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Which words also may be an Answer to another Question which the Disciples did, or might make, after this manner.

Our dear Lord and Master, why wilt thou leave Queft. us, thy poor Disciples, among so many Evils and Enemies in the World, which our weakness muft of necessity fink under ? We well remember now fearful and foolish we have been, whillt thou wait yet with us; but how much more timorous and trerebling shall we be, when thou art gone from us? When thou wast apprehended by the armed power of the Magistrates, thou knowest how we all forfook thee and fied; and I, said Peter, denied thee, and forswore thee, at the voice of a simple Maid. And therefore if thou now quite leave us, what Witnesses are we like to be unto thee, and what Preachers of thy Name, among the obstinate Jews, among the angry and inraged Rulers, and People, who will be ready, for thy Names sake, every day to deliver us up to a new death? And how shall we be able to stand amidst so many difficulties, troubles, distresles, oppositions and persecutions, when thou hast left us ? Surely, we are such weak and infirm Creatures, that we shall never be able to hold out, but shall lie down both in shame and forroto.

To this Christ answers in these words, Accipie Anfm. etis virtutem, You shall receive the power of ihe Holy. Ghost coming upon you. As if he should have said, You have a bard' task indeed, but you shall be furnished with proportionable power. The business you are to undertake, is not Humane, but Divine; the things that you are to teach, are not carnal, but spiritual; the work that you are to set upon, is not mans work, but Gods: You are to act among men for God; you are to act in the world, against the world; you are to act against the Devil, in the very midit of the Devils Kingdom. You are to



Convert Infidels; to make of Hearhenis Christians ;
to bring them near unto God, who are now with-
out God in the world; to carry the light of Heaven up
and down this dark world, among the People that
fit in darkness, and shadow of death, to shew them
the way to life and salvation ; you are to turn the
world upside down; to change the manors and cu-
stoms of the People, to bring them off from the
Idolatry of cheir forefathers, to worship the true
God in spirit and truth; you are to reduce the
earth into conformity with heaven, and fet up
Gods Kingdom, here in this present world. And
all this you shall not do, in ease and quietness, and
prosperity, and pleasure; but whilst you are thus im-
ployed and busied, you fhall have the whole world
rise up against you, and the Devil prosecuting you
with his utmost power through wicked Men, and
you shall not only be hated of all Men, for my
names fake, but you fhall be even overwhelmed
with reproaches, obloquies, flanders, oppositions,
perfecutions, prisons, torments, deaths. And
therefore that you may be able both to do and to
Suffer all these things, You shall receive the power of
the Holy Ghost coming upon you.

Now from these words, we shall note fome-
thing generally, and something more particularly. į

In general three things. The first is this :
I. Gene 1. That as Christ will not suffer his Disciples to
ral Do- be tempted above their power, so neither to be ima
Etrine. ployed above their power; but he furnishes them

with power sufficient, both for their temptations,
and for their imployments; for their sufferings, and
for their doings. And as Soldiers, that are under a
wise and careful Commander, when they are near
an ingagement, are not suffered to run rashly upon
the Egemy, nor permitted to go forth to Battle
till they are armed, and mounted; fo Christ would
not suffer his Disciples to go forth in his warfare,


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to encounter so many evils, and oppositions,
and persecutions, and the whole power of the
world, and of the Devil, till first he had ar-
med them with the power of the Holy Spirit ;
Te ball receive power when the Holy Ghost is como

Corift always gives unto all those whom he fends forth and imploys, of his oron power, for his own Darks; beavenly power for heavenly works, Spiritual power for spiritual works, the power of God, to do the works of God. Indeed Christ gives unto some a greater measure of power, and to fome a leffer, according as he intends to use some, in greater works and difficulties, and some in leffer ; but still they have of Chrifts power, whether more or less, who are imployed by Christ; and a little of that power that is communicated by Chrift, will enable a Man to do great things, far greater than the borld suspects, or imagines.

