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tilt, exquisite engraving; 2s. 6d. pub. 12*. 1830

1342 Bilder, Saals Historischen Chronologische Histories Universalis (in German), 8 vols, in 4 very thick vols. cf. gill leave*, multitude of quaint old Illustrations, rare, li. Nurnberg, 1724

1343 Billiards, Noble Game of, Extraordinary and surprising Strokes which have excited the admiration of most of the Sovereigns of Europe, by Capt. Mingaud, 8vo. half caff, is. . . 1832

1344 Billard, Theorie et Regies, par Teyssedre, plate, It. . Parit, 1829

1345 Bingham (Rev. R. of Gosport) Sermons, Doctrinal, Practical, and Experimental, 1826, 8vo. cf. elegant, 3s. pub. lit. . 1835

1346 Blnyham, Works, Origines Eccles. Baptism, etc. 2 thick vols, folio, cf. nt. 2 gi. 1726

1347 Bingley, Worth Wales, Descriptive Historical Guide Bonk, chiefly Pedestrian Excursions, indispensable for Visitors, fully describing every object of slightest interest, Grsnd Scenery, Natural History, Antiquities, &c. last edition, includes Aberystwith and Devil's Bridge, by his Son, cloth, fine plate intcrted, 2: pub. 14*. 1839

1348 Ditto, Useful Knowledge, or Familiar Account of Various Productions of Nature, Mineral, Vegetable, and Animal, chiefly employed by Men, last edit, by Cooper, 2 vols. clolh,platet, and 150 cult, 5>. 6d. pub. 21*. . . . 1815

1349 Binns (Dr. E.) Philosop. Enquiry into Intellectual Powers of NEGRO, 1844; Schomburgk, Uniform System to reduce unwritten Languages to Alphabetical Writing in Roman Characters, 1848; ditto. Remarks on Comparative Vocabulary of 18 Languages of Guiana, 1848,3 works, 8vo. Is.

1350 Binney (T.) Service of Song in the House of the Lord, cloth, 1849; ditto. Ultimate End of Dissenters, avowed and advocated, 1834; 2 Workt, 2s.

1351 Ditto, Memoir of Rev. S. Morell, of Norwich, 12mo. portrait, 1>. 6d. pub. 6s. 1826

1352 BIOGRAPHIA Evangelica, Lives of most Eminent AUTHORS and PREACHERS, British and Foreign PROTESTANTS, by Rev. ERASMUS MIDDLETON, but edition, 4 vols. 8vo. calfnt. many portrait*, fine impression*, 14». 1786

1353 Biographie Alphabetiquc des HommesVivants, Vies Publiques de tous les Hommes remarkable par Ieurs Actions ou Erits, Ouvrage, entierement neuf redige par une Societe de Gens de Lettres et Savants, 5 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 10s. Parit, 1819

1354 BIOGRAPHIE UNIVERSELLE, par FELLER, continue a 1837, par Henrion, complete, "mo»< valuable, highly esteemed Catholic work," 4 large vols, royal 8vo. 25s. . Paris, 1837


1355 Annals of Hebrew Nation, from Antediluvian Period to Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus, by Archdeacon Hale, Dr. Cox, and others, thick vol. cloth, plates, be. pub. is. . 1851

1356 British, Lives, accurate, impartial, of Eminent Persons, Gr. Brit, and Ireland, from Wickliff, 4 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. nt. many portraits, is. 6d.

Goadby, 176G

1357 Dictionary, Eminent Persons of All Ages and Nations previous to Present Generation, by Gorton, " very excellent for dates," 2 very thick vols. 8vo. 9». pub. U 16s. . 1830

1358 Biographical Dictionary of Living Authors of Great Britain and Ireland, with List of their Publications, 8vo. hf. cf. nt. is. pub. lis. 1816

1359 Ditto of Living Authors of Gr. Brit, and Ireland, Literary Memoirs, Anecdotes, Chronological Register of Publications, Number of Editions, also Foreign Authors, 8vo. hf. cf. 3s. pub. Us. 1816

1360 Gallery of Distinguished Characters of All Nations, by Woodrow, cloth, 240 portraits, 3*. pub. Is. 6d. . . 1834

1361 Illustrations of Westminster Abbey, by Smyth, royal 8vo. cloth, 3s. pub. Is. . 1843

1362 Magazine, Portraits of Eminent Ingenious Persons of Every Age and Nation, their Lives and Characters, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. numerous plates, very fine impressions, 14». pub. II. 16». . 1819

1363 Peerage of Gr. Britain and Scotland (by Sir Egerton Brydges) tracing every Family to its Origin, and bringing into Distinction the Acts and

Characters, Jtc. preferable to most Peerages aspiring to Sketches of Biography and Memorials of History, &c. 3 small vols, many cuts, 4s. 6a*. pub. 24». . 1808

1364 Sketches, in Chronological Order, exemplifying Remarkable Instances in Ancient and Modern History, 8vo. cf. r.t. portraits, 2s. 1796

1365 Biography, Eccentric, Lives of Extraordinary Characters, remarkable for Talents, Propensities, Wonderful Adventures, cloth, 2s. 6d. 1826

1366 Greeks and Romans, and Mythology,

Dictionary of, by Smith, vol.1, thick 8vo. cloth, 14». pub. \l. 16«. . . 1844

1367 Sketches in, shewing Influence on Liters

ture, on Character, and Happiness, by J. Clayton, 2s. pub. 7s. 6d. Edinb. 1825

1368 Bion, Moschus, Gr. Lat. Heskin, "very elegant and correct edition,"Lowndes, 8vo. fine copy, calf, 2s. . . 1748

Rion, TIosclaUN, Theocritus.

1369 Greek and Latin, THEOCRITUS, by Kiessling, with NOTES of Harles, Schreber, cVc, and his own; also, Arguments, Scholia, and Index, BION, MOSCHUS, by Heindorf, with all Commentaries of Valckenaer, Brunck, Toup; also, Porrus, Lexicon Doricum, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, is. pub. 18*. 1828

"Perhaps the very best edition."—Dibdin.

1370 Bion,Moschus,Theocritus,Tyrtaeus, translated, Prose and Verse, cloth, 3s. pub. 5s. 1853

1371 Birch (J.) Book of Cherubical Reason, with its Law and Nature, or of Law and Priesthood of Reason; ditto, Book upon Gospel and Regeneration, 8vo. hf. calf, 2s.

1380 Bird, Clare, Cowper, 3 very interesting Letters, with Appendix, 25 copies only printed at Gr. Totham, 1837 ; Ditto, Style of Preaching 400 Years ago ; Sermon on Rich Man and Lazarus, date 1432, printed Verbatim, only 100 printed, 1837; Dan Dump, Stanzas on Her Majesty's Invite to City, 1837 -, Ghost of John Bull or Devil's Rail Road, 1838, 4 works, 2s. 6d.

1381 Bird (Rev. G.) Hints for Revival of Scriptural Principles in Anglican Church, 8vo. cloth, 2s. 6d. pub. 9s. . . 1842

1382 Bird's IVest, with OTHER TALES, from German, Daisies, Sluggard, Lobsters, Festival of Roses,/roniiipiece, a>c. 6d.


1383 Belany, Treatise on FALCONRY, Nature, Antiquity, History,(Vc. 8vo. cloth, 3s.Priv.Print.18tl

1384 Broderip, Zoological Recreations, 8vo. cloth, 4*. pub. 10*. 6d. . 1847

1385 Gardens and Menageries of Zoological Society, Descriptions,Bennett, and "highly characteristic" Figures by Harvey (Birds, Beasts) 2 vols. 8vo. cl. numerous beautiful cuts, 5s. 6d. pub. 21. 8*.1830

1386 Journal of Naturalist (by Knapp) "afresh and delightful vol., truly delightful notices of habits of Birds," cr. 8vo. hf. cf. nt. plates, 5s. 6d. pub. 9s. 6d. . . 1830

1387 Latham, Faulcon's Lure and Cure, Training of Hawks, Cure of their Diseases, for noble mindes and young Faulconers, both parts, "curious and esteemed work," cf. woodcuts, is. 1658

1388 Mudie, Feathered Tribes of British Islands, "excellent work, the best," 2 vols, cloth, beautitifully coloured plates - (originally pub. II. 8s.) 10*. . . 1841

1389 Rennie (Professor) Field Magazine, Review of Animals, Plants, Minerals, Earth, Sky, 67c. thick 8vo. cloth, woodcuts, 5s. pub. 12s. 6d. 1833

1390 SCHLEGELet Wulverhorst, traite de FAUCONNERIE, very large royal folio, 17 splendidly coloured plates, by Wolfe, Sonderland, and others, 21. 5*. . Leide, 1853

1391 Ditto, 2 last parts, 11 exquisitely coloured plates, 15*.

1392 SHAW, Zoology, BIRDS, 11 Vols. (9 to 14) with Index, numerous plates, 11. pub. 251.1815-26

1393 Veillot, Analyse d'une Nouvelle Ornithologie Elementaire, 1816; Temminck, Obs. sur ditto, 1817, and 3 odd parts of Guerin Icnograpbie, 30 beautifully colourad plates, 2s

