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3773 Government of Churches, pointing at Primitive Form, edited by Rev. D. Lewis, chth, 2s. pub. il.dd. . . 1841

3774 Right of the Church in a Christian State, edited by Brewer, cloth, 3s. pub. 8s. 6d. . 1841

3775 Gov. Churches, Relig. Assemb. and Publick Service of God, Right of Chureh in Christ. State. Reprint, with Index, 2 vols. 8vo. chth, 7s. pub. If.


3776 Principles of Christ. Truth, As. Ditto, 1845

3777 Thornton, Enquiry into Nature, Effects, of PAPER CREDIT of Gf. Britein, "formed an epoch in the history of Us science''Dr. Miller, "rigidly suppressed," 8vo. rare, is. pub. 10s. 1802

3778 Thornton (Gen.) Parliamentary Speech on Declaration* against Transubstan. and Idolatry of Rom. Church, with Authorities, 8vo. Is. 1818

3779 Thornton (E.) History of British Empire in India, 6 vols, (wants vol. 1, pts. 5, 6, col. 5, pis. 1 and 5) 15<. pub. il. 16s. . 1841-45

3780 , History of CHINA, from earliest Records, vol. 1, 8vo. cl.fint map, 3s. pub. 16s. 1844

3781 THORPE, IVortliern mtyttaoloflrr,

the popular Traditions and Superstitions of SCAN-
LOGY, a Popular Belief, from North of NOR-
TIMES down to the PRESENT, compUed from
Original and other sources, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. :luth,
11. is. . . . 1852

3782 Thorpe (assisted ly eminent Conchologists) British Marine CondlOlOgry, a descriptive illustrative Catalogue of all Salt Water Shells of Gr. Britain, on Lamarchian System. To practical Conchotogi9ts, invaluable, tor arranging and nam* ing Specimens. The Synonyms very full, much car* in comparing our native Species with those of older Naturalists and Faunas of Europe aud America. All recent Descriptions have been most care* fully collected, from various Works, Papers, &c. 30 years have elapsed since a similar publication {embodying alt information to present time), much confusion had arisen, and it was almost impossible to determine Species. The Systematic INDEX, cVo. containing unpublished Species, by Sylvanui I Unity, is extremely useful, cloth, beautiful figures by Sowerby and Wood, partly coloured, of 120 species, previously unfigured or inaccurately executed, Ids.

3783 Thornton, Early English Metrical Romances, of Perceval, Isumbrar, &c. from MSS. at Lincoln an I Cambridge, edited by Halliwell, clsth, 3*.

Camden, 1844

3784 TllOUgrlltg, Evening, by a Physician, cloth, 2s. 6d. pub. is. 6d. Van Voorsl, 1850

3785 during Sickness, by Author of "Devotions for Sick Room," cloth, 2s. Oxford, 1853

37S6 on Man, in his Relation to God and to

Cxternal Nature, with Minor Poems, cloth. Is. pub. 4s. Gd. . Pickering, 1851

3787 on Several Subjects, by Author ofj' Memoirs of a Working Man," cloth. Is. 6d. "1852

3788 Throat, Morbid Conditions of, Enlarged Tonsil, Elongated Uvula, &c. Treatise on, as connected ■with Defects of Voice, Speech, Hearing, Respiration, &c. by J. Yearsley, 8vo. cloth, plate, 2s. pub. 5*. . 1851


"In Thueydldcs alone there is tlie union of the poet with thephilosopher, essential to perfect historian, most penetrative practical understanding" -//art.

3790 Arnold, vol. 3, pt. 1 only, 2s. On".

3791 BEKKERI, Scholia Gneca, Dukeri, Waasilque, Annotationes, " elegant, intrinsically valuable, some readings for first time," 4 vols. 8vo. 15s. pub. 21. 12s. 6d. . Oxon. 1821

3792 BEKKER, Gr. "Pericles' funeral oral, remain* in its original, a finished model of simple and severe sublime in oratory, the admiration of all succeeding ages, but which must sink in any translation, denies abridgment, defies imitation or paraphrase,"—Mitford, Interleaved, in 2 vols. 8vo. numerous MSB. Notes, 6s. . Oxon. 1824

5793 BIPONT, Gr. Lat. Notis, Wassii, Dukeri, "the favourite edition, excellent,"Dibdin, 6 vols. Svo.fine copy, cf. nt. 16s. . 1788

3794 BLOOMFIELD, Gr. Bekker, Goeller, Poppo's Text, Original Notes, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 8s. pub. H 7s. . . 1830

3795 Ditto, vol. 3 only (book 6 to end) 2s.

3796 Goeller, Obs. Argument, Aduot. Perpet. Indices, fee. 2 vols. Svo. 6s. pub. 24s. . 1835

399" GOTTLEBERI, Gr. Lat. Baveri, Benedicti, Poppi, Scholiis, Animad. 4 vols. 8vo. 14s. pub. 3gs. . . 1819

3798 HAACKII, cum Notii Variorum ot Indice, "highly useful, particularly to siudents," 4 vols, 8vo. cloth, new, 13s. pub. 2 gs. . 1823

3799 Historia, LATINE, Dukeri, 8vo. 2s. pub. 10s.

3800 Orat. Animad. Baveri, Ojron. 1808; BENEDICT, Comment. Crit. Thucid. 181-; Poppo, Obs. Crit. Thucid. 1819; 3 tcoris, Is. 6d.

THUCID1DES, TrunslHtions.

3802 By Dale, New, Literal Version, Arnold Text, Collated with Bekker. Culler, Poppo, 2 vols, cloth, 5s. pub. 7s. . . 1851

3803 Hemmings, Book 1, Literally Translated, with Notes, Is. 6d. pub. is. 6d. ' Dublin, 1836

3804 HOBBES, with Notes, Readings, &c. "best" translation see have qf any Greek Author," 3s, pub. 12s. . . . 1830

3805 By DEAN SMITH, with Discourses, on Life of Thucid. his Qualifications as Historian, and Survey of his History, "qf standard merit and ex* cetlence," 8vo. 3s. pub. 6s. 6d. . 183{J

3806 Thukydides, Ullrich, Beitrage zur Erklarungdes, 4to. (183 pages) 2s. 6d. Hamburg, 1848

3807 Thuoidides, Questions on, interleaved, 2s. pub, is. 6d. . . Oxford, 1831

3808 Thucid. jEschyl. Eurip. Specimens of New Editions, containing Numerous Supplements by Burges, roy. 8vo. 2s. 6o*. Priv. Print. 1845

3809 TIliiyr», or Secret Murderers of INDIA, Illustrations of History and Practices of, with Pro. ceedings for Suppression, by Government of India, thick 8vo. (475 pages) cloth, 3s. pub. lbs. 1837

3810 Thurnberg, FLORA CAPENS1S, 4 sm. vols. (vol. l,vol. 2, pt. 1) (1 more part completes the work, and then it cost 25s.) 4s. Uptal, 1807

3811 Tbura Conspectus Danorum, Comment, et Version. Danicis, de Ling. Gr. et Rom. Hafni. 1740; ejusd. Gynteceum Danite Litem turn, Altona, 1732, 2 works, 2s.

3812 Tiarks' Practical German Grammar, cloth, 3s. pub. 6s. . . 1845

3813 Tiberius Rhetor, de Piguris, Run, Rhetorica, edidit Boissonade, Is. pub. 6s. Valpy, 1815

3814 Tibullus, Works, translated by Grainger, with Life, "consid. merit," 2 vols, in 1, cloth, 2s. pub. 6s. . . 1812

3815 Ditto, Translated, with other Translations, from Ovid, Horace, Theocritus, &c. by R. WIFF1N, the elegant translator of Tasso, new, Is. pub. 6s. . . 1829

3816 Ticknor (Dr.) Medical Philosophy, or Exposition of Quackery and Imposture in Medicine, a Popular Treatise, cloth, 2s. 6d. New York, 1838

3817 Tidtl, Practical Forms, ENTRIES of PROCEEDINGS in Courts of Queen's Bench, Common Pleas, and Excliequer,8//i and last edition,considerably enlarged, lan;c 8vo. 4s. pub. 11. 5s. 1840

3818 Tidy (Col. of 24thj Life of, or Recollections of an Old Soldier, with Anecdotes of his Cotemporaries, by Mrs. Ward, cloth, 2s. pub. Cs. 1849

3819 Tiedemann, Beobachtungen uber die Beshaffenhcit des Gehirns under der Nerven, 4to. no title, 10 horrid plates of deformities; ditto, Un tersuchungen uber das Nahrungs-Bedurf niss den Nahrungs Trieb und die Nahrnngs-Mittel des Menschen, 2 Works, 4s. Darmstadt, 1836

3820 Ditto, et Gmelin, recherches experimentales physiologiques et chimiques sur la DIGESTION dans les IV. classes des Animaux Vertebres, traduites de l'Allemand, par Jourdau, 2 vols. 8vo. 3s.


