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2 vols. Ids. 6 8vOs. 11*. pub. 4 gs. 1815-9

4114 Evans, Classic and Connoisseur in Italy and Sicily, with abridged translation of Lanzi's Storia Fittorica, 3 vols. Sto.cloth,new,5: pub.M.lGs. 1835

4115 Faux, Memorable Days in America, Tour in United States, to ascertain Condition and Probable Prosperity of British Emigrants, Svo. hf. cf. 2: pub. lis. . . 1823

4116 Fearon, Journey of 5000 Miles in Eastern and Western States of America, in 8 Reports to 3> Families, 8vo. cf. nt. Is. pub. 10*. 6<J. 1819

4117 Ferrall, Ramble 0000 Miles in United States, 8vo. facsimile of Cherokee Phoenix, 2s. 6<f. pub. 10s. . . . 1832

4118 Fisher, Voyage of Discovery to Arctic Regions, in Ships Hecla and Griper, 8vo. map, 2s. pub. 12*. . . . 1821

4119 Ditto, ditto, 1821; also Capt. ROSS, Voyage of Discovery for Exploring Baffin's Bay, 2 vols. maps, 1819, thick 8vo. hf. cf. 5s. pub. II. 13*.

4120 Forsyth, Italy, Antiquities, Arts, Letters, 8ro. cf.nt. 3*. pub. 15*. . . 1816

-4121 France, IV Years in, Narrative of English Family's Residence and Account of Conversion to Catholic Faith, 2s. pub. Us. . 1826

4122 Gall, Canadas, Topographical Information, hf. cf. nt. 2s. pub. 5*. . . 1836

4123 GARDINER (Capt.) Journey, in 1835, to ZOOLU Country, in South Africa; best and only account of NATAL. "Most exciting, painfully interesting to a Christian, with full descriptions," 8vo. cloth, 26 fine plates if scenery, costume, maps, 4s. pub. U. . . 1836

4124 Gardner (Dr.) Travels in Interior of Brazil, principally Northern Provinces, and Gold and Diamond Districts, 1836-41, 8vo. cloth, map, 8fc. 5s. pub. 12*. . . 1849

4125 Gaudentio di Lucca, Adventures of, his Exam, before Inquisition at Bologna, giving account of Unknown Country in Deserts of Africa, Notes of Rhedi,attributed to

4126 GELL(SirW.) Itinerary of GREECE, 100 routes in Attica, Boetia, Phocis, Locris and Thessaly, cr. 8vo. map, is. pub. 10*. . 1819

4127 Ditto, Narrative of Journey in Morea, 8vo. plates, 3s. pub. 15s. . . 1823

4128 Graham, Maria, 3 Months in Mountains east of Rome, 8vo. 10*. . 1821

4129 Grand, Americans in their Moral, Social, Political Relations, 2 vols. Svo. el. 3*. pub. II. 4s. 1837

4130 Guer, Moeurs, Usages, des TURCS, Religion, Gouvernement, Civil, Militaire, Politique, avec Histoire Ottomane, 2 vols. 4to. cf. nt. many plates, 6*. . . Paris, 1747

4131 Gutzlaff, 3 Voyages along Coast of CHINA, 1831-2-3, Notices of Siam, Corea, Loo Choo Islands, with Ellis Introd. Essay on Policy, Religion, &o. of China, 8vo. cloth, 3s. pub. 12*. 1834

4132 Hall, Capt. Basil, Journal on Coasts of Chili, Peru, Mexico, 1820-1-2, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 4s. pub. 21*. • . 1825

3133 Ditto, ditto, Reprint, 2 vols. 1840; ditto, to Java, China, and Great Loo-Choo Island; Sir M. Maxwell, Attack on Chinese Batteries, Interview with Napoleon, 3 vols, in 1 large 8vo. is. 1840

4134 Fragments of Voyages and Travels, 3rd

Series, 3 vols. cf. nt. map, 5s. pub. 10*. 1834

4135 Hamilton (Col.) Men and Manners in America, 2 vols. 8vo. 3s. pub. II. Is. . 1833

4136 Head (Sir Francis) The Emigrant, 5*. pub. 12*. : . . 1846

4137 Helme, Columbus, or Discovery of America, Relation by Father to his Children, from German of Campe, 12mo. map, Is. pub. 5s. 1828

4138 Henderson, Iceland, Residence there, 1814-5, Natural Phenomena, History, Literature, Antiquities, Religion, Manners, &c. 8vo. hf. cf. map, engravings, 4s. pub. 16*. . 1819

4139 Hoare (SirR. C.) Tour through Island of Elba, large 4to. fine plates, 2gs. . 1814

41-10 Hogg, Visit to Alexandria, Damascus, Jerusalem, during successful Campaign of Ibrahim Pasba, 2 vols. cr. Svo. hf. cf. nt. 4s. pub. II. 1835

4141 Holland, South, Family Tour through, up the Rhine, across Netherlands to Of tend, cloth, 2s.

| pub. 5s. . . 1839

4142 Hooker (W. J.) Tour in Iceland in 1809, 8vo. hf. cf. plates, 3*. pub. 16*. . 1811

4143 Hope, Anastatius, or Memoirs of a Greek, at Close of 18th Century, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. hf. cf. 8*. pub. II. lis. 6d. . .' 1827

4144 HOUGH (MAJOR) Political and Military Events in BRITISH INDIA, 1756 to 1849, 2 vols, am. 8vo. cloth, 2s. 6d. pub. 1G*. - 1853

4145 Inglis, Journey through IRELAND, 1834, 8vo. maps, 3s. pub. 12*. . . 1836

4146 Ditto, the TYROL, and Glance at Bavaria, 2 vols. 4*. pub. II. . . 1833

4147 Irwin, Adventures in Voyage up Red Sea, Coasts of Arabia, Egypt, Route through Deserts of Thebais, hitherto unknown, 4to. hf. cf. nt. maps and plates, 3s. . . 1780

4148 Italy, Sketches Descriptive of, in 1816-7, with Account of Travels in France and Switzerland, 4 vols. hf. cf. vtrynt. 5s. pub. II. 12*. 1820

4149 Ives, Voyage from England to India in 1754, Historical Narrative of Operations of Squadron and Army in India, under Watson and Clive, also Journey from Persia to England, 4to. cf. nt. maps and plates, 4s. . . 1773

4150 James, Tour through Germany, Sweden, Russia, Poland, 1813-14, 4to. ruisia extra, plates, is. pub. 3 gs. . . 1816

4151 Japanese, Manners, Customs, in 19th Century, from recent Dutch Visitors, and German of Dr. Siebold, 8vo. cloth, 3s. pub. 9s. Gil. . 1841

4152 Johnson (Dr.) Journey to Western Islands of Scotland, 8vo. hf. cf. 2s. . 1775

4153 Jowett, Christian Researches in Mediterranean; also Rev. J. Connor, Journal, chiefly in Syria and Palestine, 8vo. map, 3s. pub. 10*. 1822

4154 Kingston (W. H. G.) Lusitanian Sketches of Pen and Pencil, 2 vols. cfofA,p/al'e»,4*.BBi.1('.1844

4155 Kinneir, Geographical Memoir of Persian Empire, 4to. no map, 2s. 6d. pub. 2 gs. . 1813

4156 Knighton, History of CEYLON, from Earliest Period, with its Present Condition, 8vo. cl. 3s. 6d. pub. 9s. . . 1845

4157 Knox, Historical Relation of Island CEYLON, in East Indies, and detaining in Captivity the Author and Englishmen, and Miraculous Escape, folio, hf. cf. quaint old plates, 5s. . 1681

•4158 Kotzebue (Von) Travels, Berlin, through Switzerland to Paris, translated, 3 vols. 1804; D'Uklaneki, Travels in Upper Italy, Tuscany, and Ecclesiastical States, 2 vols. 1816, 5 books in 2 thick vols. hf. cf. 3s. pub. 23*.

