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ALABAMA--Auburn: W. L. Brown, LL.D.* Union- | MISSISSIPPI--Agricultural College: S. M. Tracy,
touen : Canebrake Station; W. H. Newman, M. M.S.
S. Athens: North Alabama Station; R. E. MISSOURI-Columbia : E. D. Porter, Ph. D.
Bin ford, M. A. Abberille : Southeast Alabama NEBRASKA-Lincoln: H. H. Nicholson, M. A.
Station; D. Gillis, M.S.

NEVADA--Reno: S. A. Jones, Ph. D.
ARIZONA-Tucson: F. A. Gulley, M. S.

NEW HAMPSHIRE-Hanover : G. H.Whitcher, B. S. ARKANSAS-- Fayetteville : R. L. Bennett, B. S. NEW JERSEY-New Brunswick : State and College CALIFORNIA --Berkeley: E. W. Hilgard, LL. D. Stations; James Neilson. COLORADO-Fort Collins : Walter J. Quick, B. S. NEW MEXICO–Las Cruces: H. Hadley, M. A. CONNECTICUT - New Haven : State Station; S. W. New York-Geneva : State Station; P. Collier, Johnson, M. A. Storrs : Storrs School Station; Pl. D. Ithaca: Cornell University Station; I. W.0. Atwater, Ph. D.

P. Roberts, M. Ag. DELAWARE- Neuark: A. T. Neale, Ph. D. North CAROLINA-Raleigh: H. B. Battle, Ph. D. FLORIDA-- Lake City: J. P. DePass.

NORTH DAKOTA- Fargo: H. E. Stockbridge, Ph.D. GEORGIA--Experiment: R. J. Redding.

OH10_Columbus: C. E. Thorne.
ILLINOIS-Champaign: G. E. Morrow, M. A.* OKLAHOMA-Stillwater: J.C. Neal, M. D.
INDIANA--La Fayette: C. S. Plumb, B. S.

OREGON-Corvallis: J. B. Bloss, M. A.
IOWA--Ames : James Wilson.

PENNSYLVANIA--State College: H. P. Armsby, KANSAS-- Manhattan : G. T. Fairchild, M. A.

Ph. D. KENTUCKY-Lexington : M. A. Scovell, M. S. RHODE ISLAND - Kingston: C. (). Flayg, B. S. LOUISIANA -- Audubon Park, New Orleans: Sugar SOUTH CAROLINA-- Fort Hill: H. A. Strode. Station. Baton Rouge: State Station. Calhoun: SOUTH DAKOTA-Brookings: L. Foster, M. S. A. North Louisiana Station. W.C. Stubbs, Ph. D.,

TENNESSEE -Knoxville: F. Lamson-Scribner, B.S. is director of the three stations.

TEXAS-College Station: G: W. Curtis, M. S. A. MAINE-Orono: W. H. Jordan, M. S.

UTAII - Logan: J. W. Sanborn, B. S. MABYLAND--- College Park: H. E. Alvord, C. E.

· VERMONT--Burlington: W'. W. Cooke, M. A, MASSACHUSETTS-Amherst: State Station ; C. A.

VIRGINIA--Blacksburg: J. M. McBryde, LL. D.
Goessmann, LL. D. Amherst: Hatch Station ;

WASHINGTON - Pullman: G. Lilley, LL. D.
H. H. Goodell, LL. D.

WEST VIRGINIA-Morgantown: J. A. Myers, Ph.D. MICHIGAN-Agricultural College: 0. Clute, M. S.

WISCONSIN-Jadison: W. A. Henry, B. Ag. MINNESOT A-S1. Anthony Park: C. 1. Smith, M.S.

WYOMING-Laramie: A. A.Joluson, D. D.
*President of board of direction.

Chairman of council.
Assistant director in charge.

SActing director.
OFFICE OF EXPERIMENT STATIONS.-Director, A. W. Harris; Assistant Director,

A. C. True; Special Agent for European Work and Consulting Expert, W. o.
Atwater; Assistant Editors, E. W. Allen (foreign work) and W. H. Beal (index);

Librarian and Record Clerk, S. L. Sommers.
Commmications intended for this Ofice should be addressed to the SECRETARY OF
AGRICULTURE, for the Ofice of Experiment Stations, Department of Agriculture, Wash-
ington, D. C.

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