3821 Tleck, Titles, IComant'e«t, from

the German, with Introduction, and Exquisite Preface by Faber. Eleven of most popular Fictions of this great Author (the Friends, Brothers,

Reconciliation, Elves, Cup, White Eekbert, Faithful Eckart, Runenberg, Love Charm, Tannenhauser, or Lord of Fir Woods). Most beautiful Tales;—a Fancy luxuriating in all that is most Graceful, Humourous, Pathetic; all blended together with Delicacy I know not where to match, except in Shakespeare and Sophocles. Gladly would I linger in this Beautiful Region. In no writer Bo clear a perception of the Dependence, One upon Another, of all the Actions of our Lives, and how an Evil Act bears Fruit and propogates its kind into Eternity, cloth, 6 fine engravings, 3s.

3822 Tilke (Medical Botanist) Pract. Reflect, on Nature and Treatment of DISEASE, founded on 16 Years' Experience in Cure of Gout, Rheumatism, Fever, &c. 8vo. ohth, 2s. 6d. pub. 10s. 1844

3823 Till, Essay on Roman Denarius and English SILVER PENNY, List of English and Scotch ditto, from Conquest, their degrees of Rarity, Farthings of Q. Anne, List of Books for Collectors of

, Medals, 6tc. 3s. pub. 7s. 6d. . 1837

3824 TillarJ (Rev. of York) State of Subscript, to Articles and Liturgy, close of 1773; Progress and Alterations, 1774; Dr. Knowles, Primitive Christianity, or Testimonies from Writers of first IV Centuries to prove Christ worshipped, 1789; Capel Lofft, Obs. in Reply, 1789, aud others, Svo. hf. ef. 2s.

3825 Tillotson, Sermons, Selected or Abridged, " a Chrysostom in pulpit, a Cranmer in episcopal chair, art, eloquence, piety," with Life, 4c. by Dakins, 2 vols. 8vo. II. . 1822

3326 Tilly (Alex.) Memoires, "grande variete d'Anecdotes, Portraits, Conversations, Recita, "toujour* si animes et si piquans," Seduction et Amours, forment grande partie, sec. 3 vols. Svo. hf. of. nt. Is. . Paris, 1828

3827 Tilt (Dr.) Diseases of Menstruation, and Ovarian Inflammation, in Connexion with Sterility, Pelvic Tumours, and Affections of Womb, cloth, 2s. 6d. pub. 6s. . . 1850

3828 Timber, Cast Iron, Malleable ditto, and other Materials in Architecture, Treatise on STRENGTH

. of; also Construction of Suspension Bridges, Railways, &c. Power of Locomotive Engines, Effect of Inclined Planes and Gradients, by PETER BARLOW, cloth, plates, 1837; Dr. Birkbeck, on Kyan'a Preservation of Timber, plates, 1834, 8s. pub. 17s.

3829 Time and Timekeepers, by Adam Thomson, cloth, 2s. 6d. pub. 5s. . 1842

3830 TIMES' TELESCOPE, a complete Guide to the Almanack, Explanation of SAINTS' DAYS, Holidays, Illustrations of British History, Antiquities, Obsolete Rites and Customs, Comparative Chronology, ASTRONOMICAL APPEARANCE of each Month, also NATURALIST'S DIARY, Astronomy, Natural History, Geology, Entomology, with Outlines of Chemistry, Description of BRITISH FRUIT TREES, also Indexes, 10 vols. Em. Svo. russia, 12s. pub. 54. 8s. 1814-24

3831 Timperley, Dictionary of Printers and Printing, or Encycloptedia of Literary, Typographical, Bibliographical Anecdote, an Illustration of Progress of Literature and Printing, from the Earliest Period to the Present Time, very large Svo. cloth, plates, lis. pub. 11. 6s. Gd. . . 1839

3832 Timpson (Rev. T.) Key to the Bible, a Summary of Biblical Knowledge and Dictionary of all Words in Old and N. Test, thick Svo. cloth, maps, and 324 engravings, 5s. pub. lis. . 1840

3833 Tissot, Onaniame, Dissert, sur les Maladies, 2s.

Paris, 1805


3834 Gauden (Dr. J.) The Case of Ministers' Maintenance by Tithes (as inEngland) Plainly Discussed, in Conscience and Prudence, sm. 4to. Is. 1653

3835 Law (Bp. of Bath) Reflections on Tithes, with Plan for Commutation, Wells, 1832; Act of Parliament to Abolish Compos, for Tithes in Ireland, and substitute Rent Charges, 1842, 2 works, It.

383C LESLIE, on Tithes, most powerful work, Abridged, with Additions, Ac.byT. S. Evans, 8vo. 4d. or 6 for Is. 6d. Tract First Principles, 1849

3837 Sbelford, Tithe Commutation Acts, with the Law of Tithes, Explanatory Notes, Instructions, Coloured Plans and Forms, 8vo. 5s. pub. 16*. 1842

3838 True Cess, by the exact Intrinsick Value of all Real Estates, rightly Stated, Yielding to the Parson the same Law and Justice in his Taxes, with the rest of his Parish, sm. 4to. 1*. . 1691

3839 Stratten, English and Jewish Tithe Systems Compared, in their Origin, Principles, and Moral and Social Tendencies, " baneful in its influence," 2s. pub. 5s. . . 1831

3840 Whately (Archp.) Evidence before H. of Lords on Tithes in Ireland, Collection and Payment, 1832; Profess. Milk' Theory of Moral Obligation, 1830; Rev. G. Moberly, Things Indifferent, 1835; Lytton Bulwer on Present Crisis, 1834; Kenney, Masaniello, Shadow on the Wall, Prorost of Bruges, 1836, &c. hf. cf. 2s. 6d.


3841 A fine large half-length Portrait of his Dailg°llter, in his broad, bold manner, giving a certain turn to the Head, showing the Ear, which he drew to perfection, and displaying a very graceful view of the Neck and Cheek, fine large beautiful Engraving, in first-rate line manner, by JAMES HEATH (17 by 14), 2s.

3852 Tribute Money, representing OUR SAVIOUR and ST. PETER. "An extraordinary performance, in his finest manner." "A glorious painter, standing at the head of the Venetian school, and unsurpassed for intense feeling and true imitation of nature."Jameson. "In looking at his figures, you do not think of a representation, rather feel conscious of a presence." A fine print (14 by 10), engraved by EVERY, 2s.

3843 Tittman on the Synonymes of the N. Test translated by Craig, vol. 1 only, cloth, \s. 6d. 1833

3844 Tobacco, Medical Reports on Effects of, principally its Diuretic Quality, &c. by Dr. Fowler, 1785; ditto, Medical Reports on Effects of Arsenic in case of Agues, Fevers, &c. 1786; Dr. Saunders on Red Peruvian Bark, 1782; Dr. Wall on Use of Opium, 1780, thick 8vo. hf. cf. 2s. 6d.

3845 Tobacco, Cohausonus (Dr.) Dissert. Satyrica, Physico, Medico, Moralis de Pica Nasi sive Tabaci Sternutatorii Moderno abusu et noxa, 12mo. scarce, 2s. . . Amst. 1716

3846 Toung-O and SCARBORO' BAY, very fine VIEW of (17i by 1U), highly coloured, 3s.

3847 Tobin (Author of Honey-Moon) Life and Unpublished Writings, by Miss Benger, cr. 8vo. 2s. pub. 12s. . . . 1820

3848 Todd, Student's Guide, to aid in forming and strengthening the Intellectual and Moral Character and Habits of Students in every profession, edited by Dale, cloth, 3s. pub. 6s. . 1837

3849 Sabbath School Teacher, to Elevate and

Perfect Sabbath School Svstem, cloth, 2s. 1838

3850 Todd and Rowlandson, Guager's Useful Companion, or Supplement to all former Treatises on Guaging, 30 Tables, 8vo. 2s. pub. Ss. 6d.