4159 Laborde, Jonrney through Arabia Petrrea to Mount Sinai, and Excavated City of Petra, Edom of Prophecy, 8vo. half calf, many engravings, 7s. pub. 18*. . . 1826

4160 La Condamine, Voyage dans l'lnterieure de l'Amerique Meridionals, et Riviere des Amazones, 8vo. cf. nt. map, Sfc. 2s. 6d. Paris, 1744

4161 Lamartine, Travels in Holy Land, Visit to Scenes of Onr Redeemer's Life, from the French, by Huish, thick 8vo. cloth, plates, is. 6d. pub. 10*. . . 1842

4162 Lancelot (of Port Royal) Tonr in 1667 to La Grand Chartreuse and Alet. account ofLaTrappe, Jansenius, &c. 2 vols. cr. 8vo. cf. very nt. 6*. pub. 13*. . . 1816

4163 Lander, Journal of Expedition to Explore Course and Termination of Niger; also Voyage, down to Termination, 3 vols. 12mo. cloth, port. 4s. 15*. . 1832

4164 Landor (E. W.) Adventures in North of Europe, illustrative of Poetry and Philosophy of Travel, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. cloth, new, 3s. pub. 21*. 1836

4165 LE BRUN, Voyages par la Museovie en Perse et But INDES ORIENTALES, thick folio, cf. very nt. 320 curious plates (former pricelX.Xls.6d.) 7s. . . Amst. 1718

4166 Lewis, "Monk," Journal of West India Proprietor, kept during his Residence in Jamaica, Svo. 3*. pub. 10*. . . . 1834

4167 Londonderry (Marquis of) Tour in North of Europe, 1836-37,4to. ports. 4s. 2 gs. 1838

4168 Lyon, Private Journal, during Voyage of Discovery under Capt. Parry, Sio.plts. 16*. 1824

4169 Macfarlane, Constantinople in 1828, Resi

dence of 16 Months in Turkish Capital and Pro. vinces, Naval, Military Power and Resource! ol Ottoman Power, 2 vols. 8vo. green morocco, 5». 6i pub. 21. 10*. . . ig29

4170 Marsden, Narrative of Mission to Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Somer's Island, and Tour to Lisa X)ntario, 1*. 6d. pub. 5s. . 1S2I

4171 Matthews, Diary of Invalid, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland, France, 1817-19, 8vo. hf. 9s. . . 18J0

4172 ITSiilllMleville (Sir John) Travels, Way to Hierusalem, Marvaylesof Ynde, with othn Countryes; edited from Cottonian MS. collate! with seven MSS. old printed editions, also Intro, duction, additional Notes, Glossary, by Halliwell, 8vo. cloth, frontispiece, 70 facsimiles of jrofrfpi woodcuts, from earlier editions and M8S. h British Museum, 9s. . . 1839

4173 Maximilian, fforth America, TRAVELS in the INTERIOR of, bj the PRINCE of WIED, Translated by LLOYD from the German, by far the best work on'lhis extensive Country, a clear and vivid description of the Natural Scenery, particularly complete for ic. count of the ABORIGINAL TRIBES, especiilly Mandans and Maniraires, Manners, Cnitoms, Traditions, Superstitions of Indians, ice. to. royal 4to. hf. cf. very nt. 33 Vignettes, 12*. pi. 21. 12*. 6d. . . 1843

4\73*Ditto, Text, royal 4to. and with Atlas, large FOLIO VOLUME of 81 PLfVTES, (ij*sitely coloured, 121. pub. 251.

4174 Maxwell, Wanderings in Highlands and Islands, with Sketches, taken on Scottish Border, 2 vols. w. cloth, 5s. pub. II. 4s. . IBM

4175 Melish, Travels in America," 1806-11; account of Passages between America and Britain, and Travels in Britain, Ireland, Canada, thick 8vo. mfi, S,-c. 2s. 18*. . 1818

4176 Melly, Khartoun, and the Bine and White Niles, 2 vols. hf. cf. nt. 4s. 6d. pub. II. 1851

4177 Meredith, Gold Coast of Africa, and History of African Company, 8vo. map, 2s. pub. 9*. 1812

4178 Michaux, Travels in Alleghany Mountains, 8»o. cf. nt. 2s. pub. 7s. . 1805

4179 M'Leod (Dr.) Voyage and Shipwreck of Ship Alcestc, 8vo. coloured plates, 2s. pub. 12*. 1820

4180 Money, Journal of Tour in Persia, in. map, 2s. 6d. . Priv. Print. 1828

4181 Montague (Lady Mary Wortley) Letters, Trsvels, Europe, Asia, Africa, original edition, 2 «!«■ cf. nt. 3s. . I"8<

4182 Moore (Dr. John) View of Society and Manners in Italy, France, Switzerland, Germ any, with Anecdotes of Eminent Characters, of greet an/tority, often quoted by Carlyle, 4 vols. 8to. hf. 4 nt. 4s. 6rf. . .• U81

4183 Tlorifaii (Ladv) France, 2 vols. 8ro. U pub. 24s. . . 181?

4184 , Italy, 3vols. 8vo. 6*.pub. lUlt.6ii.W21

4185 Newbold, Political, Statistical Account of British Settlement! in MALACCA; also History of Malayan States, 2 thick vols. 8vo. doth, lOs.f**1/. 6*. '. Af«rr*y, 1?»

4186 Norway, Two Summers in, vol. 1, cr.8n. hf. cf. nt. map, 2s. . . ljt0

4187 Overland Route, Gleanings, Pictorial and Antiquarian of, very large 8vo., 28 beautiful jMn. and 23 fine woodcuts, cloth, 8*. pub. 16*. 18*1

4188 Palestine, or Holy Land, by Conder, */• «• map, 2s. . . m

4189 Pardoe (Miss) City of Sultan, or Done.* Manners of Turks in 1836, 2 vols. Svo. s'UwtoHons, 5s. pub. 11. 12*. . I'3'

4190 Parisian Sights and French Principles, sen through American Spectacles, cr. 8vo. elolk, cuts, 3s. 6<f. . New Turk, Wi

4191 Park (Mungo) Travels in Interior of Africa, 1795-97, with Major Rennell, Geographical IH»trations of Africa, 4to. cf. nt. port. plates,4s.Ym

4192 Parry (Capt.) Voyages to North Pole (2 voyages only) 4 small vols, plates, S(C. 4*.jHs».IS»18»

4193 Pennant.Tour in Scotland, 8vo. calf, nest,—*} plates, 3s. . . . I"1

4194 Persian Princes, Journal of Residence ia Wland, and Journey from and to Syria, Particulars of


Modern Persia, and Death of late Shah, translated, with Notea, by Kayat, 2 Tola. 8to. cloth, 4s.

Priv. Print. 183

4195 Peru, as it is, a Residence in Lima and other parts of Peruvian Republic, Account of its Social, Physical Features, by Dr. A. Smith. 2 vols. 8vo. clot A, new, 3s. pub. 18«. . 1839

4196 Pfeitfer (Lady) Voyage Hound the World, translated from German by Mrs. Sinnett, both parts, 1*. • . Longman, Colonial, 1851

4197 Phillip, Voyage to Botany Bay, with Account of Port Jackson and Norfolk Island, 4to. cf. nt. maps and 55 plates Natural History, S(c. 6s. 1789

4198 Picken, Travels and Researches of eminent ENGLISH MISSIONARIES, with History of Protestant Missions of late years, thick vol. cloth, 3s. pub. 7s. 6d. . . 1831

4199 Knkerton, Voyages, 2 vols. 15, 16 (Africa), thick 4tos. bds. \ 4gs. . 1819

4200 Postans, Cutch or Random Sketches during Residence in Northern Provinces of Western India, interspersed with Legends and Traditions, 8vo. plates, 2s. pub. Us. . • 1839

4201 Prus (Madame) Residence in Algeria, translated, 8vo. cl. new, 2s. 12*. Pickering, 1852

4202 Puckler (Muskau) German Prince, Tour in
England, Ireland, France, Manners, Customs, An-
ecdotes of Public Characters, translated, 4 vols,
cr. 8vo. 5s. tid. pub. II. Us. . 1832

4203 Revelations of HUNGARY, or Leaves from
Diary of Austrian Officer who served in the late
Campaign, by Baron Prochazka, with Memoir of
Kossuth, 8vo. cloth. 2s. pub. 12: 1851

4204 RitCllle (Leitch) British World in the
East, a Guide to India, China, Australia, South
Africa, and other Possessions in Eastern and
Southern Seas, 2 thick vols. 8vo. cloth, new, 3s.
pub. 24*. . . . 1846

4205 Russell and Leechman, "Baptist Missionary" Tour in Ceylon and India, 8vo. cloth, plates, 2s. 6d. pub. 7s. 6d. . . . 1852

4206 Sass (the Artist) Journey to Rome and Naples, Present State of Society, and Obs. on Fine Arts, 8vo. 2s. pub. 12*. . . 1818

4207 Scenes and Adventures in Central America, edited by Hardman, 8vo. cloth, 3s. pub. 6s. 1852

4208 Schomburgk, Description of British Guiana, Geographical and Statistical, its Resources and Capabilities, 8vo. cloth, map, 2s. 6d. 1840

4209 Scoresby, Voyage to North Whale Fishery, Researches and Discoveries on Eastern Coast of W. Greenland, plates, Sfc. 1823; Egede (25 years Missionary). Description of Greenland, with Life, Sec. maps and engravings, 1818, thick 8vo. hf. cf. 7s.

