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his Maties Attorney General. All weh being taken into serious consideration it was ordered & appointed that the Shipps Wch are now ready to depart should deliver in the Services of their Lading of Tobacco before they goe, & to give in Invoices that they land the same at ye Port of London: and that ye shipps may not be stayed longer than is necessary, it was thought fitt that there should be a letter written unto ye Attorney Generall to advertise him that ye letter from ye King came not to our sight until it was to late to observe those instructions wch Concerne Tobacco fully & particularly: But that we in obedience unto his Maty's Comand are resolved that there shall be a Geneeall Assembly called & Sumoned to be here at James Citty upon ye tenth of March to consult and advice concerning the Severall parts & points of his Matie's Letter soe that by Capt. Preen or some others shipps wch as yet are not ready. Wee intend touching every particular to answere the same.

A Court at James Citty, the 24th April, 1628. Capt. Francis West, Esq., Governor &c., Capt. Smyth, Capt. Mathews & Mr. Claybourne.

At this time we received from some English men at Pamunkey a writing on a piece of barke sent by 4 Indians at Pasbehayes. The opinion of the board was that we should endeavor as much as could be to procure ye freedome of these English that are amongst them & to learne in what places they plant their corne & to make them somewhat sure of us that we may live ye quietlier & have ye better opportunity to be revenged on them for their treachery, but not to make any peace or dishonorable treaty with them & to give order that none of them should come to our plantation.

HOUSE OF BURGESSES, 1766 to 1775.

To the Editor of the Virginia Historical Magazine:

While preparing my life of Patrick Henry, I became intensely interested in the personel of the House of Burgesses during the troublous times between 1765 and 1776, when it was succeeded by the State government. I wished to know the names of the patriots who so stoutly resisted the encroachments of British power during that memorable ten years. The journals of that period do not give lists of members, and I was forced to search old almanacs and other sources for my information. I prepared a list with as much accuracy as possible, and being unwilling that my labor should be lost, I send you the result for publication.

The list of members for 1765 is published in my work, Volume II, Appendix II, and is not repeated here. A new House met May 11, 1769, and was dissolved May 17, 1769, and another House met November 7, 1769. The almanac for 1770 gives the names of the members who met in November, but not those who met in May, and I have found no list of that House. There was probably but little change, however, from the House dissolved in 1768.

I am very respectfully,


Met November 6, 1766, prorogued to March 31, 1768.

Accomack-Thos. Parramore, Southey Simpson.
Albemarle-Thos. Walker, Edward Carter.

Amelia-Tho Tabb, Rob't Munford.

Augusta-Jno. Wilson, Wm. Preston.

Amherst Wm. Cabell, Jr., Cornelius Thomas.

Brunswick-Wm. Thornton, Fred Maclin.

Bedford-Jno. Talbot, Jas. Callaway.

Buckingham-Jo. Cabell, Sam'l Jordan.

Caroline-Edmund Pendleton, Walker Taliafero.

Charles City-Benj. Harrison, Wm. Acrill.

Chesterfield-Arch. Cary, Seth Ward.

Culpeper-Jno. Field, Thos. Slaughter.
Cumberland-*Jno. Fleming, Alex'r Trent.
Charlotte-Clem Read, Paul Carrington.
Dinwiddie Robt. Bolling, Jno. Banister.
Elizabeth City-Geo. Wythe, Wilson Miles Cary.
Essex-Jno. Lee, Francis Waring.
Fairfax-Geo. Washington, Jno. West.
Fauquier-Thos. Harrison, Thos. Marshall.
Frederick-Robert Rutherford, Jas. Wood.
Gloucester-Jno Page, Thos. Whiting.
Goochland-Jno. Payne, Jno. Bolling.
Halifax-Walter Coles, Edward Booker.
Hampshire-Thos Rutherford, Jas. Mercer.
Hanover Jno. Syme, Jas Littlepage.
Henrico-Rich'd Randolph, Bowler Cocke, Jr.
James City-Lewis Burrell, Rob. C. Nicholas.
Isle of Wight-Dolphin Drew, ‡ Jas. Bridger.
King George-Chas. Carter, Wm. Robinson.
King & Queen-Rich'd Tunstall, Geo. Brooke.
King William-Carter Braxton, Henry Gaines.
Lancaster-Rich'd Mitchell, Charles Carter.
Loudoun-Francis L. Lee, James Hamilton.
Louisa-Patrick Henry, Jr., Rich'd Anderson.
Lunenburg-Wm. Taylor, Henry Blagrave.
Middlesex-Jno Smith, Gawin Corbin.
Mecklenburg-Henry Delany, Robt. Munford.
Nansemond-Lemuel Riddick, Willis Riddick.
New Kent-Burwell Bassett, Wm. Clayton.
Norfolk-Thos. Newton, Jr., Robt. Tucker, Jr.
Northumberland-Spencer Ball, Thos. Gaskins.
Norhampton-Jno. Harmanson, Severn Eyre.
Orange-Jas. Walker, Zacariah Burnley.
Prince Edward-Peter Legrand, Nat. Venable.
Prince George-Rich'd Bland, Alex'r Bolling.
Princess Anne-Ed. Hack Moseley, Robt. Ballard.
Prince William-Henry Lee, Foushee Tebbs.

