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HASLERIG (Sir Arthur) Sir A. Haselrig's last Will and Testament, with a survey of his Life and Death. 4° Lond. 1661.

Haslerig and Vain, or a Dialogue between them in the Tower, being a Lamentation of all their vile Actions. 12° Lond. HASLERUS (10.) Logistica medica. 4° Aug. 1578. HASLEWOOD (MR.) A Touch-stone, or a trial examination of a

Sermon preached by Master Haslewood. 4° Lond. 1647. HASOLLE (JAMES) v. ASHMOLE.

Fasciculus Chemicus, or Chymical Collections. 120 Lond. 1650. HASSAL (CHARLES) General View of the Agriculture of the County of Pembroke. 4° Lond. 1794.

- General View of the Agriculture of the County of Carmarthen. 4° Lond. 1794. HASSARD (PIERRE) 0. PARACELSUS.

- Du Tremble-Terre en la ville de Bruxelles et autres villes et places en Brabant. 12o Ano. 1569. HASSE (NIC.) Dissert. de assumptione seminis Abrahæ ad locum

Ebr. II. v. 16. 4o Jen. 1723. HASSEL (JOAN. BERNHARD) Theologiæ Pythagoricæ compen

dium. 4° Helmst. 1710. HASSELBORN (MARTHA) 0. ROGERS. HASSELMAN (JAc.) Disput. de Dolore in genere. Lug. But.

1728. HASSELQUIST (Fred.) Voyages and Travels in the Levant in

the years 1749–52. Published by C. Linnæus. 8° Lond.

1766. HASSELT (FR. ANT. DE) Dissert. de Millefolio. 4° Hal. Mag.

1719. HASSELT (JOH. HENR.) Disp. de Podagra. 4° Helm. 1659. HASSIA, V. LANGENSTEYN. HASSING (MATTH.) Observationes circa Jovem Elicium. 4°

Hafn. 1717. HAST (BARTH. RUDOLPHUS) Amphibia Gyllenborgiana. 4° Upsul.

1745. HAST (JOH. GEO.) Disp. de Suffusione. 4o Jen. 1691. HAST (Joh. W.) Dissert. de Unione Prolium, vulgo Ein-Rind

schafft. Giess. 1711. HASTED (EDWARD) The History and Topographical Survey of Kent. 4 vols. fol. Cant. 1778-99.

- History of the City of Canterbury, civil and ecclesias-. tical. 2 vols. go Cant. 1801. HASTINGS ( ) Lord Rawdon. V. RUDD. HASTINGS (Sir FRANCIS) A briefe Replie to a Libel, entitled, A

temperate Wardword to Sir Francis Hastings's turbulent Watch, word. Lond. 1600. HASTINGS (Henry) Lord. V. KINDER.

Impeachment and Charge of Henry Hastings. 4° Lond. - Lachrymæ Musarum; Tears of the Muses on his Death. Collected by R. B. 8° Lond. 1649. - 8° Lond. 1650.


HASTINGS (Lady eliz.) 0. BARNARD.
HASTINGS (SELINA) Countess of Huntingdon. O. CANNON. COT-

HASTINGS (THO.) Tears of Britannia on the Death of the Earl

of Chatham. 4° Lond. 1778. HASTINGS (WARREN) v. BURKE. INDIA Orientalis. WILKES,

State of the British Authority in Bengal under the government of Mr. Hastings, exemplified in his conduct in the case of Mahomed Reza Khan. 8° Lond. 1780.

- Short account of his resignation of the Government of Bengal in 1775, with Remarks. 4° Lond. 1781.

- Proceedings at the India House relative to Mr. Hastings from May 29 to Nov. 1. 1782. 4° 1782.

-- Letter, with Remarks and authentic Documents to support the Remarks. 8° Lond. 1786.

- Memoirs relative to the state of India. 8° Lond. 1786.

- Considerations generales sur le procès intenté a W. Hastings. 8° Lond. 1787. - An Appeal to the people of England and Scotland in behalf of W. Hastings, Esqr. 8° Lond. 1787.

Original Letters of W. Hastings, Esqr. to Sir E. Coote, and R. Barwell, Esqr. 8° Lond. 1787.

Observations on the defence made by W. Hastings, Esqr. Part I. 8° Lond. 1787.

Letter from the Members of the Committee for managing the Impeachment of Mr. Hastings to P. Francis, Esqr. 8° Lond. 1788.

A Review of the principal Charges against W. Hastings, Esqr. 8° Lond. 1788.

The Merits of Mr. Pitt and Mr. Hastings in War and in Peace impartially stated. 8° Lond. 1794,

- Observations on the report of the Committee appointed to report the causes of the delay in the Trial of W. Hastings. 8° Lond. 1794.

- Letter to Lord Hawksbury on the delay of Justice in Mr. Hastings's case. 8° Lond. 1794.

