Funeral Ceremonies and Memorial Services on the Occasion of the Death of Hon. John P. Hale, of Dover, N.H., Late U.S. Senator and Minister to Spain, Died Nov. 19, 1873, Aged 67 Years. Funeral Address, Saturday, November 22, 1873. Memorial Sermon, Sunday, November 23, 1873

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Stephen Berry, Pinter, 1873 - 16 pages

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Page 16 - ... life. Where the dews glisten and the songbirds warble, His dust to dust is laid, In Nature's keeping, with no pomp of marble To shame his modest shade. The forges glow, the hammers all are ringing ; Beneath its smoky vale, Hard by, the city of his love is swinging Its clamorous iron flail.
Page 14 - We allow ourselves to think of Shakspeare or of Raphael or of Phidias, as having accomplished their work by the power of their own individual genius; but greatness like theirs is never more than the highest degree of an excellence which prevails widely round it, and forms the environment in which it grows. No single mind in single contact with the facts of nature could have created out of itself a Pallas, a Madonna, or a Lear...
Page 10 - His faith and works, like streams that intermingle, In the same channel ran : The crystal clearness of an eye kept single Shamed all the frauds of man. The very gentlest of all human natures He joined to courage strong, And love outreaching unto all God's creatures With sturdy hate of wrong. Tender as...
Page 7 - I expected to be called ambitious, to have my name cast out as evil, to be traduced and misrepresented. I have not been disappointed ; but if things have come to this condition, that conscience and a sacred regard for truth and duty are to be publicly held up to ridicule, and scouted without rebuke, as has just been done here, it matters little whether we are annexed to Texas, or Texas is annexed to us. I may be permitted to say that the measure of my ambition will be full, if when my earthly...
Page 8 - But, gentlemen, the stars shall fade and fall from heaven ; the moon shall grow old and decay ; and heavens themselves shall pass away as a scroll, but the soul of the despised and hunted Shadrach shall live on with the life of God himself ! I wonder if John DeBree will say that he owns him then ! " It is said that neither court nor marshals could check the long and tumultuous applause which followed. Here is finest wit and genuine humor, and vivid, bold imagination, and most felicitous language...
Page 11 - Tender as woman, manliness and meekness In him were so allied That they who judged him by his strength or weakness Saw but a single side. Men failed, betrayed him, but his zeal seemed nourished By failure and by fall ; Still a large faith in human-kind he cherished, And in God's love for all.
Page 12 - ... that the measure of my ambition will be full, if, when my earthly career shall be finished, and my bones are laid beneath the soil of New Hampshire, and my wife and children shall repair to my grave to drop the tear of affection to my memory, they may read on my tombstone, ' He who lies beneath, surrendered office and place and power, rather than bow down and worship slavery.
Page 12 - ... the despised ; to stoop to lift up a mere chattel, that he might transmute it into a man ! And then, as if this were not enough, as if his great heart were large enough, as it was, ^to take in the needs of a people more numerous than the enslaved, he reaches out his hand in deprecation, and lifts up his strong voice in rebuke, of that...
Page 7 - It was during one of those famous trials growing out of the rescue of the slave Shadrach at Boston.
Page 3 - November 19th, after more than three years of serious illness and suffering. The record of his life is full of honor and heroism, and his noble services in behalf of the oppressed will never be forgotten, but will illumine the pages of American history with glorious lustre. The City of Dover made appropriate and sincere observation of the sad funeral occasion, Saturday, November 22d.

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