1394 WHITE, Natural History of SELBORNE, particularly describing the Birds, excellent edition, edited, with Notes, by BLYTH (COMPLETE,

including Antiquities and Naturalist Calendar, omitted in other Edition*) one of most delightful works ever written; it is wonderful how few Houses, especially in the country, contain a copy, of this work. For young people it is invaluable, calling attention to the purest of enjoyment, i. e. the Study of Nature, cloth, new, fine cuts, is. jmb. 5». Gd. (3/or 7«.) . 1836

1395 Wood (Neville) Ornithologist's Text Book, being Reviews of Ornithological Works, and giving the Different Arrangements of Birds, by Virion Authors, cloth, 2s. pub. is. 6d. 1836

1396 ZOOLOGICAL MAGAZINE, edited by Vi. gors, &c. (including valuable papers by Vigors, Swainson, ifc. on Birds) complete, with SUPPLE. MENTARY PLATES, 5 vols. 8vo. hf. ef. nt. pits, beautifully coloured 2l.\ 14J.182t.J5

1397 Blrmese "War, Description, also Illustrations of Operations of BRITISH FORCES (both Series) Harbour of Cornwallis and Fleet, Landing at Rangoon, Approachto Great Pagodi, View of ditto, Terrace of ditto. Attack on Stockades, Gold Temple, Inside of ditto, View of Country, Storming Stockade, Lake and Canning') Island, Position of Forces, Eastern Road, Great Bell and Dagon, STORMING Stockade, Eastern Road, Conflagration of Dalla, Attack on Pagodi Stockades, ditto on Syrian Fort, Second ditto, up Dalla Creek, ditto of Birmans on ditto. Splendid Gilt War Boat, Attack of Negrais Stocksdes, Combined Forces passing Danabue Fortress, 24 pitta after Drawing* by Capt. Marryat, Thornton, <mi Moore, 8s.

1398 Another, exquisitely colored, 15s. pub.

1399 Birmingham, History of, by Button, best edition, with considerable additions, 8vo. engravings, 4«. pub. 12*. . 1835

1400' Birthright, a Novel, by Emilie Carlen, 3 roll. cloth, 5: 6d. pub. W. 11*. 6d. . 1831

1401 Biscoe, History of Acts of Holy Apostles, confirmed from other Authors, and considered as full evidence of Truth of Christianity, thick 8vo. M calf, neat, 5*. pub. 9s. . Oxford, 1829

1402 BISHOP of Lincoln (Kaye) Portrait or, Sitting in his Episcopal Robes, with distant Virv of Lincoln Cathedral, beautiful large ENGRAVING (18 by 14) by Ryall utter LANE, 4i. put. 11. Is. . . . . 1842

1403 Bishops, of London, Bangor, Chichester. Charges, also 7 others, by Archdeacon Pott, 1/931817, 2s.

1404 Bishops' Right to Vote in Parliament inCiiei Capital, Stated and Argued, with Enquiry into their Peerage and Three Estates, by Stillingfteet, 12mo. calf, Is. . 16f»

1405 Bisse, Sermons at Rolls, on Lord's Prayer, "worth its weight in gold,"ffearne, Is. 1744

1406 Black, Picturesque TOURIST in SCOTLAND, cloth, travelling map and plates, 8s. 6d. ... 184«

1407 Economical Tourist in ditto, cloth, tup. 3*. 6d. . . 1839

1408 Map of England, (Roads,RaUways,){iHl

22) coloured, on canvas, in neat cloth cose,2*-P*>is. 6i. . . 195

1409 Black, Etymol. Explan. Vocabulary of Words derived from Latin, 2s. pub. 5*. 6d. 1822

1410 Blnekall (Bp. of Exeter) Works, Somons, on the Mount, Boyle Lectures, cVc. uftw vein of piety and devotion, favour of primitive if! and devotion," "model*," Waterland, edited, with Preface, etc. by Archbp. York, 2 vols, folio, cf. nt. fine old portrait, 12s. . I'a

1411 Blackmore, Harmony of Anglican Doctrine with Catholic Apostolic Church of East, 8vo. \sM.

Aberdeen, 1846

1412 Blackstone, Commentaries, "the most Coitki and beautiful outline ever exhibited in htm** tcience,"Sir W. Jonet, i vols. 8vo. if. very ntfine portrait, 5*. . . . If

1413 Ditto, later edition. Notes by Lee, Horead" Ryland, 4 thick vols. 8vo. 12*.pub. 31.13*M 1820

1414 Blackwall (Master of Derby and Market &»■ worth School*) Sacred Classics Defended and Illustrated, proving Purity, Proprietry, True Eloquence of Writers of New Test, wrong Dnis»» Faulty Translations, Various Readings, Necessity of New Version, 2 vols, caff, 3s. . 1777

1415 (Black wall) Enquiry into the Life and Writings of HOMER, (by Bp. Berkeley, "fine, though fanciful genius and learning,"Gibbon), 8vo. calf, neat, 2s. . . . 1735

1416 Blackwell (Principal of Aberdeen College) Essay on Preaching the Gospel, Qualifications, Methods, Matter, cloth, 1*. 6d. 1842

1417 Blackwood, Magazine, vol. 6, calf, be. 1820

1418 Blaine, Encyclopedia of RURAL SPORTS, Histor. Pract. Descript. of Hunting, Shooting, Fishing, Racing, &c. cloth, neat, 600 engravings, by Aiken, Landseer, Sfc. 30*. pub. 21. 10*. . . . 1840

Blair (Rev. Hugh) Semiong, "models of sound, elegant, simple, persuasive eloquence, all the beauties of language and elegant expression."

1419 SERMONS, GOOD EDITION, LARGE TYPE, 5 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, 9s.

1420 Sermons and Life, in 1 thick 8vo. 3*. pub. 12*.

1421 Another, hf. cf. nt. 4*. 6d.

1422 Lectures, on Rhetoric and Belles Letters," will always be valuable for correct taste, accumulation of good sense, on art of speaking and writing,Foster, i vols. 8vo. cf. nt. 7s. 6d . 1818

1423 Ditto, Complete, in 1 thick 8vo. 3*. 0-/.

1424 Blakey, History of Moral Science, " Analyses of" Works of Hobbes, Cudwortb, Locke, Abp. King, Bp. Cumberland, Wollaston, Sam. Clarke, Mandeville, Pope, Bolingbroke, Shaftesbury, Hutcheson, Rutherford, Butler, Hartley, Hume, Priestly, Paley, Ferguson, Kames, Smith, Price, Godwin, Gisborne, Cogan, Stewart, Brown, Sec. 2 vols. 8ro. cloth, 7s. 6d. pub. M. 4*. Edinb. 1835

1425 Blancuccio, Institutiones in Ling. S. Hebraicam, Roma, 1608; Drusius, de Literes Mosche Vechaleb. Franck. 1608, 2 books, 2s. 6rf.

1426 HliMMl, Latin Hexameters, Pentameters, Is. pub. 3*.

1427 — Hydrostatics, Elements of, and application to Solution of Problems, cloth, 2s. 6d. pub. 12*. . . . 1827

1428 Bliank Small Books, with neat writing paper, rulfd (7 4y4J) 2s. 6d.

1429 Bleak Hnuse, by Dickens, thick 8vo. hf. cf. Illustrations, 15*. pub. 24*. . 1853

1430 Blessington (Lady) Idler in ITALY, 3 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 8*. pub. II. 16*. . 1839

1431 Thougbta and Reflections, cloth, gilt

leaves, 1*. pub. is. . . 1839

1432 Blind, Biography of, Lives of such as have distinguished themselves Poets, Philosophers, Artists, &c. by Wilson, cloth, 2*. 6d. pub. bs. 6d. 1838

1433 Blind, History, Origin, Progress, of Literature for, and Practical Hints and Recommendations as to their Education, with Directions for Teaching Reading and Writing, to Blind, with and without Teacher, by J. Gall, 8vo. cloth, cuts, 3s. pub. St. . . Edinb. 1834

1434 BLOCK, Drawing- BOOK (Dickinsons) arranged to form Stand for SKETCHING or Copying, with Pockets, &c. (16 by 12), 2*. 6i/.

1435 Blomfield, Greek Grammar, by Edwards, 1*. pub. it.

1436 Bloom field, Greek Testament, with English Notes, I*. Oil. pub. 12s. . 1838

1437 Bloomfield, Farmer's Boy, 1*< edit, with Preface by Copel Lofft, large 8vo. hf. cf. cuts by Anderson, scarce, 2*. . 1800

1438 Ditto, Farmer's Boy, cuts, 1820; Banks of Wye, plates, 1813; May Day with Muses, 1822; 3 books, 3s. 6d. pub. 13*.

1439 Hlore, English Monuments, most interesting of the Churches and Cathedrals, Specimens of; (Monument of Queen Eleanor, of Edw. III., Queen of ditto, in West. Abbey, Queen Philippa, Earl of Pembroke, of Sir J. Spencer, in Briny ton Church; Earl of Douglas, in Douglas Church; others in Beauchamp Chapel, Warwick; Canterbury Cathedral; Bedale Church, Durham Cathedral, St. Saviour's, Southwark; Winchester Cathedral, Staindrop Church, Christ Church, St. Albans, Sec.) 4 to. 30 mott exquisite pin lea, 30*. ... 1825

"Most beautiful and elaborate Engravings of our finest Monuments."—liloxam ; alsoseeDibdin'spraise.

