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bers of said companies will immediately arm and equip themselves with such arms and equipments as they can procure, and will prepare themselves, by discipline and drill, for active service, with the least possible delay.

2. All places of business, except drug stores, telegraph and post offices, will be closed in the several cities and towns in said border counties at 3 o'clock, P. M., each day, and the members of the companies, organized as aforesaid, are required to meet together at that hour, and perfect themselves in military knowledge by drill, for not less than two hours daily.

3. Companies formed in townships, outside of cities and towns, are required to assemble on cach Saturday, at 1 o'clock, P. M.. armed and equipped as far as possible, and at such other times as the Colonel or commanding officer of the Legion in the county may direct, at the usual places of holding elections, and diligently engage in drill during the afternoon of said day.

4. The usual rules and regulations governing military companies will be observed and enforced in all companies which may be organized under the foregoing instructions.

5. All persons liable to do military duty, as above provided, will be held to a strict observance of these orders, and the Colonel, or other officer of the Legion who may be in command, in each of said border counties, is charged with their faithful execution.

6. All citizens who may be able to do military duty, over fortyfive or under eighteen years of age, are earnestly requested to unit and act with the companies hereinbefore authorized

7. The citizens of the other counties in the State, not bordering on the Obio river, are requested to form companies, in the manner above provided, and meet regularly for drill.

8. All persons who belong, or who may hereafter belong, to organizations of the Indiana Legion, and who meet regularly for drill

, will be exempted from these orders, but it is enjoined that increased energy and attention be given to their duties.

9. Should occasion require troops to be called out to repel in vl. sion, or for other duty, the companies organized in each county will be under the command of ihe ranking officer of the Legion of the county, and at all other times they will be subject to his control, unless otherwise ordered by a superior officer.

10. These orders will be continued in force until suspended by this Department, of which public notice will be given.

Given at Indianapolis, this 5th day of September, A. D. 1862

By the Governor and Commander-in-Chief,



Indianapolis, September 19, 1862.

The second paragraph of General Military Orders, issued September 5, 1862, is modified so as to require that places of business be closed at + o'clock on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays of each week, and that companies meet at that hour, on those days, for drill. All persons will be governed accordingly.

By order of the GOVERNOR.


Adjutant General of Indiana.



Indianapolis, Oct. 23, 1862.

No. 4.

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The exigency no longer requiring that the military companies heretofore organized in this state under General Military Orders issued September 5, 1862, should be continued, said orders are hereby suspended, and the companies so organized may be disbanded at the option of the members.

Companies desiring to continue their organization, may do so by complying with the laws of the State providing for the organization of the Indiana Legion.

Those having arms will immediately return them to the officers from whom they were received, or to the auditor of the county.

Officers who have distributed arms to all such companies, will attend to having them returned immediately.

By order of the GOVERNOR,

LAZ. NOBLE, Adjutant General of Indiana.

2 D. J.-42

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The law requires that the Treasurer of State shall distribute the fund for the militia among the counties having an active militia. in proportion to the number of active militia in each county, as shown by the Adju ant General.

At three different times, since the militia have been organized, to-wit: in November, 1861, April, 1862, and October, 1862, circu. lars were sent to all the regimenial and company con manders. accompanied with blank forms, calling on them to report the strength of their respective commands, so that estimates could be made of the active militia in each county, and reported to the Treasurer of State, to enable him to make the distribution. To the first application, returns were received from less than fifty companies. To the second application, returns were received from less than seventy coinpanies.

To the third, reports were received from but one hundred and seventeen companies. In view of the fact that three hundred and seventy-four coin panies had been formed in the State, and but about one-third of that number having reported, whilst several others known to be in existence had neglected to report, it was deemed improper to furnish a statement to the Treasurer which would insure an unjust and unfair distribution of the fund.

There were other questions connected with the subject deserving consideration. A number of companies, organized under the law in the early stage of the existing rebellion, had volunteered for the United States service, after having kept up their organizations some months, contracting debts and incurring expenses, which vet remain unsettled. The officers being in the service and the com. panies disbanded, no way can be devised under the law to distribute the companies' share of the fund, or to settle such debts or

Many companies had, on occasions of danger, been ordered on duty for short periods, for which service they were entitled to pay, but for which the fund could not be applied. Now it is suggested that the question be submitted to the Legis. lature to decide whether the fund shall be distributed among



companies actually in a state of organization at a particular date to be named, or whether it shall include all companies organized for a time, allowing them their pro rata share for the time actually in a state of organization. It is, however, submitted for their con- . sideration, and recommended that the law providing for the distribution be modified so as to allow the fund to be applied to pay the officers and men for any active service they may have performed, and to pay all expenses necessarily incurred in organizing, arıning, and keeping up the companies. The bills to be first allowed by a proper committee appointed by the Legislature.

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For the purpose of producing uniformity in drill and discipline. and to infuse a higher degree of military spirit into the minds of the officers and men of the Legion, an Encampment of Instruction was ordered to be held near Indianapolis, and the necessary measures were adopted for its success. The following orders and instructions were promulgated for the assembling of such encamp




Indianapolis, Sept. 21, 1862.

No. 3.

A State Encampment of Instruction for the officers of the Indiana Legion, will be opened at Camp Morton, on Tuesday, the 30th instant, where a course of instruction will be adopted for the purpose of imparting a practical knowledge of military drill, guard-mounting, dress parade and camp and garrison discipline.

All Brigade and Regimental Officers, and at least two of the commissioned officers of each company organized, or to be here. after organized under the militia laws, will assemble at Camp Morton, at the time stated, or as soon thereafter as convenient. and report for duty under this order.

The Camp of Instruction will be under the charge of Colonel H. B..Carrington, United States Mustering Officer, and General Superintendent of Recruiting for the State, who has kindly offered his services, with a suitable corps of assistants.

The officers will bring with them a suitable number of blankets for their comfort in camp. All other necessary equipments will be furnished thern.

Their transportation, and other necessary expenses in coming to camp and returning home, will be reimbursed on the presentation of proper vouchers. Railroad passes will be furnished by applying by mail, or otherwise, at this office.

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