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These Confiderations, Right Honourable, moved me to discourse of the power of the Holy Spirit coming on a Christians, Ministers and people. And, befides the importunity of some other Friends, your cáneft defores of these Notes, bath especially prevailed pib me to publish thens. Not that I am worthy to publish any thing, båt that the Truth of God is Dorthy to be published, be the Instrument never fo mean and impotiby.

And although I well know, the doubtful Success of fach Undertakings as thesc, yet in this matter I am ast at all careful, being most willing to be bound up sx ont condition with the Truth of God, and to have with it, the same common Friends and Enemies; Ber fides, if Christ dwell in my Heart by Faith, I carry in my bosom already my Reward, out of whom I neither record Praise or Dispraise, Good or Evil.

Nome I was bold to prefix your Name to these Notes, because your Desire of them hath made them yours; and also your many Noble Favours are a strong and continual Engagement for me to serve you, according to what God hath made me. Especially I reEsember your extraordinary Compassion, and Bowels towards me, in the Day of my deepest Distress, pben my Soul drevo near to the Pit, and the shadow of Death sate upon my cyc-lids, and I had not the least drop of Comfort either from Earth or Heaven; You iben shewed me the Kindness of the Lord, and encompassed me both with your Piry and Goodness; though then, through bitterness of Spirit, 1 tafted it Rat. Wherefore when I remembred the Wonderful Goodness of God to me after so great Sorrow and Darkness, I cannot forget that part of his Goodnefs, which be was pleased to administer to me by Jour hands; And the remembrance of this, causes me to pray that God would double the same Goodness on you, and that he would pour fortle upon my Lord, your Honour, pour Noble Offspring and Family,


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this Power of the Holy Spirit, bere treated of : Which shall render you a thousand times more precious and excellent, before God and bis Saints, than all Worldly Honour and Nobility whatsoever. And by this means shall Religion shine in your Family, in its native beauty and Lustre; and the Kingdom of God, which stands not in Word, but in Power, shall appear in its Bright Glory among you, till the Kingdom of the Son first fit you, and then after deliver you ip to the Kingdom of the Father, and God be all in all, immediately : Which is the earnest Prayer of your most Humble

and Faithful Servant,

William Dell,


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