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Ecclesiastical, Baronial, Municip

\ntiquitius. Regal, I, Popular, i vols, fu

hf. cf. multitude oj plates, some col. U. is. pub. it. 5s. 1845 Omeroil, History of Cheshire, 3 vols, folio, line copy, rl«>irt extra, Jine plate*, 24/. . . ^19

Oxford Encyclopaedia. 6 thick vols. 4to. hf cf. nt. 2U0 plates, II. 13;. . . 18-°

Paris and Environs, Picturesque Views, on Seine, Sic. by Nash, Descriptions by Scott and Boissiere, 1 vols. 4to. large paper copy with the additional plates, original impressions, 24*. pub. 15*. . . 1823

Pennant, London, good copy, 4to. calf, plates, St. 1781 Penny Magazine, very cleau copy, 8 vols. hf. cf. nt. original impressions, 12x. . . 1832-1839

Pisa, Views, Plans, Elevations, Sections, &c. at, or Architecture of Middle Ages, by Cresy and Taylor, roy. 4to. cloth. 30fine plates, 15s. cost 3js. . . 1829

Flaisirs de I'lsle Enchantee, Festes fait par le Itoy a Verlaillea, 1664; Machioes,Comedie,Muiique,Feud'Artilice, &c. folio, cf. 9 curious plates, 6s. . Paris, 1673

Plutarch, Lives, by Amiot and North, (Shakspeure's Store House, thick folio, hf. cf. bs. . . '631

POKTRAITS, Homines Illustres Francois, dans la (Merle de Palais de Richelieu, avec leurs Vies, folio, co(/, 27 very fine plates, 15*. . . • 1665

Homines lllustresde France, par Perrault, large folio,

cf. nt. 00 very tine portraits, excellent impressions, \l. * * Paris, 1G97

Hommes Illustres, du 17 Siecle, Potentate de

Monster, par Anselme Van Hulle, large folio, cj. nt. 131 Jine portraits, 11.5s. . Amst. 1717

Painters and other famous Artists in Europe, Times,

Lives, &C by Mevssens, sm. folio, cf. nt. 125 fine portraits, 11. . . 1694 PUGIN, Gothic Architecture,Specimens of, 2 Toll, hf.bnd.

M plates, 21 Vis. id pub. 6 gs. . . 1821 Gothic Architecture in England, Examples of, Original Subscriber's copy, in 6 pans, 114/<nep(o/e», 2gs. cost Cgs. . . 1831

Gothic Ornaments from England and France, 4to. half

morocco, 91 . 1844

-— Designs Tor Gold, including Church Plate, Silver Smiths, 4to. cloth, 27 fine plates. Bs. pub. II. 1836 Repton, Landscape Gardening, Theory, Practice, Remarks on Grecian and Gothic Architecture, large 4to. half green morocco, many fine plates and cuts, some coloured, It. is. pub. bgs. . . 1803

Robinson. Designs for Ornamental Villas, 4to. Original Copy. 96 plates. It pub. 4 gs. . 1830

Villaf-e Architecture, Inn, Schoolhouse, Almshouse,

Wash House, Church, &c. 4to. 40 plates, Bs. pub. U.Us.Gd. . . 1830

Roma, Citta di, Descriiione di questa Superba Citta, da Magnon, 4 vols, folio, 385 plates, Buildings, Statues, Vases, lie. II. 8s. cost 5 gs. . Roma, 1779

Rom&.Palazzadi piucelebri Architlcttl du Ferrerio e Faldo, complete, with the Gardens, 3 vols, in 1, large oblong 4to. cj. gilt leares, 128 J ine plates, 11, bs. Ituma, 1665

R v M, Canservutive Portraits, large paper, complete, 12 parts, folio, very Jine Indiu Proofs, \l. pub. \2gs. 1839 Sallengre Thesaurus, Antiquitatum Romanarum, 3 large vols, folio, cf. nt. fine plates, IBs. Hague, 1716

Sammes, Britannia, or Antiquities of Ancient Britain, de* rived from Phoenicians, and Chronol. History, from first Traditioual Reginnlng; also Antiquities of Saxons, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, folio, cf. nt. 8s. Iti76 Schimmclpenninck, Beauty and Deformity Correspondence with Physiognomic Expression, in Nature and Art, 4to. 42 plates, scarce, lbs. put. 31. lis. Sd. . 1815

Sidney (Sir P.) Arcadia, sm. folio, calf, bright bacK, 8s. 1613 Sprigge. England's Recovery, History of Motions, Actions, Successes of Army, under Fairfax, folio, cf. nt.Jineplates, has large Battle of A'aseby, but the Portrait has lost his bottompart. 24s. copies hare sold for Si. Ills. . 1647 Statues, Ancient and Modern, of Rome, collected by Rossi, large folto, half calf, 163 very fine large plates, \l. bs.

Roma, 1704

Stillingaeet, Origlnes Sacra;, fol. cf. fine port. 5i. 6d. 1709 Grounds of Protestant Religion, Vindic. of Laud's Conference, &c. folio, calf, Us. . 1665

60 Sermons, folio, calf, 6s. . 1707

Tacitus, Gronovius, 2 vols, 4to. fine copy, vellum. " excellent edit:- lOi. . . Traject. 1721

Thorn, Memoir of War in India, 1803 to 1806, on Banks of Hyphasis, Hist. Sketches, Topog. Descriptions, Statistical Obs. 4to. maps and plans, Is. pub. 31. lis. <fd. 1818 Tlioroton, Nottinghamshire, by Tnrosby, 3 vols. 4to. hf.

russia, numerous fine plates. If. 12*. . 1797 Tillotson, Works, 3 vols, folio, cf. IBs. . 1714

Ditto, Large Paper, 3 vols, folio, goodcopy, cf. nt. If. 4J.173J Tomkins, Isle of wight, Tour to, 2 vols. 4to. flue copy, russia extra, 80 very interesting plates, 13s. . 1796 Turner (Sharon) History of Anglo-Saxons and England to Death of Elizabeth, 7 vols. 4to. uncut, 31. lis. 6d. pub. HI.

,, . 1807 to 1829

van,L°"'V ""'lands Penninge, a Description of the COINS of HOLLAND, from Time of Charles the Fifth. 1555

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672 Art Journal, Illustrated CATALOGUE of tbe GREAT EXHIBITION, large 4to. new, cloth, elegant, 1400 fine engravings. Vis. pub. 2If.

This will always form an attractive volcme from the vast number and artistic character of the Illustrations, and from the tnfotmatlon it contains.

Arts, &c. (continued).

673 Album de 1'Ecole dc Dessin. Journal des Artistes et Amateurs, 72 very clever platel, some coloured, 9s. . . Paris, 1853

674 Album, Manuscript, a collection of Pen and Ink Caricature Sketches by Count de Bylandt and Lt. Col. Addison, 4to. cloth, 40 clever plates, 10s.l854

975 Bolton, Drawing fromObjects, Lessons on Linear Drawing, at Home and Colonial Training Schools, chiefly for Teachers, cl.pls. 3s. 7s.6d. 1850

676 Chalcographimania, or Portrait Collector and Printseller's Chronicle, with Infatuations of every Description, and Copious Explan. Notes, by Caulfield, 8vo. hf. cf. is. pub. 10*. . 1814

677 Clark, Elements of Drawing and Painting in Water Colours, cloth, 22 plates, some coloured, is. pub. 8s. 6d. . 1841

678 Cunningham (Allan) Lives of Eminent British Painters, Sculptors, Architects, complete, 5 vols. cloth, not uniform, 5s. pub. II. 5s. 1829

679 Da Vinci, Treatise on Painting, best translation, with Life, by Rigaud nnd Hawkins, large 8vo. hf. cf. nt. port, and 23 pis. 5s. pub. 13s. 1802

680 De Piles, Art of Painting, with Lives of 300 Eminent Painters, also Complete Treatise on Painting, Designing, Use of Prints, Reflexions on Works of Eminent Masters of European Schools, Ancient, Modern, also Lives of Painters since De Piles, 8vo. cf. 3s. . . 1754

681 Dictionary of Painters, Sculptors, Engravers, Architects, from Earliest Ages to Present Time, with Original Anecdotes, by GOULD, last edit, with Nieuwenhuy's Reminiscences of Eminent Painters, 2 vols. hf. cf. nt. lis. 1838

682 Drawing Book, Juvenile, McCormick's, oblong, 5fi plates by Fairland, 3s. pub. 7s. 6d.

633 ERRARD {Peintre du Roi) Vases Antiques Recueil de, ditto, Diuers Trophes, 1651, sm. folio, cf. extra, 19 exquisite plates from Sir Joshua Reynolds's Library, with his Autograph, 10s.

