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JOHNSON (SAMUEL) L.L.D. Preface to his Edition of Shakespear. 8° Lond. 1765.

– Taxation no Tyranny an Answer to the Resolutions * and Address of the American Congress. 8° Lond. 1775.

- A Journey to the Western Íslands of Scotland. 8° Lond.


Johnsoniana. A Collection of Bon Mots by Dr. Johnson and others. Together with the Choice Sentences of Publius Syrus. 12° Lond. 1776.

Lives of the most eminent English Poets, with critical observations on their Works. 10 vol. 12° Lond. 1779.

- 4 vol. 8° Lond. 1781.

Abridged. 12° Lond. 1797.
The Patriot, a Tragedy. 8° Lond. 1785.

– Prayers and Meditations. Published Geo. Strahan. go Lond. 1785.

- Essay on the life, character & writings of Dr. S. Johnson. 8° Lond. 1786.

- A Poetical Epistle from the Ghost of Dr. Johnson to his Friends Mr. Strahan, J. Boswell, Mrs. Piozzi & J. Courtenay. 4° Lond. 1786.

- Sermon written for the funeral of his wife. 8° Lond. 1788.

- Letters to and from Dr. Johnson with some Poems. By H. L. Piozzi. 2 vol. 8° Lond. 1788. - Works. 15tb vol. 8° Lond. 1789.

-- Letter to Lord Chesterfield; with Notes by J. Boswell. 4° Lond. 1790.

A Conversation between King George III. and Dr. Johnson illustrated with Notes by J. Boswell. 4° Lond. 1790.

- Table Talk. 8° Lond. 1798. JOHNSON (SARAH) 0. JENNINGS. JOHNSON (Tho.) Cornucopiæ, or divers Secrets. 4° Lond. 1595. JOHNSON (THOMAS) Iter Cantianum, et Ericetum Hampstedianum. 4° Lond.

- 120 1632.
Thermæ Bathonicæ. 8° Lond. 1634.

- go Lond. 1674.
- Mercurius Botanicus. 12° Lond. 1634.

- Mercurius Botanicus. Pars altera, sive Plantarum in Cambria Descriptio. 12° Lond. 1641. JOHNSON (THOMAS) Letter to Mr. Chandler, in Vindication of

a Passage in the Lord Bishop of London's 2d Pastoral Letter.

go Cumb. 1734. JOHNSON (Thos.) v. CEBES. GERARD. GRATIUS. OVIDIUS. JOIINSON (Thos.) A plea for free mens liberties or the Mono

poly of the Eastland Merchants anatomized. 4° Lond. 1646. JOHNSON (Thos.) Summer Productions No. 1. 8° Lond. 1788.


JOHNSON (WILLIAM) The Light of Navigation, containing the • Coasts and Havens of the West, North, and East Seas. 4° Amst.

1612. JOHNSON (WILLIAM) Lexicon Chymicum. 12° Lond. 1652.

Ayupto-jaotiž, or some brief Animadversions on Master George Thomson's Galenopale; and Master Thomas 0 Dowdes's

Poor Man's Physician. 12° Lond. 1665. JOHNSON (wM.) Deus nobiscum, a Sermon preached upon a great Deliverance at Sea with the Narrative. 12° Lond. 1664.

- 8° Lond. 1672. JOHNSON (wM.) 0. PEACOCK. JOHNSTON (AND.) Notitia Anglicana shewing the Achievements

of all the English Nobility complete. 2 vol. go 1724. JOHNSTON (ARTHUR) Elegia in Obitum R. Jacobi. 4° Lond. 1625.

Parerga. 12° Aberd. 1632.
- Epigrammata. 12° Aberd. 1632.
- Canticum Salomonis. 12° Lond. 1633.
- Musæ Aulicæ. 12° Lond. 1635.

- Prefatury Discourse to a new Edition of his Translation of the Psalms. With a Comparison between Johnston and Buchanan. 8° Lond. 1741.

- Calumny displayed, or Pseudo-Philo-Buchananus couched of a Cataract. 8° Edinb. 1741.

Psalmi Davidici, Interpretatione, Argumentis, Notisque illustrati. 4° Lond. 1741. JOHNSTON (BRYCE) General View of the Agriculture of Dum

frieshire. 4° Lond. 1794. JOHNSTON (CHARLES) The History of Arsaces Prince of Betlis. 8° Lond. 1774.

- The History of John Juniper Esqr. 3 vol. 12° Lond. 1781. JOHNSTON (Geo.) Religion plain not mysterious: or Reason the

Judge of all Doctrines. A Sernion. 8° Lond. 1733. JOHNSTON (JAc.) Schediasmata Poetica. 8° Lond. 1615. JOHNSTON (JAc.) Dissert. de causis diversæ molis qua fluit San

guis per Pulmonem Natis et non Natis. 4" Lug. Bat. 1693. JOHNSTON (JAMES) O. BRANDENBOURG. JOHNSTON (JAMES) Earl of Anandale. Verses on his death. by

T. S. fol. 1659. JOHNSTON (JOH.) 0. HIPPOCRATES. JOHNSTON (NATH.) The Excellency of monarchical Government, especially of the English Monarchy. fol. Lond. 1686.