Manchester, 1841

3851 Todten Tans. DANCE of DEATH, with Descriptions in German and French, fine copper plates, 5s. . . Basel,

3852 TOISON D'OR, Mausolee de, ou Tombeaux des Chefs et Chavaliers du noble Ordre, Eloges, Inscriptions, Epitaphes, Alliances, Devises, Crys de Guerre, &c. 12mo. cf. nt. rare, 7s. Amst. 1689

3853 Tolley (Rev. J. G.) Discourses on the Apost. Commission, Doctrine of Gospel, and Order of its Preaching, deduced from Scripture History, 8vo, 1*. pub. 6s. . . . 1822

3854 Tolendal (Comte Lally de), Memoire, Differentes Motions et Operations, 8vo. calf, presentation copy, Is. . 1790

289 JGMB*£.Ky *#red, at Hyde Abbey, Winches tcr, Enquiries on. by Howard, 4to. plate, \s. 1798 29&: Dittoi of Sir J. Chandos, flower of English Chivalry, 1370, at Civaux, Vienne, France, Ac count of, by Meyrick, iio. fine view, Is. 1821 "he THAMES; also of hf. cf. 52 plates, Is.


Poems on Various Subof Virtue, Sec. cloth, 1849


3857 Tomlins (Rev. R.) Sermons for Advent Son-' days, cloth, 2s. pub. 5s. . Masters, 1850

3858 Tomline (Bp.) Elements of Christian Theology, Proofs of Authenticity and Inspiration of H. Script. History of Jews, Summary of Contents of Book of O. and N. Test. Anthors, Time, Sects. Account of English Translations of Bible, Liturgy, its Alterations, Script. Expos, of 39 Articles, &c. "admirable manual, may be read with advantage by most experienced divine," Bp. Marsh, 2 vols. 8vo. 5s.

3859 Tooke, Thoughts and Details of HIGH and LOW PRICES, from 1793 to 1832, part 2 (Effects of War, ditto of Seasons, Prices of Commodities and Quantities) 8vo. "valuable," 3s. pub. 15s.


3860 Tooke (John Home) Memoirs of, with Original Documents, by Stephens, 2 vols. 1813; also Tooke, Two Pair of Portraits, 1788, is. 6d. pub. 2is.

3861 Toone, CHRONOLOGICAL Historian, Record of Public Events, Histor. Polit. Biogr. Liter Domest. &c. Principally Illust. of Eccles. Naval, and Military Hist, of Gr. Britain and Dependencies, from Julius Ctesar to Present Time, 2 thick vols. 8vo. 6«. pub. 11. 12s. 6d. . 1828

3862 Glossary and Etymological Dictionary,

of Obsolete and Uncommon Words, Antiquated Phrases, and Proverbs, illustrative of Early Eng lish Poets, Manners, &c. cr. Svo. is. 6rf. pub. 16s. 6d. . . . 1832

3863 Topler, Hungarian Grammar, Svo. 2s.

Pesth, 1836

3864 Topography, Biblical, Lectures on Position and Character of Places, in Holy Scriptures, by Ransom, classical tutor in Hackney Theol. Seminary, Preface by Dr. Harris, cloth, maps, 3s. pub 6s. ... 1840

3865 Totness, its Neighbourhood, and Berry, Po meroy Castle, History of, 1*.

3866 Totten (Lt.-Col.) Essays on Hydraulic and Common Mortars and Lime Burning, translated from French of Gen. Treussart, Petot, Courtois with Obs. on Common Mortars, Hydraulic ditto and Concretes, from Experiments, 1825-1838, 8vo. cloth, is. 6d. . . Philad. 1838

3867 Toulmin (Dr. A.) GOUT, its Causes, Cure Prevention, by Original and most Successful Treat mont, founded on Organic Changes in Human Solids and Functions of Skin, without Colchicum, cloth, 2s. 6d. pub. is. . . 1850

3868 Toulmin (Dr. G. H.) the Instruments of Me dicine, or Philosophical Digest and Practice of Physic, 8vo. 2s. . . 1789

3869 Xourneur, Manuel du, par Bergeron avec Notes par H. Bergeron, 3 thick vols. 4to. hf. cf. nt. 71 plates, 18». . Paris, 1792

3870 Tower Menagerie, or Nat. Hist, of Animals there, Anecdotes, Characters, History, 8vo. hf. morocco, 100 fine woodcuts by Harvey, is. pub 11. . . 1829

3871 Tower of London, by Arrowsmith, 2 vols, in 1 also his Rookwood, 2 boots, cloth, 3s. 6d.

3872 Tower of London, Hist, and Descript. Me moirs of, with Anecdotes, by Britton and Brayley, cloth, plates and cuts, is. pub. 12s. 1830

291 Tower, Regulations temp. Rich. II. for Government, edited from Lansdown MS. by Sir H. Ellis, 1816; Acct. of Charges of Prisoners in Tower, time Hen. VIII. "curious for notion of allowance to Prisoners of Slate," edited, from Cotton MSS. by ditto, 1816; Inventory of Articles delivered out of Armory, 33 Hen. VI. from Tower Records, by Lysons, 1807; Survey of Armory of Tower and Greenwich, Restoration of Charl. II. eiiifed by Bray, 1792, 3s.

292 TOWER, Account of Inscriptions on Walls of, chiefly Beauchamp Tower, antient place of confinement of State Prisoners, most interesting, undoubted Autographs, of illustrious unfortunate Tenants of this dreary mansion, chiefly R. Catholics, copied, with Biographical Notices, Sfc. by Brand, plates, 1796; Facsimile of Inscription in ditto, by Sir W. Wade in 1608, to perpetuate infamy of Gunpowder Plot, with ditto Copy of Letter to Lord Mounteagle which discovered the Plot,

edited by G. Nayler, 4to. 2 plates, 1795, it.

3873 Towgood, "strictly a holy man," Dissent from the Church, fully Justified; also Opinion of 3 Lawyers, whether Action can lie against Clergy, man for Refusing Sacrament to notorious Eril. liver, best edition, 8vo. splendid portrait, ifttr Opie, 3s. . . 1787

3874 Ditto, Reprint, hf.\m 293 TOWNELEY Mysteries, Remarks on, bj Iter.

L. Sharpe, 4to. Is. . 183;

3875 Townley (J.) Biblical Anecdotes, illuetrai,, History of S. Scriptures and Early Translation into Various Languages,A/.e/.H<.2t.yui.3i.6<f.l313

3876 Townihend (Rev. C. H.) Facts in MESMER. ISM, Reasons for Dispassionate Inquiry, 8vo. et is. 6d. pub. 9*. . . 1844

3877 TOWNSEND, Calendar or Lists of Knigbts, Bachelors, British Knights of Foreign Orders, Garter, Thistle, Bath, St. Patrick, Guelphic,Ioniia Orders, from 1760, "gratifying record, tztrmt!) useful," 8vo. Is. pub. Ss. . 1S28

3878 Townsend, OLD TESTAMENT, Histories! Chronological Order, to read as one connected hi* tory, with Copious Indexes, vol. 2 only,

3879 TownsoD(Archdn ) "Addison of Prtachtn," Practical Discourses, edited by Bp. Jebb, with Lift by Churton, 8vo. 5». 6d. . 1830

3880 Tracts, Metaphysical, bj ENG.

LISH PHILOSOPHERS of 18th Century (tot lected and printed, but never published, bt Dr. Parr): I. (Rev. Arthur Collier) Clavis lYmrsalis, Demonstration of Non-Existence, or Impossibility of External World, 1713; II. Ditto, Sf* cimen of True Philosophy, a Discourse on GeoTM, "In the Beginning," 1730 ; HI. (Hartlq Ml] Conjecture de Sensu, Motu, et Idearum Gentstione; IV. (Smith) Inquiry into Origin of Hunan Appetites and Affections, with Account of Entma of Moral Evil into the World, &C. 1747; V.Cntabert, Comment. (Tucker, Author of Light «/ -V«ture) Man in Quest of Himself, or Defeneeof Individuality of Human Mind or Self, 1763, mariw in " Edinburgh Reviiw," by SirWm.htmU first metaphysician of the age, 8to. 6«.

3881 Tracts on Christian Doctrine »nd Practiee, Burn's excellent collection, 5 vols. 8». pvt. 17».6i

3882 Ditto, vols. 1 and 3, cloth, U. 6<f. each.

3883 for Englishmen, Edwards and Hughes,

Dodsworth, Mant, Miller, Manning, HeorSer,
Girdlestone, Hook, &c. cloth, Is. 1S4.6,

Tracts, 4>. ,, ,

3885 A collection of, choice, scarce, valuable,TM MSS. and Printed Books; Book of Sports it James I. and Ch. I.; Essay for reducing Bibk-«* one continuous History. &c. 8vo. cf. 3»- ''•

3886 Art and Mystery of Vintners and Wine Coopft 158 approved Receipts for all Winei, Spua Greek, Italian, French, 1748; Practical Ditf" 1734; Account of behaviour of Earl of li** nock and Execution, 1746; Cibber, Letter a Pope, 1742; ditto, 1744, and others, 8ro.2i_

3887 of Restoring, or Piety and Probity cJK

Monk, 1714 ; Collection of Lett rs by Gen. «W
on Restoration of Royal Family,
Steele, Danger of losing Trade of Sugar (**

1714; Const, and Management of Tradeto.Wa
1709; Neck or Nothing, 1713; and » ot»
curious vol. 2s. 6d.

