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Prophet; No more carnal weapons thenceforth; t bey bal all be beaten into mattocks and pruning hooks, when the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters cover the Sea; then I looked and every Island fled away, and the Mountains were not found; I saw none but the Lamb standing on the Mount Sion, and with him a hundred, forty and four thousand, having his Fathers name written on their foreheads, and I heard the voyce of Harpers harping with their Harps, and they sung a new Song

This manner of War, God was pleased to come forb in, in the Apostles, and Primitive Christians, who bad laid the world on its back, and made a like Sodom and Gomorrah, had not the Trumpet founded a retreat, and that power which was abroad, retired again, that the world might recover its deadly wound, and get up upon his legs ezain, that the man of fin might be fully revealed, in the return of this power to be utterly consumed when it shall come in the brightness of its glory.

And thou Rule, authority and power earthly, ibat wilt not acknowledge ihe Lord; thou earth ibat doft not tremble at the presence of the Lord, bis day will be on thee to put thee down : if the Hoft of Heaven, those Powers be shaken, thou must not look for a priviledge and exemption; and though thou hast been made like Nebuchadnezzar, the servant of the Lord to pull down those beavenly powers, that kept not their first estate, end haft been a scourge upon the Powers of the Earth, and fmote them in wrath, though thou hast been a feller among the Cedars of Lebanon, thou shat baft broken the Gold and Silver, and the Brass with thy Iron feet; remember that the Iron is mir. Dio. 2. 30 ed with clay, that shews thy weakness; thou shalt (b)


be shattered to pieces by that stone cut out of 'the mountain without hands, wben Satan shall lead thee against him as against a Blasphemer.

Therefore, you Heavens and Religious Forms that are putting for the Government of the world, and fadling Kingdoms and Republicks, and making ibem the Beast 10 carry the false Prophet, which now begins to kick and winch, and look upon tbee thar riderh.

And you Mountains of the eartb; worldly Powers that say in your hearts, We will ascend into Heaven and set our throne above the Stars of God; tbat will exercise a Judicature in Heaven, and determine of things of the Kingdom of God, wbich the Spirit bath kept in his own hands; you may break one the other, earthen poisheards; But if you joyn ageinn the Spirit, and be one as few and Gentile, Herod and Pilate against Christ, it will be your everlasting breaking ; so that a man cannot gather a Sherd of you to take fire from the hearth, or mater out of the Pit; for God hath set his King upon his holy Hill; and you are but sheaves against a beartb of fire. The Power of Christ is coming fortb; happy they that wait for it. The Lord shall send the rod of his Power out of Sion ;

be thon Ruler in the midst of thine enemies: Pfal. 100. 10. Gal. 6.

Al Forms and Shadows shall flie away; and the new crea

ture only abile; and they that walk after this Rule, peace be plain. 143. on them, and mercy, and upon the Israel of God.

The spiritual Church shall rise and be established in the beauty of holiness. These are the tidings of this Book; And I heard a voyce saying Hallelujah, Praise the Lord from the Heavens, praise him all ye heights, praise him all ye Angels of his; all the wisdom of man ; Praise him Sun and Moon, all worldly Magistrates; praise him all the Stars of light, all Ministers, Pastors, Teachers; praise him ye Heavens of Heavens; al Forms and Churcbes, and whatever of you excell, and

are lifted up above others; exalt the Lord, not your selves; V.If. 13. 14. for his name only is excellent, his glory is above the Earth

and Heavens; he also exalteth the Horns of bis people, the praise of all his Saints, even of the Children of Israel a people meer to him. Thy part be among these, whoever are the Reader, it is the desires and prayer of bim wobo knows no greater, no oshur bappiness.

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HRISTS Spirit a Christian's Strength. Or, A Plain Believers receive through tbe Gift of the Spirit. Page 1

Uniformity Examined, wherber it be found in the Gospel, or in sbe Pratice of the Churches of Christ.

P. 51 The Building, Beauty, Teaching, and Establishment of the Truly Christian and Spiritual Church: Represented in an Expofirion on Isaiah 54. from Ver. 11. to 17.

P. 65 Right Reformation ; Or, the Reformation of the Church of ibe New Testament, Represented in Gospel-Light ; in a Sermon Prestbed 20 tbe Honourable House of Commons, on Wednesday, November 25th, 1646. Together with a REPLY to the Cbief Contradi&ions of Mr. Love's Sermon, Preached the fome Day.

p. 113 The Way of True Peace and Unity in the True Church of Cbrift, in all Humility and Bowels of Love Presented to bem.

p. 171 The Crucified and Quickened Christian. Or, & Discourse on Galatians ii. 19, 20.

p. 309 The Stumbling-Stone; Or, a Discourse touching that offence wbicb the World and Worldly Church take against, 1. Christ Himself. 2. His true Word. 3. His true Worship. 4. His true Churcb. 5. His true Government. , 6. His true Mini. Stry. Wberein tbe University is reproved by the word of God.

p. 363

Berliouw ArdeczH. Or, the Do&rine of Baptisms, Redured from its Ancient and Modern Corruptions ; and Restored


Christian's Strength.

OR, A Plain Discovery of the Mighty

and Invincible Power that all Believers receive through the Gift

of the Spirit. First held forth in Two SERMONS, on

Acts 1. viii. and after Published for the Instruction and Use of those that are Spiritual, Anno MDCXLV.

By quilíanı gel, Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ ; at Telden in the County of Bedford.

1 Cor. iv. 19, 20. I will come unto you shortly if the Lord

will, and will know not the speech of them thet are puffed up, but the pow?r. For the Kingdom of God is not in word but

in power.

2 Tim. iii. 5. Having a form of Godliness, but denying the

power of it; from Suih turn away.

First Printed in the Year, 1651.

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