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unity of God; for as Christ is one with the Father, in the Spirit, so are we one with Chrit in the Spirit : For he that is joyned to the Lord, is one Spirit; and he that is not one Spirit with the Lord, is not joyned to him.

4. All faithful Christians stand in need of the They need power of the Spirit,as well as of the Spirit of power. of the spi

1. To change their nature, which is impossible rit. to all power, but the power of the Spirit. It would be a great power, to change Clay into To change

their naGold, and a Pebble into a Diamond, but it is a greater Change that is wrought in a Christian, and requires a greater power. For the power of the Spirit, when it comes into our flesh, changes the cature of it. For it finds a man Carnal, it makes him Spiritual ; it finds him Earthly, it makes him Heavenly ; it finds him a Drunkard, it makes him Sober; an Adulterer, it makes him Chast; a Swearer, it makes him fear an Oath ; Proud, it makes him Humble ; it finds him darkness, makes him light in the Lord, in a word, it finds him nothing but a lump of Sin, and makes him the Righteousness of God in Christ. Thus the power of the Spirit changes our whole corrupt nature, and makes it conformable to the Divine nature; as Fire makes the Iron in which it prevails, like uito it self, communicating its own nature to it. After this sort, the power of the Spirit changes oor, nature, and our nature cannot be changed without it.' But without this power of the Spifit

, we shall always remain the fame we were born, without any change at all. Yea, our Corruption will by daily use and exercise, encrease in us, till at last it quite eat out that common natyral good, which God hath given to every one of us, for the common benefit of mankind. 2. All Christians have need of the power of

To work the Spirit to work grace in them. For our Na




2 Pet. I.

tures are wholly carnal and corrupt ; and nothing can implant grace in them, but the mighty power of Gods Spirit. And it is as great a Miracle, to see the grace of God dwelling in the corrupt nature of man, as to see the Scars grow upon

the Earth. And yet the power of the Spirit doch Plä 25. this, as it is written, Truth shall spring out of the

Earth; and again, great and precious promises are made to us, that we should be partakers of the Divine nature ; and again, he hath predeftinated us that we should be conformable to the image of his Son. That is as in other things, so alfo in all his Vertues. So that the power of the Spirit, implanes Grace in our Nature; and each Grace, is so much of the power of the Spirit in our Flesh, as was said before. Wherefore we must needs learn to know, whose power, the power of Grace is. For thongh Grace be a power in our Flesh, it is not the power of our Flesh; for Paul faith, in me, that is in my flesh, dwells no good thing ; but and if any gond be in my flesh, it dwells not in my flesh, but in Gods Spirit which dwells in me. As Light, is in the Air, but dwells in the Sun, so when Men are regenerate, good is in the Flesh, but dwells in the Spirit. For grace in the Soul,is nothing but so much of the power of the Spirit immediately dwelling and working in us; and when the Spirit is gone, all grace goes along with him, as all light with the Sun, but it dwells in him, and is inseparable from him.

3. All Christians stand in need of the power To morute Sin.

of the Spirit, to enable them to mortifie and destroy in. There is no power in our flesh against fin, but all the power of our flesh is for it; and therefore it must be another power, than the power of our flesh that must destroy sin, and that can be no other, than the power of Gods Spirit.


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And the power of the Spirit destroys the whole body of Sin, and each particular strong Corruption.

1. The whole Body of Sin, in all the parts and members and branches of it: each several influ


whole Bom çace and operation of the Spirit, being a several

dy of Sin. deftruâion of some sin or other. For as the Spiric that is in us, lusts after envy, or pride, or Fain-glory, or covetousness, or uncleanness, or the like ; so the Spirit we have of God, according to its mighty power, destroys all those finful works of our corrupt Spirit, and mortifies all the deeds of our flesh, according to that of Paul, if ye konut martifie the deeds of the flesh by the Spirit ye shall live; the flesh will never mortifie its own deeds, but the Spirit must mortifie the deeds of the flesh; and this will mortifie them, according to the whole Latitude of them.