1440 Blount (Sir T. Pope, the celebrated Infidel, considered by Chalmers not inferior to Montaigne) Essays, cf. 2s. . . 1697


1441 Hanbuch der Vergleinchenden Anatomie, 8vo. plates, 2s. . Gotling. 1824

1442 Comparative Anatomy, Manual of, translated, with Notes, by Lawrence, augmented by Coulson, 8vo. 14*. . . 1827

1443 Physiology, Institutions of, translated, with copious Notes, by Elliotaon, 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 4s. pub. 16*. . . 1828

1444 Blundell (the celebrated Professor of Guy's Hospital) Diseases of WdllH'II, edited by Castle, " important authority"Lond.MedJourn., Med. Chirurg. Rev., Edin. Med. Joum. S(c. 8vo. 3s. pub. 12*. . 1837

1445 lilunt (Master Sir H.) Voyage to Levant, by way of Venice, into Dalmatia, Sclavonia, Bosnah, Hungary, Sec. unto Gran Cairo, Moderne Condition of Turkes and others, sm. 4 to. cf. 2s. 1638

1446 Blunt (Rev. I. J.) History of Reformation in England, 2s. 6d. pub. bs.

Blunt (Rev. H. of Chelsea).

1447 LECTURES, Peter, Jacob, Abraham, St. Paul, Christ; also Sermons, 9 vols. hf. cf. nt. 1/. coil 31.2s. . . 1837, Sfc.

1448 Articles, Doctrinal, 9 Discourses, 1835;di7io, Trial of Spirits, 1835; ditto, Lord's Day, 1835; ditto, Jacob, 1835, and others, in 1 vol. 5*.

1449 Lectures on our Saviour, part 2, cloth, 2s. 6d. pub. bt. 6d.

1450 Jacob, cloth, 3s. pub. is. 6rf.

1451 Jacob and Peter, Lectures on, 2 vols, in 1, cloth, bs.pui. 9s.

1452 St. Paul, 2 vols, cloth, bs. pub. 1 \s.

1453 St. Paul, ditto, vol. 1, 2s.

1454 St. Peter, cloth, is. 6d.

1455 15 Sermons, Posthumous, 6*. 1844

1456 Bosrdman, Dictionary of VETERINARY ART, with all Modern Improvements, and so much Anatomy, Physiology, Chemistry, Pharmacy, &c. as connected, useful to Veterinarian, Farrier, Farmer, &c. thick 4to. 39 plates, scarce, 8*. pub. Ays. . . . 1805

1457 Rob Norherry, or Sketches from Note Book of an Irish Reporter, edited by Capt. Prout, 8vo. cloth, numerous illustrations, 3*. . 1844


1458 II Dccamerone, good Italian pocket edition, 2s. 6d. . . Firenze, 1827

1459 Decameron, translated, with Remarks on Life and Writings of Boccaccio, "much information, industry, taste" (by Dubois) 8vo. cloth, is. pub. 10*. . . . 1845

1460 Decameron, translated, with Suppressed Passages, Remarks, Life, cloth, gilt leaves, is. 1850

1461 translated into FRENCH, by Barbier, very

large 8vo. half yreen morocco, finely illustrated, with numerous fine plates, 6fc. by Tony Johannot, &;c. 11*. . . . Paris, 1846

1462 BOCHARTI, Hierozoicon, de Animalibus S. Scripture, Avibus, Serpentis, Insectis, Quadrup. Fabulosis Animal. EDITIO OPTIMA, Notis Rosenmuller, et Indice, " replete with various and recondite learning, erudition presque inconceiva. ble, treasure of Scripture criticism and illustration," 3 thick vols. 4to. \ 31. 10*. Zi>*.1799

1463 Bock, Jewish Child's Friend, or Handbook to Popular Scientific Knowledge, an Elementary Work in Hebrew, French, and German, for School and Private Instruction for Jewish Youth, 8vo. cf. ■/.St. . Berlin, 1811

1464 Boeckh, Public Economy of Athens, with Dissertation of Silver Mines of Laurion, translated by Lewis, thick 8vo. cloth, new, 12*. pub. 18*. 1842

1465 Boerhaave, Institut. Medicce, thick vol. (548 pages) calf, 1*. . Lugd. 1734

1466 BoetlliUS, Consolation of Philosophy, "a golden writer, displaying the various riches of philosophy, poetry, eloquence, incomparable merit," Gibbon, translated, with Notes, by Preston, calf, 2s. 1712

1467 Bogae, Discourses on Millenium, "judicious,

pious," thick 8vo. 3*. pub. lis. . 1818 : BoilCiMl, CSuvres," lam not able to name works, either poetical or critical, may be read with equal advantage"Mat bias.

1469 OSUVRES, avec Eloge, par Auger, very good library edition, 3 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. nt. bs.

Paris, Didot, 1815

1470 ffiuvrea, 2 vols. cf. nt. 2s.

1471 Poesits, 2 vols.; Sevigne, Lettres Choisies, 2 vols.; Voltaire, Epitres, Odes, &c. 5 small vols. half morocco,uniform, is. . 1817, Sic.

1472 Boileau, auz prises avec lea Jesuits, avec Eclsircissemens, Cologne, 1706; Lettre sur Mort de Pelisson, Rotterdam, 1693; Jugement Astrologique pour Aunee 1688; Avis a tous lea Francois au sujet des Mouvemens de Seventies et Tremblemens de Terre, a Rome, 1703, and others, thick vol. vellum, curious, 2s.

1473 Boinvilliers, Hommes IUustres de Rome, in FRENCH and FLEMISH (on opposite pages) by Henchel, 2*. . . Gard, 1811

1474 Boisseree, CATHEDRALE de COLOGNE, Histoire et Description, royal 4to. 5 fine plates, is. 6d. . . Munich, 1843

Boliiig-lsroke (Lord).

1475 WORKS, Miscellaneous, "perfect model o, writing and speaking, his letters approach nearest Cicero's," good original edition, with Life, 4 vols, sm. 8vo. caif, 6*. . . . 1768

1476 History, Letters on Study and Use of, good copy, 8vo. calf, 2l.

1477 Letters and Correspondence, edited by Parke, "very valuable for Treaty of Utrecht"Lord Russell, see also Smyth, 4 vols. 8vo. 9*. 1798

1478 Bolingbroke (Lord) Memoirs, by Cooke, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, portrait, bs. 6d. pub. 28*. 1836

1479 Bonaparte (J. de Sauminiato) Tableau Historique des Evenemens Survenus pendant Sac de Rome en 1527, Temoin Oculaire (Italian and French) from Original MS. with Note on Family of Bonaparte, 8vo. cf. nt. ?«. Paris, 1809

Bonaparte (Buonaparte).

1480 Buonaparte, History of (by Lockhart) 2 vols. 12mo. hf. cf. cuts, bs. cost 13*. Murray, 1830

1481 Bourrlenne, Memoirs of NAPOLEON, "playmale, companion, private secretary, his accounts perfectly corroborated by facts," 4 vols. sm. 8vo. cloth, 6s. pub. 11. . 1831

1482 Fain (Baron) Memoirs of Invasion of Franco by Allied Armies, and last 6 Months of Reign of Napoleon and Abdication, translated, 8vo. map and facsimile, 2s. 6d. pub. 12*. . 1834

1483 Hazlitt, Life of Napoleon, 4 vols. 8vo. best edit. 10*. pub. 31. . 1830

1484 Labaume, Campaign in Russia, circumstantial account of, being a faithful description of the affecting and interesting scenes, translated, most aulhentic,interesting,correct,cf.nt.plans,2s.6d.lSlb

1485 Laurent de L'Ardeche, Histoire de Napoleon, splendid work, with multitude of fine Illustrations by Horace Vernet, very large 8vo. hf. green morocco, Ms. cost 25*. . Paris, 1839

1486 Ditto, translated, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 500 Illustrations by Vernet, Sec. 6s. . 1840

1487 Manuscript, from Portfolio of Les Cases, containing Maxims, &c. of Napoleon, translated, 1820; Shenstone, Essays on Men and Manners, 1797; Blunders of Big Wig, or Paul Pry's Peep into Sixpenny Sciences, 1827; Record of Cooperative Knowledge, 1830; Major, Theory of Money and Exchanges, 1812, Itc 8vo. hf. cf. 2s.

