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have spoken, if Christ himself had not first spoken it, and that is this, John 14. 12. He that believeth 12 TL, the works that I do, shall be do, and greater waks than these, because I go to the Father. Where Carist faith, a Believer shall not only do the same works with himself, (which also had been a great taing) but also greater works than himself; and this indeed is altogether admirable and wonderful, that a Believer shall do greater works than Christ: But how is this made good? Why thus. Christ he overcame the Law, and Sin, and Death, and Hell, and the whole power of the Devil in a Body and Soul free from sin; (his humane nature being the immediate formation of the Holy Spirit in the womb of the Virgin Mary, and so had not the least spot of sin in it.) But now Believers overcome the same evils, even the Law, Sin, Death, Hell, and the whole power of the Devil, in corrupted and polluted nature, in Bodies and Souls, at the first full of sin, and afterwards defiled through many corruptions. The Devil came to Christ, and found nothing in him, and so he overcame; but he comes to a Believer and finds much in him, and yet he overcomes. And this truly is a greater work than Christ did, and these works we do, but not through our own power, but through Christs, of which we truly partake, through Faith.

2. A Christian, through the power of Faith, is able not only to do, but also to suffer the fáme To Siffer things that Christ himself suffered. Now the Suf. the same ferings of Christ were the most grievous and in


that Christ tolerable to nature, that ever were. For how

himself did Christ for the present, as it were lay a side his fejercito Divine Nature, that he might suffer in his Humane! and how did he suffer in this, the whole weight and condemnation of Sin, to the very ut. most , and the whole wrath of God to the utmost, B 4



and all the sorrows of death, and the pains of hell, to the very utmost! And among all the Sufferings, had not the least drop of Comfort either from Heaven or Earth; and yet through the power of the Spirit, he indured and overcame all. And so each Christian is able to indure and over

come the fame evils, by the same power ; and Phil. 3.10 therefore Paul desired to know Christ truly, and not

only the power of his resurrection, which any one would desire to know, but also the fellowship of his Sufferings, which flesh and blood trembles at, yea and to be made conformable to his very death. Yea I add yet further, that if a Christian should chance to fall down into Hell (as we believe Christ descended into Hell, and so also many of his Saints have done, as David, and Hezekiah, &c.) yet a Christian, through the power of the Spirit, were

able to overcome both the Sins and the Pains of Lant. 5. Hell; and therefore faith Solomon, Love (which is 5, 6.

the power of the Spirit) is too strong for death and too hard or too cruel for Hell; as is evident in that Godly Woman (for I will name but one instance instead of many) who thinking of the torments of Hell, and of the hatred and blasphemy of God, which reigned in the Damned, did earnestly entreat God, ut etiamfi damnaretur, tamen Deum diligeret ; that though he were damned, yet still the might love God. Here Love was too hard for Hell indeed.

And thus a Believer through Faith, is inabled, both to do and indure the self same things which Christ himself did and endured; and the Holy Spirit, by being a Spirit of Faith, is a Spirit of Power in us.

s. The Holy Spirit is a Spirit of Pow rin us, spirit of by being in us a Spirit of Righteousnes; and so rigbteous he is two ways. nefs. 3. In regard of mortifying Sin. For the Spirit


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of God dwelling in us, is not idle in us, but continually ađive; and so from day to day mortifies MortifySin. And this is the proper work of the Spirit in

ing sin, our Flesh, to destroy out of us, whatsoever is contrary to it self; and that is, every Sin, Lust and Corruption. Now our Sins are our Weakness, a Maas Pride and Passion, and Envy, and Covetourness, and Lust, and Intemperance, and every sin is his Weakness. Now the Holy Spirit, by being in us, a Spirit of Righteousness mortifies and destroys all our Sins,and so takes away our Weakness.