684 Howard (Frank) Colour as a Means of Art, being an Adaptation of Experience of Professeurs to Practice of Amateurs, cf. tinted pis. is. pub. 10s.6rf. 1838

685 Human Figure, Principles of Drawing (Bye to full length) oblong 4to. 30 clever plates, 3s.

686 Jones (Owen) Designs for Mosaic Pavements and Tessellated Pavements, with Essay on their Materials and Structure, by Ward, royal 4to. hf. bnd. 10 beautiful plates, is. pub. 21s. 1842

687 Opie, Lectures on Painting, best edition, with Life, 4to. 3s. pub. 21s. . 1809

688 PILKINGTON, Dictionary of Painters, Supplement by Barry, good 4to. edition, cf. nt. 8s. 1798

689 Another copy, BEST EDITION, by Fuseli, 4 to. fine copy, russia extra, 16s. ^tii. 2j7S. 1810

690 PINACOTECA del Palazzo realc, delle Scienze e delle Arti, di Milano, da Bisi, Testo di Gironi, roy. 4to. hf. cf. nt. uncut, 80 fine plates, U. 5s. cost 21. 10s. in parts . Milano, 1812

691 Prout, Hints on Light and Shadow, Composition, &c. us applicable to Landscape Painting, roy. 4to. cloth, 20 plates, 12s. 6d. pub. 2gs. 1838

692 Raffael, Cartoons at Windsor, a series of large Studies from, by Ruyssen, very large folio, very fine plates by Cardon, 8s. . 1798

693 Z>if/o and Descriptions, oblong 4to, 7 plates, 2s.

694 Roccheggiani, collection of Representations of COSTUMES, Religious, Civil, Military, of Antient Egyptians, Etruscans, Grecians, and Romans, taken from Ancient Monuments, folio, hf. cf. 100 plates, with Numerous Figures, lis. Roma

695 SPENCE, POLYMETIS, or Enquiry on Agreement, Works of Roman Poets and Remains of the Ancient Artists, Illustrating them from one another, large folio, cf. nt. 45 very fine plates and vignettes, 18s. 1755

696 Stevens, Cottages and Farm Houses in England and Wales, Views of, after Hitley, Pyne, Varley, Wilson, Chalon, &c. with Descriptions, large 4ro. /if. cf. very nt. 53 very fine etchings, 8s. 1815

697 Taylor (Dr. Brook) Perspective, PrMtitaflW tise, edited by Edward Edwards, thick ito.SSib 7s. pub. II. lis. 6d. .

698 Visacher, Paradlgmata Grapbices Variorum Artificum per Episcopium, a beries of verv clever Engravings after Old Masters, and fine Statues, folio, hf. cf. 57 very fine plates, lis. cottVssJatL

699 Wood, Lectures on Perspective, Principles mi Practice, 4to. plates, but no apparatus, it. pti, W. 16s. . . 18os

700 Wornum, Epochs of Painting Characterized, History of Painting, Ancient, Modern, 1». 184?

701 Arts and Sciences, Partington, Cyclopa;di« of, vol. 2 only, cloth, cuts and plates, 6s. 18jj

702 Arts and Sciences, Familiar Introduction to, by Joyce, with Introd. Essays, also Questions, ebtt, cuts, 3s. ... ISM

703 Ditto, best edition, 3 vols, half bnd. it, put. 10s. 6d. . . . 183!

704 Arts, Handmaid to, Nature, Use, Prepirttion, Composition of Substances used in Painting, Meus of Delineation, of Gilding, Silvering, Bramiir. Inks, Cements, Etching, Preparation of Glus, Porcelain, Glazings, Papier Mache, &c. 2 vols. S-o. cf. nt. is. . . VM

705 Arts, Marriages of, or Texnotamia, a Coikj byBARTEN HOLYDAY, of Chr. Ch.Oifoni, acted by the Students at Shrove Tide, in/frl«iffii, small 4to. hf. cf. (Nassau copy sold for 21 111. Id. see Retrospective Review) 5s. . 1618

706 Arte de Romance Castellano, Converucioaes Criticas sobre, por Gobeyos, ef.nt.2s. Madrid,]lH)

707 Bell milg'lng'. Art of, i:.ob:. . thing new or curious, from long study, practid experience, plain methodical rules for pridicii part, from setting of Bell to perfect knowledge (! most difficult Peals, also method of calling Bobsb every way, infallible methods for detecting filse peals, by Jones, Reeves, Blakemore, last saVSn, 3s pub. 6s. . , . . W9

708 Arundines, Cami, sive Musarum CANTABRIGIENSIUM, Lusus Canori. Collegit ttm»eiift Drury, 8vo. cloth, new, 7s. 6d. pub. 12s. 1851

709 Aschami (Rogeri) Bpistolte, 8vo. cf. nt. fiatwit h portraits of Elizabeth and various Mm, 2s. 6<f. . • . Oin. IrH

710 AjtCOt ItaceS, Returning from, ispWJ REPRESENTATION of this animated displaying Four-Horse Coaches, Carts, Vim, Carriages, Equestrians, and every description of T;v vellers on the Road; also Gipsy Camp, ic. lit' HENDERSON, by DUNCAN, very Urge EN GRAVING (34 by 18) splendidly colmtred," TV only representation published," 7s. pub. 30i.

711 Ashwell (Dr.) Practical Treatise on Disea«i«culiar to WOMEN, illustrated by Cssei.te Hospital and Private Practice, thick 8vo. is. fill. Is. . . . m

712 Asiatic CoMnmes, from p

India, Steward, Watchman, Porter, RunningFo* man, Postman, Agent, Umbrella Carrier, Bearer, Nurse, Gardener, Sweetmeat Seller,Vli' Carrier, Dancing, Singing Girls, Moonibee or 1: terpreter, Brahmin, Begging Friar, limmese^ man, Stc. 8vo. 44 plates, 2s. pub. 18s. ^

713 Asiatic Cholera, Nature and Treatment rf, >j Stevens, 8vo. cloth, it. pub. 10s. 6d. 1^

714 Asiatic Researches. Transactions of Bengalb.ciety for Inquiring into History, AntiqoitiHiArSciences, Literature of Asia, 12 vols. S«. */■ mf, II. 81. . . 15*

715 Asiatic Society of Bengal, 36 various No*. «■ tween 1845 to 1849, 5». . 0*^

716 Ditto, China Branoh, pt. 2, includes eont^ Article by Hillier, New Arrangement of Chrooid? ofTslen, Key to 329 Woodcuts of Coins of Oi" and Neighbouring Nations, also Art of Msnnfr' ringVermilion>8vo.329w/s.2s.fio'J/,o»#-A"»«f.l';-'

717 Asluufra Kni{r-l»t and TwoCapuTwo Romance*, by FOUQUE, "Orighutl ii i'sign, beautiful in execution, the deseriplVKi«" nature itself, replete vith fine thoughts adrift-tions,"—7'/i/»im,tranBlated,^rffine tngrttmp '--

718 Aamodeus, or Devil on Two Sticks, *J SAGE, translated by Thomas, 8vo. ***<»> plates by Tony Johannol, 2t. 6d. pub. 6s.!"

7)9 Astnodeus, large paper copy, elegant book, royal 8vo. cloth, 4s. pub. Us.' 1811

720 Asne, Eloge tie, pur an Docteur de Montmartre, cf. scarce, 2s. . Paris, 1769

721 Aspinall (Rev. J.) Sermons, Doctrinal, Practical, \ Ss. . . 1822

722 A8SAYING, Practical Manual of, for Metallurgists, Captains of Mines, Assayers in General, with Copious Table for ascertaining in Assays of Gold and Silver the Precise Amount, in Ounces, Pennyweights, Grains, of Noble Metal, in 1 Ton of Ore, from a Given Quantity, by Mitchell, cloth, 5s. 10*. . . 1846

723 Assaying Metals, Art of, Theory, Practice, confirmed by most accurate and unquestionable (experiments, explained in Natural Order and Utmost Clearness, by Dr. CRAMER, translated, with Notes, and List of Works on Minerals and Metals, 8vo. cf. plates, 4s. , . 1741

724 Assembly's Shorter Catechism, Sabbath Evening Lectures, Crit. and Doctrinal Expos, of, 8vo. cf. nt. 2s. 6rf. . . .1788

725 Assheton (Chaplain to Duke of Ormonde) Scandal and Persecution, Cases of, whether Nonconformists obliged to forbear Subscription, whether Execution of Penal Laws on Dissenters be Persecution, 1697; Dr. Ingelo, Discourse on Repentance, 1677; England, Imminent Danger and only Remedy, 1671; also Juel, Apologia Eccles. Anglic. 1083, 3 books, calf, 3t.