1488 NORVINS, Histoire de Napoleon, large 8vo. neatly hf. bnd. numerous fine cuts and plates by Raffet, 10*. . Paris, 1839

1489 Ditto, Translated by Home, 2 vols, imperial 8vo. hf. cf. nt. many hundred fine engravings after Raffet and Vernet, 14*. pub. U. bs. 1841

1490 Another choice copy in Nos. 10*.

1491 Segur (Comte) Napoleon et Grande Armee en 1812, 2 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. snaps, bs. Paris, 1825

1492 BONAPARTE (Louis Napoleon) Works, Political, Historical, with Original Life, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, portrait, 11*. pub. 21*. . 1852

1493 (Louis Napoleon) Histoire complete de,

depuis Naissance, par Guleix et Guy, continuee a son manage, par Guy, thick 8vo.2#.<W.Perif ,1853

1494 Bonar (Rev. A. of Craraond) "Calvinislic" Sermons, chiefly on Devotional Subjects, with Memoir, vol. 2 only, 8vo. 2s. 6d. pub. 19*. 1817

1495 Bonar (Rev. H.) Morning of Joy, cl. Is. 1850

1496 Bonavoglia Fulginatis, Ord. Minor. Sylva Inventionum Sacrarum Quadragesimalinm Evangeliorum (616 pages) vellum, 2s. Colon. 1607

1497 Uoilillg-tOll, FISH MARKET, a beautiful large engraving, by QUILLY, fine original PROOF, (22 by 17) U. 11*. 6rf. 1831

1498 Bonnechose, History of France, from Invasion of Franks, under Clovis, to Accession of Louis Phillipe, TRANSLATED, " the National History, being used in all the Stale College!," sm. 8vo. cloth, (580 pages) 2s. pub. Is. 6rf. (6 for 9s.) .- . 1839

1499 Bonney, Historic Notices, from Dugdale'a unpublished record, on Fotheringhay, and very in

! tcresting account of execution and Funeral of Mary, Queen of Scots, joy. 8vo. plates, 2s. 6d. pub. 6s. . . 1821

1500 Bonnycastle (Lieut. Col.) The Canada*) and the Canadians, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. cloth, new, cuts, Ac. 3*. pub. 11. . . 1849


1501 Arithmetic, 2s. pub. it. 6d. Cadell, 1843

1502 Astronomy, Introduction to, 8vo. hf. bnd. numerous plates, 2s. Qd. pub. 12s. . 1822

1503 Geometry, Elements of, Principal Propositions, part of Euclid, with Notes, Sec. on Higher Parts of the Science, 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 2s. 6tl. pub. 10s. 1818

1504 Trigonometry, Plane and Spherical, Trentiseon, with their Applications, 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 2s. 6d. pub. 12s. . 1813

1505 Book, Forbidden, or Chrono-Thermalist, with New Fallacies of the Faculty, by Dr. Dickson, 8vo. cloth, 3s. 6d. pub. 7s. 6il. . 1850

BOOKS, Children's,


Beatltifill Little HOSe, from the German of Guido

The Brothers, from the German of Schmidt.
Canary Bird, or Valley of Sehwarzenfels.

Cherries, or .Overseer of Mahlbourg, and

Heinrich and Blanca.
Dove, or Castle of Falkenbourg.
Henry of Eichenfels.

Lost Child, a Tale from the German of Schmidt.

Louis, the Little Emigrant, Child Lost in the

Wood, Night's Lodging, Mother's Grief, Peasant

of the Village, Clergyman, Country Life, Foreign

Soldiers, Wounded Man, &c.
Lucius and His Children, from the German of

Schmidt. Frontispiece.
Marion Mereton, or See and Judge.

May Day.

Nightingale, or Count Sternfeld.
Pinchtjennv (Isaac), or Unmasked Hypocrite.

Bed and White Boses.
Bose Bush.

Select Allegories, neat cuts.
Stories and Fables, cuts.

Stories from Bede, with his Life, neat cuts.

Valley of Almeria, frontispiece.

The Wren, or Fairy of Green House, 18 beautiful cuts.


1507 Of Alphabets, Ornamental, by Knight, most beautiful, published in London, greatly ad. mired, particularly the Ornamental Ciphers, 4 to.

, **• • . . .. 1839

1508 Of Beauty, or Orbis Pictus (Paynes) for every table, including Reynard the Fox, and Leutemann's Designs, Subscriber's Copy complete, 126 fine plates, 4to. hf. cf. nt. 11. cost 21. is. 1853

1509 Of Biography, for Ladies, by Miss Kendrick and Mrs. Child, cloth, gilt hates, Is. 6d. 1853

1510 Of Christian Exercise, appertaining to Resolution, (after Father Parsons) by E. Bunny, vellum, 1*. 6d. . . N.D. 16—

1511 Of Crestg, and other distinctions of Fami| lies; Helmets, English Crowns, Coronets, Orders, &c. Specimens of, large 4to. 30 most beautiful plate*, U

1512 Of nliei'S, ORNAMENTED, PLAIN, and REVERSED, 758, in all the various ways now in use, by WHITEMAN and GILL, hf. bnd. 55 plates, 7s. pub, 12s.

1513 Of Etiquette, Vulgar Caricature Engravings, by HEATH, directed against Smoking, Noticing Poor Relations, Monopolizing Newspaper, Behaviour at Theatre, Fashion, Staring System, Drunkenness, Grimacing behind a Visitor, Monopolizing Narrow Pavemeut, Answering Strangers, &c. 23 engravings, neatly done up in a volume, Is. (or C for 3s.)

1514 Of iVablCN, also Stories and Allegories, a Selection of 131 of BEST SPECIMENS extant, "Compiled with great care, far superior to any other." "A very delightful little volume, the moral tendoncy invariably exemplary. Fables, from the pleasure with which they are perused, arc extremely valuable as a medium of conveying instruction." "Excellent gift book,'' cloth, numerous woodcuts, 2s.

1515 Of tfneuig, or Device Book, contains 500 Examples (French and English), with appropriate Mottoes, also Arms and Ornaments, for Plate Engraving, various Crests, Mottoes, Garters, Cyphers of different kinds, in all the severul forms now used, various Alphabets in vogue. Of infinite use to Jewellers, Silversmiths, and Engravers, or as an Album of never-ceasing amusement, 8vo. pits. 9s. pub. 11. lis. 6d. . . 183(i

I51S Of Heraldic IlIlIMtrtltlOIlN ; particularly recommended toEngraversand most Herald Painters, by whom it will be found most useful. The finest Specimens of Heraldry ever published, both Drawing and Engraving, universally admired by every Amateur, imperial 4to. 20 plates, 11.

1517 Of Households, Collection of Ordinances and Regulations for Government of Royal, in Divers Reigns, Edw. III. to Will, and Mary, also Receipts in Ancient Cookery, "a text-book for antiquarian enquiries, with curious illustrations of Manners, Prices, SfC." 4to. half calf, 6s. 6d.' 1790

15)8 Of Illustrious, or NATIONAL GALLERY, complete, 4to. cloth, 13 clever Portraits of Wellington, Karl Grey, Peet, Wilberforce. Lord Durham, Earl Spencer, O'Cimnell, Lord Russell, Marq. Lansdown, Coke, Earl of Leicester, Lyndhurst, Brougham, 3s. pub. 12s.

1519 Of New Covenant, of our Saviour, a Critical Revision of Text, and Translation of English New Test, with aid of most Ancient MSS. unknown to age in which our authorized Version was put foitb, by GRANVILLE PENN, "peculiar and excellent"Lowndes, " ingenious, most valuable, often original"—M. Taylor, too. 2s. pub. 10*. 1836

1520 Of Old TVllimery T.les. Our Ancient Favourite Fictions, Unique Collection of, now first Collated, Improved, and Completed, from all similar Legends, iu DIFFERENT LANGUAGES, forming the " Best Editions" of these "ever charming," "ever delightful" TALES, the "Delight of the imagination of half the inhabitants of the globe.

This complete and uniform Series is most elegantly printed, with chastely Ornamental Borders, round each Page, in THREE SMALL QUARTO VOLS. cloth, Turkey red, gorgeously gilt, handsome ornaments, ornamental gilt edges, 36 very superior, highly imaginative illustrations, by English Artists, 3s. Gd. per vol. pub. C*. each.

First Series.—CONTENTS: Introduction, and Adventures of Fairy Tale. Cinderella. The Three Soldiers. White Enchanted Hind. Jack the Giant Killer. Snow Drop. Blanche and Rosalind.

Second Series.—Sleeping Beauty. Invisible Prince. White Cat. Yellow Dwarf. Beauty and the Beast. Goody Two Shoes.

Third Series.—Little Red Riding Hood. Prince Cherie. Golden Goose. Giant with the Golden Hairs. Blue Beard. Children in the Wood. Valentine and Orson. Whittington and his Cat.

"Truth is,',I would not give one tear nhed over Little Red Riding Hood for all the benefits to be derived from a hundred histories of Jemmy Goodrhild. Our own wild fictions —like our own simple music—will have more effect in awakening tile fancy and elerating the disposition, than the colder and more elaborate compositions of modem authors and compo9ers,"-5Vr Walter Scott,

"The text book for fairy lore." 1621 Of Ornament*, Unique Fancy, by Knight, complete, large 4to. 33 beaulifulplti.lL

1522 Of ditto, Scroll, for Artists, Silversmith), Chasers, Modellers, Carvers, Founders, &c. bj ditto, large 4to. 50 truly beautiful plaits, 30i.

1523 Of 1?Octrj, includes best Pieces, of Spencer, Sonthey, Wordsworth, Elliot, Macaulay, Cole, ridge, Wolfe, Bryant, Hemans, Campbell, Herrick, Ken, Hickea, Shakespere, Taylor, Cowper, Bewlct, Da Vera, Sandys, Keble, Scott, Hood, Crash**, Alford, &c. mostly selected from Writings of out chief Poeta, by the REV. B. G. JOHNES, "pr,. cisely the volume so long wanted in Schools au Families; rich materials for deep reflection, lending not only to exalt and purify the taste, £*f h amuse and instruct, by that most important mtthod, the Cultivation of the Intellect," clM, frontispiece by Warren, 2s. , 184?