- Debate in the House of Commons June 20. 1794, on the Motion of Thanks to the Managers of the Trial of W. Hast

ings, Esqr. 8° Lond. 1794. HASTLER (Thos.) An antidote against the Plague, a Sermon. 120

Lond. 1625. HATCHERUS (THO.) O. HADDON. HATFIELD (MARTRA) v. FISHER. HATFIELD (s.) She lives in Hopes, or Caroline. A narration founded on Facts. 2 vol. 12° Lond. 1801.

— Letters on the importance of the Female Sex. 8° Lond. · 1803. HATHAWAY (RICHD.) Trial of, for being a Cheat and Impostor. fol. Lond. 1702.



HATS. A proposal for raising £20,000 by a duty on Hats, by

· T. H. with an answer. fol. • HATSEL (LUD.) Semicenturia thesium ex Jure naturali, publico,

civili, canonico et fendali. 4° Hal. Mag. 1720. HATSELL (JOHN) Cases of Privilege of Parliament from the ear liest Records to 1628. 4° Lond. 1776.

Precedents of Proceedings in the House of Commons; with Observations. 4° Lond. 1781.

- 4 vols. 4° Lond. 1796. HATTECLIFFE (VINCENT) Aut Deus aut nihil, God or Nothing.

Or a Logical Method to prove the Existence of a God. 12°

Lond. 1659. HATTEM (Jo.) Disput. de Tertiana intermittente. 4° Lugd. 1638. HATTENBACH (Joh. Sal.) Theses Medicæ. 4o 1674.

De Colica. 4° Helm. 1674.
HATTEVIER (JAc.) Disp. de Pleuritide. 4o Lug. Bat. 1667.
HATTINGA (wil.) Dissert. de Peste. 4o Lug. 1724.
HATTON (Sir CHRISTOPHER) A Treatise concerning Statutes, or

Acts of Parliament. 12° Lond. 1677.
HATTON (Edwd.) New view of London. 2 vol. 8° Lond. 1708,

An Index to Interest. 8° Lond. 1711.

A System of Arithmetic in all its parts. 4° Lond. 1721.

- A mathematical Manual. Or delightful Associate. 8° Lond. 1728. HATTON (Lady ELIZ.) Letters to Prince Rupert, fol. Lond. 1642. HATTON (THOS.) An Essay on Gold Coin. 8° Lond. 1774. HATTRON (CAR. PHIL.) Aula, Otium, Scena Vita, et Concilia. 8° Brux. 1619.

Pietas et Regnum. 4° Brux. 1622. HATZFELD (JOH. CUNRAD FRANCIS DE) The Case of the Learned

represented according to the Merit of the ill Progress made in · Arts and Sciences, chiefly in Philosophy. 12° Lond. 1724. HATZL (GEOR.) Parterres de Joseph I. 4° HAVANA. Journal of the Siege of the Havana. 8° Lond. 1762. HAVARD (NEAST) Account of the prosecution against Revd. E.

Evanson. 8° Lond. 1778.
HAVARD (w.) Regulus, a Tragedy. 9° Lond. 1744.
HAVART İDan.) Disp. de Tenesmo. 4° Ultr. 1691.

De rebus admirabilibus in India. 4° Ultr. 1691. .

- Op-en Ondergang van Cormandel. 4° Amst. 1693. HAUBERT. Lettre, servant de Reponse, a un Ecrit, touchant

le Fief de Haubert. 4° Par. 1682. HAUBERUS (EBER. Dav.) Disquisitio de Metempsychosi. 80 Ulm. 1724. .

Primitiæ Schauenburgicæ. 8° Guelf.1728. HAUBOLD (RUD. AUG.) Dissert. de Hæmorrhoidum consensu

cum Morbis Splenis. 4° Hal. Mag. 1718. HAVE amongst you my Master. fol. HAVEMAN (GEOR. H.) Dissert. de Successione ab Intestato. 8° Holm, 1697.


HAVEMAN (Mich.) Christianismi duo Luminaria magna; seu

de Christianorum in Christo perfectione; et de Christianorum

cum Christo unione. 8° Lugd. Bat. 1633. HAVEMANNUS (Mich.) Geometria compendiosè adornata. 40 Franc. ad M. 1650.

Amusium, sive, Cynosura Studiosorum. 12° Hammip. 1657.

— Methodus ad fundamentalem Linguarum et Rerum utilissimarum Cognitionem. 12° Hamb. 1673.

Astrea, sive, Epitome Sideralis Scientiæ. 4° Stada, 1684. HAVEN (MICH. VAN) Theses physicæ. Hafn. 1718. HAVENS. Reasons relating to the Bill for making decayed Ha

vens, &c. more navigable. fol. HAVENS (PETR. VAN) Reise in Russland. 8° Copenh. 1744. HAVENSIUS (ARN.) O. JUSTINIANUS.

