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Changes in 1771.
Accomack-Thos. Parramore, James Henry.
Amelia—Jno. Tabb, Jno. Winn.
Augusta—Sam’l McDowell, Jno. Wilson.
Amherst-Wm. Cabell, Jr., Joseph Cabell.
Brunswick-Jno. Jones, Thos. Stith.
Buckingham-Henry Bell, Chas. May.
Berkeley-Robt. Rutherford, Thos. Hite.
Chesterfield-Archer Cary, Benj. Watkins.
Charlotte-Isaac Read, Jas. Speed.

Met Feb. 10, 1772, March 4, 1773, and May 5, 1774. Dissolved

May 26, 1774.
Accomack-Southey Simpson, Jas. Henry.
Albemarle-Jno. Walker, Thos. Jefferson,
Amelia-Jno. Tabb, Jno. Winn.
Augusta-Sam'1 McDowell, Jno. Wilson.
Amherst-Wm. Cabell, Jr., Joseph Cabell.
Botetourt-Andrew Lewis, Jno. Bowyer.
Brunswick-Jno. Jones, Thos. Stith.
Bedford-Jno Talbot, Chas. Lynch.
Buckingham-Henry Bell, Chas. May.
Berkley-Robt. Rutherford, Thos. Hite.
Caroline-Edmund Pendleton, Walker Taliafero.
Charles City-Benj. Harrison, Wm. Acrill.
Chesterfield-Archibald Cary, Benj. Watkins.
Culpeper-Henry Pendleton, Henry Field, Jr.
Cumberland-Wm. Fleming, Alex'r Trent.
Charlotte-Isaac Read, James Speed.
Dinwiddie-Robt. Bolling, Jno. Bannister.
Dunmore-Francis Slaughter, Jo. Watson.
Elizabeth City-Henry King, Worwich Westwood.
Essex-Wm. Roane, Jas. Edmundson.
Fairfax--Geo. Washington, Jno. West.
Fauquier-Jas. Scott, Thos. Marshall.
Frederick-James Wood.
Gloucester-Lewis Burwell, Thos. Whiting.
Goochland-Jno. Woodson, Thos. M. Randolph.

Halifax-Nat. Terry, Isaac Coles.
Hampshire-Alex’r White, Abraham Hite.
Hanover-Jno. Smith, Patrick Henry.
Henrico-Sam'l Duval, Rich'd Adams.
James City-Lewis Burwell, Robt. C. Nicholas.
Isle of Wight-Rich'd Hardy, Rich'd Baker.
King George-Joseph Jones, Wm. Fitzhugh.
King & Queen-Geo. Brooke, Jno. T. Corbin.
King William-Wm. Aylett, Augustine Moore.
Lancaster-Robt. Mitchell, Chas. Carter.
Loudoun-Francis Peyton, Thomson Mason.
Louisa-Dabney Carr, Rich'd Anderson.
Lunenburg-Thos. Pettus, Rich'd Claiborne.
Middlesex-Edmund Berkley, Jos. Montague.
Mecklenburg-Matthew Marable, Robert Munford.
Nansemond-Lemuel Riddick, Benj. Baker.
New Kent-Burwell Basset, Bartholomew Dandridge.
Norfolk-Thos. Newton, Jas. Holt.
Northumberland-Spencer Mottrom Ball, Peter P. Thornton.
Northampton-Jno. Burton, Severn Eyre.
Orange-Zac. Burnley, Thos. Barbour.
Pittsylvania-Jos. Donelson, Hugh Innes.
Prince Edward-Peter Legrand, Paschal Greenhill.
Prince George-Richard Bland, Peter Poythress.
Princess Anne-Ed. Hack Moseley, Christopher Wright.
Prince William-Henry Lee, Foushee Tebbs.
Richmond-Robert W. Carter, Fran. L. Lee.
Southampton-Edwin Gray, Henry Taylor.
Spotsylvania-Geo. Stubblefield, Mann Page, Jr.
Stafford-Jno. Alexander, Yelverton Peyton.
Surry-Allen Cocke.
Sussex-David Mason, Rich'd Blunt.
Warwick-Wm. Harwood, Wm. Langhorne.
Westmoreland-Rich'd H. Lee, Richard Lee.
York-Dudley Digges, Thos. Nelson, Jr.
College Wm. and Mary-John Page (Rosewell).
Jamestown-Champion Travis.
Norfolk-Jos. Hutchings.
Williamsburg-Peyton Randolph.

Met August 11, 1774, and June 1, 1775, and never afterwards.