- The Assurance of Abbey Lands, in England, to the Possessors, cleared from Doubts, &c. 8° Lond. 1687.

Enquiries for Information towards a history of York. shire. fol. JOHNSTON (ROB.) A Letter to W. Agard. With a Petition of • the English to the King. 4° Lond. 1642. - Historia Rerum Britannicarum. 12° Amst. 1612.

- fol. 1655. Vol. III.

4 A

JOHNSTON JOHNSTON (sam.) Dissert. de Diarrhæa. 4o Lug. Bat. 1724. JOHNSTON (Thos.) General View of the Agriculture of the County of Selkirk. 4° Lond. 1794.

General View of the Agriculture of the County of · Tweedale. 4° Lond. 1794. JOHNSTON (w.) v. BECKMANN.

- A Pronouncing and Spelling Dictionary. 8° Lond. · 1764. JOHNSTON (w.) His Case. fol. JOHNSTON (wM.) The improved Christian's courage and com

fort, in afflictions and death; through the gracious presence and · influence of bis heavenly Shepherd. A Funeral Sermon on S.

Jeffery and A. Johnston. 8° Lond. 1771. JOHNSTONE (JAMES) Anecdotes of Olave the Black, King of Man. 8° 1780.

The Norwegian Account of Haco's Expedition against Scotland. 1263. Islan, ång. 12° 1782.

Lodbrokaar-Quida; or the Death Song of Lodbroc. Lat. Isl. Ang. with a Glossary and Notes. 12° 1782.

Antiquitates Celto-Normannicæ, containing the Chro. nicle of Man and the Isles. To which are added Extracts from the Annals of Ulster, and Sir J. Ware's Antiquities of Ireland : British Topography by Ptolemy, Richard of Cirencester, the Geo

grapher of Ravenna, and Andrew Bishop of Cathness : together · with accurate Catalogues of the Pictish and Scottish Kings. 4

Copenh. 1786. JOHNSTONE (JAMES) Versuch über den Nutzen der Nerven

knoten. 8° Stett. 1787. JOHNSTONE (Mr.) His Speech on the third reading of the Bill

for preventing the gold Coin of the Realm from being accepted for a greater value than the current value of such Coin. 8° Lond.

1811. JOHRENIUS (con.) 0. HARTMANNUS. JOHRENIUS (CONR.) Disput. de Apoplexia. 40. Giess. Hass. 1672.

- Praxis Chymiatrica. 8° Rint. 1676.

- Vade-mecum Botanicum. 8° Colb. JOHRENIUS (MART. DAN.) Dissert. de Visu et de gutta serena.

Franc. 1701. JOINERIANA, or-the Book of Scraps. 2 Vol. 12° Lond. 1772. JOINVILLE (JEHAN SIRe de) Histoire et Chronique du Roy · Sainct Loys IX. 120 Gen, 1596.

12° Par. 1609.
par Cl. Menard, 4° Par. 1617.

Enrichie de nouvelles Observations et Dissertations Historiques, par Charles de Fresne, Sieur du Cange. 3 Parties en I tom. fol. Par. 1668.

Avec les Annales de son Regne, par Guil. de Nangis. Sa Vie et Miracles par Le Confesseur de la Reine

Marguerite. fol. Par. 1761. JOINVILLE (JOAN. BAPT. CHORMEL, DE) Quæstio, An a facili per• "* spiratione, vita longior? 4° Par. 1731.


JOINVILLE (JOAN. BAPT. CHORMEL DE) Quæstio, An in partu.

difficili, manu potius quam instrumentis utendum? 40 Par.

1732. JOKISCUS (JAc.) Propositiones Medicæ. 4o Franc. 1559. JOLIFFE (Lady MARY) v. Willes. JOLIUS (JAc.) Puellæ Aurelianensis Causa Adversariis Orationibus disceptata. Accesserunt ejusdem Iolii Poemata. 12° Par.

1609. JOLIUS (JACOBUS) Varia poemata in Regia Navarra a nobilibus

Adolescentibus pronuntiata. 12° Par. 1608. JOLLANUS (P.) . FIRMINUS, JOLLIE (14.) O. ROSE. JOLLIE (Tho.) Discourse on the death of the Reva. T. Whitaker.

8° 1719. JOLLIE (TIM) V. DE LA ROSE. JENNINGS. JOLLY (ANTOINE) Description des Eaux Minerales de Vichey.