1524 Book of the POETS (Chaucer to Beaitit) with Essay on English Poetry, thick 8vo. gilt lure,. most beautiful illustrations, 9s. , 1848

1525 Of Song, or Minstrel's Companion, a choice selection of 300 esteemed Popular Songs, with the .Music arranged for Violin, Flute, Voice, efcM, 2s. (id. pub. 5*. . . 1838

Book of Common Pl ayer, Liturgies, &c.

1526 COMMON Prayer, with Musical Note, also Copious Appendix, MUSIC of Marbecke's Common Praier, noted, as used in first book of Edward VI. Dissertation on Plain Tune, and Gregorian Chant, edited by Dyce, professes to be tfce Authorised Manual, or Choral Book of English Church, most accurate and only true one; and, as such, the Standard by which the plain song of the service ought to be regulated, or, if seed be, reformed; laying down rules, for the tint tiae within the last two centuries, and clearly pr..-. . PLAIN SONG the only distinctly authorised Music of our service, by reference to ancieat principle and PRACTICE, and showing, by tame reference, the correct mode of INTONATING and chanting the service, in PLAIN TUNE; and. as such, we arc bound to use it in a pare and unaltered form. Printed in old English type, black and red, with rich engraved borders, 2 vols, sm. 4to. 30*. pub. 31. 12*.

1527 Psalter, separately printed, to tie song or ■aid, with 8 Tunes for Psalms, ORDER for BURIAL of the DEAD, HOLY COMMUNION, also Preface on the Use of that kind of MUSIC in the Church, and its application to English Language; also, Reprint or MARBECK'8 MUSIC in Edw. VI. first Prayer Book of 1549, wfcich salsequent changes rendered obsolete, byW. Dyee, the Professor of Fine Arts, beautiful speemt* «/ RED and BLACK typography, 7s. pub. 30*. IS44

1528 Prayer Book, Psalms, New Version, URGE TYPE, new, blue morocco, gilt leaves, 8*. 1852

1529 Another beautiful Oxford edition, with the Rubrics in Red Ink, large type, 8vo. Nat a* rocco, gill leaves, bevilled boards, 12*. IW2

1530 Prayer, Psalms, New Version, LARGE TYPE, 8vo. bnd. 2*.

1531 Another, large type, bnd. 4*. . 182

1532 Ditto, Pocket Prayer, new, embossed rem, p:l leaves, Is. fid. . . 1853

1533 Ditto, Pocket, Maroon Morocco, gilt tm*,r* rim and clasp, G*. . WH

1534 Church Service, blue morocco, gilt leans, jj" rim and corner, 5*. 6d. .

1535 Ditto, maroon morocco, 2s. 6d. . 183

1536 Edward VI. Two Liturgies, 1549 and ISM. with other Documents set forth in bis Reiga, Communion, Primer, Catechism, Articles, Csleebismus Brevis, edited, for Parker Society, by Ketley, cloth, 5*. 6d. . . WW

1537 ELIZABETH, Liturgies and Forms of Prsjer, set forth in the reign of, edited, for the Park" Society, by Rev. W. K. Clay, thick 8vo. (700/tff" cloth, new, 4s. . .

1538 Merbecke, Book of Common Prayer, Noted, u printed by GRAFTON, 1550, verbatim rtprW. with the Musical Notts, icithout aUtrttm. infolded, 4*. 6d. pub. 24*. PicktrmfiIW

(To be continued.)

BOOKS AT LUMLEY'S. Abeillaidand Helolsa, Familiar History of their Lives, Loves, ami Misfortunes, a Poem, by Rabelais the Younger, Bvo. hf. cf. nt. gilt leaves, 10 plates, 3s. pub. Vis. 1819 Abercrombie, Inquiries on Intellectual Powers, and Investigation of Truth, hi: cf. nt. is. pub. Bs. 6d. 1838 Adam (Dr.) Laliu Dictionary, thick Bra. It/. of. scarce, bs.

cult 11. . . . 180*

Addison, History of Knij?hts Templars, Temple Church and Temple, sm. 4to. cloth, is. pub. 18s. 184t Addiion, Works, Prose aud Verse, Life by TickelL 3 vols.

12mo. cj. nt. is. . 1746

Adshead, Progress of Religious Sentiment, Advancement of Principles of Civil and Religious Freedom, Affinity of Romanism, Tractarianism, Baptismal Regeneration, &c. Evangelical Statistics, 12nio. cloth, new. Is. pub. 2s. 1852 Adventures of a Gentleman in search of a Horse, by Sir G.

Stephen, 12mo. cloth, many cuts, 3s. pub. Is. 6d. 1841 Ditto in Mexico aud Rocky Mountains, by Ruxton, cloth.

is. pub. 6s. , . Murray, 1847

-Esop, Fables, translated by Croxall, with Morals, 12mo.

Iif. bnd. many cuts, 2s. pub. is. . 1836

Agathua and.other Sunday Stories, by Wilberforce, cloth, , . . 1852

Asiripna, Vanity of Arts and Sciences, translated, 8vo. c/.nt.

2s.6d. . . . 1694

Ahiraon Rcznn, or a Help to a Brother, Muse of Masonry, Masonic Essayist, fce, is. 6d. Dublin, 1803

Ains!ie. Mate/la Medico, Account of Articles used by Hindoos, and other Eastern Nations, in their Medicine, Arts, Agriculture, 2 vols. Svo. 13s. 6ci. pub. it. , 1886

Ainsworth, Latin Dictionary, by Morell, etc. very thick 8vo. I cloth, is. pub. 12s. . . 1844

Ditto, by Beatson and Ellis, very thick large 8vo. cf. nt.

lis. pub. IL , . .1838

Ainsworth, Tower of London, 8vo. hf. <f> n>. P*utes, by Cruiishank, is. 6d. pub. 16s. , 1840

Akerman, Numismatic Manual, or Guide to Study of Greek, Roman, and English Coins, 12mo. cloth, pastes, it.6d. pub. ts. . . 1834

Alcoran of Mahomet, translated from Arabic, by Du Ryer, sm.lto. nt. 3s. . . . 1649

Alexander (Capt.) Sketches in Portugal during Civil War of 1834, with Present State and Future Prospects, Bvu. cloth, plates, 2s. pub. 10s. . ,1833

Alison, Nature, Principles of Taste, 2 vols. 8vo. cf. very nt.

Us. pub. II. . . Mtlin. 1823

Alison (Sir A.) History of Europe, People's editiou, first 3 vols, cloth, Jronts, Is. pub. lis. . 1S53

Ditto, Principles of Population, and their Connection with Human Happiness. 2 vols. 8vo. call, very neat, lbs. pub. 30s. . iSdln.1810

Alister, Belief in Special Providences, examined by Light of Scripture and Experience, 8vo. cloth, 2*. 1854 All is Well, Letters and Journals of Lieut. St. John, Madras Infantry, 12mo. cloth, port. 2l. M. pub. bs. 6d. 1848 Allen (Z.) Practical Tourist, State of Useful Arts, Society, Scenery, in Gt. Britain, Prance. Holland, 2 vols. sin. 8vo.

clerA. 2s. 6<i. Boston (V. S.) 1832

Analysis uf Scripture History, Questions. Examination Papers, by Piunock, J4mo. cloth, 'is. pub. is.6d. Camb. I860 Anderson (Rev. James) Addresses on Miscellaneous Subjects, Hours from Business, Johnson, Columbus, Raleigh, England and her Colonies, cloth, 'it. 6d. pub. 6s. 6d. 1849 Anderson (Rev. R.) 10 Discourses on Communion Office, with Append, cloth, 2s. Gu'.puo. 7s, . 1838

Anderson, Guide to Highlands and Islands of Scotland, Including Orkney, Zetland, thick sm. 8vo. cloth, plates and maps, is. pub. 10s. 6d. . Edin. 1847

Andrew, Hebrew Dictionary and Grammar, without Points, also List of Chaldee Words in Old Test. *vo. it. 6d. pub. is. . . . 1823

Andrews, Latin-English Lexicon, from Freund, with additions and corrections from Gesner, Facciolati, Ire. very thick roy. 8vo. bnd, 15s. pub. It. Is. . . 1851

Aneurism. Observations, as selected from Principal Writers, from Earliest Periods to close of last Century, translated and edited by Erichsen, thick 8vo. cloth, is. Syd. Soc. 1844 Anthon, Sallusr, rfolA, 2s. pub. is. 1851 Aristotelis. Nicomachean Ethics, Gr. edited and illustrated by Lancaster, Interleaved MSS. A'otes, is. pub. Ms.

Oxjord, 1834

Armstrong (Dr. J.) Lectures on Elements of Pathology and Theory and Practice of Physic, edited by Thompson 12mo. cloth. Is. id. pub. 6s. . . 1838

ARNOLD (Dr. T.) Modern History, Lectures on, 8vo. oWA. 6s. pub. 8s. 6d. - . . Oxjord, 1842

Ditto, Sermons on Christian Life, its Course, Hindrances, Helps. 8vo. ctotA, 7s. id. pub. 12s. . 1845

■ Sermons, with Essay on Right Interpr. and Underst.

of Script vol. 2 only, 6... pub. 12s. . 1832

Life and Correspondence, edited by Stanley, thick 8vo.

cloth, port. is. pub. 16s. . . 1846

ARNOTT, Physics, 2 vols. 8vo. Aai/ rtusia, car's, 30s. 1833

Art of Living in London, Rejected Addresses, Manual of Wisdom, best Proverbs, English, Spanish, French, Italian, and others, Wise Sayings, etc. 1804, tic. thick vol. hf. cf. •it. td.

