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Divine Master, 24mo. cloth, it. pub. 3t. 6d. Matters, 1852

Doddrige, Rise and Progress of Religion in the Soul, 12mo, hf. cf. nt. port. is. . . 185

Domestic Cookery, on Principles of Economy, many hun. dred New Receipts, by Mrs. Rundell, cloth, cuff, 2s. pub. St. . . . 1»44

Don Quixote, translated by Jarvis, illustrated by Tony Johannot, 3 vols, royal 8vo. cloth, hundreds cf fine cuts, 16s. coat 21.10s. . . 1837

Donovan, Descriptive Excursions through South Wales and Monmouthshire in 1835 and four preceding Summers, 3 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. very neat, line plates, some coloured, 7s. pub.3l.10t. ... 1835

Dorrington, Reformed Devotions in Meditations, Hymns, Petitions for every Day in Week and every Holiday in Year, cf. nt. scarce, 3s. . . 1718

Dower, School Atlas, Modern Geography, from best Authorities, latest Discoveries, hf. bnd. 86 coloured maps, it. lit. . , 1852

Dowling, Hebrew Elements, Theory, 8vo. hf. cf. nt. is. 1797

Drunken Barnahy's Journal, Latin and English on opposite pages, with Life, Bibliographical History of former editions. Notes, hf. vellum, plaits, 4s. . 1F18

Dull' (Rev. "A.) India and India Missions, Sketches of Qigantic System of Hinduism, both Theory and Practice, 8vo. cf. very nt. 5s. pub. Us. . Edin. 1840

Dyer, Vulgar Errors, Ancient and Modern, large paper, roy. 8vo.5s. Id. pub. II. 7f. . Exeter, 1816

Early Rising. Importance, Duty, Advantages, addressed to Heads of Families, Men of Business, &c. plate, is. pub. is. 1810

Eclipse of Failh, or Visit to Religious Sceptic, cloth, 3s. pub. 9s.6d. . . 1853

Edinburgh Gazetteer of World, 6 vols. 8vo. hf. russia. Us. pub. igs. . . . 18*3

Edward VI. Latin Grammar, cloth, 2s. pub. 3s. 6d. 1844

Edwards, Latin Exercises for Middle Forms; Ditto, Latin Lyrics, 2 books, cloth, 3s. pub. fs. . 1839-40

Elements of General History, Ancient, Modem, Chronological Table, Comparative View of Ancient and Modern Geography, by Tytler, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. russia, maps, 3 s. pub. 16s, . . 1812

Elliott (Rev. E. R.) Hor;c Apocalyptica, Comment on Apocalypse, Critical, Historical, also Appendix, Hist, of Apocalyptic Interpret. &c. 4 vols. 8vo. cloth, charts, plates, fyc. II. 5s. pub. 21. Us. . . . 1846

Ellis, Specimens of Early English Metrical Romances, 3 vols. sm. 8vo. calf, very nt. 9s. pub. II. lis. 6d. 1805

Ellis, English Exercises, by Arnold, bnd. Is. 6d.

Elliston (the Comedian) Memoirs, by Raymond, 1st Series, Svo. cloth, port, plates, 3s. pub. 7s. 6d. . 1845

Englefield (Sir H.) Vases, engraved by Moses, royal Svo. cf. very nt. 39 fine plates, 8s. pub. 11. 16s. . 1891

England and Wales, Wyld's coloured Map of, projected upon Trigonometrical Survey, mounted on canvas in case, (50 in by 33 in.) 2s. 6d. . . 1833

Essay on Money, Coins, Commerce, Exchanges (l/y Harris) i vols. In 1, 8vo. hf. ef. nt. 3s. . 17a7

Etching, Art of, Critical, Familiar, by Huband. sm. 4to. 6 fine etchings, As. . . Dublin, 1810

Euclid, Plane Geometry, Explan. Append, and Supplem. Propositions, bv Cooley, cloth, is. pub. is. 6d. 1840

Euripides, Trag. VI. Dindortti, cf. rery nt. 3s. Oxf. 1845

—, Orestes, Literal Prose translation, Ord's Notes, by Edwards, 2s. pub. It. . 182.1

