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have spoken, if Christ himself had not first spoken it, and that is this, John 14. 12. He that believerb in me, the works that I do, Shall be do, and greater Doarks than these, because I go to the Father. Where Chrift faith, a Believer shall not only do the same works with himself, (which also had been a great thing) but also greater works than himself; and this indeed is altogether admirable and wonderful, that a Believer shall do greater works than Christ: But how is this made goud? Why thus. Christ he overcame the Law, and Sin, and Death, and Hell, and the whole power of the Devil in a Body and Soul free from sin; (his humane nature being the immediate formation of the Holy Spirit in the womb of the Virgin Mary, and so had not the least spot of sin in it.) But now Believers overcome the same evils, even the Law, Sin, Death, Hell, and the whole power of the Devil, in corrupted and polluted nature, in Bodies and Souls, at the first full of sin, and afterwards defiled through many corruptions. The Devil came to Christ, and found nothing in him, and so he overcame; but he comes to a Believer and finds much in him, and yet he overcomes. And this truly is a greater work than Christ did, and these works we do, but not through our own power, but through Christs, of which we truly partake, through Faith.

2. A Christian, through the power of Faith, is 2. able not only to do, but also to suffer the fáme To Siffer things that Christ himself fuffered. Now the Suf. the same ferings of Christ were the most grievous and in


that Christ tolerable to nature, that ever were. For how

himself did Christ for the present, as it were lay aside his suffered. Divine Nature, that he might suffer in his Humane! and how did he suffer in this, the whole weight and condemnation of Sin, to the very ut. most , and the whole wrath of God to the utmost, B 4


Convert Infidels ; to make of Heather's Christians ; to bring them near unto God, who are now witho out God in the world; to carry the light of Heaven up and down this dark world, among the People that fit in darkness, and shadow of death, to fhew them the way to life and falvation ; you are to turn the world upside down; to change the maners and customs of the People, to bring them off from the Idolatry of their forefathers, to worship the true God in spirit and truth; you are to reduce the carth into conformity with heaven, and fet up Gods Kingdom, here in this present world. And all this you shall not do, in case and quietness, and prosperity, and pleasiere; but whilst you are thus imployed and busied, you fall have the whole world rise up against you, and the Devil prosecuting you with his utmost power through wicked Men, and you shall not only be hated of all Men, for my names fake, but you fhall be even overwhelmed with reproaches, obloquies, slanders, oppositions, perfecutions, prisons, torments, deaths. And therefore that you may be able both to do and to Suffer all these things, you shall receive the power of the Holy Ghost coming upon you.

Now from these words, we shall note fomething generally, and something more particularly.

In general three things. The first is this : 1. Gene 1. That as Christ will not suffer his Disciples to ral Do- be tempted above their power, so neither to be imEtrine. ployed above their power; but he furnishes them

with power sufficient, both for their temptations, and for their imployments ; for their sufferings, and for their doings. And as Soldiers, that are under å wise and careful Commander, when they are near an ingagement, are not suffered to run rafhly upon the Enemy, nor permitted to go forth to Battle till they are armed, and mounted; fo Christ would not suffer his Disciples to go forth in his warfare,


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to encounter so many evils, and oppositions, and persecutions, and the whole power of the Dorld, and of the Devil, till first he had armed them with the power of the Holy Spirit ; It hall receive power when the Holy Ghost is come upon you, &c.

Christ always gives unto all those whom he fends forth and imploys, of his own power, for his own Dorks; beavenly power for heavenly works, spiritual power for spiritual works, the power of God, to do the works of God. Indeed Christ gives unto some a greater measure of power, and to some a lesser, according as he intends to use some, in greater works and difficulties, and some in leffer ; but still they have of Chrifts power, whether more or lesso who are imployed by Christ; and a little of that power that is communicated by Christ, will enable a Man to do great things, far greater than the world suspects, or imagines.