4210 Scott (Capt.) Voyage to Egypt and Candia.with Details of Military Powers, Resources, Government, Policy, Commercial Syst. of Mohammed Ali, 2 vols. 8vo. port, 3s. pub. 28s. . 1837

4211 Shelley (Percy Bysshe) History of 6 Weeks' Tonr, France, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, &c. ha\f bound, scarce, 2s. pub. bs. . 1817

4212 Shirreff, Tour through North America, Comprehensive View of Canadas and United States, as adapted for Agricultural Emigration, 8vo. 2*. pub. 12s. . . . 1835

4213 Soligny (Count) Letters on England, translated, 2 vols, in 1, cr. 8vo. hf. cf. 2s. pub. 11. 1823

4214 Stephens' Incidents of Travel in Russian and Turkish Empires, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, new, 4s. pub. lbs. . _ . . 1839

4215 Stevens (S.) Seven Years' Tour in France, Italy, Germany, Holland, Observations on every

■ thing remarkable, 8vo.c/. nt. plates, scarce, 2*.1756

4216 Strang (J.) Germany in 1831, 2 vols. 8vo. 3*. pub. 24s. . . . 1836

4217 Swinburne, Travels through Spain in 1775 and 76, Illustrating Roman and Moorish Architecture, 4to. cf. nt.fine plates, is. . 1779

4218 Thevenot, Voyage au Levant, curiensement traitant des Estats sujets au Grand Seigneur, Mo?urs, Religions, Forces, Gouvernement, Politiques, Langues, Coustumes des Habitans, 3 vols, in 1, see praise by D'Anville, thick am. 4to. calf, 5*. 6d. . . Pan'*, 1665

4219 Thicknesse (Philip) Year's Journey through

France and part of Spain, " extraordinary con-
tents," 2 vols. hf. cf. platei, 2s. 6d. . 1789

4220 Trollope (A.) Summer in Brittany, edited by
Mrs. Trollope, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, plates, bs. pub.
11. \2s. . . . 1840

4221 Trollope (Mrs.) Visit to Italy, 2 vols. 8vo. cl. . 1842

4222 Twelve Years' Military Adventure in 3 Quarters
of Globe, Memoirs of Officer who served in Armies
of his Majesty and East India Company, 1802-
1814, including Campaigns of Wellington in India,
Spain, and France, 2 vols. 8vo.\S29

4223 Ulysses, Travels in various Provinces of King-
dom of Naples,translated from German,by Anfrere,
thick 8vo. hf. cf. plates, including those of shells,
2s. 1795

4224 Urquhart, Pillars of Hercules, or Travels in
Spain and Morocco in 1848, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 9s.
pub. II. 4s. . . 1850

4225 Usborne, New Guide to Levant, for Travel,
lersin Greece, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Asia Minor,
Tables of All Steamers, full Particulars of Over-
land Journey to India, cloth, 2s. pvb. 9s. 1840

4226 Valcry, Voyages en ITALIE, Historiques, Lit-
teraires, Artistiques, Guide Raisopne et Complet
du Voyagcur et Artiste, 3 vols. 8vo. 5*.PaW«,1838

4227 Van Halen (Don Juan) Narrative of his Impri-
sonment in Dungeons of Inquisition, Madrid, and
Escape, 1817-8, his Journey to Russia, Campaign
with Army of Caucasus, Return to Spain in 1821
(editedby Blano White) 2 vola.8vo.4».pu6.18*.1827

4228 Vigne, Personal Narrative, of Visit to Ghuzni,
Kabul, Afghanistan, and Residence at Court of
Dost Mobamed, Notices of Runjit Sing, Khiva,
and Russian Expedition, 8vo. cloth, fine plates,
2s. 6d. pub. 11. . . 1840

4229 Volney, Travels in Syria and Egypt, Natural,
Political State, Productions, Arts, Manufactures,
Commerce, Manners, Customs, Government of
Turks and Arabs, 2 vols. 8vo. plates, 4s. 1787

4230 Voyages and Travels ; Ellis, Embassy to China;
Cleveland's Voyages; Dana, Two Years before the
Mast; Pringle, South Africa, roy. 8vo. cloth, new,
bs.6d. . . 1851

4231 Voyages, Round the World, Death of Cook to
Present Time, cloth, 2s. . 1850

4232 Walckenaer, Cosmologia, ou Description Ge
nerale de la Terre, consideree sous ccs Rapports,
Astronomiqnes, Physiques, Historiques, Politiques,
et Civils, thick 8vo. cf. nt. 3s. Paris, 1816

4233 Watford, Scientific Tourist through England,
Wales, Scotland, Antiquities, Arts, Sciences, Pic-
turesque, Minerals, Fossils, Plants, &c. of each
Country, 2 vols, in 1, 1818; ditto in Ireland, 1818.
2 books, hf. cf. nt. numerous maps, 3s. pub. ISs.

4234 Walpole, Memoirs relating to European and
Asiatic Turkey, edited from MSS. Journals, 2 vols.
4to. cf. eery nt. plates, lbs. pub. 3gs. 1817

4235 Weld, Travels through North America, Upper,
Lower Canada, 1795-6-7, 8vo. hf. cf.plates, 2s. 6d.
pub. 10*. . . 1800

4236 Whaleman's Adventures in Southern Ocean,
as gathered by Rev. H. T. Cheever, on Homeward
Course of Commodore Preble, edited by Scoresby,
cloth, plates, 2s. 6s. . 1850

4237 Wickham and Cramer, Dissertation on Passage
of Hannibal over the Alps, 8vo. maps, 3s. pub.
12s. . . . 1828

4238 Williams, Tour through Island of Jamaica,
Western to Eastern End, in 1823, 8vo. hf. cf. nt.
plate, 2s. pub. 12*. . . 1827

4239 Williams, Narrative of Missionary Enterprises
in South Sea Islands, Natural History of the
Islands, Origin, Languages, Traditions, Usages of
Inhabitants, thick 8vo. cloth, map and cuts,
12*. . .' . 1837

4240 Wilson, Letters from an Absent Brother, or
Tour in Netherlands, Switxerland, Northern Italy,
France, in 1823, 2 vols, in 1, cr. 8vo. hf. cf. 3*.
pub. 12*. . . 1824

4241 Wilson (Rev. S. S.) Narrative of Greek Mis-
sion, 16 Years in Malta and Greece, Tour in Pelo-
ponnesus, Egean and Ionian Isles, Religious Opi-
nions, Habits, Language, History, &c. of Malta
and Greece, thick 8vo. cloth, engravings, bt. pub.
12*. . 1839

4242 Wilson (Dr.) Voyage Round the World, Ac count of Wreck of Ship "Governor Ready," in Torres Straits, Description of British Settlements on Coasts of New Holland, particularly Raffles Bay, Melville Island, Swan River, King George's Sound, Manners, Customs of Aborigines, 8vo. cl. map and plates, 3s. pub. 12*. . 1835

4243 Wilson (Dr. W. Rae) Travels in Holy Land, Egypt, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, plates, bs. pub. U 10*. . . 1847

4244 Ditto, Travels in Russia, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, plates, 4s. pub. 24s. . 1828 4244 Wolff (Rev. Joseph) Journal of Missionary Labours, 1827 to 1831, 1835 to 1838, 8vo. cloth, 3s. pub. 12*. . . , 1839

4246 Ditto, Researches and Missionary Labours among Jews, Mohammedans, and other Sects, 1831-4, Malta to Egypt, Persia, Cabool, Abyssinia, 8vo. hf. cf. nt. map, bs. pub. 12*. . 1835

4247 WOMAN'S Journey Round the World, from Vienna to Brazil, Chili, China, Hindostan, Persia, and Asia Minor, from German of IDA PFEIFFER, 8vo. cloth, 12 tinted plates, 2s. 1852

4248 Wordsworth, Diary in France, mainly on Topics concerning Education and the Church. 8vo. cloth, 2s. pub. 6s. 6d. . 1845

4249 Young (Arthur) Tour in IRELAND, General Observations on its Present State, in 1776 to 1779, 2 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. 4s. 6d. . 1780

4250 Travers

on Diseases of the Eye, and Treatment, Anatomy, Physiology, finely coloured plates, 1821; Wardrop, Morbid Anatomy of the Eye, plates, 1808; Vetch, Diseases of Eye, Prac. Treatise, 1820; Dr. Farrell, on Ophthalmia and Consequences, 1311,4 books, hf. cf. 8*. pub. 31.