3888 Articles of Treaty of (Scotch) Union, arr^ Commissioners, 1706; True Born E°g^ answered Paragraph by Paragraph, 1701 !»«•", of State of England answered, 1706; Histor? Mitre and Purse, 1714; Vind. of F»uiu « Sides, 1710; Quaker's Rebuke to Bs*""

1715; and manv others, curious collection^ cularly to collector of De Foe, thick 8vo.w»

3889 Authorities of the Church in matters oi gion, by Wake, 1718 ; Law, answers to lip-^ and Reply, 1717-19, 8vo. calf, 2s. d

3890 Bangorean Controversy, a curious «°1Ka" Works by and against Bp. Hoadiey, "I ^ Law, &c. 14 various, 8vo. 3». ,pft.

3891 Barlow (Bp. of Lincoln) »•« • tions of Ch. of Rome very Dangerous, ran Inconsistent, 1679; ditto on to*>**fzj and Adoration of the Cross, 1679; «fn"- . Practices of Church of Rome truly represented,

1686; Dillon, History of Inquisition at Goa, with Acct. of his Deliverance, 1688; Ans. to Consid. on Spirit of Luther and Original of Reformation, &c. sm. 4to. 5t.

3892 Bentham (E.) Reflections on Study of Divinity, Vita Burtoni; Sumner Concio; Maiden, Account of King's College Chapel, Cambridge; also Foundation, portrait and plate, 1769; and 7 Charges, &c. thick 8to. hf. cf. 2s.?

3893 Ditto, Letter to Young Gentlemen of Oxford, and Sequel, 1749; Narrative of Affairs of Mr. Cresswell and Miss Scrope; Miss Scrope's Answer, 1749; Tryal of T. Grimes for Rape, 1748; Mailman, Letter to Lord Chesterfield, 1750; Remarks on ditto, 1750, 8vo. 2s.

2894 Bowe, Life of Emerson, 1793; Magellan, Deacript. of Apparatus for Mineral Waters, 1777; Windisch, on the Automaton Chess Player, 1819; Clavering on CHIMNEYS, Construction and Building, Causes, Remedies of Smoking, 1788; Adams on Barometer and Signs of Weather, 1790; Jones, Descript. of Hadley's Quadrant, 1808, 8vo. hf. cf. nr. 2*.

3895 Bristol Riot, full Account of Trial of Rioters, 1714; Dan Burgess, Sermon, or Paraphrase on Acts, intended to be preached, but prevented by burning his Meeting House, 1720: Bp. Hoadley, Nature of Kingdom of Christ, and others, 8vo. 2».

3896 Burnet (Bp.) on Relation of English Reformation at Oxford, Amsterdam, 1688; Notes on Bp. of Salisb. Discourses to Clergy, particularly on Dissenters, 1695, 2 4tos. 1*.

3897 Case Stated, between Ch. of Rome and England, by Leslie, 1713; Proceedings of Parliament of Paris, on Pope's Bull, on Franchises in Rome, 1687, translated, 8vo. cf. 2s.

3898 Clayton (Bp.) Dissert, on Prophecy and Explan, of St. John, 1749; ditto, Vind. of Old and N. Test. agt. Bolingbroke; Kennicott, Dissert, on Tree of Life in Paradise, Creation and Fall, Oblations of Cain and Abel, 1747, thick 8vo. hf. cf. 2s.

3899 Cooke {Admiralty Judge) England's Compleat Law Judge and Lawyer, 1656; Rules and Orders for C. Pleas, made 1654; S. D. Certaine Proposals for Divers Attorneys of Com. Pleas, for regulating proceedings and remedying Inconveniences, 1650; Parliaments in England, Privileges, 1680, 4tos. 2s.

3900 Davis (Rev. H. E.) Exam, of Gibbon, History, 1778; ditto, Reply to Vind. 1779; New Dialogues 'of the Dead, 1762; J. Bryant, farther Illust. of Analysis, 1778; Coxe, Acct. of Prisons, Hospitals, &c. in Russia, Sweden, Denmark, 1781 ; Kennicott, Ans. to Rutherforth, 1762; ditto on Samuel, on Isaiah, on Christian Fortitude, &c. 2 thick vols. 5*.

3901 Dispensations of God to Mankind, Essay on, in order of Bible, 1728; also Toland, Tetradymns, Hodegus, &c. wants last leaf, cf. it.

3902 Dissent, Progress of, Obs. on Amusing Passages on that article in Quarterly Review by Nonconformist, 1825; Reviewer Reviewed, or Strictures on same Article by Dissenter, 1825; R. Bradbury, Great Importance of the Soul, 1816; Humphrey, Philos. Researches, Moral, Metaphysical, Theolog. Truths, 1822, 8vo. hf. cf. 2s.

3903 Doderidge (Sir J.) the English Lawyer, describing Method for managing of Lawes, expressing best qualities requisite in Student, Practizer, Judges, Fathers, 1631; Warr, Corruption and Deficiency of Lawes of England soberly Discovered, 1649; Sermons at Lincoln's Inn, by a Layman, also Supp. to Solicitor-General for Causes Ecclesiastical, 1733, 3 4tos. 2s.

3904 Emigration. Canada, United States, &c. by S. Smith, 1849; Australia, how to Settle and Succeed in, by a Bushman, 1848; ditto, and New Zealand Viewed as to Eligibility, 1848; ditto, Van Dieman's Land and New Zealand Cotton, its Culture, Pod to Factory Bleaching, Dyeing,* 1842, cloth, 3».

3905 Englishman's Right, Dialogue between Barrister and Juryman, on Antiq. Excellence, Use, Office, Just Privileges, of Juries, 1680; Reasons forBill for Preventing Delays and Expenses in Suits in Law and Equity, 1707 ; Thoughts on Study of

Laws of England in Two Universities, 1708; Dr. Bever on Study of Jurisprudence and Civil Law, Orf. 1766, 4 sm. 4tos..2*.

3906 Frank, Hist, of Orphan House and Charitable Institutions near Hall, in Saxony, with History of Pietism, Eimb. 1727; Gradus, Hist, of Bohemian Moravian Church, in Letter to Primate of Sweden, 1743; and various others, 2s.

3907 Fuller (Andrew) Gospel its own Witness, 1802; Granville Sharpe, on Uses of Definitive Article in Greek Test. 1802, hf. cf. 2s.

3908 Gee, on Trade and Navigation of Gr. Britain, 1731; Bradley, Experiments, Sec. on Generation of Plants, 1724; Shepherd (of Banbury) Rules for the Weather, 1744; Impartial Enquiry, State and Utility of Province of Georgia, 1741; Popish Cruelty displayed by Facts, 1744; Caseof Mrs. Clive, 1744; and various others, thick 8vo. 2s. 6d.

3909 Hallifax, Cambridge Discourses, St. Paul's Doctrine, Justif. by Faith, Explain. 1760 ; Green. Principles, &c. of Methodists; Berridge, Fragment of True Religion; Dr. Burton, Samuel, Conciones, 1759; Sermons, by Ellys, Newcombe, Dr. T. Bray, &c. hf. cf. 2s.

3910 Harleian Miscellany, Selection of Tracts which regard English History, reprinted, 4to. cf. 3s. 1793

3911 Hayter, Charge, View of Acts of Controversy by Advocates for Infidelity, 1732; Remarks on Berkeley, Minute Philosopher.l 732; and others, 2s.

3912 James I. of Scotland, Memoirs of Restoration of, 1716; Darby-shire Peake, Wonders of, Latin, by Hobbes, and English Verse, 1678; Voyage to the Moon, 1718; Apology for My Own Conduct, 1758; Ibrahim Bassa, Letter; Art and Mystery of Printing, Original, Use, Excellency, 1752; and others, 2s.

3913 Low Churchmen, Principles Represented and Defended, both parts, 1714; Persw. to Consideration tendered to Royalists, 1716; Collection of Letters, Adverts. fkc. on Elections at Westminster and Hastings, SirT. Crosse, etc. 1722 ; Dr. Woodward on Anc. and Present State of London, 1723, 8vo. caff, 2s.