12° Par. 1676. JOLLY (Mr.) v. DUGDALE. JOLLY T.) Vindication of the Surey Demoniak as no Impostor. 4° Lond. 1698.

Refutation of Mr. T. Jolly's Vindication of the Devil in Dugdale. 4° Lond. 1699. JOLY (CLAUDE) Prones, pour tous les Dimanches de l'Année. 2 tomes. 12° Par. 1692.

Prones sur differens Sujets de Morale. 2 tomes. 12° Par. 1693. JOLY (GABR.) 7. AUGURELLUS. BERNARDUS. JOLY (GUIL.) Traicte de la Justice Militaire de France. 12° Par.

1593. JOLY (GUY) Memoires de G. Joly et de la Duchesse de Nemours. 3 tom. 12° Amst. 1718.

3 tom. 12° Amst. 1738, 9.

- 3.tom. 12° Gen. 1751. JOLY (1.) Histoire du Siege de Montauban. 12° 1623. JOLY (M.) Voyage a Munster en 1646, 47. 12° Par. 1670. JOLY (P. DE) V. ANTONINUS. JOLY (Sieur.) de St. Valier. Memoires du Sieur Joly de St. Va.

Jier, ou exposé de sa conduite avant et depuis qu'il a quitté la France pour venir offrir ses services a le Roy d'Angleterre. 4°

Lond. JON, V. JUNIUS. JONA (R. GERUNDENSIS) Saare Teschuba, i. e. Portæ Pæniten

tiæ. 4o Const. JONÆUS (JONAS) Orkeyninga Saga, sive Historia Orcadensium.

Saga Hins Helga Magnusar Eyia Jarls, sive Vita Sancti Magni

Insularum Comitis. 40 Hafn. 1780.
JONAH Proph. 0. Biblia, Fuller.
JONAS (ARNGRIM) Brevis Commentarius de Islandia. 8° Hafn.

- 4° Hamb. 1618.
- 24o Lug. Bat. 1629.


JONAS (ARNGRIM) Crymogæa, sive Res Islandicæ. 4° Hamb. 1610.

Anatome Blefkeniana. 4° Hamb. 1613.

— cum Epistola defensoria adv. Dav. Fabritium. Hamb. 1618..

Specimen Historicum Islandiæ. 4° Amst. 1643. JONAS (Mr.) de Elnervelt. De Holstatiæ statu. 24° Lug. Bat.

1629. JONAS Koldingensis. Daniæ descriptio. 24o Lug. Bat. 1629. JONAS (RUNOLPH.) v. HICKES.

Grammaticæ Islandicæ Rudimenta. 4° Hafn. 1651. JONCHERE (Sieur de La) Projet d'un Canal en Bourgogne,

pour la Communication des deux Mers. 12° Dijon. 1718. JONCOURT (Mr. DE) Quatre Lettres sur les Jeux de Hazard. 8° Haye, 1713.

De Natura, et præclaro Usu, simplicissimæ Speciei Numerorum Trigonalium. 4° Hag. Com. 1762. JONCQUET (DIONYS.) Hortus, sive, Index Plantarum Parisien

sium. 4° Par. 1659. [cum notis MSS.] JONDOT (PHILIBERT) Traité des Causes & Necessitez de la

Saignée. Ì2° Par. 1662. JONÈS ( ) His book of Cures. 4° Lond. 1673. JONES ) English System of Book-keeping. 4° Brist. 1796. JONES (BASSET) Lapis Philosophorum Examini subjectus. 129 Oxon. 1648.

- Petition to the Lord Protector. 4° 1654. JONES (Cadw.) 0. BULKELEY. JONES (Capt.) His Legend. 4° Lond. 1636,

12° Lond. 1656.

- 12° Lond. 1659. An Account of the Proceedings of Sir W. Wallers Army, with a relation of the taking of Winchester. 4° Lond. 1644.

- Plain English, or the Sectaries anatomiz'd. 4° Lond. · 1646. JONES (CHARLES) Hoyle's Games improved. 12° Lond. 1779. JONES (D.) Treatise on Rhetoric. 8° Lond. 1806. JONES (D.) Casgliad o Bum Cant o Hymnau yn Chwe Rhan.

120 Treffynon. 1810. JONES (Dav.) Sermon on 1 Tim. VI. 17. Lond. 1690.

Sermon on the necessity of family Duties. 4° Lond. 1692.

- A Farewell Sermon. 4° Lond. 1692. - Sermon upon modern education. 4° Lond. 1729. JONES (DAVID) Vindication, against the Athenian Mercury, concerning Usury. 4° Lond. 1692.

- The secret History of Whitehall, from the Restoration to the Abdication. 2 vol. 12° Lond. 1717.

- Continuation of the secret History of Whitehall from 1688 to 1696. 8° Lond. 1697.


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