— of MEMORY on Feinagle's Principles, with Aocount of all the Various Systems, Instances of Extraordinary Memurv, col/, neat, is. 6d. pub. lis. . 1813

Benson, Journal of Visit to Corsica, its History and Specimens of Language uml Poetry, plates, 1825; Rose, Letters from North of Italy, 2 vols. 1819, thick 8vo, hf. cf. it. it.

Bolton (R ) Workes, State of True Happinesse, Directions for comfortable Walking with God, sm. 4to. old morocco, gilt leaves, is. . . . 1638

BOTANY, Linniean System, Classes and Orders of. complete, Illustrated by Specimens, Foreign and Indigenous, at least one Plant to each Class or Order, by Duppa, 3 large vols. 8vo. 210 finely coloured pits, 18s. pub, 71. 18)6

Brace, Home Life in y, 8vo. doth,

[ocr errors][ocr errors][merged small]

Capper, 3 Presidencies of India, History of Rise aud Pro'' Possessions from Earliest Records yld and numerous engravings, 3s. 6d

g'ress of British Bvo. cloth maps,

pub. 6s. '. , . 1858

Carne, Tour through Switzerland and Italy, 8vo. cloth, Is.

pub. 15s. ... 1840

Catechisme des Jesuites, ou Examen de leur Doctrine.

thick 8vo. vellum, scarce, 3s. Ville-jranche, 1602

Catlin, North American Indians, Manners, Customs, Condition, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. hj. cf. nt. 400 yiiie illustrations, 17s. pub. 30s. . 1841 Cecil, or Adventures of a Coxcomb, a Novel, 3 vols. hf. bnd. . , .1841

CHAMBERS, Cyclopcodia of English Literature, 2 vols.

ads, lis. . , . Edinb. 1844

Ditto, Information for People, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. hf cf. nt.

cuts, lis. . . Edin. 1842 .

Channing (Dr.) Works, 1 vols, cloth, is. 6d. Glasgow, 1836 1 Charles 1st (King) History of Reign of, Faithfully aud Impartially delivered and disposed into Auuals, sm. folio. hf. cf. nt. 2s. td. . 1656

Chnrriocke, Discourses on Existence and Attributes of God. thick Svo. clolh, port. is. pub. lis. . 1836 Chemistry of Creation, being an Outline of Chemistries of Earth, Air, aud Ocean, by Ellis, thick sm. Svo. cloth, fine cuts, it. pub. 5s. . 1850

Chesncy (lol.) Russo-Turkish Campaigns of 1828 and 1829, with View of Present State of Affairs in the East.Jsm. 8vo. cloth, new, maps, is. pub. lis. . , 1854

Chillingworth, Religion of Protestants safe Way to Salvation, edited by Patrick. Notes, &c. thick vol. cl. 3s. 1846 Christian's Penny Magazine, of Congregational Union, first 6 vols. 12mo. cf. nt. 7s. . . 1846-51

Chrysal, or Adventures uf a Guinea, 4 vols. 12mo. calf, neat, is. . . . 1794

Churchill, Researches on Operative Midwifery. 8vo. cloth, plates, 3s. 6d. pub. lis. . . Dublin, 1841

Ditto, Midwifery, Theory, Practice of, cloth, 100 cuts.

5s. Otf. puli. 12s. 6a\ . . 1850

Cieero, Orations, English Commentary, by Anthon, edited by Boyd. bnd. 3s. Sd. pub. 6s. . . 1847

with remarks by Melmoth, 1814

:re. Origin, Motives, Objects, TransacFund Society, large 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 2s.


Cicero, Letters,

3 vols. Svo. 5s. pub. 11. Claims of Literature, Ori

tions of Literary

pub. 7s. 6d.

Clare, Poems, descriptive of Rural Life and Scenery, 2s.

pub. 5.. fid. . . 1820

Clarissa, or History of a Young Lady, comprehending most important concerns of Private Life, 8 vols, small Svo. hf. morocco, 10s. . . 1751

Clark, Knighthood, History of, Religious and Military Orders, Descriptions of Mantles, Collars, Stars, Ribbons, Account of Installation of different Orders, Sec. 2 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. nt. many cuts, 3s. . 1784

Ditto, Heraldry, Introduction to, 12mo. cf. very nt. 40plates, 2s. 6d. 1794 Clark, Gaspacho, Or Summer Months in Spain, Svo. clolh. Is. pub. Is. 6d. . . 1850

Cobbett, French Grammar, is. pub. 5s. , • 1824

Cocker, English Dictionary, interpreting most refined and difficult Words in Divinity, Law, Physic, Sec. edited by Hawkins, 12mo. cf. nt. rare, 3s. On London Bridge, ]704

Coke upon Littleton, readable edition, by Coventry, thick roy. 8vo. is. pub. 11. 5». . 1880

Coleridge, Poems, 3s. 6d. pub. 6s. Pickering, 1848

Columbus, Life and Voyages, by Irving, Abridged, cloth, port, astd map, bt. . 1830

Comfort for the Afflicted, by Kennaway, Preface by Wilberforce, 12mo. cfcxA, 2s. puli. 5s. . 1845 Controversial Discussion at Hammersmith, Cumming and French, from Notes of Archer, with copious Index, thick 8vo. hf. cf. nt. is. pub. 12s. . 1841 Cook (Eliza) Journal, 2 vols. (3 and 4) hf. cj. nt. is. 6d. Cooke, History of Party, from rise of Whig and Tory Fac. tions, Reign Charles II. to passing Reform Bill, 1 vols. 8vo. hf. russia, 10». pub. U. lis. «d. . 1837 Cookery Book, Illustrated London, 1,500 first rate Receipts, by Bishop, 8vo. cloth, cuts, 6s. . 1858 Cookery, Modern Domestic and Useful Receipt Book, cloth, Is. 6f. . 185Cooper, Surgical Dictionary, last edition, very thick Svo.

cfo/A, 18s. pWb. 30s. . . 1838

Cooper, Novels (Lionel Lincoln, Pilot, Spy. Last of Mohicans, Pioneers, Prairie) roy. 8vo. hf. cf.nt 3s. 1843 Copland, Dictionary of Medicine, 2 first vols. II. 12s. met 2f. 18s. . . . 1814

Copleston, Pralectioncs Academic*), Oxonil Uabita, 8vo.

4s. pub. 12s. Ojon. 1828

Cosmorama, a View of Costumes and Peculiarities of All Nations, by Aspln, thick sm. Svo. hf. cf. nt. pits. is. 6d. . . 18*.

Cowper, Poetical Works, with Life, Correspondence, tic. edited by Grimshawe, 8 vols. cf. nt. I7s. pub. 11. 1836

Poetical Works, half morocco, port. Xs. 1847

Coronations of Kings and Quceus of England, complete account of Ceremonies observed In, sm. 4to. A/, cf. nt. plait and cuts. Is. 6o\. . . 1727

Crabbe,Tales of the Hall, 2 vols. Bvo cf.\lAs.lm» Cresswell, Supplement to Euclid, 8vo. cluth,is. pub.lls 1825 C'rombic, Gymnasium, 2 vols. cf. very ncat, Ditto, Abridged, clolh, 3s. pub.Hi. . 183B

Cruise in the Undine, Journal of a Pair Oar Expedition, through France, Baden, Rhenish, Bavaria, Prussia, Belgium, by the Capt. cr. Bvo. cloiA, etchings, Is, 6d. pub. tt. 1854

Cunningham, New South Wales, Two Years in, Actual State of Society, Topography, Natural History, Sic. 2 vols. iw«/>, 3s. pub. 18s. . . 1828

Curran, Speeches, on State Triuls, 8vo. cf. very nt. lis. . , . 1816

Ditto, Life, edited by his Son, 2 vols. 8vo. cf. very nt. port. 6s. pub. 11. . . . 1819

Ditto aud his Contemporaries, Recollections of, by Phillips, 8ro. cf. nt. port. is. pub. 10s. . 1822

Curzon, (Hon. R.) Armenis, a Year at Erzeroom, and on Frontiers of Russia, Turkey, Persia, cr. 8vo. cioiA, 3s. pub. 10s. . . , 1854

Dalyell, Darker Superstitions of Scotland, Cure of Maladies, Evil Eye, Charms, Sympathy, Spectral, Tongues, Tests, Sc. thick 8vo. clolh. is. nd. pub. Its. . 1835

Dana, Seaman's Manual, Dictionary uf Sea Terms, Customs and Wages of Merchant Service, See. cloth, plates, 5s. . . . 1849

Davles, Celtic Researches, Origin, Traditions, Language of Ancient Britons, roy. Svo. hf. cf. veryneat,$s.pubA$s.lblll

Davis, The Chinese, description of China and Inhabitants, calf, very neat, fine cuts, 3s. bd. , 1810

Death of Abel, by Gessuer, translated, plates ; also Dorisley, Economy of Human Life, plates, 2 books in 1, !2iuo. calf, titat, 2s.