4251 Travsrs (S.) Arrangements of Passages in the Scriptures, Prose and Poetry, 4to. 3*.

Philadelphia, 1818

4252 Disquis. de Sacramento S. de Baptismate,

roy. 8vo. 2*. . Ditto, 1820

4253 Treasury of History, by Maunder, embossed roan, gilt leaves, 7s. 6d. pub. 12*. 1847

4254 Treatise on First Principles of Christianity, dispassionately discussing All Difficulties stated by Ancient and Modern Sceptics (Catholic Work), 8vo. calf, 2s. . Halifax, 1808

4255 TREDGOLD, Principles of Warming and Ventilating, Buildings, Dwelling Houses,Manufactories, Hospitals, Sic. plates, 4s. pub. lbs. 1824

4256 Ditto, Practical Treatise on RAILROADS and Carriages, Principles of Estimating Strength, Proportions, Expense, Annual Produce, with numerous Tables, 8vo. plates, 2s. pub. 8». 1835

4257 Trees, Old, and Ruins, associated with Memorable Events in English History, by Mary Roberts, 8vo. cloth, fine cuts, 3s. pub. 6s. 1848

4258 Treffry, Inquiry into Doctrine of Eternal Sonship of our Lord, cloth, 3s. pub. 7s. 1837

4259 Trelawny, Epitome of Parliamentary Evidence on Church Rates, with Histor. Sketch, Svo. cloth, Is. ... 1852

4260 Trelawney, Adventures of Younger Son, cloth, 3s. pub. 6s. . . 1835

4261 Tremaine, or Man of Refinement, a Novel, by Ward, 3 vols. hf. cf. bs. pub. II. 4s. 1825

4202 TRENCK (Baron) Life, Adventures, Cruel Sufferings duringlOYears' Imprisonment; Anecdotes, Historical, Political, Personal, translated by Holcroft, best edit. 3 vols. sm. 8vo. cf. nt. very scarce, 4s. 1789

4263 Trench, Notes on the Parables, 8vo. 9*. co*/12*.

4264 Star of the Wise Men, or Comment, on

2nd of St. Matthew, 2s. . 1850

4265 Trench (Rev. F.) of Reading, Job's Testimony to Jesus and Resurrection, Sermons, cloth, Is.


4266 Trenchard (Rev. W.B. of Somerset) XVI. Sermons, 10*. . Rivington, 1835

4267 Trent, le S. Concile de, traduit, par Abbe Chanut, cf. 2*. . Paris, 1686

4268 Trevelyan on Education of People of India, cloth, 1*. pub. 6s. . . 1838

4269 Trevilian (a voluntary seceder) on Antichristian Character of Freemasonry, 8vo. cloth, 4s. pub. C*. 6d. . . . 1849

4270 Treviranus von der Entwicklung des Embryo

und seiner Umhullungen im Pflanzen-Eye, 4to* platet, 2s. . . . Berl. 1851

4271 Trevor (Rev. G. of Magd. Orf. Chaplain to E. Jnd. Company) 15 SERMONS, in Vepery Mission House, 8vo. cloth, 2s. 6d. pub. Cs. Madras, 1839

4272 Christ in his Passion, Lectures on Principal Events of Holy Week, cl. 2s. pub. 3s. 6<U847


4273 STATE, for High Treason and other Crimes, Sec. from Rich. II. to 1710, most important as connected with Jurisprudence or History of this Country, and highest authority, complete, with Index and Supplement, 8 thick vols, folio, cf. nt. 11. is. r . 1730

4274 Frend, at Cambridge University, for publishing "Peace and Union," 8vo. 2s. . 1793

4275 Lowden and Prince v. Hierons, on Tolls in Covent Garden, Is. . . 1817

4276 H. Simons, Polish Jew Merchant for Felony at Chelmsford, with his Appeal, 1753; and Various on Admiral Byron, including his Defence, 1756-7, fcc. thick Svo. 2s.

4277 Theory of Presumptive Proof, Inquiry into, Nature of Circumstantial Evidence, Exam, of Evidence on Trial of Capt. Donnellan, Svo. 2s. 1815

4278 Tricallet, Vie de Jesus, ses Miracles, 1777; Manuel de la Jeunesse, Instructions Familieres en Religion, 2 vols. 1771; Toussaint, Pensees de la Solitude Chretienne, 1734 i Bourdaloue, Pensees sur Sujets de Religion et Morale, 3 vols. 1746, 7 books, cf. nt. 4s.

4279 Tricks, Slight of Hand, Legerdemain, Cwds, &c. Original MSS. 2 books, Ms.


4280 Hall (Tutor of Magd. King's Colltge) Plane, Spherical Trigonometry, 3s. pub. Is. 6d. 1848

4281 Hind, Plane and Spherical, 2s. 6</.pui. 10s. 1828

4282 Plane Syllabus much of Science as requisite to understand more advanced parts of Mathematics, with full account of forming Trigonometrical Tables, 8vo. Is. 6rf. . 1830

4283 Spherical, Short Practical Treatise, few simple rules, by Professor Byrne, 1*. pub. 4s. 6o\ 1835

4284 Trigonometry, Plane, also Hydrostatics, Mechanics, Optics, Manuals of, by Galbraith and Houghton, 4 books, 4s fid. pub. is.Longman, 1854

4285 Trigonometry, Elements of, by Hopkios (Libr. Use/. Know.) 1833 j Arithmetic and Algebra, &c. 8vo. cloth, 2s. 6d,

4286 Ditto; also, Woodhouse, Plane and Spherical ditto, 1827; and Introd. to Differential Calculus on Algebraical Principles, 1825, hf. cf. 3s.


4287 Sacred History, best edition, 6 vols, good library copy, cf. nt. Is. . 1B01

4288 Trimmer (Mrs.) Account of Life, Writings, Correspondence, Meditations, Prayers. 2 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. port. 3s. pub. 18». . 1814

4289 l l ill i<liwl. Appeal t c. Parliament onClaims of to be Governed by Legislature and Judicature, founded on Colonial Precedents, Long Usage, by Sanderson, 8vo. Is. . . 1812

4290 Trinity in Unity, Doctrine of, deduced from Discriminative Terms employed to designate the Divine Being, by Inspired Writers of Old Test. Svo. 2s. pub'. 5s. .' Rimngton, 1833

4291 Trinity House, Deptford Strond, Royal Charter, by James 2nd, for government and increase of Navigation, of England, and relief of poor Mariners, their Widows, Orphans, &c. caff. Is. 1730

4292 Triveti (N. Dominicani) Annates Sex Regum Anglise (1135-1307), edit. Hog. 8vo. 6». pub. 12s.

Roy. Hittor. Soc. 1845

4293 Trollope, Greek Tragic Theatre, (Edip. Tyran. et Colon. Antig. Eurip. Phoeniss, jEsch. Septem. English Notes, Svo. cloth. 2s. fid. pub. 14s. 1825

4294 Trollope, Visit to Italy, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 5«. pub. XI. 8». . . 1842

4295 Ditto, Homer, Iliad, Heyne's Greek Text, Copions English Notes, &c. thick Svo. calf, 9s. pub. 18s. , . . 1836

4296 Trotter, Arithmetic, Theoretical, Mercantile, Plane Trigonometry, and its Application to Heights, Distances, very superior to moat Arithmetics, and very comprehensive, 12mo. (282 pages) new, Is, pub. 3s, 6q*. . • Dublin, \$4\

4297 Tower (Bishop) Practical Expos, of Gospels for Sundays and Saints' days, cloth, 2s. 1850

4298 Tryal of the Seven Bishops, 1688, 8vo. half caff, 2s. . . 1716

4249 TltcKer, Light of Nature, best edition, with Life by Mildmay, "bringing down by a master hand the noblest philosophy, and placing it within the reach of every man,"Rob. Ball, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, I Is. pub. 24s. . . 1834

4300 abridged, with truly valuable Preface, by

Hazlitt, 8vo. very scarce, 8s. . 1807

4301 Tucker (Dean) Tracts, Treatise on Civil Go. vernment, Notions of Locke and his Followers, True Basis Ascertained, England's former Gothic Constit. Censured and Exposed, Script. Doct. of Obcd. Vind. and Must. 8vo. cf. nt. 2s. 1781, &c.

4302 Tucker (Rev. J.) 31 Sermons at Southborough Church, 2 vols, cloth. 3s. pub. 9s. Nisbet, 1834

4303 Tudor, Domestic Memoirs of a Christian Family resident in Cumberland, with Descriptive Sketches of Scenery of British Lakes, '' lovely specimen of domestic virtue and happiness, modelled on Christian principles," 8vo. cloth, fine plates, 4s. 6d. pub. 12s. . . 1848

4304 Tufton, EARLS of THANET, Family and Collateral Branches, Memorials of, by Pocock, 8vo. plates, 2s. . . . 1800

4305 Tuke, Principles of Religion, professed by Quakers, cf. Is. . . 1819

4306 Tunnicliffe, Topog. Surveys of Hants, Wilts, Dorset, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, 8vo. large maps of counties, 2s. 6d. Salisbury, 1791

4307 Ditto, Stafford, Chester, Lancaster, Roads, Seats, 8tc. cf. nt. map of each, 2s. Nantwich, 1787

4308 Tunstall (Dr.) RamblesaboutBathandits Neighbourhood, cl. map, beautiful cuts, Is. 1848

4309 Tupper, Probabilities an Aid to Faith, cloth, 3s. , , 1847

4310 Turgot, Memoires sur le PRET, a Interet et Commerce des Fers, 8vo. rare, 2s. Paris, 1789

4311 Turkish Spy, Letters written by one, who lived 45 years undiscovered at Paris, giving most impartial account of Transactions in Europe, Secrets of Courts, 8cc. 8 vols. 12mo. cf. 5s. 6d. 1753


4312 True Relation of Sir Sackville Crowe, designe, of seizing and possessing of all Estate of English in Turkey, sm. 4to. 2s. , . 1648

4313 PENTATEUCH,in PLAIN TURKISH.translated by DICKSON, Scotch Missionary, with Assistance of Hali Bey's Version, printed at Paris, edited by Professor Keiffer, 4to. 2s. 6d.

