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received the Spirit, were of one heart and of one
mindo And this Unity of Believers is their
strength; and when God shall take away all those
prejudices, and fufpicions, and jealousies, and
particular ends and interests, and divisions, and
separations, and Schisms, that are among his own
People, and the People of God shall be reduced
into this blessed Unity among themselves, and the
Lord be one, and his Name one, among them all,
then shall the Church also be of admirable and
invincible power. So that all they that strive with
it, shall perish ; and all they that war against it, shall

be as nothing ; yea then shall the Lord make ibe Church f.41.15

• as a new sharp rhreshing instrument, having toeth, and
it shall thresh the Mountains (that is the Kingdoms
of the world) and fall beat them small, and shall
make the hills, (that is, the lesser Commonwealths)
as chaffe. But cill the Church of God attain to
this Ünity, it shall not do any excellent thing, it
shall not work any notable deliverance in the
Earth, neither shall the Inhabitants of the World
fall. Wheu the Spirit of God shall be a Spirit of
Unity in the faithful, and shall heal all the sad
differences and disentions that are now between
them, then also fall it be a Spirit of admirable
Power in them.

And thus much for the explication of the Point. 1. Use.

The Use is two-fold.

1. The first is, to exhort all Men, every where, to endeavour to partake of this Supernatural, Spiritual and Divine Power of the Holy Spirit, which is certainly communicated to all the Faithful, and Elect in Christ Jesus. And let no Man think it is a thing indifferent, whether he have this Power or no, but know, that the having of this Power

of the Spirit, is of absolute necessity, and that A noéffity both for Ministers, and for all other Christians. for winillars to have the

1. There is a necellity of this Power of the Holy power of the Spirit for Ministers, and to them, this present Spirit: place doth chiefly relate.

1. For

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1. For first, if they have not this power of the Holy Spirit, they have no power at all. For OtherChrist fent them, only as his Father sent him; wile they and so Christ never gave unto them any Earthly Power at or Humane or Secular Power, no Power of Swords all. or Prisons, no Power of outward constraint and siolence. Christ gave them no such outward and worldly Power, for the inlargement of his Kingdom, as not being at all suitable to it. For his Kingdom is Spiritual, and what can Carnal Power do in a Spiritual Kingdom? His Kingdom is Heavenly, and what can Earthly Power do in a Heavenly Kingdom? His Kingdom is not of this World, and what can Worldly Power do, in a Kingdom that is not of the World ? and though Antichrist and his Ministers, have arrogated and usurped such a Carnal and Earthly and Worldly Power to themselves, in their pretended mana. ging the Kingdom of Christ, yet the faithful Mi, nifters of Christ cannot.

And therefore seeing the Ministers of the Gorpel have no Power from beneath, they mnst needs have Power from on high; seeing they have no Fleshly Power, they must needs have Spiritual Power; seeing they have no Power from Earth and from Men, they must needs have Power from Heaven, and from God; that is, the Power of the Holy Spirit coming on them, or else they have no Power at all.

2. The Ministers of the Gospel must needs have 2. this Power of the Holy Spirit, because otherwise Without they are not sufficient for the Ministry: For no Man areinfutti is sufficient

for the Work of the Ministry, by any cient for natural Parts and Abilities of his own, nor yet the work by any acquisite parts of Humane Learning and of the Mi; Knowledge, but only by this Power of the Holy niftry. Spirit; and till he be indowed with this, nota Fithstanding all his other Accomplihments, he is


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alcogether insufficient. And therefore the very
Apostles were to keep silence, till they were in-
dued with this Power; they were to wait at Je-
rusalem, till they had received the promise of the
Spirit, and not to Preach cil then. Yea, Christ .
himself did not betake himself to the Work of
the Ministry, till first the Spirit of God came up-
on him, and anointed him to Preach. And there-
fore for thirty years together, he did not Preach
Publickly and Ordinarily till at Johns Baptism, he
received this Power of the Spirit coming on him.
Now if Christ himself and his Apostles were not
sufficient for the Ministry till they had received
this Power from on high, no more are any other
Ministers whatsoever. For as I said, it is not
Natural Parts and Abilities, and Gifts, and Learn-
ing, and Eloquence, and Accomplishments, that
make any Man sufficient for the Ministry, but
only the Power of the Holy Spirit coming upon
him. So that who ever is defticute of the Spirit
of Power, is insufficient for the Work of the Mi-
nistry, and that in these regards.

