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brought to immediate settlement for all their receipt & deliveries of articles collected under the Specific Tax. The act of the last session giving longer time for the payment of that tax directs that the Comrs. should settle for the commodities already received on or before the Tenth Day of August next under a penalty of Fifty Pounds in case of failure. After having made them the allowance in the particular manner which the law directs you will take the most speedy & effectual measures for disposing of the whole of their collections for Cash, Tobacco, Mr. Morriss's or bank notes; but should there be any particular part of the collection of your District assigned to any particular purpose by any former Order from this Office you will be pleased to take the most effectual and advantageous mode of accomplishing such instructions. In all settlements with your County Commissioners the Law of the last session gives you a regulating power over the charges made by them for Storage and other incidental expenses;



of them however refuse to deliver to you the money they have received after a payment for their services as the Law directs you will be pleased to give me immediate notice that proceedings may commence against them. I must entreat your pointed attentions to these intimations as the Specifics are at present the only support of Government, & without an immediate exertion to procure some advantage from them, we shall be left in a most defenceless situation, without even the means of repairing our arms. I beg to hear from you on this subject with an account of the sums you can pay to my order. I have the honor to be with respectful esteem, Sir, Your most Obed. Servt.,


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War Office, Augt. 6, 1782. Sir: A letter from * Capt. Pryor has been put in my hands informing that an order for the delivery of eight hundred weight of powder, belonging to the state has been forbid by Captain Irish, under some pretence of reprisal upon Captain Pryor.

So extraordinary an act as the seizure and holding of the munition of the state, I thought it my duty to represent to gov



ernment, who are authorized by Congress to displace upon misbehavior any staff continental officer unless expressly appointed by Congress, His Excellency the Governor, or the highly * * * Price directs that it it shall be

to Captain Irish that unless he immediately delivers up the whole of the stores he has presumed to seize upon, the Executive will not only take measures for displacing him from

appointment, but will have him in the courts of justice, and I do now desire in obedience to the directions of government, that should he refuse or delay to deliver to you or your order the whole of the property belonging to the state, which he or his agent have in possession, you will desire the attorney for the Commonwealth in your County to prosecute him for his misconduct.

I know not well what to advise respecting the sale to the continental contractors at Peytonsburg and New London, I believe upon the whole, whatever cannot * * permanently and advan

, tageously disposed of for ready cash or tobacco or put into the hands of Mr. Robertson had better be sold to the Continental Contractors reflecting however, that the state is in the most embarrassing circumstances for want of cash.

I am favored with yours of this month and have lately received two or three other letters from you that have been very long on the way.

I am happy to hear Mrs. Innes is on the recovery. I hope by this time she is perfectly well.

The money sent by express was recived except a few dollars which he was obliged to expend on the road. You mention that the bacon of the greater part of your district has been expended at Peytonsburg and New London. I do not recollect any order for supplying * * * if there was I will be obliged * *

you to inform me when and by whom it was given. I have searched all my files and send you all the vouchers in my possession both of the * * of the specific tax and the deputy commission of provisions. All the Cloathing you receive from Major Lockhart or can collect in your own District, be pleased to forward to Captain John Peyton who has the charge of the post at the point of fork.

I am sir with great regard, Your most obed. svt., H. Innes, Esq.


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Bedford, August 26th, 1782. Sir: Agreeable to the instructions you received from Colo. Davies, Com' of Warr for refunding to the inhabitants there several quantities of Provisions & Forage furnished to ye State Cavalry under ye command of Capt. Read whilst at New Lon don; You will deliver to Mr. James Steptoe twenty five bushels of Oates, Bourne Price twenty five Bushels Corn, Francis Thorp twenty six ditto on their producing to you a receipt that they have furnished the quantities mentioned above. You are further directed to dispose of ye whole of the specifics on hand except Twenty Bushels of Corn wch. you will retain for me part on account of the Oates I furnished the State Cavalry &


balance for ye feeding a public Horse now in my possession. The sale of the Specifics must be for ready money, Tobacco or Morriss's Bank Notes-the Corn not to be at less than ten shillings per Barrell.

I am Sir, your mo. ob.

HARRY INNES, District Comr. Capt. Simon Miller, Comr. Sp. Tax 1782. Bedford.