Astrachan, 1825

4314 New Testament, in PLAIN TURKISH, transluted by ditto, with the assistance of Paris Version, thick 8vo. 3s. 6d. . Astrachan, 1B25

4315 Lee (Dr.) Remarks on Dr. Henderson, on Paris Turkish Test, in 1819, with Documents, 1824; Dr. Henderson, Turkish ditto, incapable of Defence, and True Principles of Biblical Translation Vindicated, 1825, 2 books, 3s.

4316 TURM1NE (Native) Rambles in the Isluild of 8he|>liey, with Interesting Incidents not in any other History or Description, Hist. Introd. by J. Bennett, 12mo, 6d. (or ifor 3s.) 1843

4317 TurnbulljTheClaim of MolineuxDisneytoBarony of Huaney, 1680, with Remarks, 8vo. cf. nt. 3s. . Edinb. Priv. Print. 1836

4318 Turnbull (Rev. Dr.) Obs. on Liberal Education in all its Branches, Substance of best Writers, Ancient and Modern, thick 8vo. (464pages)cf.2s.\742

4319 Turner, Elementsof CHEMISTRY,withReoent Discoveries and Doctrines, tbk. 8vo.

4320 Ditto, Last Edition, by Liebig, W. G. Turner, Gregory, J841; also Biographical Sketch of Dr. Turner, inserted, 1837, thick 8vo.A/.c/.n<.18s.lB42

4321 Turner (Dan,) Art of Surgery, with many singular and rare Cases, Medico Chirurgical, 2 vols. 1722 i ditto, on Diseases of Skin, and Efficacy of Local Remedies, includes most singular anecdotes of Fancy, Marks, Sfc. from Women's Imagination, 1723, 3 vols. 8vo. cf. fine portrait, 4s.

4322 Turner (F.) Experimental Essays on Immortality of Brutes and Resurrection of the Body, an original MS. sm. 8vo. (246 pages) cf. 4i.

4323 Turner (Dawson) Synopsis of British Foci,

2 vols. 12mo. scarce, 3s. pub. 8s. 6d. 1802

4324 Ditto, and Dillwyn, Botanist Guide, through England and Wales (Anglesea to Yorkshire)2voU. cr. 8vo. 3s. pub. 12s. . . 1805

4325 Turner and Girtin, Picturesque Views, Sixty, since edited by Miller, roy. 8vo. cloth, gilt, 30 plates and autographs, 10s. . 1854

4326 Turner (Sharon) SACRED HISTORY of the WORLD, (creation and subsequent events) Philosophically considered, 3 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. nt. If. pub. XI. 16s. . . 1837

4327 , Richard the Third, a Poem, cloth, 2s.

pub. 7s. 6d. , . . 1845

4328 Turnery and Mechanical Manipulation, for General Reference and Practical Instruction on the Lathe, by HOLTZAPFEL, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, cad, 24s. pub. XL 15s. , . 1846

4329 Tumour, Mahawanso, first 20 Chapters in Palee, "sacred buddist language," with Translation; History of Ceylon, long Introduction, Historical Inscriptions, from Ceylon Almanack, Svo. 3s.

Ceylon, 1836.

4330 Turrell, French Synonyms, or Practical Exercises on Synonyms, cloth, Is. . 1836

4331 Tersellinus de Particulis Latins Orationa, Thomasii, Schwazii, Priestley's neat reprint, edited by Bailey, 8vo. cf. nt. 4s. pub. 12s. 1828

4332 Turaillini, Romani Historia, bnd. Is, Bin

4333 Tuscany, Southern and Papal States, Murray's Hand Book for Travellers, map, cloth, 3s. od.pai. 7s. 1853

4334 Tuson, DISSECTER'S Guide, or Student's Companion, with numerous Illustrations, exhibiting the Dissection of every part of Human Body, 83 woodcuts, 2s. pub. 9s. , 1833

4335 Tweedie (Rev. W. K.) Lights and Shadows in the Life of Faith, cloth, 2s. 6d. pub. 4s. 1652

4336 Twenty-Ninth of May, Rare Doings st the Restoration, by Hardcastle, Author of Wine ani Walnuts, 2 vols. 2s. 6d. pub. 15«. . 18X1

4337 Another large paper copy, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. kf. cf. very nt. 4s. 6d.

4338 Twiss(Dr.) Letters Apostolic of Pope Pins IX. eonsid. with Reference to Law of England and Europe, 8vo. Is. . . 1851

4339 Epitome ofNIEBUHR, History of Rome,

with Chronological Tables and Appendix, "ftb'f and excellent taste," 2 vols. 8vo. cl. 5s. jmi.U1836

4340 Two Rectors, by Author of Body and Soul (Archd. Wilkins) cf. nt. 2s. pub. 10s. 1825

4341 Twysden, Certaine consid. upon Government of England, edited from Unpub. MS. by J. M. Kemble, cloth, 2s. 6d. . Camden, 1819

4342 Tyas (Rev. R.) Six Short Evening Lectures cn Holy Week, 1851, in St. John's, Kingsley, Cheshire, cloth, 2s. . . 1651

4343 Tyerman (Rev. Daniel) on Wisdom of God, thick 8vo. hf. cf. 2s. pub. 10s, . 1818

4344 Tyler (of St. Giles) Worship of B. Virgin in Ch. of Rome contrary to Scripture, Faith, Practice of Ch. in 5 First Centuries, 8vo. cloth, 4s- idpub. 10s. . . .1846

4345 Primitive Christian Worship, Evidence <A

Holy Scripture and Church, against Invocation;! Saints, Angels, and Blessed Virgin, 8vo. oUi, 3s. 6d.p*b. 6s. . . 1W

4346 , Oaths, their Origin, Nature, History,

8vo. cloth, 4s. pub. 9s, . 1855

4347 Tyndale, Man of God, Manual for Young ilea Contemplating Christian Ministry, 12mo. cM 2s. 6d. pub. 5s. . . 1M0

4348 Tyrocinium Medicum, Apothecaries' Assistants' Complete Guide, Dissertation on Duties of Youth apprenticed to Medical Profession, by Chamberlaine, Is. pub. 7». » , '830

4340 Tyson, KEY to BONNYCASTLE, ARITHMETIC for Teachers and Self-taught, Is. psb.1i.

4350 Tyson (James) Letters, Poems, MisceUaneou Papers, Life (260 pages) portrait, 2s.

Prh. Print. 1822

4351 Tytler (Dr.) Translation of Scerola de *• Marthe, Latin Poem, Paedotrophia, or Art of Nursing and Rearing Children, with Medical, Historical Notes, Life, &c. Svo. cloth, 2s. 6d. 1'9'

4352 Tytler (Lord Woodhouselee) Universal Hut. from Creation to 18th Century, 6 vols. («*»» t. 1) cloli, 6s. pub. V.lOt. ~ . - 1835

4353 Ditto, pocket vol. cloth, 2s. . 1837

4354 —— Questions on ditto, for Military College, 8vo. If. pub. 5s.


4355 Hist, of SCOTLAND, complete with Index, 5 first vols, post 8vo. cloth, II. 5*. 1841

4356 History of England under Edward 6th and Mary, with Contemporary History of Europe, Original Letters,2vols.8vo. porfs.8*.pu4.W.4*.1839

4357 Life of Sir T. Craig, of Riccarton, with Biographies of Eminent Legal Contemporaries, 12mo. port. 2s. pub. 9s. . . 1823

4358 Life of Henry 8th, his Reign, Lives of Wolsey, More, Cromwell, Cranmer, Contemporaries, cloth, port. 2s. 5s. . 1837

4359 Tytler, Mary and Florence, or Grave and Gay, complete with Continuation, Mary and Florence at Sixteen, "on* of prettiest children's books,"Cept. Basil Hall. 2 books, lis. 1838-9

4360 Leila, or the Island, complete with Leila

in England, 2 vols, cloth, is. pub. lis. 1844

4361 Ude, French Cookery, Fashionable and Economical for Families, also Suppers, Carving, Choice of Meat, ice. thick 8vo. Zs. pub. 12s.

