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8188 Welton (R.) The Church distinguished from a Conventicle in a

Narrative of the Persecution of Dr. Welton (Rector of
Whitechapel) and his family, scarce, 1717-18-Church and
Conveticle, n. d. (1718)—Sermons in the Parish Church of
S. Mary Whitechappel, portrait, 1724

8189 Wemys (Betsy, the little squinting Venus) Great News from
Hell, or the Devil foil'd by Bess Weatherby

1760 8190 Wemyss (T.) Job and his Times, 1839—Wendeborn (F. A.) German Grammar, with Exercises, calf, 1814

8191 Wenefrede (Saint) Life and Miracles with her Litanies, with

some historical Observations thereon (by Bp. W. Fleet-

8192 Werner (A. G.) Nomenclature of Colours, with Additions by

P. Syme, Edinb. 1814-On the External Characters of
Fossils, translated by T. Weaver, Dublin, 1805 - New
Theory of the Formation of Veins, with Notes by C. An-
derson, Edinb. 1809

8193 Wesley (J.) Select Hymns for Methodists, with tunes, uncut,

1761- Narrative of a remarkable Transaction in his early
Life, with Review by Rev. J. Hunter, 1862

8194 Wesley (Samuel) Maggots: or Poems on several Subjects never this

before bandled, portraits olive morocco, g. e. by C. Lewis

1685 copy sold for £1. 17s. in E. V. Utterson's sale. 8195 Wesley (S.) History of the Old and New Testament, in Verse, Borne

2 vol. with upwards of 330 cuts by J. Sturt fine copy in old calf

8196 West (G.) on the Resurrection; with Observations on the

Conversion of St. Paul and Trial of the Witnesses of the

8197 West (W.) on Smoke Consuming, plates, 1842– Debate on the

Smoké Prohibition Bill, 1849; and other Pamphlets, a parcel 8198 WESTMINSTER QUIBBLES IN VERSE: being a Mock to the Crab the the

of the Wood, and to that Tune : or, a Miscellany of Quib

ling Catches, Joques, and Merriments
fine copy in calf extra, by C. Lewis, rare W. Cademan, 1672

* In the Bibliotheca Anglo-Poetica a copy is valued at £4. 45.
8199 Westminster Poll, by P. Leigh, autograph of P. Leigh, the High-

Bailiff, 1749 -- Account of the Proceedings at the late
Election for Westminster, with MS. song, 1749 — First
Chapter of Tear 'em, a scarce Parody, n.d.-Collection of
Papers Pro and Con published during the Middlesex Elec-
tion, with first and second Book of the Chronicle and
Prophecy of Aminadab, a rare Parody, with the original

MS. of Fribble's Speech, 1750; and others in the Volume

8200 Westminster Journal (Curious Collection of Letters from), 1761
8201 Westminster Register of Electors

8202 Westmoreland and Cumberland Dialects, with Glossary 1839
8203 Weston (J.) Stenography, portrait and plates, 1727—Steno-

graphy, engraved throughout, LARGE PAPER, portrait, 1730–
Elements of Short Hand, 1787


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Weston (Thomas, Comedian) Memoirs, portrait added 1776

Weston (Thomas, Comedian) Memoirs, uncut 1776
Westrheene (T. van) Jan Steen. Etude sur l’Art en Hollande,
portrait La Haye, 1856

Westrumb (J. F.) Materialien für Branntweinbrenner
Hannover, 1827
Wharton (P. Duke of) Poetical Works, with Poems and Letters,
&c. by others of the Wharton Family, Dean Swift, and others,
2 vol. portrait, calf n. d.
wros (R.) Cheviot, a Poetical Fragment, title with wood-
cut by T. Bewick, on india paper, Newcastle upon Tyne, 1817
—Marriage of the Coquet and the Alwine, title with
Bewick's cut, on india paper, ib. 1817 (2)

*...* Both edited by J. Adamson for private circulation.