De Foe, Works, Minor Pieces, Collodion of Author's own

genuine editions, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, portrait, 6s. 1703*5

History of Plague, Svo. calj, neat, it. . 1754

Robinson Crusoe, complete (all 3 parts), and Lire of

De Foe, excellent edition, by Chalmers, 2 large vols. 8vo.

hi. cf.nt. Jim plates by Stothurd, 8s. . 1790

Delille, French Grammar, bnd. 2s. pub. 6s. 1840 De Lolme, on Constitution of England, with Notes, good

edition, 8vo. 2s. bd.tiub. 10s. 1822 Denholin, History of Glasgow and Suburbs, with Tour to

principal Scotch and English Lakes, thick Bvo. cf. nt. 15

Jine plates, 2s. Is. tid. . 1804

Dent, Ruin of Rome, or Exposition upon whole Revelation,

8vo, Ay', ef. very nt. plates. Is. . 1841

De Poiquet. English-Trench and French aud English Pocket Dictionary, bnd. 2s. 6d pub. 5s. . 1841 Derby, History, Gazetteer. Directory of, by Glover and

Noble, thick Bvo. 3s. pub. lbs. . Derliy, 1829

Diogenes Laertius, de Vita, et Moribus Phllosophorum,

Latin,, thick sm. 8vo. A/, cf. nt. is. 6d. . 1535

Disraeli, Venetia, 8vo. ,,,.;/.. 2s. Cd. . 1853

Dix, Land Surveying, Definitions, Problems in Geometry,

Survey with Chaiu and Cross, &c. edited by Maynartl,

am. bvo .bnd. plate and cuts, 2s. pub. 8*. . 1841 Dodsley, l'oems, by Various, collected, 6 vols. 8vo. cf. nt.

is. . . 1765

Don Jusn, by Ryron, 2 vols. 12mo. fronts. 3s. />u6.14s. 181t8 Don Quixote, translated, with Life, by Jarvis, 2 vols. Svo.

hf. cf. very nt. plates, 7s. . . 1809

Dim., translated by Smollett, 2 pocket vols, cloth, is. Double Outh, or the Rendezvous, a Novel, by Baroness

Calabrella, 3 vols, clolh, new, is. lid, pub. U. lis. id. 1850 Druery, Great Yarmouth and Environs, Hist, aud Topog.

Notices of, eloth.Jine plates. 3s. pub. 7s. 6u\ . 1826 Drydeu, Miscellaneous Works, l'oems. Tales, Translations,

collected, with Notes and Obs. ulso Life, 4 vols.

clean copy, calf, Us. . Tonson, 1760

Duficf, Nature Displayed in mode of Teaching Language to

Man, adapted to French, 2 vols. cf. nt. is. pub. lot. 1831 Dupin, Matbematics, piactically applied to Useful and Fine

Arts, edited by Birkbeck, 8vu. ciotA, 4s. pub. 9s. 1827 Dyinuck, Pocket, Aiusworth's Dictionary, bnd. 8s. 6ti. pub.

is. . ... 1832

Edaeworth. Parent's Assistant, 3 vols. hf. bnd. is.

7.. 6d. ... 1848

M oral Tales, 12mo. cloIJi, Is. 6d. pub. 5s. . 1850

— Popular Tales, in one vol. clolh, gilt leaves. Is. 6d. pub.

bt. . . .1850

Edinburgh Delineated, 60 Views of Public Buildings, Streets, Picturesque Scenery,Svo. cloth, 3s. . 1832

Edinburgh Universal Gazetteer, and Geographical Dictionary, edited by Thompson, very thick 8vo. cloth, maps, 5s.

pub, 18s. . . . 1851

Edwards, on Freedom of the Will, 12mo. cloth, 2s. 1845 Elliott, Life, Poetry, Letters, Politics, edited by Watkins,

sm.Bvo. cloth, is. 6d. pub. 7s. Cd. . IsbO

Dlgby (Sir K.) Private Memoirs, by Himself, edited by Sir

H. Nicolas, 8vo.>neiwr<. 3s. pui>. 12s. . 1827

Elegant Extracts, Prose. Verse, Epistles, 5 large vols. Svo.

cj. nt. lbs. pub. 21.15s. . . 1794 1801

Ellis (Mrs.) Daughters of England, their Position in Society,

Character, Responsibilities, Bvo. hf. cj. nt. Jront. is. pub.

10s. . . . 1842

Ditto, Women of England, their Social Duties, Domestic

Habits, Svo. hf. cj. nt. 4s. pub. 9s. . 1838

Entail, by Gait, clolh,front, is. pub. 6s. 1843 Epicuius, Morals, from Diogenes Laertius, Antoninus, Plutarch. 6iC. Cf. nt. is. . . . 1670 Epigrams, English Anthology of, or British Martial, 2 vols.

lanio. halfcj. it. 6d. pub. 10s. . 1806

Essex Harmony, choice collection of most celebrated Scm>s

and Catches, arranged for tire voices, by Arnold, 2 vols.

Bvo. calf, very tit. is. td. . . 1786

Essex. History, Gazetteer, Directory, by White, thick am.

Svo. cf. 13s. 6rf. . 1848

Euchanstlea, Meditations, Prayors, on most Holy Eucharist,

from Old English Divines, with Preface by Wilberforce,

morocco, gilt leaves and clasp, is. . 1844

Eutropius, Havercamp, best edition, thick Svo. vellum,

is. 172S Exuioulh(Lord) Life, by Osier, llmo.cloth,porl.andptaies, . . .1841

Falconer, Shipwreck, a Poem, with Life, laige 8vo. rutsia

extra, fine mis, 8s. pud>.8s. . 1808 Just published, 8ro. cloth, price 9s.


(VOL. II.);

Or, An Inquiry into the supposed Obligation ol the Sabbaths of the Old Testament. By Sir W». Domvillx, Bart.

Also, by the i


Author, Svo. cloth, price 9*.

(VOL. I.) J

Or, An Examination of the Six Texts commonly adduced from the New Testament in proof of a Christian Sabbath;; With a Supplement and Index. By a Layman.

Also, by the same Author, Svo. sewed, price Sd.

The: Mosaic Sabbath;

A Pamphlet, showing the Fourth Commandment to be not obligatory on Christians. It forms the first Chapter of Vol. II. on the Sabbaths of the Old Testament.

The following is an extract from a review of this pamphlet by The Leader of Sept. 4, 1850:—

"The question then arises, Is the Decalogue rendered obligatory iupon other nations (than the Jews) by any passage of the New Testament? The answer is a. conclusive nega. live.*'—"The way in which this argument Is pursued by the author is a tine example of masterly deduction, and the success is triumphant.'*

Cuaiuav And Hall, 193, Piccadilly.

Family History of England, by Gleig, 3 vols, clolh, many

plaUt, 7s. Sd. pub. 19«. . 1846

Fane, Fire Years in India, Presidency of Bengal, Cabu),

Affghanistan, Himalaya, &c. 2 vols. Svo, cloth,Jineplates

and cuts, is. pub. 25*. 1842 Fell, Epistles, Paraphrase and Annotations, 1702 Feltham (Owen) Resolves, Ulh and best edition,fine copy,

ef. nt. is. Sd. . . 17

Fenelon (Archbp.) on Eloquence, Rhetoric, Poetry, History, translated, Notes by Stevens and Creighton, Svo.

cf. nt. is. ... 1808

Fichte, 1'opular Works, translated, with Life by Smith, 2

thick Vo!h. clolh. . Chapman, MS

Finney, Lectures on Revivals of Religion, best edition, with

Notes and Life, thick Svo. cloth, port. 3s. pub. 10s. 1840 Fisher, Journal of Voyage of Discovery to Arctic Regions,

in 1819 and 1820, cf. nt. map andeuts, is. pub. Its. 1821 Fitch (S. S.) Uses of Lungs, Causes, Prevention, Cure of

Pulmonary Consumption, Asthma, Diseases of Heart, &c.

ciofA, 28 cur*, 2». . New York, 1850

Flarel. Fountain of Life opened, Display of Christ in his

Essential and Mediatorial Glory, sm Svo. clolh, is. 1836. Saint Indeed, and Touchstone of Sincerity, with Introductory Essay by Young, clolh, is. • 1830 Fletcher (of Madely) Christian Theology, systematically

arranged, with Lire, by Dunn, cloth, 6s. ad. 1838 Fletcher (Rev.Dr.J.) Lectures on Principles and Institutions

of R. Cath. Relig. and Pnseyism, thick Svo. cloth,

12f. 1846 Florlan, Romances, Estelle, Galatea, translated by Maxey,

Highley, 2 vols, in I, 12mo. CJ\ nt./meplates, 2s. Sd. 1803 Flowers of Fancy, a Collection of Similes, from various

Authors, Alphabetically Arranged, by Schultes, 8vo. hj. is. pub. lis. . . . 1829

Flugel, German and English, Eujr.-Germ. Dictionary,

Abridged, by Feiling and Oxenford, ond,.4s.pu6.7s.6dMS46 Fool of Quality, or History of Earl of Moreland, by Brooke,

4 vols, in 2,I2mo. cj. nt. is. . . 1808

Forgerv, The, or Best Intentions, a Novel, by G. P. It.