So that we may judge of our calling to any business, and of our employment in it, by the power we have received from Chrift for it. If we have none of the power of Christ, we were never fee on work by Clariß; for Christ never sets any on bis work, without communicating unto them of his power. And hereby we may certainly know and conclude, that those in the Ministry that are loose and vicious, and idle, and negligent, and insufficient for that work, were never called to it, nor imploy'd in it by Chrift, but they run of their own heads, when they were not sent, and Minister in the Church for the gain of Money, and Preach only that they might live. Whereas if Christ had imployed them in that Calling, he would have furnished them with Abilities for it; and they being destitute of such Abilities, it is most evident, they were not sent by Christ.


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Melius est Judge then what a kind of Reformation this nullum ba- Church were like to have, if some Men might bere, quam have their minds; who would have ignorant and um impiuminsufficient Men, yca loose and prophane Men, tolera& fcelera- ced in the Ministry, under pretence of keeping up tum mini-Ordinances; when yet such Men were never ima Strum, qui ployed by Christ, nor supplied with any power from non venit him : Yea and what Ordinances (I pray) are those mišlet o like to be, which are kept up by Men that are pardat, Si-Carnal, not having the Spirit ? But you see here cut fur G that Christs way and wisdom was different from Litro.

this; for he first gives the Apostles the Power of ftit. Miniltr. the Spirit, and then sent them to Preach, when he

had first enabled them to Preach.
2 General 2. You see here, that Christ being to leave his
Doitrine. Disciples, in regard of his bodily presence, yet

leaves behind him the promise of the Spirit of
power, and this was some establishment to them,
who before had their hearts filled with sorrow.

Chrift, though some time he leave his People in
regard of sense, yet he never leaves them with-
out a promise. The Soul sometimes in the hours
of temptation and desertion, may want the sense
and feeling of Christ, but it never wants a pro-
mise from Christ; and the promise makes Christ
present, in his absenee. For Christ himfelf is fpiri-
tually present in the promise, and not Christ only,
but the Holy Spirit allo ; for Christ and the Spirie
are never afunder, but as the Father and the Son
are one, so is Christ and the Spirit one, and all
are in the promise. And so the promise is able to
uphold the Soul in any condition, not because of
its own nature, but because God and Christ and the
Spirit are present in the Promise, and they are in-
finitely able to support the Soul through the Pro-
mise, under the greatest evils either of Earth or
Hill. Now this enjoyment of God in the Promise,
is the enjoyment of Faith, and not of Sense; and

this enjoyment of Faith, is the most excellent and intimate enjoyment of Christ. And thus may the Soul enjoy Christs presence in his absence; his prefence according to Faith, in his absence according to Serse. And therefore Christ departing from his Disciples in regard of his bodily presence, leaves with them the promise of the Holy Spirit, and in that promise

, his spiritual presence. And this is the Barft Condition that Chrif ever leaves his true Church in; he leaves them his presence in a Promise, when in regard of sense he forfakes them.

3. Note, that Luke being to speak in this Book 3 Generel of the Aets of the Apostles, of the propagating and Doitrine. enlarging, and governing the Christian Church, doth forf make mention of the pouring forth of the Spirit, and that both upon the Apostles, and afterwards upon the Disciples. Signifying hereby, that there is nothing so necessary, for the increase and well ordering of the true Church of Christ, as the pouring fereb of the Spirit. And therefore they are altogether deceived, and walk in the light of Nature, and not of God, who think the increase, and propagation, and preservation, and establishment, and order, and ordering of the Church of God, depend especially upon the Councels, and Decrees, and confituions of Men; and that without these, the

Church of God would soon come to woful disor-
i der, yea co utter ruine and confusion ; as if Christ

and his Spirit fate idle in Heaven, and had left the
whole business of his Church to Men; and the Sa-
cred Power confirmed with the Secular, were abun-
dantly sufficient for the increase and well ordering
of the Church. In the mean time, not regarding
the promise of the Father, or the pouring out of the
Spirit by the Son. And this is the very mystery, of
the mystery of iniquity among us, and the very head..
of Antichrist, which is yet to be broken.' And
therefore let us know, that as the Psalmist faith,



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