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Or the like, that makes men one true Church or Body of Christ, but the being of onę Spirit; and there are no more of that Church, which is the Body of Christ, than they that are Baptized with that one Spirit of Christ.

7. Spirit-Baptism it truly washes and deanses 2: It clearfrom Sin: What Water-Baptism doth in the Sign, sin

Sin. this doth in the Truthi, even cleanses from all Carnal and Spiricual filthiness; and no man is cleansed from Sin, but by the washing of the Spirit; the poæring foreb of the Spirit on all flesh, is the killing of sin in all flesk, i Cor. 6. 9, 10, 11. Neither fornicators, nor Idolaters, nor Adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abufers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor Covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, fhall inheric the Kingdom of God; and such were some of you, but ye are WASHED, but ye are sanctia fied in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ by the SPIRIT of our God: So that Spirit-Baptism cleanses from all Sin whatever it is; and there is no man cleansed from Sin, but through this Baptism.

And, again, Ephes. 5. 26, 27. Chrift gave him self for the Church, that he mighe Sanétific and cleanse is with the washing of water by the words that he migbe present it to himself a glorious Church, not having spot, or worinkle, or any such thing, but that it should be holy and without blemish; and nothing doth thus purifie the Church till it be without spot, wrinkle, of blemish, and till it be perfectly holy, but the Baptism of the Spirit. "And therefore, though the Baptism of John was administred but once, yet the Baptism of Christ is a continued Baptism, for as long as corruption is in the fleff, the Baptism of the Spirit is in ose: So that the nature and life of a Christian are under a constant and continual Baptism, God every day pouring forth his Spirit upon a Believer, for the purifying and fan, &ifying of him, and making him meet for the


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8. It Saveso

immediate presence of God, whether no anclean thing comes, nor the least uncleanness in any thing.

8. Spirit-Baptism Saves , whatever in us is washed with the Spirit, is Saved as well as Sanctified ; and how much any one hath received of the Spic ric, so much is he already faved: Tit. 3. 5. According to his mercy be barbe saved us by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Spirit, which he shed on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Saviour : Where the Apostle teaches us how God Saves; and that is not by Johns Baptism, or Wa. ter-washing, but by the laver of Regeneration, which is the renewing of the Holy-Spirit, poured on us abundantly through Christ; so that he calls the Baptism of the Spirit, the Laver of Regenera. tion, such a Laver as renews the old nature, yes and begets a new one, so that a man through this Baptism is wholly changed, not in a few good works, but in his whole nature, and from his newness of nature, flows newness of life, so that he is no more as he was, but is, and lives, and loves, and thinks, and speaks, and acts otherwise than he was wont; and this cannot be the Work of Water in any measure, but wholly of the Spirit; for where men are destitute of the Spirit, though washed with water a thousand times, there is no change of nature in them; but the change of nature wrought by Spirit-baptism, is so much present Salvation, even in this present world. There is another Scripture witnesses the same thing, and it is 1 Pet. 3. 20. A few (that is, eight Souls) were saved by water, to which figure baptism answering, doth now also save us, not that whereby the fileb of the flesh is cast away, but whereby a good conscience answers Well to God by the Resurrection of Jefus Chrift. Peter haviag said that Baptism answers to the flood, and saves the Church now, as the flood did the Church



then, yea faith he, but I mean not the outward Baptism, or the washing away of the filth of the Body, but the answer of a good Conscience towards God by the Resurrection of Hefus Chrift; which place is difficult : but I thus conceive it. The efficacy of Christs Resurrection is the gift of the Spirit, and the Spirit of Christ in a Believer rectifies his Conscience, and makes it good, so that it can return a sweet answer to God upon every word of

his ; for the work of the Spirit in the heart, answers every word of Faith spoken from God; par

ticularly it can say to God, I was indeed filthy
and unclean throughout, but I am now washed,
and justified and fanctified in the Name of the
Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of my God; and
this Spirit-Baptism is that chat Saves, and not the
Water, which puts away the filth of the Flesh
only, but leaves the filth of the Spirit as much
as ever.
So that