726 Association, British, Reports, 6 first years, in 5 vols, plates, U 2s. pub. 31. 10s. 1831-7

727 Ditto, 16th, 7s. pub. 15«. . 1846

728 Ast, Lexicon Platonicum, 3 vols. 8vo. new, 18s.

Lips. 1836

729 A sa iiajsu and Consumption, demonstrating Fallacy of Present Method of treating Diseases of Chest, by Lancet, Purgatives, Mercury, also New Mode of Cure, by DR. KITTOE, 3s. 1845

730 Asthma, its Varieties and Complications, Researches into Pathology of Disordered Respiration, and Treatment applicable to each Variety, also Diseases of the Heart, by Ramsge, 8vo. cloth, highly coloured plates, 3s. pub. 10i. . 1847

731 Asthma and Disordered Respiration, Practical Enquiry into, distinguishing Convulsive Causes, Cure by Dr. Bree, 1807; Dr. Ryan on History and Cure of Asthma, in which propriety of using Cold Bath is fully considered, 1793; thick 8vo. half rustia, 3s. 6d.

732 A Stic, History of Origin and Progress of WRITING, Hieroglyphic and Elementary, Illustrated from Marbles, MSN. and Charters, Ancient and Modern, largest paper, folio, numerous beautiful plates, some cold. 21. 12s. 6d. pub. 5 gs. 1803

40 Ditto, on Tenures, Customs, etc. of his Manor of Great Tey, in Essex, 1794; Survey of Royal Manor of Clarendon, in Wilts. 1st Edw. I. 1272, edited by Sir T. Phillipps, 1832; Ancient Indenture on Burgess in Parliament, by Brown Willis, 1755; Copy of Libel against Abp. Neville, temp. Rich. II. "curious specimen of old English, in Northern dialect, of that day," also Indenture of Covenant for Erecting Monuments to Henry VIII. and his Queen, by P. Torrigiano, edited by W. IIHngworth, 1807, 4to. 2s.

Astrology and Alchemy.

734 Agrippst Opera, 2 vols. 8vo. half vellum 5s.

hugd. 1531

735 Astrologer of the 19th Century, Compendium of Astrology, Geomancy, Occult Philosophy, 8vo. 60 engravings, 3t. pub. Is. . . 1823

736 Astrological Seaman, directing Merchants, Captains, Ensurers, etc. how (by God's blessing) to escape dangers of Ocean, with Diary of the Weather for 21 Years in London, posthumous work of John Gadbury sm. 8vo. talf, rare, 3s. 64. . . 1710

737 Mathew (E.) the most glorious Star or celestial Constellation of the Pleiades or Charles Waine (Charles 2) 12 mo. caff, nt. no tit la page, (Bindley eopy sold for 31. 4s.) 3s. . . 1661

738 Merlin Reviv'd in a discourse of Prophecies and Prediction* and their remarkable Accomplishment, with Lilly's Hieroglyphicks, also Collection of all Ancient Reputed Prophecies Extant cf. 17 quaint

cuts, rare, 3s. , . 1683

739 Raphael, Familiar Astrologer, easy Gnide to Fate, Destiny, Foreknowledge, as well as secret and wonderful Properties of Nature, thick 8vo. cl. plates, 5s. pub. 15s. , , 1849

740 Ditto, Sanctuary of Astral or Elysium cf Astrology, a complete Geotnantic Cabinet with Emblematical Pictures of 12 Celestial Houses, also Spirits of Eartb, Air, Fire, Water, cloth, front. 2s. 6d. pub. 6s. . . 1834

741 Salmon, Physick, Astrological, Galenical, Chymioal, Philosophically deduced from Hermes and Hippocrates, thick vol. (784 pages) ealf, rare old portrait, 5s. . . 16—

742 Saunders, Physiognomic i t Chiromancie, Metoposcopie. Symmetrical Proportions anil Signal Moles of Body, fully and accurately explained, with Natural Predictive Signification to Men and Women, folio, many curious cuts, 9s. . 1671

743 Sibly, Astrology, Complete Illaslration of Occult Sciences, Art of Foretelling Future Events and Contingencies, by Aspects, Positions, Influences of Heavenly Bodies, founded on Nat. Philosophy, Scripture, Reason, Mathematics, thick 4to. bound, plates, lis.

744 Valentine, Basil, (the most eminent and incomparable Philosopher) Treatises, his Manual Operations, how he hath marie and prepared his secret Medicines, Stone, also Things Natural and Supernatural, now Translated, 12mo. half caff, rare, 4s. 6d. . . . 1670


746 Antoninus Parys, Rever. Pater, Tractatus Tres, de Sphera, de Manilo, de Coclis, scripsit Frster Franciacas D'Herbe, Philos. Gande, 1680, small MSS. beautifully written, with Drawings, small 8vo. vellum, 2s. 6d.

747 ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY Memoirs, 9 vols. 4to. first 6 half morocco, 41. 10s. pub. 18/. 1822-34

748 BAILY, New Tables for facilitating Computation of Precession, Aberration, Nutation, of 2,881 fixed Stars, 4to. half morocco, 12s pub. 25*. 1827

749 Boston De Jacob, Astronomique, Apian Principes de Coamograpbie et Geographic, Usage du Ray Astronomique et Geometrique par Gemma Trison, folio, half calf, no title or last leaf, rare, 4s. . . Bettere, 1581

750 CAREY, Agtl'OliOUiy, a clear, popular Explanation of this most Sublime and Useful Science, including Improvements of celebrated Astronomers, particularly Herschel, La Place, Sec.; also, Nature and Use of Astronomical Instruments, Calendar, Distances, Magnitudes of the Planets, Calculations, &c. 8vo. numerous wood cuts, 2s. pub. 6s. . . 1847

751 COMETS, Origin and Nature of, their Influence and Use, and on (true cause of) Variations of the Magnetic Needle or Mariner's Compass, by II. S. 12<no. Go". . . Priv. Print. 1832

752 Flud (Rob.) Philosophia Moysaica, also Spongiae Fosteri Presbyteri, Expressio seu Elisio, folio, calf, numerous cuts, scarce, 4s. . Goudce, 1638

753 Galilteus Dialogus de Systemate Mundi et Gemina, qua MH. Script, dicta, cum Terrae nobilitate, conciliantur sm. 4to. vellum, 3s. August. 1635

753* Herschel, Astronomy, cloth, 2s. 6rf. pub. G*.

754 Ditto, Manuel complet d'Astronomic, traduit par Vergnaud, plaits, Paris, 1837; Murray, Electricite Atmospherique, Instructions pour Paratonnerres et Paragreles, traduit, avec Notes des meilleurs auteurs, par RilTuult, plate, 1831, 2 books, 2s.

755 Maddy, Elements of Theory of Plane Astronomy, 8vo. half calf, neat, 2s. pub. 7s. 6rf.

Caw*. 1826

756 Mitchell (Profess.) Planetary and Stellar Worlds, Exposition of Discoveries and Theories of Modera Astronomy, cloth, plates, 2s. . 1850

757 Murphy, Rudiments of Primary Forces of Gravity, Magnetism, and Eleetricity, in their agency on the Heavenly Bodies, thick 8vo. cloth, 4s. pub. 16*. . . . . 1830

758 Nichol, Contemplations on the Solar System, 8vo. tloih, fine plates and cuts, 5s. 6o*. put. 10*. 6d. .... 1844

1 759 Reid (Leiut.-Col.) Attempt to Develope LAW of STORMS by means of facts, arranged according to Place and Time and hence to point oat a Cause for Variable Winds, with a view to Practicable Use in Navigation, large 8to. ctoth, charts, Ss. pub. 16s. . . . 1846

760 Stars, Mapa of, on Gnomic Projection, by Rev. Davis, largo folio, bnd, 5s. put. 15*. Useful Know.

Society, 1850

761 Taylor (Mrs.) Lnnar Tables, by which Truo Distance is obtained from Apparent Altitudes, roy. 8vo. 2s. put. 10s. . . 1P36

762 Vince (Professor) Elements of Astronomy for University Student, 8vo. hf. cf. nt. Is. 6d. pub. 7s.

Cambridge, 1816

763 WING, Coelestiall Harmony of the Visible World, conteining an absolute and entire piece of Astronomie, fitted to Meridian of London, Usefull to Senders, Astronomers, Astrologers, Divines, Physitians, Poets, &c. folio, cf. 4s. 1651

764 ATIIANASIUS, Orations against Arians and Gentiles, translated by Parker, 2 vols. 8vo. cf. gilt, port. 7s. . . Oxford, 1711

765 Athanase (S., Patriarchs o"Alexandre) Vie de, avec celles de S. Eustnthe d'Antioche, de S. Paul de Constantinople, Hilaire de Poictiers, Eusebe, Papes Jules, Libere, et autres Saints, Naissance, &c. de l'Arianisme, par HERMANT, "greatly assisted by Tillemont; it contains the Ecclesiastical and Civil History of the Times," 2 vols. 4to. cf. very tit. port. 10*. . Paris, 1671


