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Mr. Auberry's Miscellaneous Collection, which teaches People Charms and Sorcery.

Mr. Turner's Folio. .: Mr. Increase and Mr. Cotton Mather's feve

ral Tracts. - Sadducismus Debellatus : Or an Account of

the Seven that were hang'd in Scotland in 1697. 1. Mr. Beamont. : Two or Three Pieces writ against Jane Wenbam in Hertfordshire, even reflecting upon the Judge, because he would not hang her..

This last Year, The Compleat History of Magick, Sorcery, and Witchcraft.

These Books and Narratives are in Tradermen's Shops, and Farmer's Houses, and are read with great Eagerness, and are continually levening the Minds of the Youth, who delight in such Subjects; and considering what fore Evils these Notions bring where they prevail, I hope no Man will think but that they must still be combated, oppos'd, and kept down. · As Dr. Harsenet was in hopes of ridiculing and aming them out of tlie World, I have examined their Foundation, and compared their Facts and Consequences with the coolest Reason I could make use of; and it hath all along been a pleasure to me to think, That tho the Subject was irksome and unpopular, and very unpleasant ; and tho' even the pious and learned Dr. More, brands all those that oppose his Notions, with the odious Names of Hag-Advoçates, yet I have ventur'd to bear these Re

5!33 : proaches,

minion humbly as it is

I am

proaches, and run all Hazards, because it is on the Behalf of those that were drawn to Death, and were not able to plead their own Cause against Hebrete Criticisms, and fallacious, tho’ deep Reasonings.

When one Mr. Burroughs, a Clergyman, who some few Years since, was hang’d in New-England as a Wizzard, stood upon his Tryal, he pull'd out of his Pocket a Leaf that he had got of Mr. Ady's Book, to prove that the Scripture Witchcrafts were not like ours : And as that Defence was not able to save him, I humbly offer my Book as an Argument on the Behalf of all such miserable People, who may ever in Time to come be drawn into the same Danger in our Nation. And, with all Honour and Submisfion of it to your Lordships Judgments, I humbly lay it at your Feet for Protection, as far as it is right, and deserves your Favour.

pre uil, ult

9. I am,

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