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Lord, who love Jesus Christ and his Kingdom, and Coming, a thousand times better than the present world, and all the best things of it, yea than their own Lives. Wherefore I advise you all, co whom now I speak, to take heed that you neither drink nor Sop of the Clergies Cup, which carries in it, the Wine of the Wrath of the Fornication of Anti-christ; left having drunk thereof, you fall asleep through the strength of their Inchantments, and so are rendred unable to follow Christ any farther. For many Powers and Magistrates of the World, once hopeful, have been thus overcome and seduced into Antichrist's Cause against Christ, to their hiter ruine in the end,

And how have the present Clergy, with their most Plaufible Men, attempted some of this Present Power ; yea, some of the very Chiefest and most Godly in the Army, and have put them into some (that I say not) great Danger ? Wherefore remember you that Word of the Lord spoken by his Angel, Rev. 14. 9 and 10. If any Man Worship the Beast and his Image, and receive bis Mark in his Forehead, or in his Hand, the same mall drink of the Wine of the Wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture, into the Cup of his Indignation, c.

IF ANY MAN WORSHIP THE BEAST, that is, the Anti-christian Church of the Pope and his Prelates, and Clergy, which is called the Beast, because of its Fierceness and Cruelty against the Saints: Or, HIS IMAGE, that is, the Church or the Bishops and Presbyters, which in a lesler Volume, and 'less Letters, doch answer the Other, and is dire&tly like it. Whoever shall WORSHIP THESE, that is, highly esteem them for their Humane Learning, and School- Divinity, and Sacredness of their Order, and count them worthy of all Honour and Respect, and worldly Maintenance; and also to have Power in matters of Religion, to allow and determine of Doétrine, and to appoint


and insticote in matters of Government : And be ing Worldly Powers, do subje&. Themselves; and all

the Worldly People under them, to thefe Meas Religion, Authority, Doctrine, Discipline, c. Whoever fall

, tbus worship them: Or, SHALL RECEIVE, HIS MARK, that is, this Princie ple, that, It is lawful to Punish and persecute mea in Matters that meerly relate to Faith and the Gospel; and this, under pretence of the Glory of God, and Good of Christian people; the BEASTS MARK in every Age, and under every Change of Outward Form: Whoever fall receive this mark IN THEIR FOREHEAD, that is, to profess this Do&trine only: Or IN THEIR HAND, that is, to execute it according to Laws, which the Nations have been seduced to make to this purpose: The same shall drink of the Wine of the Wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his Indignation, and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy Angels, and in the presence of the Lamb, and the smoak of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever.

Wherefore You Faithful Ones have great cause to be

very well advised in these things, seeing the chief Design of Antichrist, is to seduce the Élect; fering

be bach no body else in all the World, that dare oppose Him, or know how to do it, but You: and He knows, If he can prevail with You, all the World belides, will follow Him headlong, as the Gadarens Swine ran into the Sea, and were choaked.

Nur I bave adventured, through the Inspiration of the Almighty, to undertake Openly and Plainly against the Clergy and Universities, which in their Present State are the Residue of the Hour and Powa er of Darkaess upon the Nations: And the Lord of his Grace, bath helped me through this work, by his Spirit of Councel and Might. And so I have


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freely and willingly exposed my Self for Christ and his Truths fake, to all the reproaches, lan: ders, revilings, contradictions; and (if their power fhall serve) Persecutions of the Univerficies and Clergy, and of all those People bigh and lowo, bond and free who have received their Mark and Worship theri: choosing rather to suffer with Christ, and with You, bis Seed, all manner of Tribulations, then to reign with Them; and much rather imbracing Christian Communion, with poor plain Husbandmen and Tradesmen, who believe in Christ, and have received bis Spirit, sban with the Heads of Universities, and Highest, and Stateliest of the Clergy, who under a specious form of Godliness, do yet live in true Enmity and Op. position to the Gospel.

I do indeed, freely acknowledge, that I have often been ready to complain to God in the anguish of my Spirit, that he had called Me a very Bruised Reed, to & more difficult Task, in one Regard, than either Wickliffe, Hus, or Luther, those strong Pillars in the House of God; to wit, Because much of the gross Body of Antichristianism, against which they chiefly ingaged, being done away by their Ministry, there ftill remains the cunning and subtile Soul and Spirit thereof, which yet is All in All, in Antichrists Kingdom, shough it be farther removed from the Knowledge and Notice of the Common Sort of Cloristians. And so the Mysterie of Iniquity, is now become more My: sterious and Deceiving than in their Times: and at Perfect and Bitter enmity againkt Christ and his Spirit, and the true Temple of God, the Spiritual Church, as ever was in all Their Times, dotb now prevail under the Name of Orthodox Doctrine, and the Reformation of Religion by the lace Allembly of Divines, which the Clergy are all now ready' to set up, if they could gain the Secular Arm ro ftrengthen them thereunto, rof which now they have


greatest Hopes) and withoret which, theit Religion can find no high place in this world.

Now herein the old Myfterie of Iniquity is renewed amongst these men, that they would have an out, ward Letter and Ministry, withouê the Spirit of Christ, to be the Doctrine and Ministry of the New Testament, which is the Ministration of the Spirit and not of the Letter: and would have the Secular Magistrate, to bavè Right and Power, to enforce men to such a Religion, as Himself judges True, by the Help and Couocel of those Ministers, which Him. self judges Orthodox: as if forme Men were able to teach.)piritual things, and all to understand them, by Natural Reason made use of, and improved, which yer these Men deny in Terminis, whilst they affert it in the Principle. For they will nor leave it to the Father, to draw whom He pleaseth to the Son; neither will they leave it to the Spirit, to choose what Living stones he pleaseth, to build them together to be the Habitation of God: but the Ecclesiastical Itate, having feduced the Temporal, do make them believe, that the MagiItrates Worldly Power, in vnion with their worldly Religion, máy make a National Church of all, tbåt they between Themselves, please; and may allow, and set up, such a Doctrine for Orthodox, which thefe Men who are in Academical Degrees, and Ecclesiastical Orders, do approve for Such; though rhe Spirit of God in all Believers testifies, that these Men have not the mind of Christ, but of Antichrist, in all they teach, and act, and counsel; in their Alsemblies, Churches, Doctrine, Ordinances, Works, Duties, Days, Times, Fastings, Thanksgivings, and Every Thing else: Yet these baving the outward Carcass or Appearance of Religion, though deftiture of the inward Soul of it, which is true Faith and the Spirit of God, do cozen not only the meanner People, but the very Magistrates of the World, who are glad to hear, that the Clergy have given them such high


Power in the Kingdom of Christ, and made them Magistrates in both worlds; though indeed in the end, it be not for the Magistrates Advantage, but wholly for the Clergies.

And thus is the Mystery of Iniquity grown more Mysterious now, than heretofore. Cut this is our Comfort and Help, that God still causes his Light to Dine forth proportionably to his people, to discover every new Change and Form, of the Mystery of Iniquity. And though the Mystery of Iniquity in every Age, is mysterious enough, to cozen all the Unbelieving World, though never so wife and learned; yet is it never able to deceive the Faithful, who have always sufficient Light from God to discover it, and sufficient Grace to overcome it.

And now You faithful and beloved Oneș, to whom I have spoken all this, ftand You fast, and depart not from Christ, bis Word, and Work (all which you knop is faith) for any. Good or. Evil things, thar may befall you in this short life; but finijh in Faith and Patience, the Work which God hath given you to do, in your several Places, waiting for the Glory which shall be given you at the Revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ; in Whom I remain, though most un Worthy.

Your humble and faithful Servant

in the Gospel.

W. D.


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