So that we may judge of our calling to any bufiness, and of our employment in it, by the power we have received from Christ for it. If we have none of the power of Clorist, we were never fet on work by Cbriß; for Christ never sets any on bis work, without comniunicating unto them of his power. And hereby we may certainly know and conclude, that those in the Ministry that are loose and vicious, and idle, and negligent, and insufficient for that work, were never called to it, nor imploy'd in it by Christ, but they run of their own heads, when they were not fent, and Minister in the Church for the gain of Money, and Preach only that they might live. Whereas if Christ had imployed them in that Calling, he would have furnished them with Abilities for it; and they being destitute of such Abilities, it is most evident, they were not sent by Christ.


Luth. de In


Melius est Judge then what a kind of Reformation this nullum ba- Church were like to have, if some Men might bere,

have their minds; who would have ignorant and Sacrilegio um impiuminsufficient Men, yea loose and prophane Men, tolera

sceler 1- ced in the Ministry, under pretence of keeping up tum mini-Ordinances; when yet such Men were never ima Strum, qui ployed by Christ, nor supplied with any power from non venit him: Yea and what Ordinances (I pray) are those meitet i like to be, which are kept up by Men that are pordat, -Carnal, not having the Spirit ? But you see here cut fur 8 that Christs way and wildom was different from Litro.

this; for he first gives the Apostles the Power of stit. Minilir. the Spirit, and then sent them to Preach, when he

had first enabled thein to Preach. 2 General 2. You see here, that Christ being to leave his Doctrine. Disciples, in regard of his bodily presence, yet

leaves behind him the promise of the Spirit of power; and this was soine establishment to them, who before had their hearts filled with forrow.

Chrift, though some time he leave his People in regard of sense, yet he never leaves them without a promise. : The Soul sometimes in the hours of temptation and desertion, may want the fensa and feeling of Christ, but it never wants a promise from Christ; and the promise makes Christ present, in his abfenee. For Christ himfelf is Spiritually present in the promise, and not Christ only, but the Holy Spirit also ; for Christ and the Spirit are never alunder, but as the Father and the Son are one, so is Christ and the Spirit one, and all are in the promise. And so the promise is able to uphold the Soul in any condition, not because of its own nature, but because God and Christ and the Spirit are present in the Promise, and they are infinitely able to support the Soul through the Prom mise, under the greatest evils either of Earth or Hill. Now this enjoyment of God in the Promise, is the enjoyment of Faith, and not of Sense; and

this enjoyment of Faith, is the most excellent and intimate enjoyment of Christ. And thus may the Soul enjoy Christs presence in his absence; his prefence according to Faith, in his absence according to Sense. And therefore Christ departing from his Disciples in regard of his bodily presence, leaves with them the promise of the Holy Spirit, and in that promise, his spiritual presence. And this is the Darft Condition that Chrijf ever leaves his true Church in; he leaves them his presence in a Promise

, when in regard of sense he forfakes them. 3. Note, that Luke being to speak in this Book 3 General of the Acts of the Apostles, of the propagating and Dotrine. enlarging, and governing the Christian Church, doth fr{ make mention of the pouring forth of the Spirit, and that both upon the Apostles, and afterwards upon the Disciples. Signifying hereby, that there is nothing so necessary, for the increase and well ordering of the true Church of Christ, as the pouring fereb of the Spirit. And therefore they are altogether deceived, and walk in the light of Nature, and not of God, who think the increase, and propagation, and preservation, and establishment, and order, and ordering of the Church of God, depend especially

upon the Councels, and Decrees, and Confawions of Men; and that without these, the Church of God would soon come to wofül diforder

, yea to utter ruine and confusion ; as if Christ and his Spirit fate idle in Heaven, and had left the whole business of his Church to Men, and the Sacred Power confirmed with the Secular, were abundantly fufficient for the increase and well ordering of the Church. In the mean time, not regarding the promise of the Father, or the pouring out of the Spirit by the Son. And this is the very mystery, of the mystery of iniquity among us, and the

very head

.. of Antichrist, which is yet to be broken.' And therefore let us know, that as the Psalmist faith,



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