3914 PAINE (Tom) a most curious Collection of his Various Political Works, Original Editions, Rights of Man, Common Sense, English System of Finance, &c. &c. also his TRIAL, 17 Works,' uncut, 2 very thick vols, cloth, 6s.

3915 Pay of Forces Abroad, 1743; Enquiry into Extraordinary and Advantageous Bargain for Remitting Money, 1743 ; Trial of Sir C. Ogle for Assault on Trelwawney the Governor, 1743-5; and others on Ministers, 2s.

3916 Poulter (alias Baxter) apprehended for robbing Dr. Hancock, near Bath, Discoveries with all the Robberies, surprising Tricks and Frauds for Five Years, his Cautions, Cant Terms, &c. 1754; Plain Case of Unitas Fratrum, 1727, till these times, 1754; Welch, Obs. on Office of Constable and Cautions, 1754; Lediard, Charge at Westminster Sessions, and Presentment of Bolingbroke's Works, 1754; Public Nuisances Considered, Bad Pavements, Butchers, Billetting Foot Guards, Insolence of Household Servants, Essay on Liberty of the Press, Marriage Laws, Review of, 1754; Enquiry, Force, and Operation of Annulling Clauses in ditto, 1754; and others, 3s.

3917 Quakers, Selections from Evangelists and St. Paul's Epistles, in proof ef Divinity of Christ, York, 1822; Remarks on Fashionable Amusements, Newcastle, 1822; Life, Experience of W. Lewis, Bristol, 1819; Early Life of Eliz. Ashbridge, Reasons for Joining the Quakers, &c. 1820,12mo. hf. cf.nt. 2s.

3918 Quaker's Tythe Bill, Papers relating to, 1736; Quaker's Reply against Tythes, T. Horsley, 17th Article explained, 1734; Reasons for Uniting Church and Dissenters, by A. B., Defence of Doctrine, &c. of Ch. agt. Dissenters, 1731; R. Venn, K. George's Title Asserted, 1734, &c. 8vo. ts.

3919 Sharpe, Dissert, on Genius, shewing Instances of Distinction and Superiority, not Result of Nature, but Effect of Acquisition, 1755; A. Bower, on Religion, Stc. of Jesuits, 1756; T. Carte, Collection of Papers on his History of England, 1744; Life of Earl Ferrers, Trial, Execution, portrait, 1760; Case of Miss Blandy, 1752; Lucas, Bath

and Bristol Waters, &c. 2s.

3920 Southey, Wat Tyler, Reprint, with Preface b r Hone, 1817 ; Cotton, Visions in Verse for Younger Minds, 1767, ef. nt. \s. 6d.

3921 Sprat (Bp. of Rochester) Relation of Wicked Contrivance of S. Blackhead and Robert Young against Lives of Several Persons, by Forging Association, both parts, sm. 4to. 1*. Savoy, 1692-3

3922 Venuti, Descript. of First Discoveries of Ancient City of Heraclea, destroyed by Vesuvius, Full Descript. of Curiosities found, translated, 1750 ; Acute Remarks and Surprising Discoveries, by Addison, in his Travels, very satirical, 1706; Lucina sive Concubitu, from Incontestible Evidence a Woman may Conceive, Stc. 1750; J. Logan, Experiments on Generation of Plants, 1747, and others, 3*.

3923 Waterland, Christ Vind.; ditto, on Fundamentals, 1735; ditto. Doctrinal Use of Christ. Sacraments, 1736; H. Stebbing, Letters to Foster on Heresy, 1735; Ellis, Hertfordshire Farmer, new Improvements, 1732, etc. 8vo. 2s.

3924 Welshman, on the Articles, with Notes, 1758; Lyttleton, on St. Paul; Weston, on Naturalization of Jews; ditto, on Warburton on ditto, 1759; Powell, Defence of Subscription,8vo. A/.c/.1759,2i.

3925 Wright, on Exercise of Reason in Matters of. Religion, 1807; ditto, on Capital Punishments, 1807; Letter to Rev. G. Burder on Lawful Amusements, 1805; Stone, Jewish Prophecy Sole Criterion, 1806; Rev. E. Brackenbury, Prophecy of Isaiah Paraphresed, 1802, and others, 2s.

3926 Tracts for the Times, complete, with No. 90, 5 vols. &c. 2 gs.

3927 Catena Pat rum, Testimony of Writers of Later English Church to Doctrine of Eucharistic Sacrifice, and History of Change* in Liturgy on that Doctrine (No. 81) 3*.

3928 Pusey, Script. Views of Holy Baptism,

As. . . . 1840

3929 Ditto, Tract 90 Reconsidered and Interpret. Vind. 1841; ditto, Letter to Archbp. Cant, on Crisis in Eng. Church, 1842; Rev. J. Miller, on Church Property and Connexion of Tithes, 1831, 2s. 6d.

3930 Tracy, Destutt de, Elemens d'ldeologie.Grammaire, Logique, Instruction Publique, Volonte et see Effets, 5 thick vols, cloth, Us. Bruxelles, 1826

3931 Trade, Antiquity, Honour, and Dignity of, particularly connected with City of London, written by a Peer of England, large 8vo. hf. russia, ports. 3s. . . 1813

3932 Trades, English Book of, or Library of the Useful Arts, with 500 Questions, thick vol. bnd. 70 engravings, it. pub. 10*. • 1825

3933 Tradesman's Manual, Sure Practical Method of Book-keeping, illustrated by Accounts, and expressly adapted to Retail Concerns, by Chatteris, cloth, 1«. . . 1843

3934 Traite de la Confiance en la Misericorde do Dieux, etFaux Bonheur des Gens du Monde, calf neat, \t.


3935 Medical Physical Soc. of Calcutta, vol. 8, pt. 1, cloth, plates, \s. 1836

3936 Medico Chirurgical Transactions, 14 vols. hf. russia, neat, plates, 30s. pub. 14/. 1812-28

3937 Provincial Medical and Surgical Association, both series, 19 vols. 8vo. 21. 10». pub. abt. 15/.

1833 to 53

3938 Ditto, 3 vols. (7, 9,11) and New Series, vol. 1, cloth, plates, 7s. pub. 3gs. . 1839-45

3939 Pllilosonllical, from Commencement, "invaluable collection," of Observations and Discoveries by most EMINENT PHILOSOPHERS of 17th and 18th Centuries, Boyle, Newton, Halley, Hales, and others, in all Departments of Science, Astronomy, Geometry, Nat. History, Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, &c. abridged, and Foreign Papers Translated, by Dr. Hutton, Shaw, Pearson, full Index, 18 vols. 4to. hf.ruttia, numerous plates, il. pub. \Sgs. . 1809

3940 Ditto in FULL (not abridged) 1794 to 1814, 22 vols, in 14, 4to. hf. russia, bl.

3941 Ditto, 1823, part 2, to 1827, part 2, 12 parts, | 4to. many fine plates, 25s.

3942 Royal Society of Literature, 2nd Series, vol. 3, 8vo. cloth, new. plates, 5s. pub. 12s. 1850


3943 .£5LIAN, Tactics, Military System of Grecians, translated, Preliminary Discourse by Dillon, 4to. 39 plate; 7 s. pub. igs. . 1814

8944 jESCHYLUS, Tragedies, translated by Potter, best edition, 2 vols. 8»o. of. nt. 4«. 1779

3945 Ditto, reprint, thick 8vo. new, 10*. 180S

3246 — Agamemnon, transl. by Symmons, It. Gd. pub.ii. .... 1824

3947 jEsop, Fables, English and Latin, Interlineary, by the celebrated John Locke, 8vo. ef. nt. very scarce, is. . . • 1723

1948 Anacreon, in English Verse, with Notes, by Moore, 2 vols. 12mo. calf, very nt. porte. 3s. pub. lit. . . • 1804


3949 Translated by Mitchell, 2 vols. l/.pti*.25».1820

3950 Comedies, New Literal translation, with Notes, &c. by Hickie, 2 vols, cloth, 10*. 1853

3951 Comedies, by Walsh, vol. 1 {all pub.) cloth, is. pub. 14*. . . 1837

3952 Clouds, Greek Text, and Translation, into Corresponding Metres, and Original Notes, sm. 4to: cloth, 3«. . . Oxford, 1852

3953 Plutus and Frogs, literal prose translation, with Notes, from Scholia and other Commentaries, Bvo. it. pub. 8». . . 1822


