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Baptist Missionary Society of Massachusetts.




Board of Missions of the Baptist General Convention.









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A. African Colony, civil state of

215 Allegbany Association, formation of

187 Allen Sally, letter from

307 American Board of Commissioners

26 American Tract Society

182 American Bible Society, tenth Anniversary of

183 Anecdote of Dr. D.

96 Avery, Rev. Benj. G. letter from

372 Auxiliary and Primary Foreign Mission Societies, in Maine, formation of

374 B. Baldwin, Rey. Thomas, Memoir of

6, 37 Baptist General Convention, donations to 36, 68,87

100, 132, 164, 187, 188, 220, 281, 307, 348 Baptist General Convention, remarks on the meeting of

85, 114, 208 Baptist General Convention, fifth triennial meeting of 180 Baptist General Tract Society

98 Baptism among the Armenians,

127 Baptist Missionary Society of Massachusetts, Report of the Tri of

198 do. donations to

251, 347, 376 Baptist Education Society of New York

245 Baptist Home Missionary Society, England

309 Bethune, Divie, notice of

6S Blake, Rev J. letter from

247 Bond, Rev. Phinebas, letter from

279 Boston Fourth Baptist Meeting-house

311 Bogue, Rev. Dr. last moments of

97 Boardman, Mr. and Mrs. arrival in Calcutta

163 Boardman, Rev.G. D. letters from 172, 268, 270, 339 Boardman, Mrs. letters from

177, 179, 210, 213 British and Foreign Bible Society,

127, 375 Brainerd, Rev. David, memoir of

317, 349 Butterworth, Joseph, Esq. obituary of

311 Buchanan, Rev. Dr. letter from Burman mission, remarks on 30, 61, 88, 161,241, 302 Burman Mission, journal of

338 C. Carey Sation, donations to

67, 282 Carey, Lot, letter from

244 Ceylon, intelligence from Chase, Rev. Peter, letter from

372 Christian Father's Present, review of

22 Charleston Baptist Association

65 Churches constituted

99, 187, 250, 310 Christian Watchfulness

230 Christ, on the Deity of

300 Circular Address of Rev. John M Peck

206 Clarke, Dr. Adam, letter to a preacher 265, 293, 331

355,357 Çovell, Allanson L. letter from

66 Columbian College,

98 Cor. Sec. ofthe Bap. Board of Missions, choice of 219

D. Davis, Rev. G. F. letter from

345 Death of a sinner,

77 Donation of Bibles,

163 E. Ess, Dr. Leander Van, Memoir of

285 Evangelical Tract Society, annual meeting of

219 Exertions for Soldiers and Sailors

95 Er-Presidents, remarks on the death of

253 -Executive Committee of the Massachusetts Baptist Education Society, annual Report of


H. Historical Sketch of the English Version of the Bible 328 Holton, Rev. Calvin, letter from

272 do. Death of

308 Holme, Dea. Thomas, obituary of

248 Hough, George, letters from

62, 243

1. Interesting Conversion

31 Intemperance, on the means of preventing

164 Installations.Babcock, Rufus

310 Curtis, David

310 Manly, Basil

220 J. James, Rev. D. letters from

371, 372 Jones, Evan, letters from

26, 341 Jones, E. H. letter from

316 Joshua, the Indian Christian

32 Journal of a Tour round Hawaii, review of

56 Judson, Rev. Dr. letters from

314, 367 Judson, Mrs. letter from

315 L.


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245 298

324 94

Review of Reciprocal Duties
Christian Father's Present

22 Journal of a Tour round Hawaii

56 Quarterly Review

148 Hall's Sermon on the death of Dr. Ryland 195 Annual Report of Prison Discipline Society 238 Storr's Biblical Theology

361 Authority of the Scriptures

362 Revivals of Religion 66, 162, 247, 279, 307, 344, 309 Revivals of Religion, remarks on

264 Remarks on the Manners and Characters of the Chinese

109, 143, 169 Religious Liberty in South America

185 Ridley, Bishop, last hours of

66 Ryland, Rev. John, memoirs of



0. Ohio, Baptist State Convention of On what topicks Christ should be heard On the connexion between a Minister's life and min.