4362 Uhland, Ludwig, Gedichte, "greatest living ballad writer of Germany, his noble compositions are known and re-echoed by almost whole of Germany," sm. 8\o. bnd. gilt leaves,3s.Stutigart,lS37

4363 Uffizio, Delia Settima Santa et Ottava di Pasqua, Latine, pocket vol. bnd. Is. Lucca, 1835

4364 Ditto, Latin and Italian, thick pocket vol. (576 pages) cf. 2s. . Bastano, 1812

4365 Ullathorne (C. Bp. of Australia) Catholic Sermons, with Prefaces, cloth, 3». pub. is. 6d. 1842

4366 Ullmann (Prof.) the Worship of Genius and Distinctive Character, or Essence of Christianity, translated from German by Sanford, cloth, 2s. 184 6

4367 Ulloa and Juan, Voyage to and History of SOUTH AMERICA, describing Spanish Cities, Towns, Provinces, etc. translated from Spanish, by Adams, "most interesting,"Bltrosp. Review, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. russia, maps and plates, is. pub. 30s. . . 1806

4368 Uncle Tom's Cabin, Preface by Earl of Car, lisle, cloth, 2s. , . 1853

4369 Underwood, on Diseases of Children, Directions for Management of Infants, last edit, with Notes, etc. by Dr. Merriman, 8vo. 4s. I6t. . 1827

Undine, by Fouque.

4370 Best TRANSLATION, includes Author's last PREFACE, "originality and genius, surely most graceful FICTION of modern times,"—Southey, "most Exquisite, something even beyond Scott,"^. Coleridge, 12rao. 6 engravings, 9d.

4371 Ditto, choice ILLUSTRATED EDITION, AristocraticBook.fipely Printed, ORNAMENTED with Tennicl's " exquisite" PLATES, cloth elegant, gill leaves, 5s,

4372 Union, Christian, Essays on, by Chalmers, Balmer, Candlish, Angell James, D. King, Wardlaw, Strutters, Symington, Introd. by D'Aubigne, 8vo. cloth, 2s. pub. 6s. , 1851

4373 Unity and Schism, the Christian Church considered in Relation to, by Author of Hours of Thought, cloth, 2s. pub. is, . 1838

4374 Universal History, Ancient and Modern, "a work of great merit, not sufficiently valued," see Butler, Smyth, Sfc. 42 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. nt. {wants vols. 25, 35) 21. 10«. . 1779, &c.

4375 Universal History of Ancient Nations, Jews, Syrians, Persians, Greeks, Scythians, sec. from best Authors, by Tomlins, thick royal 8vo. cloth, it. 6d. . , , 1841

4376 Universal Restitution considered a Scripture Doctrine, in Letters on Nature and Extent of Christ's Kingdom, Scripture Passages on Eternity of Hell Punishments, truly translated and ex* plained, by Stonehouse, 1761; D. Taylor, Eternity of Future Punishment Asserted and Enforced, 1789, 2s. 64.

4377 Universal Songster, or Museum of Mirth, most complete, extensive, &c. Collection of Ancient and Modern Songs, vol. 1, cloth, cuts, 2t. 64, 1825

4378 Unknown Patispt, and other Tales, Vow, Eu,

rnia Berthotd, Rose, by Fouqne, translated, illustrations, 9d. 4S79 Unton, Inventories relating to Wadley and Farringdon, Berks, in 1596, 1620, from Originals In possession of Earl Ferrers, with Memoir of the Family of Unton, by Nichols, cloth, 3s,

Berkshire Ashmolean, 1841

4380 Upton, Physioglyphics, cloth, 2s. 1644


4381 Dictionary of Chemistry, Principles investigated anew, Applications to Phenomena of Nature, Medicine, Mineralogy, Agriculture, Manufacturers, detailed, 8vo. scarce, Is. pub. II. 1823

4382 Geology, New System, great Revolutions of Earth and Animated Nature, reconciled to Modern Science and Sacred History, "most valuable," —Brand, 8ro. 7 plates, 51 cuts, 5s. 1/.1829

4383 Philosophy of MANUFACTURES, Scientific, Moral, Commercial Economy of Factory System of Gr. Britain, "full of facts, valuable, excellent information," 8vo. cloth, cuts, 5s. pub. 10s. 6d.l835

4384 Urinary Organs, Lectures on Diseases of, by Brodie, 1835; Adolphus, Pathol. Characters of Urine as indicating Presence and Extent of Disease; also Report on Cases of Bright's Disease of Liver, Jfee cold, plates, Bdinb. 1838, 2 books,is.6d.

4385 Urquhart (John) Memoirs, Letters, Select Remains, by Orme, 2 vols. sm. 8vo. port. 2s. pub. 9s.


4386 Urquhart {Prebendary of Lincoln) Commentaries on Classical Learning, Advantages to Lawyer, Physician, Divine, Painter, Merchant, &c. with Life and Review of Works of Ancient Authors, 8vo. 2s. pub. 9t. , Cadell, 1803

4387 Ursuline Manual, Prayers, Spiritual Exercises, Instructions, cf. very nt. plate, it. cost 9s. 1833

4388 Ditto, by Power and Hughes, morocco neat, elasp, full of plates, some highly illuminated, it.

New York, 1845

4389 Useful Arts, their Birth and Development, edited for Young Men's Christian Association, by Rev. S. Martin, cloth, it. 6d. Nisbtt, 1851

4390 Usher, Body of Divinity, or Summe and Substance of Christian Religion ; also Mystery of Incarnation, folio, cf. it. . , 1649

4391 Ditto, Body of Divinity, edited by Robinson, 8vo. pub. 12s. 1841 j ditto, Prophecies and Predictions, reprinted 1793, 5s.

4392 Usury, History and Law of, with Exam, of Policy of Exist. System, Suggestions, and the Statutes, by Kelly, 1835; Hannay, Defence of Usury Laws and Proposal to lower rate of Interest, 1823. 2 bookt, 3t. pub. lit.

4393 Utopia, or Best State of a Commonwealth, by Sir T. More, translated by Bp. Burnet, with Life, 2s. . . . 1808

4394 Utopia, by More, and New Atalantis, by Lord Bacon, Preliminary Discourse by St. John,3*.1828

4S9'> Uwlni (Dr.) on juisorders of Brain and Nervous System, 1833; Dr. Williams, on Use of Narcotics ami other Remedial Agents to prodnee Sleep in Insanity, 1845; Dr. Petit, Traitement de l'Alienation Msntale, 1*43; Dr. Burrows, on Evidence, Ac. in Lunacy Commission, 1830; Dr. Johnstone, Medical Jurisprudence, 1800; Acts relating to Lunatics and Lunatic Asylums, 1845-6, various,bs. 4S96 Vacation, a Moral Tale, or Truth and . Falsehood, from wliioh to derive Instruction for Government of Futuro Conduct, cloth, gilt leaves, 6 woodcuts, td. pub. 2s. Cd. Glasgow, 1825

4397 Valentin, Frere Basile, Donee Clefs de Philosophic, traietsnt de la Vraye Medecine Metalique, plus l'Axoth, moyen de fairo l'Or, "celebrated alchemist, founder of modern chemistry," morocco extra, gilt leaves, It. . 1659

4398 Valpy, Address of Clergyman to his Parishioners, 1810) OGDEN, Sermons on Articles of Christian Faith, 1777, in 1, cloth, Is.


4399 GREEK TESTAMENT, with English Notes, "better than Burton or Bloomfleld,"—Christ. Guard. 3 vols, cloth, lbs. pub. 21. 5s. 1831

4400 Vol. 3 only, 3».

4401 School Greek Testament; bnd. 2s. 1838

4402 Greek Grammar, plate of abbreviations and corrections, 2s. 6<f. pub. 6*.

4403 Greek Delectus, 6d.

4404 Second Greek Ditto, English Notes, Copious Greek and English Lexicon, 8vo. bnd. 2s. pub.9s.6d.

4405 Greek Exercises, Introduction to Greek Composition, with English Greek Lexicon, \

4406 Fundamental Greek Words, adapted to Memory of Students, by means of Derivatives, &c. 8vo. 2«. pub. 10*.' . 1826

4407 LATIN Grammar, cloth. Is. ,

4408 Latin Delectus, cloth, Is.

4409 Latin Delectus, literal translation, or Key, Is. 6d. . . . 1833

4410 Elegantiae Latinae, Rules, Exercises, on Elegant Latin Style, Is. 6d. pub. it. 6d.

4411 Terence Andrian, cloth. It,

4412 Valteline, Campagne du Due de Rohan dans, en 1635, et sur la Guerre des Montagues, hf. russia,2s. . . Amst. 1788

4413 Van (John) a Clergyman's Son, of Woody Hampshire, Life of, Extraordinary Events, singular merry Occurrences in Army as Trooper, Bravery against Rebels, Marriage with Heiress at St. Ives, Poverty {Qy, by De Foe)2 vols. hf. bnd. is. 17—

Tan Dyck.

