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Page The new creature's love to God, to Christ, to the Holy

Ghost, and to men, . . . . . . 176 His hatred, . . . . . . . . . 179 His hopes and fears different from the natural man, . 180 His joy and sorrow also different, . . . . . . . . 181


The expressions or exercises of the new creature described,

with regard to his thoughts, words, and actions, . 187 With regard to thoughts, he hath a serious turn of thinking, 188 An aptness to fall into holy meditation, . . . . 192 The thoughts of a natural man different, . . . ib. The new creature doth not entertain defiling thoughts, 194 The new creature's words, . . . . . . 197 A wide difference between the new creature's and the natural

man's words, .. . .. . . . . . 198 The great evil of profane swearing, .. . . . 200 The new creature treats the name of God with respect, . 201 The new creature hath a strong desire to come to the ordi

nance of the Lord's supper, . . . . . . 203 He is to make thankful acknowledgments to his head, the

author of his new birth, . . . . . . . ib. Christ and the promises are the new creature's, . . 204 The new creature is to come to that ordinance, for strength

and growth in grace, · · · · · · · 205



The new creature's course of action represented negatively and positively, . .. . . . . .

. 208 He forbears all things which he knows to be sinful,. . 209 Whoever abides under the power and practice of any known · sin, cannot be a new creature, . . . . 210 Vain pretences to excuse the great sin of Drunkenness,. 211 The new creature hath not any thing in his course which he

suspects to be sinful, . . . . . . . 212 Page The renewed man keeps from all needless temptations, 215 The true-hearted Christian doth not come under the power

of any lawful thing, . . . . . . 217 His end in sleeping, dressing, eating and drinking, and re

creation, . . . . . . . . . 218 The new creature labours to give no offence in any thing, 221 The unrenewed man doth not think about others, . ib. The new creature's zeal and manner of minding the things

of others, . . . . . . . . . 223 The wide opposition between the new creature and the un

renewed man, as to his conduct, . . . , 224


SAME SUBJECT CONTINUED. The new creature's conduct represented positively, .227 His plan and aim is to live to the glory of God, . . 228 He labours to glorify God in a due regard to divine worship, 231 And by a faithful diligence in his calling, . . . 234 He studies to glorify God in the relation he bears to others, 237 All lis, endowments and abilities of every kind are devoted

to God and his glory, .. . . . . . 239 The true Christian is of a lovely character, . . . 244


A serious expostulation with the careless sinner and the

formal professor, and advice to the real Christian, . 248 The guilt and misery of thoughtless sinners, . . . 250 Their consciences must accuse and condemn them, 251 A particular expostulation with the sinner, . . i 252 And with the formal professor, . . . . . 254 The difference shown between formality and Christianity, 256 An address to the new creature, . .

. . 259 To live to Christ, . . . . . . . ib. To put on charity, . . . . . . . ib. To hold forth the word of life, . . . . . 260 To have no fellowship with, but to reprove the unfruitful works of darkness, . . . . . . . 261

то THE



I have ventured, at the instance of some pious Christians, to make public the following Discourses, which were originally intended for your service only. The matter of them, at least, is of vast importance, and such as it ought to be my first concern that you may be experimentally acquainted with. I thought it therefore advisable to send them forth to the world with a Dedication to you; that whilst by this means I should have an opportunity of acknowledging the obligations you have laid on me, and, in some sort, of testifying the respect I bear you, I might also, in a way hardly yet attempted by me, endeavour to engage your regards to that “one thing,” which in a few years we shall all discover to be indeed “ the only thing needful."

Brethren, if my heart's desire towards you, that ye may be partakers of Christ, makes me earnest and importunate, is there not a cause, seeing your happiness and my own are at stake? I would not that any one of you should " come short of entering into God's rest.” Nor can I forget the ministerial vows that are upon me, and how fearful my doom, if any of you “die in your sins," without warning. For your sakes and my own, then, I beg leave to recommend to you this labour of love.

It is the character of a CHRISTIAN, drawn ag faithfully as I have been enabled to do it from the Holy Scriptures. It is not indeed a character which will suit the generality of those who call themselves by that name. Perhaps, also, it may make some, who have formed too favourable an opinion of their religious conduct, to be disgusted with themselves or it. But if vital Christianity be either run down by the torrent of infidelity and licentiousness, or be dwindling into a ceremonial form, in the practice of the few who live decently, and are well spoken of, it becomes the “ stewards of the mysteries of God” to rise up to its rescue. It is this has engaged me to present that to you in description, which is but too rarely to be seen in life. That it may be made an instrument in the hands of the Spirit, of forming you after its likeness, is my first and most earnest desire. And should God vouchsafe to grant this blessing upon my attempt, to you and others, it will be my highest comfort, and an encouraging answer to the prayers and labours of, Your affectionate Servant in Christ Jesus,


Truro, May 22, 1755.

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