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be destroyed by the word of salvation, and to be inimediately punished with eternal death by him who is the true God and eternal life. And this is the heavy burden which the Word of the Lord hath laid on your shoulders, and you cannot re

move it. 2. A Word to them who

2. And then for you true Believers, you little are not ot- flock, you few chosen out of the many called, tended.

who hear the Word of Christ and are not offended at it, though you hear it everywhere, and that with both ears in this University and Town, Contradiêted, Misreported, Reproached, Scandalized, and called Eror, Heresie, New Light, Faction, Schism, Sedition, and hear all manner of evil spoken against it fallly, not only by the rude and ig. norant People, but also by the Scribes and Pharisees and Hypocrites of this place, and yet for all these offences you are not offended at it, but own it, and love it, and imbrace it, notwithstanding all the extream disadvantages it hach from this Place, which is counted by carnal people the very fountain of Religion and the Ministry, knowing by Gods own teaching, that it is the Word of Righteousness and Life, and the Truth as it is in Jesus, though contrary to the sense of the University and Schools, who have generally their teaching from man; To all such, I say by the word of the Lord, blesed are ye, of the blessed of the Lord, for you are all taught of God touching Christ, and have heard and learned the Son from the Father, and through this teaching you have true faith in Chrift

, and so know him byexperience, whereupon Christ is most precious to you; and through this faith you are established on Christ, so that nothing from Earth or Hell can remove you: And being so efta: blished through Vnion with Christ, you can no niore perish than Christ can perish, and you shall as certainly be saved as Christ is saved.

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This is your blessedness from the Lord; and the World and the Devil shall never be able to make it void; And therefore go and eat your bread with cheerfulness, and lie down and rise and live in safety under the shadow of the Almighty, though in this World, and in this place, you dwell among Bears and Lyons, and have your conversation in the midt of Scorpions; for Christ himself hath blessed you in himself, and you shall be bleffed for ever; Blessed is be whosoever shall not be offended in me.

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Reduced from its Ancient and Mo

dern Corruptions ;


Restored to its Primitive Soundness

and Integrity,

The Word of Truth, According to The Substance of Faith, and

The Nature of Chrifts Kingdom.

ISAIAH lii. 15. That which hath not been told them, they shall see,

and that which they have not heard, they shall consider.


First Printed in the Year, 1652.


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