James, 3 vols. hf. bnd. II. Us. 6d. ■ 1849 Foster, Essays on Popular Ignorance,cfo'A,2s.6aT.rjuo.5l.l842 Lectures at Broadmead, Bristol, 8vo. clolh, ink marks,

3s.6d. . . '. 1844

Foster, History of ye Priory and Gate of St. John, Clerk

en well, sm. 4to. cloth, fine cuts, 2s. 6d. pub. dr. 1852 Fowler, Turkey, History of Origin, Progress, Decline of

Ottoman Empire, Notes by Spicer, Svo. cloth, port, and

map, 3s. 6.1. pub. 10s. . . 1854 Lives of sovereigns of Russia, vol. 1, (oil pub.) 8vo.

cloth, port. 3s. pub. ]0s. . 1852

Fox (C. J.) Life and Times, account of Contemporaries,

8tc. 12mo. cf. nt. 10 portraits, 2s. id. . 1807

France, Travels in, during 1814 and 15, Residence at Paris

during stay of Allied Armies, also at Aix on Landing of

Bonaparte {by the celebrated Alison) gvols. in 1, 8vo. hf. cf.

nt. 18*. . Kdin 1S16

France, Switzerland, Italy, Tour through in 1821 and 22,

Mementoes of, Historical and Classical, 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. 1824 France and Its Revolutions, a Pictorial History, 1798-1848,

by Long, thick sm. folio, hf. morocco, many fine ports, 10s.

pub. ll. Is. . 1860

France, et Pologne, le Slavianisme et Dynastie Polonaise,

par Comte Jablonowski, 8vo. hf. ct. nt. is. 1843 Francis, Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, and Manufactures,

most useful work, Svo. cloth, 1100 fine cuts, 6s.pu6.10s.184* Francis Croft, Fortunes of, an Autobiography, 3 vols, cloth,

nea, is. pub. If. lis. 6d". . , . 1842

Fry (Caroline) the Listener, 2 vols, cloth, is. pub. \2s. 1834 Fuller (Andrew) Memoirs of Pearce, portrait, 1816; and

Morris, Memoirs of Andrew Fuller, 1816, 2 books, 3s.

pub. 17s.

Gallonlus, de S. S. Martyrum Cruciatibus, thick l2mo. ef.

44 plates of various kinds of Martyrdoms and Instruments

of Torture, is. . Antwerp, 1668

Gay, Fables, best edition, very large type, 2 very large vols.

ssya.ef. nt. 10fine plates, 16*. . 1793

Geraldne, a Tale of Conscience, sm. Svo. cloth, it. pub.

*»■ . 1842

German Literature, Guide to, Manual to facilitate acquaintance with German Classic Authors, by Professor Mos

chsischcr, 2 thick vols. eUMs, is. pub. Ms. . 1850 German Grammar, by Noehden, hf. cf. 2s. pub. 10s. 1816 Gibbon, Rome, genuine library edition, 12 vols. Svo. cf. nt.

port. 30s. pub. igs. in bds. . 1802 Miscellaneous Works, with Life,&c. by Lord Sheffield,

thick 8vo. hf. cf. nt. is. . 1837

GIL BLAS, iu French,4 vols. 12mo. hf. rf. nt. elates,2s.l7s8 Ditto, in 1 vol. Didot's neat edition, sm. Svo. */• ef. very nt.

port. is. . . . 1845

Ditto, iu Italian. 4 vols. is. . Venct. 1803

Ditto, in English, 4 vols. 12mo. 100 clever plates, 5s. pub.

11.8s. . . . 1807

Ditto, Translated, bv Smollett, thick 8vo. cloth, S00 fine

cuts by Gigaus, is. '6d. pub. 19s. Sd. 1841 GOETHE, Works, in German, good edition, 5 thick large

vols. Svo. ll. is. . Paris, 1840

Golden Lyre, Specimens of Poets of England, France, Germany, and Italy, by Macray, Printed in Letters of Gold,

12mo. silk, gilt edges. 3s. . 1829

Goldsmith, Natural History, with Notes from all Treatises

since Goldsmith, by Innes, Life of Johnson, by Bussey,

thick Svo. cloth, new, 450 engravings, is. 6d. pub. lis 1852 -— History of Greece, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, it. Ditto, of Rome, 2 vols. 8vo. Poetical Works, sm. 8vo. cloth, ZO beautiful illustrations

by Birket Foster, Abtovtn, Weir, Ste. 2s. 6d. loM Gordon, History of Greek Revolution, and Wars, Cam

paigns, from struggles of Greek Patriots, In emancipating

Greece from Turkish yoke, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, plates, is.

pub. 30/. . . . 1844

Gosse, The Ocean, sm. Svo. cloth, many fine cuts, 3s. pub.

is. 6d. . S. P. C. K. 1846

Ditto, Rivers of Bible, or Sacred Streams, Ancient, Modern

History of, sm. Svo. hf. cf. nt. many fine cuts, 3s. fid. pub.

Is. ad. 1850 Graham, Modern Domestic Medicine, Symptoms, Causes,

Distinction, correct treatment of Diseases, 2 vols. Svo. hf.

cf. nt. Us. Sd. pub. 16s. . 1837

Grammont (Count) Memoirs of Court of Charles 2ud, Notes

by Scott, and additions, cloth, Jront. 2s. Sd. (Grant) Great Metropolis, 2 vols, in I, Svo. cloth, 3s. pub.

It. . . . 1844

Granville, Travels to and from St. Petersburgh, through

Flanders, Russia, Prussia, Poland, Saxony, Germany,

France, 2 vols. Svo. half calf, neat, maps and plates, (is.

pub. II. 8s. . . 1829

Gray, Poems, Letters, Memoirs, by Mason, 8vo. 3/. puli.

10s. ... . 1827

Grey (Dr.) Easy Method of Learning Hebrew, without

Points, Svo. ej. nt. is. . 1738

Grey, Lords and People, or Principles of Civil Government

Illustrated, under connexion of Religion with State, and

Nobility, In Britain. Svo. cloth, 2s. M. nub. 7s. 6d. 1839 Gurney.Obs. on Religious Peculiarities of Society of Friends,

Svo. 2s. Sd. pub. 9s. . . 1824

Hack (Maria) English Stories of Olden Time, 2 vols. sm.

Svo. cloth, it. Od. pub. I2s. . 1839

Ditto, Geological Sketches, Glimpses of Ancient Earth, sm.

8vo. cloth, plates, 3s. pub. 9t. 1839

Hall (N.) Christian Philosopher Triumphing over Death,

narrative of Closing Scenes of Life of Dr. W. Gordon,

cloth, port. is. . .1860

Hall, Algebra, Elements of, cloth, 3s. Sd. pub. 6s. (id. 1846 Hall, Latin Roots, Is. Sd. . . 1810

Hallam, History of Middle Ages, 8 vols. Svo. cf. very nt.

M. is. pub. 11. 16». . . . 1826

Hariner, Obs. on Divers Passages of Scripture, 4 vols. Svo.

fine copy, cf. nt. is. . . 1776

Harris, Lives and Writings of Charles 1st and Cromwell,

Historical Critical account, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, is. Sd.


Harrison, Arteries of Human Body, Surgical Anatomy, cloth, 3s. pub. 9s. . . Dublin, 1839

Hartley, on the Human Mind, by Priestley, 1774 ; also Priestley, on Matter and Spirit, and Philos. Necessity, both vols. 1782, 3 books, 6s.

Haskoll, Assistant Engineer's Railway Guide, Fart 2t Svo. cloth, fine large plates and cuts, is. Sd. pub. IL 1648

Hawkshaw, Reminiscences of South America, from two is hf. years' residence in Venesuela, cloth, 2s.yju6.5s.6d.l838

Haydn, Book of Dignities, all Official Personages of British Empire, thick Svo. cloth, lis. pub. 25s. 1851

Dictionary of Dates and Universal Reference, all Ages

and Nations, cloth, lis. pub. IS/. . 1841

HAZLITT, Characters of Shakespear's Plays, hf. morocco, is. pub. lOt. . . 1817

Essays on Human Action, cloth, 2s. fid. pub. 163

Political Essays and Sketches, Public Characters, Svo. I4i. . . 1819

Reply to Malthus, Svo. 3s. . 1807

Select Poets of Gr. Britain, with Crit. Notices, Svo.

it. 15s. . . 1825

Heath, Picturesque Annual, {Belgium by Roscoe) roy. 8vo. silk, gilt leaves, 16 fine plates, is. Cd. pub. II. 1841

Hebert, Engineer's and Mechanic's Encyclopaedia, 2 thick vols. Svo. hf. ef. very nt. 2,000 fine cuts.Ms. pub.M. 10s. 1836

Herbert, History of XII great Livery Companies of London, large paper copy, 2 vols. roy. Svo. 10s. pui.2I.2s.1837

Herodotus, Baenr's Text, literally translated, with Geogra

?hical General Index, by Cary, cf. very nt. is. Sd. cost s.Sd. . . . 1S48

Hervey, Meditations and Contemplations, cf. nt. 2s. Hobart (American Bp.) Posthumous Works, with Life by Berrian, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, 1 Is. New York, 1833

Hodgkin, Health, Lectures on Means sf Promoting and Preserving Health, c loth, 2s, pub. 6s. . 1835

Holthouse, Law Dictionary, Technical Terms and Phrases, Svo. law calf, is. pub. lis. . 1846

Home Friend, Weekly Miscellany, Amusement, Instruction, vol. 1,8vo.y!ne cuts, is. . S. P. C. K. 1852 Homer, llias, Or, Lat, Annot, Clarke, 2 roll, ef. very nt. 6s.

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