Fairfax, translation of Tasso, cf. nt. 4s. Sd. 1749

Family Tutor, English Grammar, Chemistry, &c. )2mn. cloth, cuts, 2t. . . . 1862

Faust, by Goethe, translated by Birch, roy. 8vo. cloth, 29 fine plates after Rctzch, 4s. pub. Its. . 1839

Fellows, Expos, of Mysteries, Religious Dogmas, Customs, of Ancient Egyptians, Pythagoreans, Druids. Origin, History, Purport of Freemasonry, thick 8vo. hf. cf. nt. plate, it. . . A". York, 1835

Fielding, Works, Tom Jones, &c. with Life, 12 vols, calf, m at, platet. Us. 6d. . . 1783

Fielding, on Painting, Oil, Water Colours, for Landscape and Portraits, Preparation of Culours, Vehicles, Oils, &c. roy. 8vo. cloth, fine plates, some coloured, 9«. pub. Ills. 1839

Fifty Years' Recollection of an Old Bookseller, Anecdotes, Sketches, Original Traits, Eccentricities of Authors, Artists, Actors, Books, Booksellers, &c. 8vo. cl. ports. 3s. 1837

Fletcher, History of Poland, from Earliest Period to Present, belt edit. 3s. pub. 16s. . 1331

FlintofT, Rise, Progress of Laws of England and Wales, Ori(rin. History, Customs, Warlike, Domestic, Legal, of Inhabitants, Kvo. hf. bonn,t, 3s. pub. 8.». 6d. . 1840

Floral Register and Auctarium, extracted from Maund's Botanio Garden, 4to. hundreds of cuts, no title, 2s. ad.

FLOS CELESTES, a very early MS. {by J. Smith) on Humbyx Paper, sm. 4to. calf, very neat, (373 pa«et) \3s. 1529

Foster, History of ye Priory and Gate of St. John, Clerkenwell, sm. 4to. cloth, gill leaves, cuts, 3s. 1851

Francis, Dictionary of Pract. Receipts, 8vo. cloth, is. 6<i.

pub. St. . . 1848

Ditto, Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Manufactures, 8vo. cloth, 1,100 engravings. Is. pub. lllj. . 1819

Freemasonry, Ritual, Illustrations, also Account of Kidnapping and Murder of W. Morgan, for divulging profane usages of Freemasons, by Thome, cloth, 2s. 1851 Freemason's Monitor, Fundamental Principles, Operative, Speculative, Notes, Charges, Songs, Sec. bv Davis, sm. 8vo. cloth, plates, 3s. 6d. . Philadelphia, 1817

French and English Dialogues, Analytical Grammar, on Interlinear System, by Gerard, Is. 6d\ pub. 4i. 1831 Fresjenlus, Instructions in Chemical Analysis (Qualitative), Preface by Liebig, ed. by Bullock, 8vo. scarce, 4s. pub. 9». 1846 FRKY, Hebrew Bible, a Leusden et Vander Hooght,2 vols.

roy. 8vo. hf. cf- new, 13s. pub. ins. . 1812

Friendship's Ottering, Literary Album, Christmas and New Year's Present, 12mo. mor. gilt leaves, fine plates, 2s. 6rf. pub. lit, 1830

Fry, Pautographia, Accurate Copies of all known Alpha

beta in World, with English Explanation of Peculiar Force or Power of each Letter, also Specimens of all wella'lthenticated Oral Languages, roy.8vo. russ.exrra,8s.l799

Fuller, History of Cambridge, and Waltham Abbey, with Appeal of Injured Innocence, edited, with Notes, by Nichulls, thick svo. cloth, 7s. pub. 14s. . 1840

Fuller (Dr. T.) Introductio ad Prudentiara, Directions, Counsels, Cautions, tending to Prudent Management of Affairs in Common Life, 2 vols. 12mo. bnd. 3s. 1787

Gadsby (W. of Manchester) Memoirs; M'Kenzie, of Preston, Experience; Robt. Hawker, Visits to and from Jesus; also Warburton, of Preston, Mercies of Covenant God, or Account of some of Lord's Dealings in Providence and Grace, 4 books, 5s.