Origin of Sunday Schools
Ordinations -

Avery, Benj G.
Arnold, Artemas
Burdick, James R.
Cushman, Robert W.
Clarke, Caleb
Chailin, James
Dean, Benj.
Elliot, Robert
Freeman, Joseph
Harrington, Moses
Hayford, Joel P.
Hale, S. C.
Handy, Jairus
King, Alonzo
Knowles, J. D.
Leonard, George
Key, Joshua
Murfee, Simon
Leonard, Martin
Peck, Daniel
Mott, Ebenezer
Smith, Eli B.
Spur, Gilbert
Tozer, James
Schimeall, R. C.
Wise, Stephen
Wyer, Henry 0.
Warner, Thomas A.

252, 376

250 310 311 163 100 100 163 250

35 309 310 370 67 35 310

99 310 35 67 187 311 220 220

35 100

35 376


S. Sabbath School Scholar

33 Sandwich Islands, intelligence from

29 Salem Bible Translation and Foreign Mission 30

ciety donations to Scripture Types

263 Serampore College

128 Shipwreck of Methodist Missionaries

160 Sharp, Rev. John, memoir of

157 Singleton, Mrs. Caroline, Obituary of Singing, style of, on publick occasions

105 Sketches of India

52 South Africa, account of the State of Missions in ΙΙο Suck haree, a converted Hindoo, account of

IS3 Sunday School Union

181, 219 Support of Missions, Importance of

353 Swartz, the Missionary, correspondence of

19 Swinton, George, letter from

244 Switzerland, accounts from

T. Tabular View of Protestant Missions

93 Thompson, Mrs. Zipporah, obituary of




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Patterson, Rev. S. W. letter from

370 Peck, Rev. J. M. letters from

125, 277, 307 do. Donations to

312 Pearce, Rev. W. H. letter from

212 Poetry,

36, 68, 164, 188, 252, 301, 340, 359 Praying for Students in Colleges

107 Prayer, on complimentary expressions in

261 Preshyterian Missionary, account of

193 Publick Spirit

80 R. Reciprocal duties, Review of

25 Remarks occasioned by the close of the year

49 Remark of Cecil


Valley Towns Missionary Station
Veazey, Rey, Henry, memoir of

Wade, Rev J. letters from
Wade, Mrs. letter from
Wallin, Edward, memoir of
Want of Missionary Funds
Whitney, Mr. letter from

62, 213, 271, 315

315 189 276 29

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Late Pastor of the Second Baptist Church in Bostop. Our Number for October con- ll know how extensive was the circle tained a brief obituary notice of of friends to whom the subject of the Rev. Thomas Baldwin, D. D. our Memoir was known, how deep late senior Editor of the American and how affectionate was the inter Baptist Magazine, and Pastor of est which he never failed to awathe Second Baptist Church in this ken in those who approached him, city. In compliance with the inti- and that every one will expect us mation there given, it has now be- || to give to the picture, the living, come our pleasing yet melancholy breathing loveliness of the original; duty to present to the public, a and we well know that to do this more extended account of his life, will be impossible. There was in character, and writings.

Dr. Baldwin's countenance a pecuRarely has it been our duty to liar charm of expression, which no record the personal history of a painter ever succeeded in transferman so extensively known, so uni- ring to the canvas. And there was versally respected, or so tenderly in his mind a striking combination beloved. Rarely does it fall to the of varied excellence, which every lot of an individual to fill so many one has felt, but which we despair and so important stations in the of being able to recal to definite religious world, and to fill them all

or even to vivid recollection. We $0 meekly and yet so ably. A shall only therefore humbly atname so unsullied has not often | tempt to lay before our readers been written on the tomb, nor has what we have been able to collect a patriarch often been gathered to of his history and what we have his fathers amid so wide spread a observed of his character, sincereburst of filial lamentation. Under | ly regretting that the task had not such, circumstances we are well | fallen into abler hands. aware how difficult is the task which The Rev. THOMAS BALDWIN was our situation at present imposes born in Bozrah, Connecticut, Dec. upon us.

Well might we shrink (23, 1753, and was the only son of from it, were it not our duty. Wel Thomas and Mary Baldwin, both

Jan. 1826.

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