Army Medical Bulletin. Medical-military Review Section

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War Department, Office of the Surgeon General.

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Page 4 - ... Other Epidemic Diseases in the Army, Preventive Medicine Service, Office of The Surgeon General, United States Army, and by grants from the Commonwealth Fund, the WK Kellogg Foundation, the John and Mary R.
Page 21 - Chairman of the Committee on Medical Research of the Office of Scientific Research and Development, and such others as the President may from time to time determine.
Page 7 - Board for the Investigation and Control of Influenza and Other Epidemic Diseases for the Commission on Acute Respiratory Diseases.
Page 76 - Gynecological and Obstetrical Institute, Imperial University, Kyoto. Manuscripts should be typewritten (in English, German or other languages), double-spaced. Illustrations, tables, etc. should bear the author's name on the back. Photographs should be clear and distinct ; drawings should be made in black ink on white paper.
Page 15 - ... of which such person is not a resident or In which he is not domiciled, compensation for military or naval service shall not be deemed income for services performed within, or from sources within, such State, Territory, possession, political subdivision, or District, and personal property shall not be deemed to be located or present in or to have a situs for taxation in such State, Territory, possession, or political subdivision, or district.
Page 21 - End results of one hundred fifty-eight consecutive autogenous bone grafts for noil-union in long bones (A) in simple fractures; (B) in atrophic bone following war wounds and chronic suppurative osteitis (osteomyelitis).

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