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As will be seen on a mere superficial glance at the contents of the following pages, the arrangement of this volume of BOOKPRICES CURRENT is radically different from any of the volumes that have preceded it. As is well known, the practice has hitherto been to report each sale as it took place, re-arranging the auctioneer's catalogue so as to present the chief entries in alphabetical order. This, of course, necessitated a very full and voluminous index, and possessed the advantage of keeping each sale distinct, and in that way earmarking by juxtaposition the whole of the books contained in it, or at least such of them as were considered worthy of special mention. That this method of arrangement had its merits I dispute in no way, but it has been felt that a system of alphabetical arrangement throughout more than compensates for the very slight advantage of giving to each sale a position of its own. To begin with, the majority of sales reported from time to time are of books gathered together from a variety of sources, the days of very large and important libraries being almost over, though the sales of several, as for example the fourth instalment of the Huth Library and a selected portion of the renowned library at Wilton House, Salisbury, the property of the Earl of Pembroke, are reported almost in their entirety in this volume. It would have been better, no doubt, if these very important collections could have been kept totally distinct, but the desirability of so doing has had to give way to the much greater advantage of displaying in one alphabetical index the activities of the whole season, thus dispensing with an index which, however useful in its place, has been more or less of a drag and a positive hindrance to quick reference, which for one reason or another is regarded as more essential than it used to be when Book-PRICES CURRENT first made its appearance nearly thirty years ago.

On the whole, then, the system of continuous alphabetical arrangement appears to be better, and everything has been done to make that arrangement as satisfactory as possible by means of frequent cross references. There are many wellknown books which are not always quoted in accordance with their strict titles; others are assigned in popular terms to the artist who illustrated them rather than to their authors, and others, again, are best known by their titles--in all these cases, and also in others that might be named, cross references are necessary, or at any rate advisable, so as to make research as easy as possible. The greatest care and discrimination has been exercised in this important matter in the belief that the innovation will be found a distinct asset, which would not willingly be discarded when once it has become familiar.

It will be noticed that the table of contents has been elaborated so as to aid in the furtherance of the new scheme, and that the abolition of the index has made it possible to include some thousands of additional entries, which, by the way, are not included with the mere object of swelling the number, regardless altogether of their importance or interest, but with a due regard to their utility in the broad and comprehensive outlook which it is the object of Book-PRICES CURRENT to take on the sales of each succeeding season.

Speaking generally, the season 1913-14 has been very important on account of the large number of valuable books that have been sold. These have at times realised extremely high prices, giving rise to the impression that hardly any amount is too much to pay for books that are urgently wanted. The number of available copies of such books is getting smaller, owing perhaps to their gradual absorption by the large public libraries of the world, and in a measure also to the energy of individual collectors who, bidding one against the other, secure them at any cost, and are satisfied to pay prices which at one time, and that not so long ago, would have been regarded as grossly excessive. On the other hand, books of an ordinary character, such as can be got with comparatively little trouble, when wanted, have fallen in price very greatly during the past ten years. Such books as these are the foundation of every modern library, and that they should be procurable at such low prices as now prevail will go a very long way to compensate for the virtual loss of many of the volumes which time and the hour have placed beyond the grasp of the vast majority of those who take an interest in books for what they contain, and therefore for what they teach us.


September, 1914.


Comprising a


The Reference appended to each entry throughout the following

pages is to the first day of the following sales.


Oct. 15-17. Sotheby. Books from the Library of the late Mr. J. D.

Paul, F.G.S.: a Selection from the Library at

Felix Hall, Essex, formed by the late Lord

Western, and other Properties. Amount realised,

£1,160 3s.

Oct, 22-24. Sotheby. The Library of the late Mr. James Mills, formerly

of Wavertree, Liverpool. Amount realised,

£805 35.

Oct. 22-24. Hodgson. Miscellaneous. Amount realised, £1,117.

Oct. 29-30.

Puttick. Miscellaneous. Amount realised, £948 178. 6d.

Oct. 29-31. Sotheby. A Portion of the Library from Stafford House,

St. James's, S.W. Sold under the instructions

of the Duke of Sutherland; also Books, the

property of Mr. Henry S. Guinness, of Burton

Hall, Stillorgan, co. Dublin. Amount realised,

£2,834 5s.