- Commentariolus de Vita et Martyrio 18 Cartusianorum in Anglia trucidatorum. Edit. a Mauritio Chancæo: una cum Historica relatione XII Martyrum Cartusianorum Ruræmundensium. 12° Col. 1608.

- Speculum Hæreticæ Crudelitatis. 12° Col 1608.

- Commentarius de Erectione novorum, in Belgio, Episcopatuum. 4° Col. Ag. 1609.

- Commentarius rerum a sacris Præsulibus in Belgio gestarum. 4° Col. Ag. 1611. HAVERCAMP (Gerard) Exercitatio Philologica de voce META2.


- Series Numismatum Antiquorum ab H. Adr. à Mark collectorum. 2 tom. 89

- Oratio inaug. Utrum majus sibi nomen paraverint Græci bellica laude et Victoriarum gloria, an Artium inventione, Disciplinis liberalibus et studio Eloquentiæ. 4" Lug. B. 1720.

Dissertationes de Alexandri Magni Numismate, et de Nummis Contorniatis. 4° Lugd. Bat. 1722.

- Algemeene Histori, met Duizenden Historipenningen opgeheldred. 3 Deel. fol. Gravenhag. 1736-39.

- Sylloge Scriptorum qui de Linguæ Græcæ vera et recta pronuntiatione Commentarios reliquerunt. 2 tom. 8° Lug. Bat. 1736-40.

- Introductio in Historiam Patriam. 8° Lugd. Bat. 1739.

— Nummophylacium Reginæ Christinæ, quod comprehendit Numismata ærea Imperatorum Romanorum, Latina, Græca atque in Coloniis cusa. Lat. & Gall. fol. Hag. Com.

1742. HAVERMANS (ADR.) Kort Begrip, en Bericht, van de Histoire

van Brabant. 4° Leyd. 1652. HAVERN (JOH. JOS.) Apologia pro Æneo et unico Vespasiæ Pollæ nummo. 4° Vind, 1766.


Disp. de Respiratione. 4° Ultr. 1685.
- New Observations of the Bones. 8° Lond. 1691.

Lat. Franc. & Lips. 1692.
HAUFF (JAc.) Disp. de Motu in genere ejusque speciebus. 4°
Witeb. 1621.

- Disp. de Fulmine. 4° Witt. 1622. HAUGHTON (Edwd.) The rise, growth and fall of Anti-Christ,

together with the reign of Christ. 12° Lond. 1652. HAVIGHORST (JOH.) Disp. de singulari Mercurii dulcis usu in

desperatis quibusdam Morbis. 4° Hal. Mag. 1724. HAUK (ELIZ.) O. HORSNAILE. HAUKE (J0H. Mich.) Dissert. de Hydrope Ascite præcipuè. 40

Hal. Mag. 1701. HAUKIUS (Christ.) De Meteoris Aëreis. 4° Witt. 1615. HAUKSBEE (Franc.) Proposals for a Course of mechanical, optical, hydrostatical, and pneumatical Lectures. 4°

- Experimental course of Astronomy proposed by Mr. Whiston and Mr. Hauksbee. 4° - Proposals for making a large reflecting Telescope. 4°

Physico-mechanical Experiments. 4° Lond. 1709.

- Ital. Fir. 1716. - Proposals for a Course of Chemical Experiments, by P. Shaw and F. Hauksbee. Lond. 1731. - An Essay for a portable Laboratory, by P. Shaw and

F. Hauksbee. 8° Lond. 1731. HAULSEY ( ) 0. PIRATES. HAULT (NIC. DE) Voyage de Hierusalem en 1593. 24° Par. 1601. HAULTEMER (LOUISA DE) 0. AUMALE. HAULTIN (JEAN BAPT.) Figures des Monnoyes de France. 4°

1619. HAUMBAUM (JOH. Maur.) De Charactere Orationis et Homi

nis. 4° Witt. 1695. HAUMERIE (CROSSET DE LA) Les Secrets les plus cachés de la

Philosophie des Anciens. 8° Par. 1722. HAUNOLDUS (CHRISTOPHORUS) 0. CONRINGIUS. HAUNSCHILDUS (sAM.) Martyrium Mylianum. 4° Witeb.

1607. HAUPTIUS (CHRIST. FRID.) Institutiones Astronomiæ. 8° Lemg.

1743. HAUPTMANN (AUG.) Philosophi cujusdam borealis auctoris anonymi Judicium. 12°

— Apologia et lucida quorundam de excell. J. Agricole Phil. et U. M. D. auro potabili, Chymicorum errorum a Dn. Dethardingio commissorum remonstratio. Germ. 12° Nurnb.


- Scriptum collisivum contra Dethardingianum famosum Scriptum ellisivum, sive renovata de Dn. D. Joannis Agricolæ Auro potabili Apologia. Germ. 12° Leip. 1646.


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