767 OPERA, Gr., Dindorrius, 3 vols. 8vo. new, 13s. pub. 21.6*. . . Lips. 1827

768 Opera, Gr.-Latin, Casanbon et Dalechampii, "well known edition, long acknowledged by learned of Europe most correct edition," thick folio, calf, corner of leaf stained, 5s. . 1597

769 OPERA, Gr.-Lat. Casaubon, " no work, except Benlley on Phalaris, contains such a mass of pertinent information,"Edinb. Rev. thick folio, vellum, Duke of Sussex copy, 10s. Lugd. 1657

770 Jacobs' Additamenta Animad. in quibus multa Athen. et plurima Alior Scrip. Iocs Tractantur, 8vo. 2s. . Jenee, 1809

771 Athenagortu (S.) Patris Philos. Atheniensis, Opera, (Apol. pro Christianis, Resur. Mortis), Gr. Lat. 18mo. cf. 2s. . Oxon. 1682

772 Athenian Letters, Epistolary Correspondence of Agent of King of Persia during Peloponnesian War, " excellent imaginary work, forms best Commentary on Thncidides," (by Hon. Mr.Yorke, Lord Hardwicke, Dr. Birch, Src.,) 2 vols. 4to. half calf, maps, plates, 7s. pub. 3gs. . 1798

773 Athenian Oracle, by Dunton and Sam. Wesley, an Encyclopaedia of valuable knotty and difficult Questions and Answers, on History, Philosophy, Divinity, Love, Marriage, " vast treasure of useful knowledge for Theologian, Historian, Philosopher, Lawyer, by persons of high intellect, Lord Hardwicke, De Foe, Swift, Norris, S(c, but with sprinkling of low wit, coarse humour, gross indelicacy" 4 vols. 8vo.^?»ie copy, 10*. 1728

774 ATHENS, Scheibe die Oligarchische Um Walzung zn Athen am Ende des pelr/ponnesischen Krieges, «tc. Leipz. 1841 ; VISCHERDie Oligarchische Partei und die Hetairien in Athen, Basel, 1836; Forchammer, Topographie von Athen, fine plan, Kiel, 1841. 3 books, 3s. 6<f.

775 Athias, Hebrew Bible, thick vol. bound, 4s. pub. 16*. . . . 1825

776 Atkinson (H. G.) and Harriet Martineau, Letters on Laws of Man's Nature and Developement, 8vo. cloth, 3s. 6d. pub. 9*. . 1851

777 Atkinson (M. Lecturer at Leeds Parish Church) Practical Sermons and Life, 2 vols. 8vo. 4s. U 1811

778 Atlas of PROPHECY, and Letter-press, of Daniel and St. John, 4to. 3*. pub. 18*. Seeley, 1849

779 Atlas, General, of World, Empires, Kingdoms, their Provinces and Subdivisions, correctly delineated, sm. 4to. hf. russ. nt. 52 col. maps, 5s. 1794

780 Atlas, General, Empires, States, agreeable to best Authorities, and in accordance with Modem Discovery, Improvements, Railroad*, &e. roy. 4to. cloth, 40 cot. maps, 10*. put. 21 gs. 1845

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780*Bell, Stream of Time, Universal History, CHRONOLOGY, and Biographyof WORLD.Displayed. Invaluable for Schools or Library. Translated from German of PROFESSOR STRASS.with great Additions (alto, LETTER-PRESS DESCRIPTIONS); last edition,'continued to 1846, by CHATTERLEY. 3 SHEETS, coloured on ■», with large rollert, 12*. pub. II. 15*.

This "grand, ingenious, admirable" CHART,presorts at once a "bird's-eye view" of the Ancient and Modern HISTORY of the FOUR QUARTERS of the GLOBE, developing, in a Chronological Stream, the Origin and Progress of every Nation of the World, even clown to our Own Times, forming a copious, able, and perspicuous Source of Information: indeed no one can fail, after even a slight inspection of it, to understand History more clearly than by any other Assistance: Also, Separate Column for DATES of Inventions, Discoveries, and Progress of Science.

781 Atlas, Ancient, by D'Anvllle. Very desirable for SCHOLARS and SCHOOLS, large and very distinct MAPS of Ancient known World: Orbis Roman! (Orientalis); ditto (Occidentals);

^ Gallia Antiqna; Italia Antiqua; Gracia; Asia et Syria; Egypt; Palestine; India ; Germany, France, Italy, Spain, British Isles (in Middle Ayes), folio, 11 FINELY COLOURED MAPS, \l. 1*. •'The supreme merit of this is not too strongly ex

£ressed by Gibbon, who calls him ' the incomparable I'Anvtlle.'"—Buller. 781* Arrow-smith. Atlas, New General, 1 to. hf bnd. .11 col. maps, 10*. pub. It. 12*. U. 1822

782 Ditto, Ancient, for King's College, 19 maps, col. 2: 6d. eottlt. . . 1832

785 BECKER, Comprehensive MODERN Atlas, with Ancient Maps added, including all latest Discoveries, and Introduct. to Geography, 4to. cloth, 31 col. maps, 5*. pub. 18*. . 185

78G Book of Maps of all England and Wales, Ancient and Present Government, divided as in Saxon Heptarchy; also Dioceses, ice. fol. hf. caff, scarce, 2*. 6rf/" . . 1738

787 British Atlas, Complete Set of County Maps of England and Wales, Map of Rivers and Canals, Plans of Cities and Towns, sm. 4 to. hf. ruts, neat, 80 »»«/;«, neatly coloured, St. cott 21. 12*. 6d. 1810

788 Butler, Ancient and Modern, 4to. hf. bnd. 22 mapt, lit. cott 24*. . . 1826

789 Mir Jo, Modern, hf. bnd. 4*. Cd. pub. 12*. 1850

790 Cabinet, Ancient and Modern Maps, by Wyld and Hewitt, roy. 4to. hf. cf. 40 col. maps, St. pub. 2gt. . . . EJinb. 1819

791 Ceylon, Arrowsmitb, fine very large map of Kandian Districts, or Mountains Zone, from Trigonometrical Survey, by Col. Fraser, Capt. Auber, Skinner, Gallwey, finely coloured, on canvas, in case, 6s.

792 Classical Atlas, School, illustrating Ancient Classics, Historians, Poets, 8vo. cloth, coloured mapt, 3*. . Edinburgh, 1838

793 College Atlas for Schools and Families, with Alphabetical Index, cloth. It. pub. 12*. 185

794 Cork (Bear Island, Mill Street, Doneraile, Cape Clear, Clonakilty),oy Neville Bath, surveyed by order of Grand Jury of the county, 6 mapt, on canvas, in case, 8*. . Cor*, 1811

795 Dix, Atlas of ENGLISH COUNTIES, all Turnpike and Parish Roads, Towns, Villages, Parks, Seats, Churches, Chapels, Canals, Rivers, every Object illustrating History and Antiquity of En. gland, also N. & S. Wales, with Histor. and other Descriptions, very large folk), hf. cf. 42 full coloured maps, 10*. cost 6yt. . 1822

79C Dower, Modern Atlas, Short, including Latest Discoveries, 12 coloured mapt, 2t. 6d. pub. 5s. 1843

797 EDINBURGH, Geographical and Historical Atlas, with History of Geography, Principles of Mathematical, Physical, Civil, Political Geography, also Geography, Statistics, History, of each Continent, State, Kingdom, Delineated, and Tabular ..View of Mountain Chains in the World, very thick

large folio, hf. russia, 70 finely coloured mapt, 11. 15*. pu6. 6gt. . Lizart, 182

798 Eton, Comparative Atlas, Ancient and Modern, roy. lto. cloth, 27 double mapt, and Index to Ancient and Modern Names, cloth, 2 bookt, 15*. lid. pub. 21. 9*. . . 1828-39

- 799 FRANCE, et tea COLONIES, a beautifully

illustrated Paris Atlas, d'apres les Cartes de Cassini, Depot de la Guerre, Ponta-et-Chassees et Marine, par Vuillemin, Texte d'apres Documents Officiels par Poiree, oblong, 4to. 100 beautiful mapt, coloured, 17*. . Parit, 1852

800 Gilbert, Junior, Modern Atlas for Schools, with Alphabetical Index of Latitudes and Longitudes, and all Railways, cloth, 10 maps, 2s. pub. 5*. 185

801 Guthrie, Geographical, Historical, Commercial Grammar, thick vol.8vo.inif. mapt, 18*.1827

802 HALL (SIDNEY) General Atlas, with the Divisions and Boundaries, entirely from New Drawings (belt and mott expensive English Alias) large folio, hf. rut. 53finely cold. maps,3gi.cottlil.1830

803 India, large coloured Map, on canvas, in case, 2s. . . . . 1820

804 Jamieson, Treatise on Construction jol Maps, demonstrating the Principles of Projections of the Sphere and practical relations to MathematicalGeography, and Copious Notes, also Directions for Colouring, &c. 8vo. 20 plates, 2s. pub. 9s. 1814