3954 Ethics, Nichomachean, New Translation, 8vo. . . Oxford, 1835

3955 Ditto, Transl. with Notes, Orlg. and Select, Analyt. Introd. Questions, by Browne, cloth, AS. ... 1850

3956 Ethics, Politics, comprising (Practical Philosophy) translated from Greek, Introduction, Notes, Crit. History of his Life, and new Analysis of his speculative works, by Gillies, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. it. pub. 11. . . . 1804

8957 Poetry, translated with Notes, Dissert, on Political and Musical Imitation, by Twining, " in highest estimation," 2 vols. 8vo, 21s. 1812

3958 Rhetoric, literally translated, with Notes, Analysis, by Hobbes, &c. 8vo. 3*. pub. lis. 1833

3959 Rhetoric, Poetic, Nicomacheau Ethics, translated by T. Taylor, 2 vols. it. pub. 18s. 1818

3960 AULUf* GELLIUS, Attic Nights, trans, by Beloe, 3 vpls, 8vo. cf. nt. 9s. 1795

3961 Cjesar, Commentaries, translated, with the celebrated Discourse on Roman Art of War, by DUNCAN, 2 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. plates, it. 1755

3962 Di«o,Valpv'sreprint,8vo.2».6(f.;>u*,8*,6<U830

3963 Ditto, literal translation, with Notes, by M. Devitte, cloth, it. . . 1851

3964 Ditto, with Commentaries, by Hirtius, Life, Sic. by Col. Bladen, 8vo. calf, plates from Palladia, is. 6d. . . 1750


3965 Bookes of DUTIES, tourned out of Latine into English, by N. Grimald, wherennto the Latine isadioyned, ttlack tetter, half calf, neat, rare, 3s. . . . 1583

3966 Cato, or Essay on Old Age, with Remarks, by Melmoth, 8vo. ef. nt. it. . 1773

3967 Letters, translated, with Remarks, by Melmoth, 3 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. 5s. . 1772

3968 Offices, by Cockman, &c. cloth, \t. pub. is. 6d.

Valpy, 1833

3969 Orations, translated, with Notes, Histor. and Crit. and Arguments, by Guthrie, 3 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. 5*. 6n\ . . . 1788

3970 Orations, literally translated, by Yonge, 2 vols. cloth ', Is. pub. 10s. . . 1851

3971 Orations, by Duncan, Offices, by Cockman, Cato and Lselius, by Melmoth, 3 vols, cloth, 6s. pub. Us. td. . . Valpy, 1831

3972 Orator. III. Dialogues on, Character and Qualification, with Notes, Preface, by Guthrie, 8vo. cf. nt. 3s. . . 1755

8973 Political Works, Commonwealth, and Laws, only translation, with Dissert. Illustrations, Notes, from other Authors, Divine, Canonical, Civil, &c. by Barham, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 6*. pub. 1/. 1842

3974 Tusculan Disputations, translated by Main, 8vo. is. 6d. pub. 8s. . 1824

3975 Cornelius Nepos, L'ves, translated by Creech, &C. bnd. Is. 6d. .' . 1723

3976 Demosthenes, Orations, translated by Leland, 8vo. cf. nt. is. (id. pub. 16s. . 1824

3977 Ditto, by Leland, and Sallust, by Rose, 2 vols. cloth, is. pub. 9». . Valpy, 1830

3978 Orat. Olynth. Gr. with Literal English

Translation and Notes, by Reynolds, ls.pui.4s.1844

3979 Epictetus, Morals, with Comment, of Simplielus, translated, with Life, by Stanhope, 8vo. calf, very neat, is. 6d. . 1741

3980 Euripides, Tragedies, translated by Potter, 2 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. 5f. pub. It. . 1814

3981 (Hecub. Orest. Phosn. Virgins, Medea) literal Prose, from Person's text, 3». pub. 8s,

3982 Bacchte, Heraclidte, Elmsley's text, in English Prose, 8vo. Is. 6d. pub. is. 6d. . 1828

3983 BEerodotns, translated, with Notes, by Beloe, 4 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. mop,lls.pui.l/.16s.l81?

3984 Ditto, Reprint, in 1, Bvo. cloth, new, 3s. pub. lit. . . . 1838

3985 Ditto, translated, by Littlebury, 8vo, 3s. pub. lit. . . 1824

3986 HOMER, Iliad, in Literal English Prose, with Explan. Notes, by Graduate of Oxford, 2 vols, 8vo. 6s. pub. 24s. . 1825

3987 Odyssey, Hymns, Epigrams, Battles of

Frogs, Mice, literal translation and Notes, by
Buckley, cloth, is. . 1851

3988 HORACE, Odes, translated into Unrhymed Metres, with Introduction and Notes, by Professor F. W, Newman, cloth, is, pub. 7s. 6d. 1853

3989 Odes, Satyres, Epistles, translated by

Creech, calf, Is. . . 1730

3990 Odes and Satyres, translated by Rochester, Roscommon, Cowley, Otway, Prior, Milton, &c. with Roscommon's Art of Poetry, calf, Is. 1721

3991 Justin, History (Latin Text) with Literal English Translation, by Clarke, 8vo. cf. is. 1790


3952 Satires (Latin Text) with Prose Translations, Notes, Explan. Class. 8vo. calf, is. 1739

8993 Satires, in English Verse, with Notes and Illustrations, by Gifford, also his celebrated Autobiography, 8vo. ef. nt, port. 3s. pub. 14s, 1806

3994 Ditto, by Gifford, last edit, with Life, «cc, of Juvenal, Illust, Notes and Copious Explan, Index, by Dr.Nuttall, 8vo. cloth, is. 6d. pub. 5s. 6<J.1836

3995 JUVENAL and PERSIUS, translated, with Discourse on Original and Progress of Satire, by Dryden, cf. nt. is. . 1754

3996 Ditto and Persius, Literal Translation, by Smart, 2s. pub. 6s. . 1829

3997 Livy, Roman History, Literally Translated, with Notes, 2 vols. 8vo. 5», pub. 18s. Oxf. 1828

8998 Ovid, Metamorphoses, elegant translation, by Garth and others, Is. 6rf. pub. it.

3999 Oxford and Cambridge Latin Prize Poems, Translations, Second Series, cl., 1833

4000 Persius, Satires (Latin Text) translated, with Notes, Life, by Brewster, cf. nt. Is. 6d. 1751

4001 Pbeedrus and Gnidius, Appendix, translated by Smart; also HORACE, translated by Francis, 2 vols, cloth, St. 6d. pub. 9s. . Valpy, 1831

4002 Elato, Divine Dialogues, and Apology of Socrates, translated, with Introd. Dissert, and Notes, from Dacier, cloth, is. 6d. . 1839

4003 PLINY, Letters, one of the greatest men, a splendid original, whom few can copy but all ought to imitate, translated by Melmoth, most elegant, almost equal to the original itself, in force and beauty, 2 vols. 8vo. cf. is. put. 12s. 1805

4004 Ditto, Reprint, 2 small vols. lis. 1810

4005 Plutarch, Lives, translated by the Langhornes, 7 vols, cloth, 1 Is. pub. V. J 1». 6d. Valpy, 1832

4006 Poems and Translations, from Minor Greek Poets and others, cf. nt. it. . 1809

4007 Polybius, History, translated by Hampton, 3 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. 9s. pub. 11. 7s. . 1809

4008 Quintiliani instit. Oratoria Liber X, (Latin Text), with English Translation, Is. 6rf. 1834

4009 Sallust, translated, with Life, by Rowe, cf. Is.


4010 Ditto, translated by Rose, and Caesar, by Duncan, 8vo. cloth, is. pub. Is. 6d. 1832

4011 Seneca, Morals, by L'Estrange, 8yo, cf.

stained, Is. . . . 17JS

4012 Sophoclis, Tragedies, translated, with Disscr. tation on Ancient Tragedy, by Francklin, 2 voli. 8vo. . 1759

4013 Suetonius, Lives of Emperors [Latin Tut) translation by Clarke, 8vo, bnd. it. 1739

4014 TACITUS, translated, with Essay on hit lift and Genius, Notes, &c. by Murphy, "tinllat work," 8 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. best edition, lit ptt.