in this place Peter puts an end to baptizm Peter puts Ÿ in the flesh as Paul, Rom. 2. 28. puts an end to the Baptism & Circumcision in the flesh, saying. He is not a Jewofobe flesten

which is one outwardly, neither is that circumcision whicbebe circumis outward in the flesh, but he is a Jew which is ons in- cifror of tbe wardly, and circumcision is that of the heart in the fpi-Hesh. rit, and not in the letter, whose praise is not of men, but of God: That is, faith Paul, in the Kingdom of Christ, where all things are spiritual, Circumcifion in the spirit puts an end to circumcision in the flesh; and in the same Kingdom of Christ faith Peter, Baptism in the Spirit puts an end to Baptism in the flesh; for he is not a Christian who is one outwardly, neither is that Baptism which is outward in the flesh, but he is a Christian who is one inwardly, and Baptism is that of the heart in the spirit, and not in the letter, whose praise, also, is not of men, but of God. For under the Gospel, which is the ministration of the Spirit (as ye have



been oft minded) we can find nothing among all outward things, through the use and excercise whereof we may attain the cleapness and purity of righteousness in our Natures; and therefore Chrilt hach put an end to all outward, carnal, and earthly chings of the first Testament, by, the inward, spiricual, and heavenly.chings of a second and better Teftament: and by his own death and resurrection only, nge without ys, but within us, through the power and efficacy of his Spirit, ali the Baptism of the pew Testament is fully and per.

fearly performed. Spirit Bap And thus in all these particulars you see the tism only is fuiticient in infinite excellency and glory of the Spirit-Baptism be dars of above water-Baptism, and this only is sufficient ia Gospel

the days of the Gospel, as being the true and proper Baptism of the New Testament: for as Chrift himself only is suffịcient to the faithful without John, though John were of use in this reason to point ouc Corist; so the Baptism of Chritt only is sufficient to the faithful without the Baptism of John, though the Baptism of Johan were of use in its season, to point out the Baptism of Chrift; and the Baptist himself was of this Judgment, who said to Christ, I bavn be baptized of thee; which he means not of water-Baptism, (for To Chrift himfelf (as you have heard) did not baptize) but of the Baptism of the Spirit, and so the Baptift himself, who was never baptized with water, neither by Chrift, nor the Apostles, nor any body else, yee was baptized with the spirit, and the Baptism of the Spiriş was sufficient for the Baptist, without any Water-Baptism; and fo Christs Spịric-Baptism by the Word, is fufficient for all the faithful Dow, without Johns water-Baptism; for he that is truly walhed from all filthiness of flesh and Spirit, and hath the Holy Ghoft in him to renew his Palueen, and to conform him exaatly to Christs


own image, and to work him in this prelent world into the true fimilitude of heaven, and to be in him a foundation of water springing up unto everlasting life, what need hath he of cold material water to be poured on his body, under the pretence of any lign whatever, either of Moses or Folon, when as, he hath the truth, substance, and heavenly thing it self?

Now this, it may be, may seem strange and dangerous to some of low, and fleshly, and customary Religion; but let all such (if it be possible) consider, that where the substance comes, the sadow is at an end, and the ceremony where the truth comes, and the creature where God comes: And if they understand not this for the present, I hope they may understand it afterwards; for we speak not at uncertainties in this point, but what we have in fome measure seen, and felt, and handled of the word of life, that we deliver to you, that ye may have fellowship with us; and truly our fellowship is with the Farber, and his Son Jesus Christ, through

the Spirit.


Ifa. 58. 12. And they that shall be of shee (le of the Churchi thai is born of the Spirit) shall build the old waste pla ces; (made such by the Church' shat is born of sbe flesh) thou shalt ráife ip the foundations of many gone rations (by the clear revealing of Christ, bis King. dom, and all his things, according to the ministration of the Spirit) and tbon falt be called the Repairer of the breach, the Restorer of paths to dwell in. (Hero Christ writes upon the forementioned Church his own pon Name.)


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