4414 TIME Clipping CUPID'S WINGS {"for dignity of design admirable, hands correct, light inimitable, draperies, so many peifections in a single picture, no painter to compare with Van Dyek."— Marquis of Argent,) a fine large PRINT (20 by 14), engraved by ARDELL, from Duke of Matlborough's Original Picture, 4s. •

4415 Portraits of CHILDREN OF CHARLES I. with Dog, beautiful line Engraving, by COOPER, (21 by 18) 3s.

4416 devartlng, "admirable" Portrait from original in National Gallery, showing in an eminent degree the peculiarity of its artist, possessing individuality without littleness, Sec. "Vandyke,all things considered, the greatest of portrait nainters."— Reynolds, engraved by WOOLNOTH (54 by 4) Is.

4417 PHILLIPPUS de GUZMAN, Fine PORTRAIT of,lineEngraving./ndiaproof, (11 by7i)6d.

4418 Vanierii, Preedium Rusticum (jSer»orum Pe. cora, Majora et Minora, Otut, Viiium, Avet, Arbores, Colombee, Apet, etc.) " Virgil of France, Petitt Poemet Charmantet," 12mo. calf, gilt leaves, 2s. ... 1774

4419 Vanilll, CEuvres Philosophiques, tradnites, pour la premiere fois, par Rousselot, 3s. Paru,1842

4420 VAN MILDERT {Bp. of Durham) Sermons, Charges, LIFE by Rev. C. Ives, new cloth, portrait, 5». pub. 12*. . Oxford, 1838

4421 Vnrronig, de Lingua LATINA, ez Cod. Vetust. Lect. Integ. Spengel, Index et Supplem. Krehlianae, thick 8vo. 4s. . Btrol. 1826

4422 Vasari, Lives, Painters, Sculptors, Architects, translated by Foster, vol. 1, cloth, 2s. 1860

4423 Vascello, Fantasma, Capt. Marryaf s Phantom Ship, translated into ITALIAN, by Magni, 2 vols. cloth, 2s. . . Milano, 1841

294 Vases and ETRUSCAN Antiquities, discovered, 1828-9, by Prince Canino, Descrlpt. Catalogue of,translated byLord Dudley Stuart, numerous facsimile INSCRIPTIONS, 4to. 4*. 6d. ISM

4424 VASES, Sir Henry Englefield's Collection, engraved by Moses, roy. 8vo. calf elegant, 39 beautiful plates, lis. pub. 31. 10s. 1819

4425 VASES, Sir W. Hamilton's Collection, byKirk, 4to. 62 fine plates, lis. pub. 2gs. 1804

4426 VASE8, Altars, Paterce, Tripods, Candelabra, Sarcophagi, Sepulchral Chambers, from Various Museums and Collections, by MOSES, with Historical Essays, sm. 4to. hf.ef.uneul, original copy, early impressions of the 170 fine plates, lbs. pub. 3gs. . . 1814

4427 VA8E8 and ORNAMENTS, for Architects, Builders,Modellers, Silversmiths, Jewellers, Chasers, Die Sinkers, Fonnders, Carvers, and all Ornamental Manufacturers; Regatta, Sporting, Agricultural, and other Cups, Modern and Antique Ornaments, Gothic, Grecian, French, Italian, Arabesque, with variety of Compositions, suitable for Manufactures, by KNIGHT, large 4to. 50 very fine and beautiful plates, by best London artists, 30s. pub. 21. 10s.

4428 Vasey, Delineations of the Ox Tribe {Genus Bos). Natural History of Balls, Bisons, Buffaloes, all known Species and remarkable Varieties, 8vo. cf. nt. 72 engravings, 5s. 6d. pub. 10s. 6d. 1851

4429 VATHEK, par Beck ford, correctness of costume, most Eastern, sublime Tale, wild, extraordinary work, author's genuine edition, cr. 8vo. cf. nt. frontispiece, very scarce, As. pub. lOf. 6d. 1815

4430 Ditto, in English, Author's edition, cr. 8vo. cf. nt. scarce, 3s. 6<f. pub. lOf. 6d. . 1816

4431 Vaughan (Dr. R.) Age of Great Cities, modern Society viewed in relation to Intelligence, Morals, Religion, 8vo. cloth, 3s. pub. 7s. 6d. 1843

295 VrtllltS, Inquiry into [different Forme and Comparison of their respective merits, by S. Ware, 4to. 4 plates, 2s. 6d. . 1812

4433 Vaux (James Hardy) Memoirs, by Himself (Convict at New South Wales), ititbVocabulary of Flash Language, 2 vols. 3*. pub. \0s. 1819

4434 Vegetable Physiology, by Ellis, from the Ency. Brit. 4to. hf. cf. nt. Is.

4435 Vegetable Substances for Food of Man, cl. 67 cuts, Is. . . 1832

4436 Veith (Soc. Jesu) de Primntu et Iofallibilitate Roraani Pontificis et Monument. Select, ad Rom. Pontificis Auctor. Spectantium, thick vol. (336 pager) 2s. 6d. . Mechlin, 1824

4437 Velpeau, Traite Complet de l'Art des Accouchemens, on Tocologie Theorique et Pratique, Maladies qui compliquent la Grossesse, Travail, Couches, et Enfans Nouveau-Nes, 2 thick vols. 8vo. 16 plates, 5s. . Paris, 1835

4438 Elementary Treatise on Midwifery, or

Principles of Tokology and Embryology, translated by Dr. Melgs.thick Svo.tfAs.6d. Philadelphia,\83l

4439 Veneer (Rev. J.) Exposition of Thirty-Nine ARTICLES, founded on Holy Scriptures and Fathers of Three First Centuries, best edition, 2 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. scarce, 5s. . 1730

4440 Veneroni, Complete Italian Grammar, Best and Easiest Rules, also Words Accented, bnd. Is. 6d. pub. 6s.

44 41 Venice under Yoke of France and Austria, with Memoirs of Coasts, Governments, People of Italy, Original Anecdotes of Buonaparte Family, 2 vols. 8vo. 2s. 2\s. . 1424

4442 Venn, Complete Duty of Man, system of doctrinal and practical Christianity, with Prayers and Devotions, 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 3s. pub. 8s. Bdinb. 1812

4443 Ditto, Reprint, with Life, sm. 8vo. cloth, 2s.

Retig. Tract. 1841

4444 , Mistakes in Religion Exposed, an Essay

on Prophecies of Zacharias, 1774; also Owen, Fashionable World Displayed, cf. very nt. 1809, 2 boots, Is.

4445 Venn (J. of Clapham) 45 Sermons, 2 vols. 5f. pub. \l. 1«. . . ■ 1814

296 Vcilta Icenorum of Romans and Norwich Castle, History of, with Remarks on Architecture of Anglo-Saxons and Normans, by Wilkins, 4to. plan, site, 18 very fine plates, Architectural Details, Ornaments, Saxon, Norman, Sec. at Norwich, Peterborough, Oxford, Ely, See. 4s.

4447 Ventouillac, French Grammar, Rules, Exercises, Lexicon, cloth, 6d. pub. 3s. 6d. 1833

4448 Venturoll, Elements of Practical MECHANICS, from most Accurate Experiments and Vertical Velocities; most valuable TABLES of WEIGHTS. LINEAR MEASURES of DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. 1*. pub. 8s. Comb. 1823

4449 Vergani, Italian Grammar, in French, If.

4450 Ditto, in English, with Notes, If.

4451 , Italian Grammar in English, Notes, by

Gnichet and Tommaai; ditto, Key to ditto, 2 boots, 4s. pub. 8s. . 1849-50

4452 , Racconti Istorici, collection of Extracts

from best Italian Prose Writers, with Accents, by Comelati, cloth, 2s. pub. 5s. 64. . 1838

4453 Vernevil and Spinola, Elements of Music, original Grammar of Harmony, Counterpoint, and Musical Composition, leading up from Knowledge of Namea of Notes to Composing, Complete Score for Grand Orchestra, large 8vo. cloth, 5s. pub. 24f. . . . 1850

4454 Vernon, Anglo-Saxon Grammar, by Rask, Extracts, Prose, Verse, Notes, &c. cloth, is. pub. 5f. 6rf. . . 1846

4455 Verschoyle, Archdeacon, Geolog-y of North Coast of Counties of Mayo and Sligo, Ireland (22 pages) 4to. large coloured map, and section, 2s.

4456 Verse JUVENILE, and Picture Book, Selection, best Poemi from Modern Poets, Wordsworth, Hemans, Campbell, Cowper, &c. sm. 4to. cloth, gilt leaves, 70 Illustrations, Ornamental Designs, Elegant Borders round each page, beautifully printed on toned paper,\6s.6d.\848

4457 Verses, Sacred, by REV. ISAAC WILLlAMS(Author of the Cathedral) including Scenes in Life of our Saviour; also other Beautiful Subjects, EXQUISITELY PRINTED, sra. 4to. new, cloth, gilt, with gilt edges, 36 very fine engravings in high art, after Over beck, Albert Durer, Steinle,

See. 6s. pub. 12f.