, . 1805

4015 Another edition, in 1 vol. hf. cf. very nt. U. pub. lis, , . 182$

4016 Terence, In English, by Colman, 2 roll. 8to. cf. is. 6d. . . 1766

4017 Ditto, Reprint, with the Notes under tack page, by Dr. Nuttall, 8vo. cloth, new, is. pub. U.


4018 Theophrastus, Characters, translated, tkti, many clever cuts, is. pub. is. 6d. . 1831

4019 Thucldides, Peloponnesisn War, translated from Greek, with Dissertations by Dean Smitb, 2 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. 7s. cost 11. 8s. 181]


4020 Works, Latin and English, by Pitt, WartoD, also Dissertations, Notes, &c. by Holdsworth, Spence, Heyne, Whitehead, Atterbury, Sec. 4 rob. 8vo. cf. nt. lis. cost II. lis. Gd. . 1778

4021 Works, translated by Dryden, full edition, with Notes, 4 small vols. cf. nt. is. . 1782

4022 Translated, by ditto, without Notes, in! pocket vol. cf. nt. it.

4023 .Eneid (book I.—VI.) with Ipterpagtd Trainlation and Numerous Notes, 2s, pub. is. id. UH


4024 Anabasis, or Expedition of Cyrus Into Penh and Retreat of the Ten Thousand Greeks, tans, lated by Spelman, 8vo. 3s./>u4. 12s. 1811

4025 Ditto, Reprint, cloth, is. pub. it. M. 1830

4026 CYROPiEDIA, or Institution of Cyras, trssilated by Ashley, 8yo. cf. nt. Ss. . 1SB

4027 Ditto, Reprint, cloth, it. pub. it. 6d. 1830

4028 Memoirs of Socrates, with his Defence btforc bis Judges, translated by Fielding, Bvo. cf.' scarce, 3s. . . 1/87

* For numerous others see under respective heads.

4029 Trail, Outlines of Lectures on MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE, 8vo. cloth, it. pssb. is. ISM

4030 Traite des Arbres et ARBUSTES, qui se Ciitivent en France, en Pleine Terre, par Dukut! Du Monceau, i thick vols. 4to. cf. very nt. mltitude of plates, 7s. , Peris, 1755

4031 Traveller's Manual, or Conversations, Eorji-'k, German, French, Italian, Copious VoeitmUn, Questions In Dutch, Sec. 2s. Cobtetti, 1S36

Traveller's Hand Book.

4033 Dialogues (on most subjects, in JVaw/% s»' Social Life), ENGLISH, FRENCH, ITALIAN with MODELS of IETTERS, NOTES, &c V; CARDI, Professor at Oxford, and De Genlii. f»long, cloth., 5s. 6d. . I*1'

4034 Conversations and Tocnhula ry, in 4 LANGUAGES (English, French, Tctuguese, German), from Simple Words to Lot Phrases, by Professor FREESE, 8vo, M. {" 1 for 2s.) . , I"3

Travels (admirably adapted to expmi * mind, to increase knowledge, in most nf/re* manner)

4035 A set of the MODERN TRAVELLED.» vols. cloth, maps, 21. St. pub. 81. it. WJ

4036 A Collection of Modern and Contempon? Voyages and Travels, Originals, TransUtioni, ssi Abridgments, by Sir R. Phillips, 7 thick vols.!'»• half bound, uncut, numerous plates, IBs."


4037 Addison, Damascus, Palmyra, Journey to &^ State, Prospects of Syria, under Ibrahim F»«h". • vols. 8vo. cloth, coloured platet, 8s. pub, ill- Ik*

4038 ADVENTURES by Sea and Land. Tuts? most Amusing and Instinctive Tales, puny si"10*1 unknown, Life at Sea, Venetian Sailor, Wreck ■ North Sea, in 1431, Burping Ship in l«l«i J* enslaved among Turks, in 1653, Ditto, Abjndtsfl at Spltzbergen, Adventures of Prince Charles «■ ward, Indian Dungeons, Power of Frost on Saw" Army, 1719, Sufferings in BastJle, to. "ft* Travels.

trustworthy and authentic sources," cloth, cuts, 2*. 6d. . . . 1847

4039 Africa, History of, cloth, plates and cuts, Is. 6d. pub. it. ... 1830

4040 Ainsworth (W. F.) Traveli in track of the Ten Thousand Greeks, Geograph. descriptive acct. qf Cyrus' Expedition, 8vo. cloth, new, map, it. 6d. put. 7*. 6d. . . 1844

4041 — Travels, Researches, in Asia Minor, Mesopotamia, Chaldea, Armenia, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. hf. cf. map, and many cull, St. 6d. pub. 11. it. 1842

4042 Amherst (Lord) Embassy and Voyage to CHINA, and Return, by Ellis, 2 vols. 8vo. map, <Vc 3s. pub. 11. . , 1818

4043 ANACHARSIS, Travels in Greece, Translated, "mott valuable work to communicateuteful knowledge, amusing and instructive, every circumstance authenticated by references," 5 vols. Svo. cf. nt. maps, 9s. . . . 1796

4044 Annals of Dioceso of New Zealand, cloth, fine cuts, Is. 6d. . . 1847

4045 Anson, Voyage round the World, by Walter, thick 8 vi). maps, 2s. (id. . 1743

4046 Back (Capt.) Arctic Land Expedition to mouth of Great Fish River, along Shores of Arctic Ocean, 1833-5, thick Svo. hf. cf. map and plates, 8s. pub. 30». . . . 1836

4047 Baillie (Marianne) Tour in France, Italy, Switierland, Borders of Germany, French Flanders, plates, 1819; Heger, Tour through Netherlands, France, Switierland, with Reflection!, Serious, Lively, 1820, hf. cf. 3*. pub. \l. 5s.

4048 Bakewell, Travels in Alps, Tarentaise, Grecian, Pennine; also Switzerland and Auvergne, 1820-2, 2 vols. 8vo. coloured plates, 4s. pub. II. 6s. 1823

4019 Bannister, Records of British Enterprises beyond Sea, from earliest Original Sources (allpub.) Hvo. cotemporary maps and illustrations, '6s. pub. 6s. . . . 1849

4050 Bsrbary, Piratical States of, Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli, Morocco, History of, Svo. hf. russia, uncut, maps, it. 1750

4051 Barrow, Chronological History of Voyages into Arctic Regions, from earliest period of Scandinavian Navigation to Ross and Buchan, Svo. cf. nt. 3». pub. 12*. . . 1818

4052 Barthelmy (Abbe) Travels in Italy, with Pieces hy Winkelman, Jacquier, Zarillo, and others, now first published, 8vo. 2s. pub. 8*. . 1802

4053 Beecney, Voyage to Pacific, vol. 2 only, calf, plates, 3s. . . 1831

4054 Kerncastle, Voyage to China, Bombay, Mahratta Country, Cave Temples of W. India, Singapore, Malacca, Sunda.Cape, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, is. pub. II. . , 1851

4055 BERNIER, Voyages de, Description dea Etats du Grand Mogol, "accurate, candid, most instructive, most curious"Gibbon, Rennet, RobertsonQuart. Rev. 2 vols. 12mo. cf. nt. rart,7t.Amtt.l72i

4056 Ditto, Translated, by Brock, 2 vols, iu 1, 8vo. hf. cf. uncut, it. 18*. Pickering, 1826

4057 BINGLEY, North Wulett, Aberystwith and Devil's Bridge, Excursions in, best edition, with great Additions, by his Son, "amongst best performance! of the kind," 8vo. cloth, 2e. pub. Us. . . . 1839

4058 Breton, Excursions in New South Wales, Australia, Van Diemen's Land, "probity, intelligence, value," Svo. it. pub. lit. . 1833

4059 Brooke, History of Island of St. Helena, from Discovery by Portuguese, Svo. coloured platet, 2s, pub. 10*. . . . 1808

4060 Brown, History of Jamaica, Civil, Natural, Description, Government, Revenues, Produce, Trade, &c. folio, hf. cf. nl, 19 plates, iy Ehret, 6*. . 1789

4061 Bruce, Travel* to Source of the NILE, 7 vols. Svo. brdt. and 4to. Atlas, hf. cf. nt.Jinc p'atet, copiet have sold from 41. to 7$ gs. 18*. 1805

4062 Bruce, Life, Correspondence, various Unpublished Works, by A. Murray, thick tin. cloth, map and plates, 6s. pub. 21. 12*. 6d. 1808

4063 Brydone, Tour, in Sicily and Malta, 2 vols. 8vo. ef.n4.3t. . '. 1775

4064 Buckingham, Traveli in Assyria, Media, Per

sia, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, new, If.lU.6ef.1830

4065 Buffa (Dr. Physician) Travels in Morocco, map, 1810; Dr. Lerapriere, Tour in Morocco, with particnl. account of Royal Harem, Persona, Costume, Domestic Habits of Emperors, Ladies, Rise, Establishment of Barbary States, 1813, thick 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 3s. pub. 19*.

