Good soldiers, and other addresses

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Book Society, 1881 - 128 pages

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Page 25 - you are all mistaken. The best man in the field to-day was a soldier, who was just lifting up his arm to strike an enemy ; but when he heard the trumpet sound a retreat, checked himself, and dropped his arm without striking the blow. That perfect and ready obedience to the will of his general is the noblest thing that has been done to-day.
Page 114 - God to pardon you as you pardon others, is to ask Him to take vengeance on you for all your sins. Go, now, my lord, and meet your victim. God will meet you at the great day of Judgment.
Page 29 - He that ruleth his spirit, is better than he that taketh a city,
Page 25 - I'm gwine to do. If I see in it dat I must jump froo' a stone wall, I'm gwine to jump. Gettin' froo' it 'longs to God. Jumpin
Page 26 - even as' comp. w. 18, 27, iii. 2, 12, 23 ; Luke vi. 36, &c. &c. and for ' even as He' comp. iii. 3, 7, iv. 17'. S. Peter declares that Christ has 'left us an example, that we should follow His steps
Page 25 - A story is told of a great captain who, after a battle, was talking over the events of the day with his officers. He asked them who had done the best that day. Some spoke of one man who had fought very bravely, and some of another. "No...
Page 12 - Yes; and I will explain. Some time ago one of the doors in my house creaked. Nobody, therefore, liked to go in or out by it. One day I oiled its hinges, and it has been constantly used by every body ever since.
Page 107 - I have set the Lord always before me; * he is at my right hand; I shall not fall.
Page 22 - Arrows" But this is a hard lesson to learn. I read some time ago of a German captain who found this out. He was drilling a company of volunteers. The parade ground was a field by the seaside. The men were going through their exercises very nicely, but the captain thought he would give them a lesson about obeying orders. They were marching up and down in the line of the water at some distance from it. He concluded to give them an order to march directly towards the water...
Page 128 - When I'm hap-py, when I'm sad, When I'm sor-ry, when I'm glad ; When I pluck the scent-ed rose That in my neat garden grows ; When I crush the ti-ny fly, God is watch-ing from the sky. When the sun gives heat and light, When the stars are twink-ling bright, When the moon shines on my bed, God still watch-es o'er my head ; Night or day, at church or fair, God is ev-er, ev-er near, Mark-ing all I do or say, Point-ing to the hap-py way.

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