805 Johnson (Keith) School Atlas, hf. bnd. new, 5*. pub. Is. 6d. . . 1853

806 Langley, County Atlas, England, Wales, all Roads, Cities, Towns, &c. oblong, hf. bnd. colrd. maps, 3*. pub. 21. 12*. 6tf. . 1816

807 Laurie and Whittle, all Direct and Cross Roads, England, Wales, Scotland, A/".mor.24mtJ/i»,2».1806

808 Leigh, Road Books of England and Wales, bnd. 55 County Mapr, ditto Ireland, maps, ditto Scotland, maps, 3 books, cf. 3s. 6d. cost 29*. 1831-2

809 LONDON, Greenwood, very fine large Coloured Map (6ft. 2 by 4 ft. 2) on canvas, in leather case, 21. 12*. 6<f. 1830

810 M'CULLOCH, Geographical Dictionary, 2 thick vols. 8vo. cloth, new, 11.11*. pub. 3 gs. 1852

811 Ostell (.General) of all States and Kingdoms in World, from latest and best authorities, 4to. hf. cf. 30 coloured maps, 4s. pub. 21*. . 1810

812 Palestine, Kg-ypt, Arabia, Historical Map of, showing Ancient and Modern Geography, and Routes of celebrated Travellers, (indispensable accompaniment to Holy Scripture) by CREIGHTON and HENSHALL, Views of Grand Cairo, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, present state (with Plans of Ancient and Modern ditto) very large and distinct CHART (32 by 39) coloured, on canvas, in leather case, 9*. (3 for II. It.) pub. 2l.2t. . . 1831

813 Petermann and Milner, Physical Geography, folio, new, hf. morocco, 130 vignettes and finely coloured mapt, 15*. pub. 30*. . . 1850

814 Smith, British Atlas (Bedford to York), also Table of Rivers of the World, a series of his fine large MAPS, each mounted on car.vat, and inserted in 6 thick leather catet, contents lettered outside, 12*. . . 1804

815 SURREY, Greenwood's, very fine and large Map, on large sheet (4//. by 3ft. 4) coloured, on canvat,in leather cote, verynt.9t.pui.3l.13t.6d.lS23

816 Surry and Sussex, Map of, with their Subdivisions (Laurie and Coltman) on canvas, in case, Is. 6d. . . 1828

817 Atterbliry (Bp.) Sermons, "in point of style the glory of our English Orators"—Dr. Johnson; "language in its strictest purity and beauty"Quarterly Review, 4 vols. Syo.fine copy, cf. 10*. . . 1766

818 Auber, Rise, Progress, of British Power in India, 2 thick vols, cloth, maps, is. 6d. pub. 11. . . . 1837

819 Aubery, Memoires pour servir a l'Histoire de HOLLANDE et PROVINCES UNIES, 18mo. cf. extremely rare, "Debure't copy told for 180 franct," is. . (Elzevirt) 1680

820 Aubrey de Vere.the WALDENSES,

or Fall of Rosa, a Lyrical Sketch, with other Poems, cloth, new, It. pub. 7t. Oxford, 1842

821 Audebertus, Poemata, " Venustat. et elegant," de Venetiis, sm. 4to. hf. vellum. It. Aldus, 1583

822 AUDIN, "pure and elegant, patient, indefatigable compiler," Vita, Opere, e Dottrine, di CALVINO, 2 vols, di LUTHERO, 2 vols. Lacordaire, Vita di S. Domenico, con Note, 5 vols. 8vo. 7*.

Milan, 1842-3

823 life of Henry VIII. and History of the

-Schism in England, translated by Browne, 8vo. ri 4*. pub. St. 6d. . jjjj

824 Audoeni, Joannis (Owen) Cambro Britanni, Epj. grammata, cura Renouard, 2 vols. 1794; Carmini Etbica ex diversis Auctoribus eollegit, RenomrJ 1795, 3 small vols. cf. nt. 4s. 6d. OT. AUGUSTINE'S M.nuell, or Litle Boole of O the Contemplation of Christ, or of God's Worde, wherby the Remembrance of the Ha. uenly Desires whiche is falne asleepe ma; be quielened vp agayne. AT LONDON. Printed 6) I<M Daye. Dwellynge over Aldertgate, 1577.

Exquisite facsimile reprint, on fine thick pspn, Engraved Borders, containing 64 Figures, fnm 0!i and New Testaments.

Bound, cloth, antique style, gilt leaees, httilUi boards, 10*.

Allg-ilStln (Saint). (The greatest philosopher, the profoundest thnltem, the most exalted genius and greatest sml, «. knowledged the first Doctor of tlie Church.)

827 OPERA, 10 vols, in 5 thick vols, folio, 21. 10*. . . Pans, 155;

828 OPERA, 10 vols, in 6 thick folios, cf. SI.

Peri,, Hit

829 Cite de Dieu, traduite, avec Notes, et Vie, |»r Lombert, 4 thick vols. 12mo. cf. is. Paris, 1131

830 MORALITY, extracted from the Conferva, bringing Man to reflect on himself, on liis ore nature, passions, destination, duties, and to turn ine the principles and rules by which he Aosii square his conduct, displaying Christian atenhti as the most striking, the most pure, the met beautiful, arranged in Detached Senteucei by Abbe Grou, translated by A. Clinton, 2 thick . liSl

831 Senault, Man become Guilty, or Corruption of Nature by Siane, according to St. Auri;tine's Sense, Englished, by Earle of sm. lto. cf. 2s. 6d. . . KM

832 Auldjo, Visit to Constantinople and Greek l> lands in 1833, 8vo. plates by !< 10*. . . .1835

833 Aulus Gellins, ATTIC NIGHTS, traailiies br Beloe, "excellent translation of very dtfictttlJ inttructivt author"Lowndes, 3 vols. in. (' nt. 9*. . . U»

834 Aurelius (L.) Annales Ecclesiastici BAROSil in totidem libellos breuissime redacti (si An1198) 2 vols. 12mo. vellum, 3*. Paris, I*

835 Auricular Confession and Special Jodicial Abolution Examined, and proved not anthoriied bj Canon of H. Script, and Reformed* Peace, 12mo. cloth, It. . 1W

836 Auscultation Mediate et Maladies its Pons" et Cceur, par Laennec, avec Notes par St U ennec, 3 thick vols. Parit, 1831; BouiUind riji clinique des Maladies du Cceur et Recheri! Nouvelles, sur l'Anatomie et Physiologic 4e '■ organe, 2 very thick \o\».fine large plates, Pat, 1835, 5 books, 8vo. It. 6d.

837 AUSONIUS, Opera Omnia, Var. Ltd. V' Indice Locupletiss. &c. 3 vols. 8»o. 3*. U. pi31. . . VtlnA--'

83 8 Austen, on Geology of S. E. ofDw-•hire (57 pages) coloured map, large ejlf"*"' Hons, 18 cuts, 3*.

839 Austin (Gilbert, Chaplain of Dubli* Asylum) 18 Sermons on Practical SobjeJ preached in Dublin, 8vo. cf. 2*. 6<f.

840 Austin (John) DEVOTIONS, in the As* Way of OMices, containing Exercises for Everj D'! in the Week and every Holiday in the Year,** edition, rettoring it to itt original */*■'«.' *r

cf. it.

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841 Australian Scenery, King George's Sours. FYLincoln, Kangaroo Island, Port Jackson.;Carpentaria, Murray's Islands, Pobano's If** Wreck W. Reef Bank, 9 very beautiftt ptstei' highest state of line engraving, after rfssttl, '■! Byrne,Pye, Woolnoth, J. Scott, Finde*,Uidi»!t oblong 4to. neat, in cover, 2t.

842 Boyd, Voice from Australia, Inquiry into ft* bability of New Holland being connected r.a Prophecies relating to New Jerusalem snd Spirt* Temple, portrait, 2*. . Sydney, 18jl

843 Barton (J. H.) Emigrant's Manual (Australia, New Zealand, America, S. Africa) cloth, 2s. 6d. pub. it. 6d. . Edinb. Chamber; 1851

844 Field (Barron) Geographical Memoirs of N. South Wales, by various Authors, with Papers on Aborigines, Geology, Botany, Timber, Astronomy, Meteorology, Murray, 1825; Lieut. Tuckey, Voyage to establish Colony at Port Philip, in Ship Calcutta, 1805, thick 8vo. hf. cf. it.