Sotheby. A collection of Old and Modern Books (relating

principally to Military Costumes, Switzerland

and John Calvin). Amount realised, £1,806 4s.

Hodgson. The Modern Portion of the Library of the late

Edward Dowden, Litt.D. Amount realised,

£1,708 8s. 6d.

Nov, 11-13. Sotheby. A Portion of the Library of the late Sir Chas.

Robinson; A Portion of the Library of Dr.

Tacey, of Bradford, and other Properties.

Amount realised, £1,060 175. 6d.

Puttick. Miscellaneous. Amount realised, £774 135.

Sotheby. Miscellaneous. Amount realised, £436 25.
Nov. 18-20. Sotheby. A Collection of Works on Ornament, Decora-

tion, Architecture, Gardens, etc. Amount

realised, £2,600 is. 6d.
Nov. 24-26. Sotheby. A Collection of Books belonging to Lady

Brooke, of Armitage Bridge, Huddersfield.

Amount realised, £3,093 gs. 6d.

Nov. 26-27. Hodgson. Miscellaneous. Amount realised, about £750.

Nov. 13.

Nov, 14.

Dec. I.

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Feb. 25-

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Mar. 11-13. Hodgson. Miscellaneous. Amount realised, £1,115 35. 6d.

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Puttick, Miscellaneous. Amount realised, £571 is. 6d.

Mar, 26-27. Hodgson. The Library of the late Mr. J. H. Jacoby, of

Nottingham, and other properties. Amount

realised, about £850.

Mar. 30-1

Sotheby. Miscellaneous. Amount realised, £1,585 35.

April 1. )

April 1. Hodgson. Miscellaneous. Amount realised, £1,038 175. 6d.

April 6-8.

Sotheby. A portion of the Library of Mr. H. W. F. Hunter

Arundel, of Barjarg Tower, Dumfries, and other

properties. Amount realised, £6,829 155.

April 30-

Puttick. Miscellaneous. Amount realised, £552 135. 6d.

May 1.

May 6.

Sotheby. A portion of the Library of Lieut.-Col. H. B. L.

Hughes, of Abergele, N. Wales. Amount real-

ised, £1,425 175.

May 7

Sotheby. A portion of the Library of Mr. C. E. S.

Chambers, of Edinburgh. Amount realised,

£1,012 6s.

Apl. 27-28. Sotheby. Miscellanea belonging to the late Mr. John

Eliot Hodgkin. (A few books extracted.)

May 12-19. Sotheby. The Library of the late Mr. John Eliot Hodgkin.

Amount realised, £4,201 4S.

May 20-22. Hodgson. Miscellaneous. Amount realised, £1,942 198.

May 25-26. Sotheby. The Library of the late Captain R. J. H.

Douglas, R.N., and other properties. Amount

realised, £2,791 175.

May 27-28. Puttick. Miscellaneous. Amount realised, £1,203 45. 6d.

May 27-29.

Sotheby. The Library of the late Mr. Andrew J. Kirk-

patrick, of Glasgow; Books belonging to the

Rev. Stopford A. Brooke ; and other Proper-

ties. Amount realised, £1,839 195. 6d.

June 10-12. Sotheby. Miscellaneous. Amount realised, £1,460 195.

June 10-11. Hodgson. The Library of Mr. A. Maitland Wilson, of

Stowlangtoft Hall, Suffolk. Amount realised,

£1,064 125. 6d.

June 15-16. Sotheby. Miscellaneous. Amount realised, £1,296 5s.

June 19. Sotheby. Miscellaneous. Amount realised, £3,864 45. 6d.

June 25.

Puttick. Miscellaneous. Amount realised, £532 159.

June 25-26. Sotheby. A portion of the Library of the Right Hon, the

Earl of Pembroke (the Wilton House Library).

Amount realised, £38,936.

The Library of the late Mr. W. D. Crick, of

July 2. Sotheby. Northampton, and other Properties. Amount

realised, £1,822 6s. 6d.

July 7-10.

Sotheby. The Huth Library (fourth portion, I to L).

Amount realised, £18,611 IS,

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