Bedford, August 29th, 1782. Sir: Your favor of ye 6th. Inst. was put into my hands the 26th. at Court; The next day I waited on Capt. Irish for an explicit answer about ye Powder, which after some little hesitation he consented to deliver, but by the return of ye Powder in his possession I find it to be cannon, which if sent out to Colo. Campbell agreeable to your order of ye 14th. would not answer because it is good rifle powder that he wrote for. I proposed an exchange to Capt. Irish but he answered there was but little Muskett Powder on hand & he could not do it. I have concluded to postpone sending ye powder till your further order. Inclosed you will receive a return of ye Military Stores in ye Magazine at New London.

The Supplies furnished the Labrotory at New London by your Order of ye ad of May in these words, I must also inform

you that the Continental Labrotory will shortly return to New London. They must be supported, and I must request you to

From ye


reserve supplies for them." I have wrote to Mr. Robertson contractor at the Point of Fork several letters about supplies but can obtain no answer, in consequence whereof I have directed ye sale of all the specifics on hand concluding that the money will be as serviceable, as a great expence of Waggonage may be saved by purchasing in ye Neighborhood.

The Public Property which was collected by ye several County Comrs. of ye Pro. Law is very much dispersed thro’ the counties & agreeable to your recommendation of yr. uith. of June, I am endeavoring to dispose of them. An account of which I

I shall be able to return to you in about one month. confused manner of ye proceedings in the Special Court for procuring beef and cloathing I have been much plagued to find out ye balance of each yet over, the Beef I Can't yet get an exact account of; the Cloathing you will receive a return-also an account of the Waggons each County was to furnish, as by information for ye Receipts are lodged in Mr. Pierce's Office.

The Com'rs of ye Sp. Tax for 1781 in Pitsylvania say that they have returned their Vouchers to your office—the general return and Acco. of Issues you sent me but no Vouchers. The returns of ye Com’rs of ye Pro. Law for Pitsylvania & Halifax

& inclosed in your last are only partial; I have seen in the hands of the Com’rs of Charlotte, Halifax, Pitsylvania & Bedford Receipts and Letters from Mr. Pierce & his clerks acknowledging the reception of their returns & Vouchers; The Com'r of Henry says he has also returned his but has no receipt. I would wish a particular enquiry to this point, for he is suspected of something unjustifiable in this matter & for want of a proper account of his proceedings I can't detect him, if guilty. I have applied for a duplicate but he can't or will not furnish me with one. Not long since I addressed Mr. Pierce upon the subject of settling ye Accounts of ye several Com’rs, but have received no answer.

In find that in ye year 1780 part of ye Grain in Halifax was sold by Colo. Coleman of that County, by what authority I can't say—he is to render me ye Acco. at next Court-the money still in his hands—in Pitsylvania ye same year Governor Jefferson authorized a Mr. Williams of ye s'd County to dispose of ye grain, & in May last he paid to Colo. Saunders a sum of money

which is still in his hands. Colo. Saunders of Henry in ye same year sold a quantity of Corn by direction of George Elliott, D. Q. M., late of Petersburg, and has a considerable sum on hand. they wish to close their accounts, but I do not wish to receive ye money from them without orders, & beg your directions on this head.

I have recovered ye horse of Morton which Dagnal parted with and hath promised to take some step to stop his pay

that Morton may get some recompense for ye fraud, will be pleased to put on ye proper road where and to whom application is to be made.

The Cloathing sent me by Major Lockhart together with what is now in the hands of ye County Leiutenants shall be immediately sent to the Point of Fork to Capt. Peyton. Since my last by Express Humphries I have made a tour of my District & have closed all the Accounts of Issues to the roth. of August except two of Com’rs of Halifax-one in Pitsylvania & one in Bedford, they failed making me the proper returns more from inattention than Design, which puts it out of my power to make you ye return of Issues I promised—I have in consequence of it alarmed them with a prosecution & hope they will be more attentive in future. I am sir, your mo. ob.


War Office, Sept. 7, 82. Sir: I will be obliged to you to inform me from whence Captain Irish gets his powder and lead, whether from the State or continent. Perhaps I was not sufficiently explicit, or probably my letter miscarried, which desired you to refrain any farther supplies to any continental agent or for any continental purpose. Mr. Morriss is very frequent in his assurances that we shall have no credit for anything we furnish, but men and money. I would wish therefore you would endeavour to obtain from Irish an account of all he has received, as well provisions as ammunition, & have the whole properly authenticated. M. M. Craco should pay for what we have supplied the Labrotory hitherto, and if he does not agree to pay punctually on the ist. of January I would

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