845 GEELONG, Map of District of, by Skene, Surveyor to District Council of Grant, fine coloured map (lft. 10 Ay lft. 31 Is. . GeeUmg, 1845

846 MUDIE, the Felonry of New South Wales, a faithful picture of the Real Romance of Life, in Botany Bay, with Anecdotes of the Society, 8vo. cloth, plan of Sydney, 2». pub. 10*. . 1837

847 Philip (Governor) Voyage to Botany Bay, with Account of Establishment of Port Jackson and Norfolk Island; also Journals of Lieut. Shortland, Watts, Ball, and Capt. Marshall, and their Discoveries, thick large 8vo. hf. cf. numerous plts.3t.17W

848 Pridden(Rev. W.) Australia, its History and Present State, Account of the Bush and Colonies, its respective Inhabitants, hf. morocco, gilt leaves, map, 2s. 6d. , . Burns, 1843

849 Ritchie (Leitch) BRITISH WORLD in the EAST, a Guide, Historical, Moral, Commercial, to INDIA, CHINA, AUSTRALIA, SOUTH AFRICA, and other Possessions of Gr. Britain in Eastern and Southern Seas (LocalHistories,Discoveries, Governments, Boundaries, Religions, Manners, Resources, Prospects, Literature, Wars, §-c. of each) 2 large vols. 8vo. cloth, new, 2is. 1846

850 Rowcroft, Tales of the Colonies, or Adventures of an Emigrant, cloth, 6s. . 1847

851 AUSTRIA (House of) History of, by Archdn. Coxe, " must be read,"Smyth, Bonn's Reprint, 3 vols. hf. cf. nt. 9s. cost 15*. . 1847

852 Authentic Details of VALDENSES, in Piemont and other Countries, translation of BRESSE, Histoire des ARNAUD.Rentree Glorieusej also Letters during Residence among Vaudois (by Ackland) Sro. plates, 7s. pvb. 12*. . 1827

853 Authoress, a Tale, by Jane Taylor, new. *«.... 1822

854 Autobiography, Letters, Remains, of MISS FRY, Author of the Listener, &c. It. 6d. pub. 7s. . . 1848

855 of GOETHE, with his Travels, translated

by Ozenford and Morrison, 2 vols, cloth, 5s. cost 7s. . . . 1849

856 of Haydon, by Tom Taylor, 3 vols. Svo.

12*. pub. 11. lis. 6d. . 1853

557 Autographes et MSS, de M. De Pixerecourt, Catalogue de, 8vo. Prices, Names, and the suppressed leaf, 2s. . Paris, 1840

858 Autographs and Writing, an entirely New Work, preparing, including many thousand Names (already copied); also FACSIMILES of Original LETTERS, Specimens of EARLY WRITING, including those of Italy, B.C. 250 to 800, Anglo-Saxon, Norman, English, Dates, Numerals, Art of Deciphering Ancient MSS. Legal, 5tc. with numerous Specimens, Facsimiles of Signatures and Seals, of Regicides, Scotch Union, American Independence, with Art of Judging the Character by the Hand Writing, now first translated from the French, a Reprint of Dr. Sellar's Paper on the same subject; also Copious Index and Literary Articles, by Dr. Bosworth, Westwood, Sec. (nearly ready).

859 AVA, Two Years in, 1824-6, by Snodgrass, 8vo. hf. cf. nt. plate and map, 3*. Gd. pub. 16*. 1827

860 BURMESE WAR, Narrative of, and Ope

rations of Sir Archibald Campbell's Army, from Landing at Rangoon to Peace in 1826, by ditto, 8vo. hf. cf. nt. plate and maps,

861 Aventurei Demieres du Jeune D'Olban, Fragment des Amours Alsaciennes, 12mo. calf. It.

Priv. Print. 1777

862 Aviary and Menagerie, of Earl of Derby, at Knowsley, Catalogue of, 4to. corrected copy, It. put. 5*. . . Liverpool, 1851

Avrillon. 864 Annee Affective, on Sentimens aur 1'Amour de

Dieu, tires du Cantique des Cantiques, pourcbaque Jour de VAnnee, rf. nt. 3*. . Paris, 1813

865 Commentaire Affectif sur le Pseaume "MISERERE,"pour preparation a la Mort, 2*. Par»»,1770

866 Guide for Passing Advent Holily, in which is found for Each Day a Practice, Meditation, Thoughts, upon Portions of Holy Scripture, Sentenees from Holy Scriptures and Fathers, translated and adapted to English Church, by Dr. Pusey, cloth, lis. . . 1844

867 Ditto, for Lent, by ditto, cloth, lit. 1844

868 Year of Affections, or Affections on Love of God, drawn from Canticles, for Every Day in Year, translated and adapted to English ditto, cloth, 10*. . . . 1845

869 Ayre (Rev. J. W.) Diary of Eastern Travel, Journey from Jerusalem to Beyrout,c/o/A,2». 1846

870 Ayscough, Index to Monthly Review, first 70 vols. (40 years) Books,Pamphlets,Discoveries, Improvements in Sciences, Anecdotes, &c. most useful for author, fyc. 2 very thick 8vos. 4*. 1786

871 Ditto, New Series, first 81 vols. 2 thick vols. 3*. pub. 11. ... 1818

872 Babbage, Economy of Machinery and Manufactures, cloth, scarce, 3*. pub. 6*. . 1833

873 Institutions for Assurance of Lives, Comparative View of, 8vo. rare, 10*. . 1826

874 Baber (Emperor of Hindustan) Memoirs, by himself, translated with Notes, by Leyden and Erskine; also Map of Countries between Oxus and Jaxartes, Memoir on its Construction, by Waddington, 4to. half calf, neat, map, scarce, 11. pub. 2/. 12*. 6d. . . . 1826

875 Babington (Churchill) " Hulsean Prize," Influence of Christianity in promoting Abolition of Slavery in Europe, 8<o. 2s. pub. 5s. Camb. 1846

42 Babylon, Ancient, Dissert, on Topography of, Suggested by Recent Obs. and Discoveries of C. J. Rich, by MAJOR RENNEL.Jfne large plate of Site of Ancient Babylon, 1815, 2*.

41 Acct. of Ancient Brick from, by Hulme,

plate, impression of Lion, Inscription, 1801 ; Henley, Explan. of the Inscription, 1801, 1*. dd.

43 Landseer, on Engraved Gems brought from,

by Lockett, with reference to early Scriptural History, plate, 1817, 1*.

879 Bachelor (Origen) and Robert Dale Owen, Discussion on Existence of God, 1842; ditto, on Authenticity of Bible, 1840, 2 works in 1, half calf, neat, 3*.

880 Back (Capt.) Narrative of ArcticLandExpedition to Mouth of Great Fish River and along Shores of Arctic Ocean, 1833-4-5, thick 8vo. half calf, neat, fine map and plates, 8*. pub. 30*. . 1836

881 Bacon, Liber Regis, Thesaurus Rerum Ecclesiasticarum, with proper Directions and Precedents for Presentations, Inductions, Dispensations, etc. and compleat Alphabetical Index, very thick, 4to. half ca(f, neat, is. 6d. . .1786

Bacon (Lord).

882 WORKS,English andLatin.and withTranslations by Dr. Shaw, 12».j)uA.3U2». 1802

883 Advancement and Proficience of Learning, Pickering's best edition, cr. 8vo. is. pub. 10*. 1825

884 Essays, Moral, Economical, Political, " containing all the wisdom which the deepest erudition could recover from the gulf of buried ages," 12mo. Sbarpe's beautiful edition, West all's plates, 2s. . . . 1822

885 Essays, Advancement of Learning, &c. with Memoir by Taylor, square small 8vo. cloth, 2s. 6d.

Knight, 1840

886 Sylva Sylvarum, or Naturall Historie, also New Atalantis, edited by Rawley, folio, calf, portrait, 3s. . . . 1631

887 Bacon (Lord), Life and Catalogue of his Works by Mallet, 8vo. calf, mat, Is. . 1740

888 Bacot on Syphilis, principally on use of Mercury, 1*. pub. is. . . 1822

889 Bacton, Norfolk, History, Antiquities, Geology, by Green, Svo. cloth, plates, 2s. 6d. pub. is. Gd.

Norwich, 1842

890 Bagshaw (Dr. H.) Discourses upon Select Texts, wherein weighty Truths are handled, against the Papist and Socinian, calf, 2*. . 1680

891 Bagshaw (W.) on Man, his Motives, their Rise,

Operations, Opposition, Results, 2 vols. cloth,2s.6dpub. 16*. . . Longman, 1833


893 Comprehensive Bible, various Readings, Marginal References, Philol. Explan. Notes, Analysi*. Chronological Index, &c. very thick 4to. cloth, ni. 11. 10*. . . . IB.-;