Changes in 1775.
Accomac-Southey Simpson, Is. Smith.
Augusta-Sam’l McDowell, Chas. Lewis.
Brunswick-Francis Maclin, Henry Tazewell,
Buckingham-Jno. Nicholas, Anthony Winston.
Caroline-Ed. Pendleton, Jas. Taylor.
Dunmore-Francis Slaughter, Jo. Watson.
Essex-Jas. Edmundson, Meriwether Smith.
Fairfax-Geo. Washington, Chas. Broadwater.
Frederick-Isaac Lane, James Wood.
Fincastle-Wm. Christian, Stephen Trigg.
Halifax- Nathaniel Terry, Micajah Watkins.
Hampshire-James Mercer, Alex'r White.
Hanover-Jno. Syme, Patrick Henry, Jr.
James City-Wm. Norvell, Robt. Carter Nicholas.
Isle of Wight-John S. Wills, Jno Day.
King & Queen-Geo. Lyne, Geo. Brooke.
King William-Carter Braxton.
Lancaster-Jas. Selden, Chas. Carter.
Loudoun-Francis Peyton, Josiah Clapham.
Louisa—Thos. Johnson, Thos. Walker.
Nansemond-Lemuel Riddick, Willis Riddick.
Northumberland-Rodman Kenner, P. P. Thornton.
Northampton-Adiel Milby, John Bowdwin.
Orange-Jas. Taylor, Thos. Barbour.
Pittsylvania--Peter Perkins, Benj. Lankford.
Prince Edward-Peter Legrand, Wm. Bibb.
Princess Anne—Wm. Robinson, Chris. Wright.
Prince William-Thos. Blackburn, Foushee Tebbs.
Stafford-Chas. Carter.
Surry-Nicholas Faulcon, Jr., Allen Cocke.
Sussex-David Mason, Michael Blow.
College Wm. & Mary-John Randolph.


[Henry Innes was born in Caroline county, Va., January 4, 1752. On coming of age he began the practice of law, afterwards removing to Bedford county. In 1776 and 1777 he had charge of the lead mines and powder mills in Virginia under the supervision of the Committee of Safety.

The necessities of the Continental and State governments were great, and they were compelled to resort to prompt and energetic means to raise revenues to meet their obligations. Mr. Innes was appointed by Governor Thomas Jefferson, Escheator for the county of Bedford, on the 26th of July, 1779. The thousands of pounds turned over to the Treasurer in 1780 for British property sold by Mr. Innes, shows that he filled the office creditably. As the Revolutionary War progressed, the indebtedness of the State increased rapidly, every part of the country was taxed to its utmost, and none more so than Virginia. In 1781 Mr. Innes was Commissioner of Specific Tax, for the county of Bedford, and during that year acted as Commissary for the Bedford Militia, who were ordered to the Southard.”

The careless manner in which so many of the tax collectors and other agents for Virginia performed their duties, causing the loss of thousands of pounds, induced the Council to divide the State into districts, and endeavor to have intelligent reports of all their agents rendered to the War Department. For the valuable services of Mr. Innes in Bedford county, Governor Benjamin Harrison appointed him Commissioner for the district composed of the counties of Bedford, Campbell, Charlotte, Halifax, Henry, and Pittsylvania, on March 27, 1782.

During the year of 1782, Virginia was greatly embarrassed for want of money to defray the ordinary expenses, and to fully appreciate her military and financial condition, one would have to carefully read the correspondence between the Commissioner of War, William Davies, and Mr. Innes. The administration of the latter in his district was not only approved by the Executive, but greatly appreciated by the War Department.

While Mr. Innes was District Commissioner, an act estab

lishing a District court on the western waters, was passed by the Council of State Governor Harrison appointed him assistant judge in July, 1782, and in November of the same year, appointed him judge. Mr. Innes did not accept either of the above positions, but continued as District Commissioner until the latter part of 1783, and then resumed the practice of law.

In November, 1784, Mr. Innes was elected by the Legislature of Virginia, Attorney-General for the Western District, and early in the year of 1785 he removed to Kentucky, where he died September 20, 1816.

The letters following are from the originals in the collection of a descendant of Judge Innes, Hon. George D. Todd, the present accomplished Mayor of the city of Louisville. -Ed.]

In Council, March 27th, 1782. Sir: The variety of public stores which are dispersed thro the Country and the number of public agents who have never rendered

any account of their Transactions, have induced Government to lay the Country off into Districts, with a Commissioner in each, who shall have authority to demand from all Commissaries, Commissioners of Specifics or provisions or other person within their several Districts every kind of property belonging to the Departments of Clothier, Quartermaster Commissary of Military Stores. From the confidence I repose in the honesty of your Character, and your zeal for the public benefit, I have thought proper, with the Advice of the Council to appoint and authorize you for that purpose in the Counties of Charlotte, Halifax, Pittsylvania, Henry, Bedford & Campbell

with Power as well to receive the public property before mentioned as also to demand and liquidate the Accounts of the said Agents & others holding the public flour. You are also required to call upon the several Commissaries, Commissioners & others who have heretofore acted under the Specific and Provision Laws for their Accounts. If any of the above mentioned Commissioners or Commissaries have already settled their accounts you are desired to procure Copies of such accounts and transmit them to the War office. As the Circumstances of


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