2. Again, as the power of the Spirit fubdues the whole body of Sin, fo also it over-powers each Particuparticular Itrong Corruption, and keeps a Chri-lar ftrong tian straight and upright in the ways of God.

corrupti Every man hath some one Corruption, to which

nature he is more inclined than to another, and this is the byas of a man; but the strength of the Spirit will over-power this. A Bowi, if it be thrown with strength, knows not its byas, but is carried on strait, as if it had no byas at all. So the Godly have still some flesh in them which is their byas, and carries them from God to themfelves and the World, but the strength of the Spirit takes away this byas, and makes us take Atrais steps to God.

4. All Christians stand in need of the power of the Spirit, to inable them to perform Duties, to To perperform them aright, that is, Spiritually. For form Du Spiritual Duties may be performed, for the out

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no strength but weakness, because there is none of the Spirit in them. For there is no power in any Duty, except there be something of the Spirit in the Duty. There is no more power in praying, nor in preaching, nor in hearing, nor in meditation, nor in reading, nor in resisting evil, nor in doing good, nor in any Duty of sanctification, or of mortification, than there is of the Spirit in them.

And .according to the measure of the Spirit, in each Duty, is the neasure of power in the Duty. If there be none of the Spirit in a Mans Duties, there is no power at all in them, but only weakness and deadness, and coldness, and unprofitableness. If a little of the Spirit, there is a little power; if abundance of the Spirit, there is great power ; and that Duty that is most Spiritual, is the most powerful. And therefore faith Paul, I will pray with the Spirit, and I will sing wiih the Spirit ; and all the worship of the faithful is in the Spirit. Phil. 3. 3. We are the Circumcifion which worship God in the spirit, and have no confidence in the flesh. So that there is no more power in any Duty, than there is of the Spirit in it

3 and there is no more acceptance of any Duty with

God, than there is of power in it. To inable Fifthly, all Christians stand in need of the pow. them toer of the Spirit, to enable them to the use of the the word. Word, and that both in private, and in publick, mprivate as occasion serves.

1. In private, for no man can say, that Jesus is the Christ, but by the Holy Spirit. No Man can speak of Christ ípiricually, but by the Spirit; and without this Spirit, which searches the deep things of God, and reveals them to us, Christians are unable to give the sense of the word of God in their Families, and among their Friends and Acquaintance, and are also ashamed to do it.


Whereas the Spirit of God gives both ability and boldness; as Aquila and Priscilla his Wife, did Ait, 18. not only speak the word in their family, but 26. also took Apollos a Minister home, when they perceived him somewhat ignorant in the mystery of Christ, and instructed him in the way of God more perfectly. 2. They have need of the power of the Spirit In pub

lick. to inable chem to speak the word of God in publick, as every Christian may do, if he come where People are ignorant of Gods Word, and there be no Miniiter to do it. This I say in such a Case be may do by vertue of his anointing with the Spirit; and for this you may see the practise of Stephen and Philip, who were but Deacons, and not Elders or Ministers, and yet published the Word, where the People were ignorant ; yea you may fee Acts 8. how all the Disciples except the Apostles, were by reason of a great persecution scattered throughout the Regions of Judea and Samaria, and they that were so scattered, went every wbere preaching the word, because the People among which they were, were ignorant, and there was no body else to do it. And God, having made known Christ unto them, they could not but declare him unto others; the Love both of Christ, and of their Brethren constraining them. But this is in case of necessity, and where other faithful Christians are absent; otherwise whea Christians are present, no man can take that to himself, without the consent of all, which belongs to all.

Sixthly, all Christians stand in need of this To inable power of the Spirit, to inable them to confess the them to word before Kings, and Rulers, and Magiftrates, confess

the word. when they are called thereunto. Whereas without this power they would tremble, and bite in the truth. In the rosh Chap. la the rosh Chap. of Masb. Chrift


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