4066 Bunting, Travels of Holy Patriarchs, Prophets, Judges, Kings, our Saviour, Description of Townes, Places, to which they Travelled, Weights, Monies, Measures, &c. sm. 4to. hf. cf. nt. 3*. 1623

4067 Burton, Description of Rome, Antiquities and other Curiosities, with Illustrations from Writers, Ancient and Modern, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. cloth, new, is. I6» . 1828

4068 C'llliOt (Sebastian) Memoir of, with Review of History of Maritime Discovery (by BIDDLE), illustrated by Documents from the Rolls and all possible Original Sources,now first published,showing innumerable errors," throws now light on Early History of English Enterprise and Discoveries in America," cloth, BEST EDITION, it. 6d. pub. 10*. . . . 1832

4069 Cadell, Journey in Carniola, Italy, France, Remarks on, relating to Language, Geography, History, Antiquities, Nat. Hist. Science, Painting, Sculpture, Architecture,Agriculture, Meghan. Arts, Manufactures, 2 thick vols. Svo. plates, 3*. pub. 36*. . . 1820

4070 Caldcleugh, Travels in South America, with Account of Brazil, Buenos Ayres, Chile, 2 vols, in

I, hf. cf. plates, 4s. pub. 30s. . 1825

4071 Campbell, Second Missionary Journey into Interior of South Africa, Populous Tribes and Towns unknown, 2 vols. Svo. map, and fine col. plates, is. pub. If. 1*. . . 1822

4072 Carron, Narrative of Expedition under Kennedy, for Explor. of Country, between Rockingham Bay and Cape York, 8vo. map, 3*.

Sydney, 1849

4072* Castlereagh (Viscount) Journey to Damascus, Egypt, Nubia, Arabia, Petraea, Palestine, Syria, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, platet, 5*. pub. 24*. 1847

4073 Charlevoix, J A PON, Histoire et Description Generate du, Csractere, Coutumes, Gouvernement, Commerce, " important details," 2 thick vols. 4to. cf. nt. plates and maps, 7t. Paris, 1736

4074 Circumnavigation of the Globe, Historical Account of, and Progress of Discovery, in Pacific Ocean, cloth, 2s. . . 1849

4075 Claridge, Guide down Danube, Paris to Marseilles, Route to India, by Egypt, cloth, map, 2s. pub. St. . . 1839

4076 Clarke (Dr.) Travels, "most instructive and engaging ever published in this country," 3 vols.(9,10,11) cloth, Scandinavia, 1824

4077 Cockburn (Lt. Gen.) Voyage to Cadiz and Gibraltar, up Mediterranean to Sicily and Malta, Description of Sicily and Lilian Islands, 2 vols. fine plates, 1815; Picture of Lisbon, 1811; and Russell, Tour through Sicily, fine plates, 1819, 2 vols. 8vo. hj. cf. 5*. 6a". pub. 31. 19». 6«f.

4078 Cochrane (Capt.) Pedestrian Journey through Russia and Siberian Tartary, Frontiers of China, Frozen Sea, Kamtchatka, "novel and amusing," platet and mapt, 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. cf. nt. is. pub.

II. Is. . . 1824


4079 Birmah, Siam, Auam, 1*. pub. 5*. 1826

4080 Brazil and Buenos Ayres, 2 vols, in 1, hf. cf. nt. 3s. pub. 10*.

4081 Colombia, It. pub. 5*. . 1825

4082 Egypt, Nubia, Abyssinia, 2 vols, cloth, 3s. pub. 10*. . . . 1831

4083 ITALY, 3 vols. 12mo. cloth, plates, is. pub, 18*. . , . . . 1831

4084 Mexico, Guatemela, 2 vols, in 1, cf. nt. 'is. pub. 10*. . . . 1825

4085 Cooke (Capt. E.) Voyage to South Seas and Round the World, 1708-9-10-11 ; Winds, Cur

, rents, &c. Description of American Coasts, Account of Selkirko on Island of Juan Fernandez, 8vo. cf. maps and plates, 3s. , 1712

4086 COOKE (CAPT.) Voyage to Pacific Ocean, for making Discoveries in Northern Hemisphere, 1776 to 1780, 3 vols. 4to. cf. nt. maps and larga

plates, inserted, also,roy.foLp«of<*», V.e/.li.4».1785

4087 COOKE (CAPT.)and Capt. Clerke, Voyage in search of N. West Passage, their Discoveries and Death of Capt. Cook, by Ellis, Surgeon, 2 vols. 8vo. cf nt. plates, t(c. is. . 1784

4088 Cooley, Claudius Ptolemy and the Nile, enquiry into that geographer's real merits and speculative errors, his knowledge of Eastern Africa, and Authenticity of Mountains of Moon, Svo. cloth, maps, 3s. . - 1854

4089 Cooper, Notions of the Americans, 2 vols. 8vo. is. pub. M. 8*. . . 1828

4090 Copland, History of the Island of Madagascar, Religion, Manners, Nat. Productions, 1822 ; Pazos, on United Provinces of South America, translated from Spanish, 1819, thick 8vo. hf. cf. 3s. pub. 16*.

4091 Corry, on Windward Coast of Africa, Religion, Character, Customs of Natives, Sec. 4to. large plates, 2s. pub. 18*. . . 1807

4092 Costello, Tour through Valley of Mouse, with Legends of Walloon Country and Ardennes, Svo. cloth, fine cuts, 4s. 6d. pub. 14*. . 1845

4093 Cox (Capt.) Journal of Residence in Burmhan Empire and Court of Amarapoorab, 8vo. coloured plates, 4s. pub. 16*. . 1821

4094 Craven (Lady) Journey through Crimea to Constantinople, 4 to. cf. map and plates, 2s. 6d.


4095 Cruikshank, 18 Years in Gold Coast of Africa, Native Tribes, Intercourse with Europeans, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 6s. pub. II. . . 1853

4096 Cruise, Residence in New Zealand, " very interesting," 8vo. cf. nt. coloured plate, 2s. pub. 10s. 6d. ... 1823

4097 Curious Traveller, Choice Collection of very remarkable Histories, Voyages, Travels, ito. Spanish Cruelties in West Indies, Snow, Alps, Bees, White Island, Negro Stratagems, &c. 8vo. cf. cuts, 2s. . . 1742

4098 Damer (Mrs.) Tour in Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Holy Land, 2 vols. 8vo. plates, 5s. pub. 16s. 1841

4099 DANIEL, Sketches, representing the Native Tribes, Animals, Scenery, of Southern Africa, large Ito. 48 most interesting plates (no letterpress) of Animals, KAFFIRS, &c. 5*. pub. 3 gs.


4100 Ditto, Sketches of a VOYAGER, most interesting Views, Animals, Landscapes, Boats off Shiant Islands, ditto, off Scotland, sixty-four Spanish Indiamen, Boats of Ganges, Umbrella Tree, English Common near Tavistock, Richmond, Young Elephant, &c. oblong 4 to. 25 plates, neatly done up, 3s. pub. 21.12*. fief.

4101 Denon, Travels in Sicily and Malta, translated, Svo. cf. plates, 2s. . . 1789

4102 De Stael (Madame) Germany, translated, 3 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. 5s. pub. II. 16*. 1813

4103 De Vere (Aubrey) Picturesque Sketches of Greece and Turkey, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, is. 6d. pub. 21». . . . 1850

4104 Dibdin, France and Germany, 2 vols. (2^-3) cloth, plates, 4*.

4105 Dickens, American Notes, ditto, Sketches by Box, 2 Works in 1 thick vol. hf. cf. nt. 5*. 1850

4106 Dopkin (Lieut.-Gen.) Dissert, on Niger, Course and Probable Termination, Svo. maps, 2s. pub. 9s. 6d. . . . 1829

4107 Dubois, My Pocket Book, or Hints forRyghte Merrie Conceited Tour (a Satire on Carr's Tour, with the Trial for Libel) hf. morocco, plates. 2s.


4108 Dumas, Pictures of Travel in South of France, translated, cloth, 50fine cuts, 2s. . 1850

4109 Duncan, Travels in United States and Canada, 1818-9, 2 vols. hf. cf. 3s. pub. 16s. 1823

4110 Dwight, Travels in New England and New York, see Quarterly Review praise, 4 vols. 8vo. . 1823

4111 Egypt, Ancient, Modern, View of, also its Natural History, by Dr. Russell, cl. map, Sfc. 2s. 1832

4112 Eothen, cloth, 2s. . 1852

4113 Eustace, Classical Descriptive Tour in ITALY, unrivalled descriptions, classical taste, uncommon felicity,"Edinb. Review, 4 vols. cf. nt. map and plates; also HOARE, Supplement, including Sicily, and Districts not mentioned by Eustace,

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