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A sacred Ode on the PEACE between Great Britain, the French Republic,

his Catholic Majesty, and the Batavian Republic, ratified and proclaimed the 29th day of April, 1802.*

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* Unfortunately, through the treachery and artifice of the enemy, this peace was of a very short continuance.

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בעזך יהוה ישמח מלך כי תמכתו בעת רעה:

. בישועתך יגיל מאד כי את אויביו אתו שלמת: glad of thy salvation

for thou hast made

The king shall rejoice in thy strength, O Jehovah! because thou hast supported him in the time of evil. He shall be exceeding

his enemies to be at peace with him.

Thou hast given him his heart's desire, in blessing his people that is under him. Thou hast heard the prayer of thy servant, in giving to them the blessing of peace.

תאות לבו לו נתתה את עמו תחתו לאשר: תפלת עבדך שמעת לתת להם ברכת שלום :


Now every man shall sit under his vine, and he shall be no more afraid, because of the oppression of the enemy. He shall eat his bread in the joy of his heart, and shall no more hear the voice of lamentation.

נא איש ישב תחת גפנו ולא יפחד בלחץ אויב:. בשמחת לבו לחמו יאכל ולא ישמע עוד קול בכי:

Grant, o Jehovah! to the best of kings, length of days and much strength! And may the crown flourish upon his head, and upon his secd for ever and ever!

יהוה תן למלך הטוב ארך ימים ורב העוז: ועל ראשו ועל זרעו יציץ נזר עוד לנצח :

A sacred Ode on the intended invasion of Buonaparte. - A literal trans


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A sacred Ode on the ever-memorable VICTORY obtained over the contbined

fleets of France and Spain, on October 21, 1805, of Cape Trafalgar, by Lord Viscount NELSON, who gloriously fell in the battle. A literal translation.

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