2. Again, as the Holy Spirit is a Spirit of Righteousness in us, in regard of mortifying Sin, fo Imparting

Grace. also in regard of imparting Grace to us; for all Grace is the fruit and operation of the Spirit in our Flesh ; and as all Light is from the Sun, so is all Grace from the Spirit. Now every Grace, is so much strength in the Soul ; Faith so much strength, Hope so much strength, Love so much strength; and so Humility, and Patience, and Temperance, and Godliness, and Brotherly Kindness, and all other Graces, are so much strength; and according to each mans measure of grace, so is his measure of strength; and according to each maas measure of the Spirit, so is his measure of Grace. And thus the Holy Spirit, by being a Spirit of Righteousness, is also in us a Spirit of Power.

6. The Holy Spirit, is a Spirit of Power in us, by being in us, a Spirit of the fear of the Lord; and 4. Spirit so he is, by representing God to us in his Glory and of the fear Majesty, according as he hath revealed himself to

Lord, os in his word; from which Knowledge of God springs his fear. For what is the reaton that the men of the World fear not God, but Sin securely, against the great and glorious God every day? Why, the reason is, because they know not the Lord. Now the Spirit comes and reveals the Fagher in the Son, and presents God to the Soul,



of the

through his word, in bis Infinite and Eternal Power, and Justice, and Wisdom, and Truth, and Faithfulness, and Love, and Mercy, and Goodness, &c. and Mines to the Soul in each Attribute of God; and now, when a Man sees God by his own Light, and knows him by his own teaching, then first doch he begin truly to fear God, and the fear of God is his strength. For he that fears God, is free from all other fear; he fears not Men of high degree, nor Men of low degree, nor the united power of all the Creatures; he fears not the fear of other Men in their Evils, but in the midst of all fearful things, he is with:

out fear, because be Jančtifies the Lord of Halts ir Ifa.8.13. himself, in his heart, and makes him his fear, and

bis dread. And by this means, amidst all evils, he hath admirable confidence and allurance; because he knows, that no evil can befall him from any Man, or from any Creature, till first it be the will of God; and also, that whatever evil befalls him, according to the will of God, it shall work for good unto him in the end. Thus the fear of the Lord is a Christians confidence, and a Believers strength ; whereas, he that fears noe God, fears every thing, yea, not only real, but imaginary evils; and as evils multiply his fcars, fo his fears again multiply his evils, till at last he be swallowed up of both.

of both. But the Holy Spirit being in us a Spirit of the fear of the Lord, is also

in us a Spirit of strength. 7. 7. The Holy Spirit is a Spirit of Power in us, A Spirit by being in us a Spirit of Love and Unity. The of Love, Holy Spirit, is a Spirit of Love and Unity in the and Unity, Godhead; for the Father loves the Son, with the

Spirit; and the Son loves the Father with the
Spirit ; and the Father is one with the Son in the
Spirit; and the Son is one with the Father in the
Spirit; and the Spirit is both the Bond of Love
and Unity between the Father and the Son; and


God being most Love, and most one, is also most strong. Now what the Spirit is in the Godhead, he is the same in the Church of God, which is the trve Temple and Habication of the Godhead, and that is, a Spirit of Love and Unity: For why is there such constant Love and Unity between the members of the same body, but because one Spirit runs through them all? and so there is such constant love and unity between all Believers, because one Holy Spirit runs through them all. " And hence we may take notice of a Remarkable difference between Nature and Grace, for Nature, of one makes many; for we all, who are many among our selves, even a whole world of Men, were but one in Adam, omnes eramus ille unus homo; but Grace, of many makes one ; for the Holy Spirit, which is as fire, melts all the faithful into one mass or lump, and makes of many one Body, one thing, yea it makes them one, in the unity of God, according to that of Christ, Joha 17. 21. that they all may be one, as thou Father art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us; mark the words, for they are wonderful; that they all may be one, that is, that all Believers, who are many among themselves, may be all made one ; one? How one? As thou Father art in me, and I in thee; that is, as thou and I,being two Per. sons, are yet but one God; after this highest example of Unity, let them be made one in us, as long as they remain in themselves, they are many; and how much they remain in themselves they are many, for their Unity is not in themselves, but they are one in us who are one ; that is, how much the Saints by the Spirit are carried into the Father, and the Son, who are one, so much also are they made one, not only with the Father and the Son, but also with one another. You may see in the Acts how the multitude of Believers, after they had received the Spirit, so far forth as they had


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