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The schoolboy, agape at the tinsel privacy. The concealed is ever the splendour and seeming miracles of a coveted, the forbidden the most deholiday pantomime, longs for a peep sired. Keep an ape under triple lock, bhind the pasteboard parapets that and fancy converts her into a sylph; limit his view. When the falling curtain it way the small key, the last of the puts a period to Clown's malicious but- bunch, that Bluebeard's bride most foonery and to the blunders of perse- longed to use. For the multitude, ented and long suffering Pantaloon, he the Chronicles of Courts have ever a marvels as to the subsequent proceed- strong and peculiar attraction. With ings of the lithe and agile mimes who what avidity is swallowed each trivial lave so gloriously diverted him. Ile detail concerning princes and their is tempted to believe that Harlequin companions ; how anxious are the Jeeps in his motley skin, that Colum- humble many to obtain an inkling of line perpetually retains her graceful the every-day life of the great and rose-wreaths and diaphanous muslin. privileged few, to dive into the recesses lle can hardly realize the relapse of of palaces, and contemplate in the -leh glittering apparitions into the relaxation of the domestic circle, those prozaic humdrum of every-day life, who in public are environed by an as woull gladly penetrate the veil of imposing barrier of ceremony, pomp), laize that shrouds from his cager eyes and dignity. In the absence of more the mirth-provoking crew. Better precise and pungent particulars, even that he should not. Sadly would his the bald and fulsome paragraphs of a bright illusions fade, sore be his dis- court circular find eager readers, wlio enchantment, could he recognise the learn with strange interest the direcbrilliant Harlequin in yon shabby- tion and extent of a king's afternoon Lenteel gentleman issuing from the ride, and the exact hour at which stage door, and discern her of the some infant principule was borne twinkling feet rewarding herself with abroad for an airing. Less meagre a measure of Barclay for the piroul- and more satisfactory nourishment is ettes and entrechats that lately afforded to popular inquisitiveness by ravished his youthful vision.

the writings of those who have lived Not unlike the boy's desire for a in the intimacy of courts. Seldom, peep behind the scenes, is the popu- however, do such appear during the lar bankering after glimpses of royal lifetime both of the writer and of the

Diz Ans à la Cour du Roi Louis Philippe, et Soutenirs du Tems de l'Empire et de la Restauration. Par B. APPERT, de la Société Royale des Prisons de France. Berlin. and Paris, 1846.



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