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To the Senate and House of Representatives

of the General Assembly of Indiana :

In the Message which I am about to read in your hearing, I will endeavor to present, a brief but comprehensive and intelligent outline of the operations of the State Government for the past two years, and the present condition of the State.


The following statement will show as near as the data in the Adjutant General's office will enable me, the number of troops Indiana has furnished to the United States in the prosecution of this war.

Under the call for 75,000, April 1861.
6 regiments of Infantry-3 months' service.

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Under the call for 500,000, July 1861.
2 regiments of Infantry—12 months' service.

3 years

' 4 Companies

3 3 Regiments of Cavalry_3 18 Batteries of Artillery-3

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Under the calls of July 1862.
1 Regiment of Infantry-12 months' service.

3 years'
6 Companies

3 2 Regiments

3 months' 1 Regiment

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In all 98 Regiments of Infantry and Cavalry and 27 Batteries of Artillery, and comprising ninety-five thousand eight hundred and sixty-seven officers and men.

To this number are to be added 6,831 recruits, who joined old reg. iments and batteries in the field, making in all 102,698 men. The above does not embrace all who are enrolled, or who left the State and joined regiments and batteries in other States, but only such as were actually mustered into the service in the State of Indiana.


On the 7th day of July, 1862, the President of the United States called for 300,000 additional volunteers. On the 5th day of August, 1862, he called for a second 300,000, to be raised by a draft, if enough volunteers could not be procured. Under each call the quota of Indiana was fixed by the War Department at 21,250 men, making 42,500 men. By the 20th of September both of these calls had been filled by volunteers, except 6,060, for which number it became necessary to draft. The number of men to be drafted, was apportioned among the townships, giving credit to each township for all the volunteers previously furnished. When the enrollment was completed it was found that 635 townships had furnished the number required of them, leaving the deficiency to be supplied by the remaining 334 townships. The quota of each township was assigned on the 20th of September, and the draft took place on the 6th day of October. The privilege of volunteering to supply the deficiency was continued up to the time of the draft, at which time the number required by draft was reduced to 3,003, for which number the draft was made. The draft was conducted throughout the State without interruption or disturbance, except in a single instance, and at the time fixed the drafted men, with few exceptions, reported themselves in camp for service.

It affords me pleasure to state these facts as evidence of the prompt and quiet obedience with which the people of Indiana submit to law and the demands of the Government.

The Constitucion of Indiana provides that no person conscientiously opposed to bearing arms shall be compelled to do militia duty, but such person shall pay an equivalent for exemption. As the draft was upon the militia of the State, all persons included in the Constitutional provision were entitled to its benefit. The Legislature had omitted to prescribe any amount for the equivalent, and Assistant Adjutant General Buckingham, of the War Department, under whose supervision the draft was conducted throughout the U. S., fixed the

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