*Jno. Mayo in 1678.

Richd. Baker in 1768.

+ Saml. Meredith in 1768.

Thos. Claiborne in 1768.

Richmond-Jno. Woodbridge, Landon Carter.
Southampton-Jo. Gray, Benj. Symmons.
Spotsylvania-Benj. Grimes, Fielding Lewis.
Stafford-Jno. Alexander, Thomson Mason.
Surrey Hartwell Cocke, Thos Bailey.
Sussex-David Mason, Jno. Edmunds.
Warwick-Wm. Harwood, Wm. Diggs.
Westmoreland—Rich'd Henry Lee, Rich'd Lee.
York-Dudley Digges, Thos. Nelson, Jr.
College Wm. & Mary-Jno. Blair.

Jamestown-Edward Ambler.

Norfolk-Jos. Hutchings.

Williamsburg.-Peyton Randolph.

Met November 7, 1769, May 1, 1770, and July 11, 1771. Accomack-Thos. Parramore, Southey Simpson.

Albemarle-Thos. Walker, Thomas Jefferson.

Amelia-Thos. Tabb, Jno. Winn.

Augusta-Gabriel Jones, Jno. Wilson.

Amherst-Wm. Cabell, Jr., Cornelius Thomas.

Botetourt-Wm. Preston, Jno. Bowyer.
Brunswick-Nat. Edwards, Thos. Stith.
Bedford-Jno Talbot, Chas. Lynch.
Buckingham-Jo. Cabell, Benj. Howard.
Caroline-Ed. Pendleton, Walker Taliafero.
Charles City-Benj. Harrison, Wm. Acrill.
Chesterfield-Arch. Cary, Ed. Osborne.
Culpeper-Henry Pendleton, Henry Field, Jr.
Cumberland-Jno Mayo, Alex'r Trent.
Charlotte-Isaac Read, Paul Carrington.
Dinwiddie-Bolling Starke, Jno. Banister.

Elizabeth City-Jas. Wallace, Wilson M. Cary.
Essex-Wm. Roane, Jas. Edmondson.
Fairfax-Geo. Washington, Jno. West.

Fauquier-Jas. Scott, Thos. Marshall.

Frederick-Robt. Rutherford, Jas. Wood.

Gloucester-Lewis Burwell, Thos. Whiting.

Goochland-Jno. Woodson, Thos. Mann Randolph.

Halifax-Nathaniel Terry, Walter Coles.

Hampshire-Abram Hite, Jas. Mercer.
Hanover-Wm. Macon, Jr., Patrick Henry, Jr.
Henrico-Rich'd Randolph, Rich'd Adams.
James City-Lewis Burwell, Robert C. Nicholas.
Isle of Wight-Rich'd Baker, Jas. Bridger.
King George-Chas. Carter, Wm. Robinson.
King & Queen-Wm. Lyne, Jno. Tayloe Corbin.
King William-Carter Braxton, Bernard Moore.
Lancaster-Rich'd Mitchell, Chas. Carter.
Loudon-Francis Peyton, Jas. Hamilton.
Louisa―Thomas Johnson, Rich'd Anderson.
Lunenburg-Thos. Pettus, Lodowick Farmer.
Middlesex-Phil. Ludwell Grymes, Gawin Corbin.
Mecklenburg-Matthew Marable, Robt. Munford.
Nansemond-Lem. Riddick, Benj. Baker.
New Kent-Bur. Basset, Wm. Clayton.
Norfolk-Thos. Newton, Jr., Jno. Wilson.
Northumberland-Spencer M. Ball, Sam'l Eskridge.
Northampton-Jno. Burton, Severn Eyre.
Orange-Jas. Walker, Thos. Barbour.
Pittsylvania-Jno. Donelson, Hugh Innes.
Prince Edward-Thos. Scott, Paschal Greenhill.
Prince George-Rich'd Bland, P. Poythress.
Princess Anne-Ed. Hack Moseley, Jno. Ackiss.
Prince William-Henry Lee, Foushee Tebbs.
Richmond-Robt. Wormley Carter, Fran. L. Lee.
Southampton-Edwin Gray, Henry Taylor.
Spotsylvania-Benj. Grimes, Roger Dixon.
Stafford-Jno. Alexander, Thomson Mason.
Surry-Hartwell Cocke, Thos Bailey.
Sussex-David Mason, *Jno. Edmunds.
Warwick-Wm. Harwood, Wm. Digges.
Westmoreland-Rich'd H. Lee, Rich'd Lee.
York-Dudley Digges, Thos. Nelson, Jr.
College Wm. & Mary-Jno. Blair.
Jamestown-Champion Travis.
Norfolk-Jos. Hutchings.

Williamsburg-Peyton Randolph.

*Jas. Bell in 1770.

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