Whateley (Archbp. R.) Historic Doubts relative to Napoleon

Buonaparte 1849
Wheatley (C.) on the Book of Common Prayer Oxford, 1819
Wheatley (E.) Catalogue of all Prints after Sir J. Reynolds'

Paintings 1825
Whewell (W.) Bridgewater Treatise on Astronomy and General
Physics, FIRST EDITION 1833
Whewell. Second Edition 1833
Whewell. Seventh Edition 1839 ,
Whewell (W.) History of the Inductive Sciences, with Supple-
ment, 4 vol. 1837-57
Whewell (W.) Philosophy of the Inductive Sciences, 2 vol. 1840
—On the Study of Mathematics, Camb. 1835 (3)

Whewell (W.) Elements of Morality, including Polity, 2 vol. 1845
Whig Miscellany, or English Gratitude, 1713–Collection of
Odes, Songs and Epigrams against the Whigs, 1790–Whigs
and Jacobites, Comparison of their Spirit, uncut, Edinb. 1746
—Collection of Letters on the benefit of Whigism, 1786 (4)
WHIGs AND Tories. Rapin de Thoyras (P.) Dissertation upon
Whig and Tory, translated by Mr. Ozell, 1717–Interest of
the Whigs with Relation to the Test Act, 1718—Postscript
to John Bull, containing the History of the Crown Inn,
with Continuations and Supplement, 5 parts, n. d. — Cha-
racter and Principles of the present Sett of Whigs, 1712–
Withers (J.) Whigs vindicated, 1715 — Withers (J.) Re-
marks on Dr. Walker's late Preface, 1717–The Whigs de-
fended, being an Account of the infamous Life and Character
of A[rnold] SIyddall], the discarded Curate and School-
master of Gravesend (by Rev. Thomas Burnett), tery scarce,
1713–Account of the last Distemper and Death of Tom
Whigg, Esq., 2 parts, front. 1710 – Whigs no Christians,
1713–Whigs truly Christians (by D. De Foe), rare, 1713
—Dialogue between the Author of Whigs no Christians and
Country Gentleman, n. d.--Dunton (J.) Whigg Loyalty,
1714—Whiggism vindicated, 1715–Johnson (S.) Answer
to the History of Passive Obedience, 1700–Reasons for
restoring the Whigs, 1711 — The Tories unmasked, 1715–
Impartial Account of the Behaviour of the Tories, 1716–
Protestant Advice to the Whigs and Tories, by W. B. 1715
—Reasons why Tories should be faithful Subjects to K.

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George, 1715 – The Whigs Appeal to the

Tories, 1711-A Spectators Address to the Whigs, 1711-Zeal of the Tories for the Church and State, 1715—Conduct of the Tories considered (by D. De Foe), 1715– Thoughts of an honest Tory,

1710-Liberties of England asserted, 1714 an extraordinary collection of interesting Tracts, all uncut,

hound in russia super extra, broad borders of gold 2 vol. 8221 Wbiston (W.) Primitive New Testament half russia, uncut

Stamford, 1745 8222 Whitaker (J.) Origin of Arianism disclosed LARGE PAPER, uncut

1791 8223 Whitaker (J.) on the Course of Hanibal over the Alps, 2 vol. uncut

1794 8224 Whitaker (T.) The Tree of Life, or Bloud of the Grape, proving

the Possibilitie of maintaining humane Life by the use of Wine, calf extra, g. e. by C. Smith, scarce

1638 8225 White (G.) Natural History and Antiquities of Selborne,

Naturalist's Calendar and Miscellaneous Observations, with
Notes by E. T. Bennett, and others, woodcuts

1836 8226 White (J.) Hocus Pocus: or a rich Cabinet of Legerdemain

Curiosities, woodcuts, calf extra, g.e. by Clarke and Bedford, n. d.-Gyngell (G.) Art of Legerdemain, or Hocus Pocus, coloured frontispiece and cuts, n. d.- Dean (H.) Whole Art of Legerdemain, or Hocus Pocus in Perfection, woodcuts, 1781

(3) 8227 White (J.) on the English Verb, 1761-Whist, by an Amateur, woodcuts, 1813