4458 POEMS and PICTURES, am. 4to. cloth, gilt, 100 beautiful engravings, by Horsley, Dyce, 6/e. II. pub. 2 of. . . 1846

4459 Snort Stories and Poems, Excellent Collection, both Original and Select, (Contents: Merchant and Robbers, Coal Merchant and Washer-woman, Roasted Goose, Squirrel and Wind, Little Fish Stealer, German Watchman's Song, Wonderful Casket, Bag of Flax Seed, and 89 others, beautifully printed, with BORDERS and ILLUSTRATIONS, in Modern Style, very fine paper, cloth, elegant, gilt leaves, 40 woodcuts, by first artists, 3s.

"Host interesting Reading-Book or Holiday-book for Young, and one of cheapest ever published.*'

4460 VERSTEGAN, Restitution of Decayed Intelligence, in Antiquities, concerning most noble and renowned English Nation, hf. cf. nt. lOf. 1673

4461 Another edition, cf. nt. (wants pages 55 to 60) 4f. 6d. . . 1653

4462 Verfot (Abbe) Histoire des Revolutions Romaines, " highly esteemed, not surpassed by any work in the language,"C. Butler, "his reflections are always just, often profound," 3 vols. 12mo. cf. nt. 3s. . . 1734

297 Vernlam, Construction of Old Wall at, the Roman Bricks compared with the Modern, &c. by Webster, Ho. plate of Roman Wall,\s. 1768

299 VeSClca Plscls, the Mysterious Figure in Architecture of Middle Ages and Gothic Architecture, Obs. on Use of, by Kerrich, 4 to, 15plates, G5 plans of different ages, from Churches of St. John Lateran, old St. Peter's, Rome, to Abbey Church, Bath, also Norman Doors, Pinnacles, Spire*,Arches,GothicDoors,Rectangles,Sfc.4s.l820

4465 VESPERS, or Evening Office of the Church for Every Sunday and Festival (Latin and English) from Roman Breviary, with English Saints and New Offices, by Husenbeth, cf. 3s. 6d. . 1844

4466 Vestales et lenr Cutte, Histoire de, trad nit de l'ltalien, par Cartonx, 12mo. plates, 2s. 182

4467 Vestiges of Natural History of Creation, 1845; ditto, Sequel, of Explanations, 184C, 2 books sm. 8vo. cloth, 6s. pub. 14s.

4468 Veterinarian, Index to, Old Series, 8vo. half eaff, 2s.

Vetusta Monnmenta.

4469 A Complete Copy of this SPLENDID WORK, the " Great Gun" of any Library, rarely met with, especially in a PERFECT STATE, having been 78 years in progress, by ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY, it was published principally for Members, 5 very large vols, royal folio, collated and ready for binding, 6 gs. (net) or richly bound hf. morocco, gilt tops, 9 gs. pub. about 501. . 1747-1825

There are nearly 300 PLATES, most expensively executed, and most deeply Interesting subjects—Ancient Fonts, Seals, Crosses, Ruins, Antiquities, Castles, Roman Roads, Tesselated Pavements, Portraits, Churches, Monuments, Stalls, Funeral Procession, Hieroglyphics, Tower of London, Obelisk, tec. &c.

4470 Index to first 3 vols. 3s. pub. 10s. 1810

4471 Via Dolorosa, Catholic Devotions of the Stations, prepared as special Office for the Use of English People, with reference to Sins, Responsibilities, Portents of these Times, cloth, new, Is. pub. 4s. 6d. . . 1848

4472 Viard (Abbe) Marie, ses Gloires et Souffrances, 2 vols. 3f. . . Paris, 1850

4473 Vicar of Wakefield, by Goldsmith, Life by Bussey, Illustrated Edition, 8vo. cloth, 200 engravings, 3f. '. . 1841

4474 Ditto, in French, Traduction par Belloe, Is.*

Peris, 1845

4475 Vicat, on Calcareous Mortars and Cements, Artificial, Natural, Practical, Scientific Treatise, translated, with Explan. Notes and Results of New Experiments, by Capt. Smith, 8vo. cloth, plaits,\0s. . 1837

4476 VIDA, Poemata, Arte Poetica, Bncolica, Epiit Bomhyc. Scacchia, Ludus et Carolina, Christiadoi, 4 large vols. 8vo. cf. nt. 4s. Oxon. 1722-5

4477 Vie de Lazarillo de Tonnes, ses Fortunes et Advereitez, 18mo. rare, 2s. . Paris, 1637

4478 Vies de Saints pour Tons les Jours, avec Priera et Pratiques a la fin de chaque vie, roy. 8vo. (412 pages) plates, 2s. 6d. . Paris, 1847


4479 Antoinette, Marie, Reine de France, Memoires, et Anecdotes des Regnes de Louis XIV. XV. XVI. par Madame Cam pan, 3 thick vols, portrait, it.

Paris, 1823

4480 Antoinette, Marie, et Revolution Francaise, de. puis son Origine au Martyre de sa Mijette, et Evenemens Ulterieurs, par Weber, 3 large voli. tfne portraits by Schiavonetti, 1809; Comtesse de Poh'gnac, Vie et Caractere da Duchesse de Polignac, 1796, 4 books, 4s. pub. 2 gs.

4481 Berry (Due de) par Delandine de Saint Esprit, 8vo. portrait, Is. 6d. . Parti, 1820

4482 Cboiseul (Due de) Ministre de Marine, Guerre, et Affaires Etrangeres, par lui-meme, ChsnMxt, 1790; Memoire de Voltaire, par lui-meme, 1784, cf. nt. 2s.

4483 Dauphin (Pere de Louis XVI.) Vie, par Abbe Proyart, cf. nt. 2s. . . 1780

4484 Dauphin, Histoire des Infortunes de, depnis qa'il a ete enleve de la Temple, 8vo. cl. port. is. 1836

4485 De La Porte, Valet de Chambre de Louis XIV. particularites des Regnes de Louis XIII. et Low XIV. 12mo.c/. 2f. . Genet*, 1756

4486 Fouche, Due d'Otrante, Ministre de la Police, 8vo. portrait, 2s. . Peris, 1821

4487 Gourville (Monsieur) Concernant les Affaires a la Cour, 1642-98, 2 vols. 12mo. cf. nt. is.

Maeslrichl, 1781

4488 Henriette-Marie, Regne de Grand Bretsgoe, Tres Haute et Tres Puissante, 8vo. cf. rart, tut a Lowndes, 4s. . Parte, 1690

4489 Lenclos (Mademoiselle) Memoires et Lettres,3 vols, in 1, calf portrait, 2s. . 1758

4490 Ligny (Princes de) Memoires et Letters, Anecdotes, Inedites, sur les Cours de l'Europe, 2 roll 2s. cost 10s. . . 16M

4491 Maintenon (Madame) peinte par elle meat, 8vo. cf. nt. 2s. . . Paris, 1810

4492 Senecqne, le Philosophe Vie et tor ses Ecriti et Regnes de Claude et Neron, cf. nt. Is. 1779

4493 Vesuvius and its ERUPTIONS, 4 Views of (15 by 10), coloured in imitation of drmmji, 2s. pub. 15s.

4494 Vieux Bols, les Amours de, oblong, 84 fUSa, is. . . Paris, 164

4495 Bachelor Butterfly, Veritable History of,

Married in belly of Whale, escaped Bigamy, became Step Father of 8 Children, oblong, cloth, 65 plates, 3s. pub. lOf. . . IMS

4496 Views in Gr. Britain and Scotland, an semblage of about 650, many choice Impression, collected by Mr. Arch to illustrate the Bentitt j England and Wales, XI. 10f.

4497 of AUSTRALIAN Scenery, KingGeorrei

Sound, Port Lincoln, Kangaroo Island, Port Jackson, Gulph of Carpentaria, Murray's Islands, Pobasso's ditto, Wreck W. Reef bank, 4to. neatly done np with label, 9 beautiful line engravhfs. titer Westall, by Byrne, Pye, Wootnoth, J. Salt, Finden, Middiman, 2s.

4498 in GR. BRITAIN, tVc. a Selection of 157,

mounted in very thick 8vo. cf. nt. 9s.

4499 in SCOTLAND, Macklin's SelectioiB, 25

fine plates, 1794; Cordonnel, Picturesque, 55 fll>1793; and 25 Various Others, 8vo. cf. St.

4500 of Cathedral and Gtand Canal, MILAN,

also of Manferino Palace and College of St Rose at VENICE by CANALETTI, 4 plaits, italifully coloured in his warm and peculiar ttjlt. It.

4501 Vieyra, Arte de FURTAR, test edition sf tkv

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