894 English Polyglot pocket-BIBLE with references, Parallel Illust. Passages, &c. morocco, gilt leaves. 6*. . . . IS';:

895 Another edition, russia, gilt leaves, corner < I binding damaged, is. . . 1821

896 Another copy, with Prayer Book, Psalms, Nev Version, &c. 8*. . . 182C

897 Bible, Interleaved with Spanish Version, caff, neat, 7s. cost 21*. . . 1825

898 New Test. Notes, numerous references, Parallel Passages, morocco, gilt leavet, 2*. . 1832

899 Geographical and Chronological Illustrations of H. Scriptures, silk, 18 maps andplant, 2*. 183

900 Latin Bible, pocket, bl. mor.gilt leaves, is. 1821

901 Bailey, List of BANKRUPTS, Dividends, Certificates, 1772 to 1793, Names, Residences of Solicitors under each, 2 vols, in 1, cf. nt. very scarce, is. . 1794

902 Bailey, on Formation and Publication of Opinions, etc. cr. 8vo. 2s. 6d. pub. 8s.

903 Ditto, Crit. Dissert, on Nature, Measures, Causes of VALUE, chiefly in reference to Ricardo and Followers, 8vo. 2s. pvb. 7s. Gd. . 1825

904 Bailey (Rev. H. I.) the Liturgy compared with Bible, or Illustration and Confirmation by Scripture Illustrations and References on such parts of Com. Prayer, Sacraments, and other Rites, not direct extracts from Scriptures, "excellent and useful"—Lowndes, cloth, 3s. 6d. . 1840

905 Bailey, Translation of Erasmus Colloquies, thk. 8vo. cf. very neat, no title page, 2s. 6d. 1733

906 Baillie (Dr. Matthew) Works, with Life, by Wardrop, 2 vols. 8vo. 4*. pub. 11. 5*. 1825

907 Baillie (Joanna) Plays, delineating Human Passions, a Tragedy and Comedy on each Pa> sion, 3 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 9*. pub. 11. lis. 6d. 1802

908 Baillie (Marianne) Tour in France, Italy, Switzerland,Germany,French Flanders.JSnepits. 1819; also Heger, Tour in Netherlands, France, Switzerland, 1820, thick 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 2s. cost II. 5*.

909 Bain, Discovery of Fossil Remains of Bidental and other Reptiles in South Africa; Prof. Owen, Description of Reptilian Fossils of ditto; Fossil Crania discovered in Sandstone Rocks at S. E. extreme of Africa relative to extinct Reptilia (Dicynodon) and indicative of New Tribe of Sauria, 2 works, 5 fine plates, 2s. Gd.

910 Baines, History of Liverpool, 4 parts (3, 4, 7, 8) is. cost lis. . . 1852

911 Baird(Rev. R.) Protestantism in Italy, Past and Present, with Origin, History, Present State, of the Waldeoses, red morocco, gilt leaves, is. 1847

912 Baker (Rev. T. Bagnall) Christ, the Man of Sorrows, Sermons, on 53 Isaiah, cloth, Is. (id. pub. 3s. fid. . . . 1851

913 Bakewell, Travels and Observations in Alps, Tarentaise, Grecian, and Pennine, also in Switzerland and Auvergne, 1820-1-2, 2 vols, coloured pits, and numerous engravings, is. pub. 26*. 1823

914 Wool, Influence of Soil and Climate on, a

certain, easy method of improving quality of English Clothing Wools, Hints for Management of Sheep, after Shearing, &c. Notes by Lord Somerville, Svo. 2s. pub. 6*. 6d. . 1808

915 Balguy (John) 41 Sermons, "sagacious and vigorous intellect, acute reasoning, exact method, clear, animated style," 2 vols. Svo. good copy, cf. 3s. . 1755

916 Ballads, Songs, from German, a "charming " Volume, comprises 46 POETICAL PIECES, best Translations (mostly new) from Uhland, Schiller, Burger, Fouque, Korner, Schmid, Goeihe, Chamisso,Beckcr,Von Stoterforth ; also Originals j includes the Diver, Fridolin, Fight with Dragon, Wild Huntsman, Lenorc, &c. (both parts in 1) 15 beautiful wood engravings, by Warren, Selous, Franklin, Corbould, Pickersgill, Sfc. 2*.

17 Ditto, es«S Tletl'lcal TalCS, edited, with *l!N07FS, nd COPIOUS GLOSSARY, KSfine WOOD ENGRAVINGS, by Ttnniel, Sclous, Corbould, Franklin, Pickersgill, ifc. 2s.

918 Ballantine, HINDUSTANI Grammar and Exercises, Urge 6vo. cloth, 6s. Edinb. 1838

919 Ballings!! (Dr.) Course of Lectures, Military Surgery, thick 8vo. ef. eery nt. 6s. pub. 14s. 1833

920 Diseases of India, Fever, Dysentery, Liver

Complaints, Numerous Tables and Cases, also Essay en Syphilis, Hvo. hf. a/. 2s. pub. 9t. 1823

921 BALTIC MERCHANTS' Guide, Calculation of Prices of all Russian Articles of Export, with pro forma Invoices, according to latest Regulations, Duties, Tables of Weight, of Grain, Rates for Merchants, Brokers, Sec. by HENT1G, 2«. pub. 12#. . . 1834

922 Balmes, Art d'arriver au Vrmi, Philosophie Pratique, traduit de I'Espagnol, par Maneo, Preface par Blanche Raffin, Paris, 1852; Roselly de Lorgues, le Christ devant le Siecle, ou Nouveaux Temoignages, Pari$, 1840, 2 books, St.

923 Bancroft, History of United States, "highest estimation as historical inquirer and historical writer"—Heertn, 2 thick vols. 12mo. c/.4s. 1852

924 Bancroft and Botta, History of America, from Discovery to Independence, 2 thick vols, royal 8 vo. cloth, fins ports, and maps, 16s./m£.lf.l6s.l844,&c.

925 Banlield, Organization of Industry, in Lectures beforeCambridge University , 1843

926 Banier (Abbe) Mythology and Fables of the Ancients, explained from History, " immense store of important information"Lowndes, 4 vols. 8vo. ef. nt. scarce, 10*. . . 1740

927 Bfink, Life of Abraham Newiand, Principal Cashier, with Account of that Establishment, Correspondence of Chancellor of Exchequer with Bank, List uf Statutes connected, port. 1808; Lord John Russell's Essays and Sketches of Life and Character, 1821, hf. cf. is. 6d.

928 Banks and Bankers, by Dan. Hardcastle, cloth, 3s. pub. 10s. 6d. . . 1842

929 Bank Note, Adventures of, 2 vols, in 1, ef. scarce, 2s. . . Dublin, 1771

930 Bubble, South Sea, and numerous Fraudulent Projects to which it gave rise in 1720, History of, also Appendix of Bubbles of 1825 .facsimile plates; Art of Money Getting, shewing Means by which an Individual may Obtain and Retain Health, Wealth, Happiness, 1828; Rules, Origin, tic. or Chess, Garde Euclid's Elements, Demonstrated, 1824, cf. nt. 2s. 6d.

931 Banks, English Master, or 8tudent's Guide to REASONING and COMPOSITION, Analytical View of English Language, Human Mind, Principles of Fine Writings also Logic, " outline of 25 gears' course of instruction," thick 8vo. 2s. fid. pub. 10*. . . . 1829

932 Banks' "impartial" Life of Oliver Cromwell, 8vo. ef. very neat, fine port, by Vertue, 2s. (id. 1725

933 Banks (Langley) The Joiner's Instructor, for Staireasing and I lend railing, 4 to. 36 plates, 9s. pub. 18s. . . . 1849

934 Bannister, Records of British Enterprise beyond 8ea, from Earliest Original Sources to Present Times, with Cotemporary Maps and Illustrations, 8vo. singular facsimile of early Map of World, 2s. pub. 6s. . , 1849


935 BAPTISMAL Offices {Public and Private) of United Church of England and Ireland, Illustrated, from the USE of SALISBURY, Religions Consultatio of HERMAN, Archbishop of Cologne, and Sentiments of Compilers and Revisers of BOOK of COMMON PRAYER, "Offered for the public, to ascertain for themselves the principles on which the offices are framed, as well as sense, of terms adopted. It includes Synoptical Tables, showing alterations in offices at the Revisions, 1532, 1654, 1661; History of the Conferences, Reasons of Changes, "executed with ability and judgment," by Rev. T. M. FALLOW, of All Souls, Marylebone, cloth, 3s. 6d. pub. Is. 6d. . 1838

93G Bnptismo Parulorum, Cochlei aduers. Lutheri, Argent, 1523; Hieron. Florentinus, de Ministrando Baptisroo Humanis Fcetibus Abortivorum nuncprimumdiscussa, " enrieux et rare," 2 worts, 4s. . . Lugd. 1658

937 ItII«1<1 (Rev. H.) Infant Baptism, the Means of NATIONAL REFORMATION, according to Doctrine and Discipline of the Established Church, THIRD AND LAST EDITION, with the very full HISTORICAL PREFACE (of 284 pages) very thick vol. sm. 8vo. (820 pages) cloth, 10s. 6d. , Seeley, 1841

"A valuable Treatise, fall of devout, evangelical, original remarks"—Bickerttetk.

