Popular Science Monthly, Volume 72

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McClure, Phillips and Company, 1908

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Page 193 - Behold, a sower went forth to sow ; and when he sowed, some seeds fell by the way side, and the fowls came and devoured them up: some fell upon stony places, where they had not much earth: and forthwith they sprung up, because they had no deepness of earth: and when the sun was up, they were scorched ; and because they had no root, they withered away.
Page 451 - In other words, in these States, in schoolhouses costing an average of $276 each, under teachers receiving an average salary of $25 a month, we have been giving the children in actual attendance five cents' worth of education a day for 87 days only in the year.
Page 129 - A substance that may be derived from ammonia by the replacement of one or more of the hydrogen atoms by hydrocarbon or other radicals.
Page 54 - The rule of the road is a paradox quite In riding or driving along; If you keep to the left you are sure to be right; If you keep to the right you'll be wrong. "But in walking, a different custom applies, And just the reverse is the rule; If you keep to the right, you'll be right, safe and wise; If you keep to the left, you're a fool.
Page 271 - The one preeminent, unmistakable and ever present fact is variability. Variability in every particular, in the shape of the nest .and the manner of digging it, in the condition of the nest .(whether closed or open) when left temporarily, in the method of stinging the prey, in the degree of malaxation, in the manner of carrying the victim, in the way of closing the nest, and last, and most important of all, in the condition produced in the victims of the stinging, some of them dying and becoming...
Page 480 - When I excite a motion in some part of my body, if it be free or without resistance, I say there is space: but if I find a resistance, then I say there is body, and in proportion as the resistance to motion is lesser or greater, I say the space is more or less pure. So that when I speak of pure or empty space, it is not to be supposed that the word space stands for an idea distinct from, or conceivable without body and motion.
Page 322 - Arms and the Man " ; " Tools and the Man," that were now our Epic. What indeed are Tools, from the Hammer and Plummet of Enoch Wray...
Page 294 - Such a plan should consider and include all the uses to which streams may be put, and should bring together and co-ordinate the points of view of all users of water. The task involved in the full and orderly development and control of the river systems of the United States is a great one, yet it is certainly not too great for us to approach. The results which it seems to promise are even greater.
Page 53 - Longfellow: Even as the Romans, for the mighty host, The year of Jubilee, upon the bridge, Have chosen a mode to pass the people over; For all upon one side upon the Castle Their faces have, and go unto St. Peter's; On the other side they go unto the mountain.
Page 549 - ... efficient workman the more intelligent he is, and the discipline of the machine process ordinarily increases his efficiency even for work in a different line from that by which the discipline is given. But the intelligence required and inculcated in the machine industry is of a peculiar character. The machine process is a severe and insistent disciplinarian in point of intelligence. It requires close and unremitting thought, but it is thought which runs in standard terms of quantitative precision....

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