Arsenal pay-rolls and

purchase of lead..

$1,436 16 74,056 74 5,070 13 1,405 56 3.718 20 1,270 50 429 82 352 37 576 57

170 00 654 75 1,206 81

171 75

90 44

The following charges embrace supplies of every kind furnished the regiments encamped in the several camps, and at the different posts named:


Camp Wallace, 11th Regiment, Evansville.

82,576 00 Camp Vanderburgh, 12th and 25th Regiments, Evansville

5,084 37 Camp Tippecanoe, 10th and 15th Regiments, Lafayette 4,251 74 Camp Wayne, 16th Regiment, Richmond.

4,443 78 Camp Knox, 24th Regiment, Vincennes..

2,052 33 Camp at Columbus..

120 35 Camp Noble, Jefferson county, 6th, 224 and 45th Regi

14,533 80 Camp Noble, New Albany, 230 Regiment.

2,714 05 Camp Allen, 30th Regiment, Fort Wayne.

2,498 64 Camp Vigo, 14th, 430 and 31st Regiments, Terre Haute...

3,787 25 Camp Scott, 28th and 12d Regiments, Evansville. 3,779 37 Cainp Jackson, 29th Regiment, Laporte...

1,032 84 Camp Anderson, 31th Regiment, Anderson,

1,508 66 Camp Dearborn, 37th Regiment, Lawrenceburgh 1,115 50 Camp Ellis, 48th Regiment, Goshen...

1,152 07

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The following amounts have been certified in favor of various individuals for the different services specified. The account, however, does not embrace the whole expense of this kind, as claims of commandants and regimental quarter-masters have, when more convenient, been embraced in the foregoing account of charges against cainps, and some such claims have been passed by the auditing committee, without coming through this Department, or appearing on its books:

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J. H. Vajen, Quarter-Master General, salary

$2,303 42 Miles Murphey, Inspector General, salary..

1,778 00 B. F. Murphey, Assistant Inspector General, salary. 573 33 G. T. Browning, Quarter-Master General's Department, salary.

305 00 James Greene, Quarter Master General's Department, salary.

945 20 W. M. Blake, Quarter Master General's Department, salary...

679 50 William Wilson, Quarter-Master General's Department, salary.

626 00 James W. Edgar, Quarter-Master General's Department, salary..

156 00 Ambrose Ballweg, Arinorer, salary

139 00 Chas. D. Vajen, services in Camp Morton.

120 00 J. N. Ray, services in Camp Knox..

95 00 Isaac W. Hart, expenses on special service.

27 50 A. L. Hanna, services in Camp Vanderburgh.

79 40 James S. Drum, services in Camp Morton....

65 00 Isaac P. Smith, Quarter-Master 23d Regiment, New Albany..

107 50 W. J. Baker, services in Camp Morton,

60 00 Levering Brothers, services, buying tents..

562 75 J. C. Sullivan, Commandant, Camp Sullivan..

276 01 A. D. Streight, Commandant, Camp Streight.

91 50 Ben. S. Nicklin, Commandant, Camp Morton..

505 00 M. J. Cooper, Post Adjutant, Camp Morton.

60 00 Lazarus Noble, Assistant Adjutant-General.

170 00 James S. Wilson, Clerk to Adjutant-General.

137 50 A. B. Gilbert, services as Commissary, 12th Regiment.

211 50 James M. Gwin, services as Post Adjutant, Camp Joe

J. R. Robinson, services as Post Commissary, Camp

J. W. Ray, Commandant, Camp Joe Holt..

270 00

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70 00

120 00


The following claims have been certified by this Department for payment on account of the Indiana Legion:

$47 00 45 85

Charles Reif, repairing arms.....
Frederick Miller, repairing arms.
Western Artillery Company, services at Madison, guard-

ing arms and ammunition, and for repairs, supplies,
&c., five claims.

1,072 29

$2 50

W. E. Burbank, special military service..
Blythe Hynes, traveling expenses on military business
John E. Ivinson, casting balls, &c...
Fred. Marshall, repairing arms.
Charles Kuhn, repairing arms.
John L. Mansfield, expenses on military business.
J. J. Brown, Quartar-Master, 7th Regiment, 3d Brigade,

labor, supplies, &c...
John Bushnell, tarpaulin for tents...
Geo. C. Scott, repairing arms

4 00 182 52 57 00

4 25 94 65

145 29

40 00 122 70

$1,818 05


The following are the only claims that have been certified by this department for payment out of the Arms Fund:

[blocks in formation]

$7,135 87 My resignation of the office of Quarter-Master General of the State has been laid before you. In retiring from the duties of that position, I can not omit my grateful acknowledgments to your Excellency, for the aid your cordial co-operation and valuable ::ouncil have furnished me. I have had occasion, as you know, to seek that aid often, and it has never been withheld.

Congratulating you upon the success that has thus far attended your administration, and in the carnest hope that a speedy return

peace may relieve you from the arduous and harrassing labors consequent upon the existence of an unnatural and treasonable



I have the honor to remain, with much respect,

Your obedient servant,


Quarter-Master General of Indiana. INDIANAPOLIS, May 1, 1862.

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