938 Gorham Case, a History, with Expositions, of the Rival Baptismal Theories, Preface by J. Search, "absurdity, irrational fanaticism, fyc." 1850 ; Dr. Bayford, Argument in behalf of Gorham, 1849, 2 books, eloth, St.

939 Irving (Rev. Ed.) Homilies on Baptism, very scarce, 4s. pub. 7s. . . 1828

940 Barante, Tableau of French Literature, during 18th Century, translated, with Nomenclature, &c. eloth, 2s. pub. 5s. . . 1833

941 Dues de Burgogne, 2 vols. (7, 8) 3s.

942 Baratariana, Fugitive Political Pieces, published during Lord Townshend's Administration in Ireland, 12mo. cf. ports, scarce, 2s.Dublin,l773

043 Barbadoes, Obs. on Changes of Air and Concomitant Epidemical Diseases, also Yellow Fever and other Indigenous Diseases of West Indies, by Dr. Hillary, 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 2s. . 1759

944 Barbary, Piratical States (Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli, Morocco) Compleat History of, Origin, Revolutions, Forees, Revenues, Policy, 8vo. hf- russia, uncut, map, 2s. . . 1750

945 Barbauld (Mrs.) Works, "highest beauty and perfection of style," with Life, by Aikin, 2 vols. 8vo. port. 5s. pub. 11. 4s. . 1825

946 Barber, Picturesque Illuslrations of Isle of 'WiSfllt, Views of every object of Interest in the Island, with Histor. and Topogr. Descriptions, roy. 8vo. 40 fine plates, 4s. pub. 10s. 1844

947 Barber of Seville, MUSIC, from Orchestral Score, by Rockstro, Italian and English Words, 4to. cloth, Ts. pub. 16s.

948 Barberi, Grammaire des Grammaires ITALIENNES, Elementaire, Raisonnee, Methodique, Analytique, ou Cours Complet, 2 thick vols. 8vo. 3s. . . Paris, 1819

949 Barclay, Apology for true Christian Divinity held by Quaker*, a full examination and vindication of their principles, "first and yet esteemed the best if not the only work of like character," learned, scholastic, methodical, 8vo. cf, nt. 2s. 6d.

950 another edition, beautifully printed by

Baskerville, 4to. brds. uncut, 10s. 1765

951 Barclay, English Dictionary, Explanation, Pronunciation, and Synonymes; also, Epitome of History of England, and Topographical History of England, Sec. 4to. new, hf cf.nt. many plales,l\s. pub. 11. lis. 6d.

9^2 Baretti,ITALIAN-EngliBh,English-ItalianDictionary, 2 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. 10s. pub. 24s. 1820

953 Barker, greatly improved edition of Anthon's Lempriere's Classical Dictionary, further improved by Dr. Giles, thick 8vo. bnd. 9s.6(i.p«i.l6s.6rf,1843

954 Ditto, First Class Book, or Exercises in Reading and Recitation, from best Modern Authors of Britain and America,byPierpont,2s.pi<4.5s.6(i.l835

955 BARLOW (John, of Chester) Works, Expos, of Timothie, Guide to Glory, Discourse of Spirituall Stedfastnes, Good Man's Refuge in Affliction, Sermons, &c. folio, hf. cf. nt. 8s. . 1632

936 BARLOW, Mathematical and Philosophical Dictionary, Terms and Principles of Pure and Mixed Mathematics and Nat. Philosophy, thick roy. 8vo. plates, 12s. pub. 21. 5s. 1814

957 BarnaWT, Drunken, IV Journeys to North of England, in MONKISH LATIN and English Rhyming Verse (on Opposite Pages), Wittily and Merrily (though an Hundred Years Ago) Composed, together with Bessy Bell and the Ancient Ballad of Chevy Chase (also in Latin and English Verse) by Rich. Brathwait, with Life of the Author, CopiouB Notes and Index, elegantly printed, antique cloth binding, with frontispiece of Puritan hanging his Cat, Copies of the original edition, not so complete as this, have sold from 71. to 16 gs. see Lowndes, 6s. York, 1852

958 Barnaby Rudgc, by Dickens, complete, roy. 8vo.

cloth, numerous cu4t,'4t. lis. 1811

959 Barnard (Rev. J.) The Divinity of Christ, demons, from Scripture, and Doctrine of Primitire Chureh, against Priestley, cr. 8vo. 2s. 1789

960 Barnes (Charlotte M. D.) Plays, Prose, Poetry, Maiden Aunt, Sisters, Marriage Vow, First and Last Love, Sec. eloth, St. Philadelphia, 1618

Barnes, Notes, Explanatory, Prsrticil, Plain, Simple, Selected from Walton's Polyglott, Critici Sacri, Grotius, Lightfoot, Macknlght,Ne*. come, Jahn, Home, Doddridge, Calmet, Kainotl, Campbell, Rosenmuller, Clarke, Henry, Tittmu, Wells.

961 Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, edited by Cobb's, 2 vols, cloth, 1847; Acts to Galatians inclusive, Author's original American edition, 4 vols. Net York, 1841; Ephesians to Philemon, Cunraing'! edition, 1852; James to Jude, by ditto, 1850, 8 vols, eloth, mapt, SfC. 14s.

962 Gospels, Acts, Romans, edited by Crten, 2 thick vols, cloth, 4s. ', . 1851

963 Acts, cloth, 2s. . Blsckit, 1842

964 Romans, cloth, 2s. New York, 18)1

965 Questions on the New Testament, for Bible Classes and Sunday Schools, cloth, 2s. pub. 3».!8!8

966 Baron (Dr.) Life and Correspondence of Dr. Jenner, Illustrations of his Doctrines on Vaearjtion, thick Svo. fine portrait, 4s. pub. IBs. 1821

967 , Origin, Progress, of Changes of Structure

in Man and Inferior Animals, 4to. fine eolmtl plates, 3s. pub. ISs. . 1828

Bai*onetng*e, and Peerage.

969 Baronetage of England, Complete Lilt of ill, from first Institution, 3 vols.; Pocket Herald of England, Scotland, Ireland, 2 vols; EitinctPeerage of England, 6 vols, very fine copies, cf. ttsi/em, plates, 7s. , Almn. 1769

970 Baronets created by Charles II. extracted froa Wotton, morocco, gilt teaves,platet,2$A'i\

971 Burke, British Peerage and Baronetage, Geneslogical and Heraldic Dictionary of, thick 8w. 5s. pub. 11. ISs. . . . 1B7

972 Ditto, ditto, thickSyo.[\l. ISs. 1810

973 Ditto, Baronetcies, Extinct and Dormant, Genealogical and Heraldic History, large 8ro. doll 5s. 6d. pub. 28s, . . IM

974 Forster, Baronetage and Peerage of Gr. Brit and Ireland, Genealogical and Histor. Notice! 0! Families, List pf Titles, by Courtesy, ate. cio«, 2s. pub. 5s. . . 1851

975 Nicolas, Synopsis of the Peerage (DaUcfCrvtion, Descent and Present State of aery Tift^ Peerage since Conquest) 2 vols, cloth, netc, 4i. W. pub. 18s, . UK

976 Baronnat (Abbe) le Pretendu Myatere it l'USURE, Devoile, ou le Placement d'Areect (Pret a interet) Demontre Legitime, par l'Astorite Civile et Autorite Ecclesiastique, 2 vols. In3*. , . Psru, 1822

977 Barrett (Eliz.) Seraphim and other Poems, Ie. 8vp. cf. very nt. 3s. pub. 6s. .

978 Barrington (Sir John) Personal Sketchej of ku own Time, vol. 3 only, 3s. pub. 10s. 18*

979 Barrington, on the more ancient Statutes, froc Magna Charta to 21st James, with Propoalfcf New Modelling, 4to. cf. 3s.

980 Ditto and Beaufoy, possibility of approach's; North Pole asserted, 8vo. map, with latest D>>coveries, 2s. pub. 9s. . .

981 Barrow (Dr. Isaac) Works, edited lit Archbp. Tillotson, "matchless sermons, no quale representation of eloquence of Gcert, «*■ dition, argument, most convincing reasonTM?. found philosophy," 3 vols. In 2, folio, wjf, *l-f* old port. 11. . . I'»

982 Exposition of Creed, Lord's Prayer md

Decalogue, Doctrine of Sacraments, 8to. ef. ft2s. . , . . Mi

983 BARRUEL (Abbe) Memoires, pour aenir 1 l'Histoire du Jacobinlsme, *' includes mod «/«'• ing account of sufferings of French Clergy," <,0* 8vo. wants few leaves end ofrol, I, cloth,l"8'^';

Lgeu, l"'

984 Ditto, Translated, by Hon. R. Clifford. "* quent and perspicuous, best historictl s»i envcomment, on Burke's French HevoMit*" i,c*

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