(2) 8228 White (J. Blanco) Evidence against Catholicism, 1825 — On the Law of Anti-Religious Libel, Dublin, 1834

(2) White (Jeremiah, Chaplain to Oliver Cromwell) Restoration of all Things, uncut

1779 8230 White (Henry Kirke) Remains, with Life by R. Southey, 2 vol. portrait

1819 Whitehead (P.) Satires, portrait added, Islington, 1748-Remark

able Satires, 1760

Rev. J. Mitford's copy, with his MS. notes, calf in one vol. 8232 Whitehead (T.) Original Anecdotes of the late Duke of Kings

ston and Miss Chudley, alias Mrs. Harvey, alias Countess of Bristol, alias Duchess of Kingston, uncut

1792 8233 [Whitmore (W.)] Lilliput, being a new Journey to that Celebrated Island by L. Gulliver, junr.

1796 8234 Whitworth (C. Lord) Account of Russia uncut

Strawberry-Hill, 1758 8235 Whoredom. Royal Folly, or Danger of being tempted by Har

lots, 1740—Royal Sin of Adultery rebuk'd, by J. T., 1738Hazard of a Death-Bed-Repentance, with Conjugal Perjury, or Essay upon horedom, 1728

(3) 8236 Whoring. Gods Judgments against Whoring, being an Essay

towards a general History of it, vol. I (all published) 1697 8237 Wieland (C. M.) Sämmtliche Werke, mit Supplemente, 42 vol.

TELLUM PAPER, with 4to. Atlas containing portrait and 22 beau

tiful engravings, after Ramberg, gc. calf Leipzig, 1794-98

1.13. .

Wieland (C. M.) Oberon, translated by W. Sotheby, 2 vol. 1826
Percom stard 8239 Wife of Auchtermuchty, an ancient Scottish Poem, with a 3.
Translation into Latin Rhymo

Edinb. 1803
Trestill 8240 Wightwick (G.) Palace of Architecture, a Romance of Art and

History, with CCXI Illustrations

INDIA PROOF PLATES (only a few copies worked off) 1840
8241 Wigney (G. A.) on Malting and Brewing, Worthing, 1823–
Young Brewer's Monitor, 1824

2 vol.
8242 Wilberforce (W.) Appeal for Negro Slaves in West Indies, 1823

– Cropper (J.) on Slavery, Liverpool, 1823—Letter to J. B.
Say on Free and Slave Labour, ib. 1823

8243 Wilbraham (R.) Cheshire Glossary

8244 Wilcocke (S. H.) English-Dutch and Dutch-English Dictionary

8245 Wild (Jonathan) Advice to his Successor, containing Hints for
Thief-Taking, &c. uncut

8246 Wild (R.) Iter Boreale, with large additions of several other

Poems (120 pages), portrait of Duke of Albemarle added
calf extra

8247 Wild. Another copy, calf extra, g. e. by F. Bedford 1668
8248 Wild. Another Edition (12.2 pages)
calf extra, g. e. by F. Bedford

8249 Wild (R.) Iter Boreale, with other select Poems

8250 Willdenow (D. C.) Principles of Botany and of Vegetable
Physiology, plates

Edinb. 1811
8251 Wilfort (Chevalier de) Confession generale, Histoire galante

Paris, 1764
8252 Wilkie (Sir D.) Life and Correspondence, by Allan Cunningham,
3 vol. portrait

8253 WILKES (John) Essay on WOMAN (in verse), with Notes and 1.18.

Commentaries by Bp. W. Warburton, printed in red ink, n. d.
- Pall-Mall Miscellany (Free Ballads, Satires, Tryal of Mr.
Harvey for Crim. Con., &c.), n. d.-Court Parrot, a new
Miscellany in Prose and Verse (facetious), 1733—The Frisky

Muse, by Rigdum Funnidos, with music, 1749
a collection of rare Poems

in one vol.
foluan 8254 WILKES (3.) Essay on Woman, printed in red ink, autograph of

the Earl of Pembroke
very scarce

printed for George Richards, 1769
8255 Wilkes (J.) Essay on Woman in English and French)