1. Without this power of the Spirit, Ministers They are

are utterly unable to preach the Word; that is, unabie to Preach

the true, spiritual and living Word of God. For the Word. to preach this Word of God, requires the Power of

God. One may speak the word of Man,by the power of Man, but he cannot speak the word of God, but by the Power of God. And Christ himself, in all his Ministry, spake nothing of himself in the strength of his Humane Nature, but he spake all he spake, by the Power of God, and without this Power of God, he could not have spoken one word of God. And so in like manner, no Man is able to preach Christ but by the Holy Spirit, which is the Power of God. For Christ is the Power of God, and can never be represented but by the Holy Spirit, which is the Power of God. For as we see Light in his Light, that is, the Fa




ther who is Light, in the Son who is Light ; or else the Son who is Light, in the Holy Spirit who is light; so we know Power in his Power, that Is the Son who is Power, in the Holy Spirit who is Power. And Christ who is the power of God, can never be made known to the Church, but by the ministration of the Spirit, which is the power of God. So that it is not an easie thing to preach Christ the power of God; yea none can do it aright, but by the power of the Holy Spirit coming upon him.

2. Without this power of the Spirit, Ministers are unable to preach the Word powerfully. They

Unable to may, it may be, happen upon the outward word, preach it yet there is no power in their Ministry, till they iy. have received this power of the Spirit coming upon them. Otherwise, their Ministry is cold, and there is no heat in it ; it is weak, and there is no trength in it.

1. lc is cold, and there is no heat in it. Without Men have received the power of the Spirit,

The Mi

niftery there is no fire in their Preaching. Their Mini

cold withstry, is unlike the Ministry of Elias, whose Mini- out this ftry was as fire; and unlike John Bapeists, who in Power. his Ministry was a burning and shining light; and unlike Christs, whose Ministry made the Disciples hearts burn within them; and unlike the Apofles, who having received this Spirit, were as Men made all of fire, running through the World and burning it up.' Without this Spirit a Man's Ministry is cold, it warms the hearts of none, it inflames the Spirit of none, but leaves Men still frozen in their Sins.

2. It is weak and hath no might in it. There is no strength in a Ministry where there is no Weak. Spirit. Whereas when Men have received the Spirit, then their Ministry is a powerful Ministry, as Paul, 1 Thef. 1. s. The Gospel came to you not in




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word only, but in power and in the Holy Ghost; and
therefore in power, because in the Holy Spirit.
And again, 1 Cor. 2. 4. My speech and preaching
was not with the encising words of mans wisdom, but in
demonstration of the Spirit and Power. Where you
see the Spirit and Power in the Work of the Mi-
nistry, are always conjoyned, as the Sun and
Light are; and that Ministry that is in the Spirit,
is always in power. And being in power, it is
always effectual, either to Convert Men, or to
inrage them; and the inraging of men, is as evi-
dent a sign of the Spirit of power in a mans mini-
stry, as the Conversion of men. Whereas a cold
and dead ministry, that is destitute of this power,
doth (as we use to fay) neither good nor harm,
neither converts nor inrages, neither brings in
Righteonsness, nor destroys Sin, neither kills nor
quickens any, but leaves men in their old temper,
for many years together, and never stirs them.
But the ministration of the Spirit and power, is
operative and mighty, and carries all before it.
And though evil and carnal men will ever be
murmuring and wrangling, and opposing, and
contending against such a ministry, yet they are

never able to resist the wisdom and Spirit of ie; &ts 6. 10 as the Libertines, Cyrenians, and Alexandrians,

were not able to resist the Wisdom and Spirit by
which Stephen spake. And therefore let them that
will needs be striving against such a ministry,
know, that they strive against more than a meer
man, they strive against Power from on high,
against the greatest power that ever God put
forth ; against the power of Christ himself, and
his Eternal Spirit, and so they shall never be able
to prevail against this power, but shall surely
sink under it. But to return from whence we
have a little digressed.

3. Withy

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