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LITTLE peed be said by the Author on the present occasion, after the observations made in submitting the former volume of this work to the public eye. His object has still been to unite the internal with the external Evidences, and to impress them hearts and consciences of men.

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It is with no affected diffidence, however, that he has ventured to appear at all in such a cause as the Christian Religion, the dignity and importance of which are best appreciated by those who have most maturely considered so great a question. If he shall only have so far succeeded as to stimulate others to pursue a line of argument which has been but little attended to, compared with its real magnitude, it will be no small satisfaction to his mind.

The Author enumerated, in the preface to the former volume, the writers whom he had chiefly consulted in that division of the course. Many of these have continued to furnish him with material assistance in the present. He needs scarcely mention other wellknown productions which he has called in to his aid, on the subjects connected with the internal Evidences. Baxter, Bennet, Dewar, Doddridge, Dwight, Jona


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