Uncut, rare
Wilkes (J.) The North Briton, No. I to XLVI inclusive, with
Notes, uncut

8257 Wilkes (J.) English Liberty Established, portrait, uncut, 1769
-Life, portraits, uncut, 1773

8258 Wilkes (J.) Life, portraits, uncut, 1773 — The Wilkiad, plate
added, Edinb. 1763

8259 Wilks (J.) Memoirs of Queen Caroline, 2 vol.

8260 Wilks (Robert, Actor) Life and Will

8262 Wilkins (Bp. J.) Mathematicall Magick, cuts

fine copy in old English blue morocco, gold pancling, 1648
fiat , 8263 Wilkinson (Sir J. G.) Manners and Custons of the Ancient 4. 10.

Egyptians, both series, 6 vol. numerous engravings (several


n. d.

8264 Wilkinson (H.) Cain, a Poem, containing an Antidote to Lord

Byron's Blasphemy, with cancelled leaves, and 5 autograph
letters from the author

8265 Willett (E.) Letters to Mrs. Bellamy, occasioned by her Apology
uncut, scarce

8266 Willett (R.) Memoir on the Origin of Printing

LARGE PAPER (only 30 copies printed), autographs of T. F.
Dibdin and D. Turner, uncut

Neiccastle, 1820
8267 Williams (E.) Antipædobaptism examined, 2 vol.

Shrewsbury, 1789
8268 Williams (Sir C. H.) Odes, half morocco

1775 8269 Williams (Sir C. Hanbury) Odes, 1780—Poetical Trifles, Bath, 1778–Margate in Miniature (in Verse), 1770

(3) 8270 Williams (Sir C. H.) Works, with Notes by Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford, 3 vol. portraits

1822 8271 Williams (C. W.) on increasing the evaporative Power of Boilers,

plate, 1842-Smoke, its Evils and Prevention, 1841 (2) 8272 [Williams (J.)]

Life of the Earl of Barrymore, and History of the Wargrave Theatricals, by Anthony Pasquin, 1793—Legislative Biography, 1795

(2) 8273 Williams (J.) Life of Alexander the Great, map

1829 8274 Williams (P.) Report of King's College, Cambridge, v. Provost and Fellows of Eton

6. 8275 Williams (Rev. T.) Library-Catalogue

LARGE PAPER, MS. prices and names, half red morocco, uncut,
top edge gilt

10.6.8276 Willis (J.) School-Master to the Art of Stenography, second

edition, 1628–Art of Stenography, tenth edition, frontis
piece and plates, 1632

* Both unknown to Lowndes, who mentions other editions of the

second work, but not of the first. 2.

8277 W[illis] (R.) Mount Tabor, or Private Exercises of a Penitent
Sinner, with occasionall Meditations (in Prose and Verse)

Rare. Heber's copy sold for £1. 128.
8278 Wilson (C.) Pathology of Drunkenness, Edinb. 1855—Wilson
(D.) on Regeneration, 1817

8279 Wilson (G.) Life of the Hon. H. Cavendish, portrait 1851
8280 Wilson (J.) Dictionary of Astrology
8281 Wilson (T.) Solomon in all his Glory, or the Master-Mason,

frontispiece, Dublin, 1777–Jachin and Boaz, or Key to
Free-Masonry, ib. n.d.-Prichard (S.) Tubal-Kain, ib. n. d.

-Free-Masonry for the Ladies, frontispiece, ib. n. d. uncut,
scarce, in one vol.-- Wilson (Bp. T.) Instruction for the
Lord's Supper, 1815

8282 Wilson (T.) Complete System of English Country Dancing,
with Diagrams

1820 8283 [Wilson (T.)] Descriptive Catalogue of the Prints of Rembrandt

1836 8284 Wilson (W.) Element of Navigation, with Tables, plates 7.15.

Edinb. 1773

7 8285 Wilson (W.) Memoirs of the Life and Times of Daniel De Foe, 176 3 vol. portrait, calf extra, g.e. by J. Clarke


n. d.

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