Gait, Lawrie Todd, or Settlers in Woods, cl. it. pub. Es. 1833

Genesis, Book of, in English-Hebrew, with Interlinear Translation, Notes, Grammatical Introduction, by Greenfield, 8vo. 4». 6d. pub. 10s. 6rf. . 1826

Gil Bias, translated by Smollett, illustrated by Gigoux, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. cloth, 500 cult, I is. pub. II. 12s. 1836

Gilpin, on|Forest Scenery and other Woodland Views, edited by Dick Lauder, 2 vols. sm. 8vo. cloth, vol. 1 wants title, many beautijul plates, 6s. pub. 18s. . 1834

Godwin, Political Justice, and Influence on Morals and Happiness, 2 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. 5*. . 1796

Goe he, Die Wahlrerwandtschaften, 12mo. is.

Stuttgard, 1817

Qoguet, Origine des Lois, Arts, Sciences, et leur Progres chez les Anciens Peuples, 3 vols.Svo hf.cfnt.6t. Pan'*,1809

Goldsmith, History of Earth and Animated Nature, 4 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. nt. plates, 10s. . . 182

Ditto, Natural History, Notes, by Innes, 2 vols. Svo. hundreds of cuts, 6s. . . 1834

Ditto, Vicar of Wakefield, Memoir by Bussey, 8vo. cloth, 200 fine cuts, 3s. Rd. , 1841

Good (Dr. Mason) Study of Medicine, with Author's Last Corrections, and Modern Information, by Cooper, 5 vols. 1 cloth, 18s. pub. 31. 15s. . . 1829

Histor. Outline of Book of Psalms, ed. byNeale, 8vo.

cloth, 4s. . . 1812

Gradus ad Parnassum, bnd. it. pub. Is. . 1827 j

Gra?ca Grammatica (Rudiments, Syntax) Wordsworth's, 2 vols, cloth, is. pub. is. 6d. . 1841-4

Greece, History of, Earliest Times to Final Subjection to Rome (Malkins), cloth, 2s. pub. is. . 1820

Gregory, Letters to Candid Inquirer on Animal Magnetism, thick sin. riro. cloth, 9s. 6d. . 1861

Ditto, Outlines of Chemistry, both vols, in 1 thick vol. cloth, cuts, is. pub. 12s. . . 1845

Gregory (Olinthus) Treatise on Mechanics, Theoretical, Practical, Descriptive, 3 vols. 8vu. cf. very nt. fine large folding plates, 8s. pub. 2 gt. . . 1807

Grose, Dictionary of Buckish Slang, University Wit, Pick

Eocket Eloquence, Revised, with Modern Changes, &c. y Member of Whip Club, Svo. cf. very nt. plates, is. pub. 8s. . . . 1811

Guy, Pocket Cyclopaedia, Epitome of Universal Knowledge, thick vol. Bio. hf. cf. nt. 10s. . 1829

Gypsies, their Origin, Continuance, and Destination, or Sealed Book Opened, by Roberts, 8ro. cloth, port. is. 6d. pub. 10«. . . . 1843

Hamon and Catar, or tht Two Races, a Tale, cloth,

is. 1851 Hampden, Aristocracy of England, a History for People, cloth, is. . . 1846

Hansard,Typographia, Origin, Progress of Art of Printing, &c. thick royal Svo. cloth, plates, cuts, 18». pub.3l. 3s. 1*25 Harris, Life of Chancellor Hardwlcke. Correspondence, Diaries, Speeches, Judgments, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, plates, 9s. pub. 21. r>s. . . 1847

Harris (Dr. W.) Historical, Critical Life of Charles 2nd, 2 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. is. . . 176G

Hauff, Nouvellettcs, translated by Brereton (Othello and Beggar of Pont des Arts) 2 vols. 12mo. cloth, 3s. 1851 Hawker. Concordance and Dietionary to Sacred Scriptures, thick l2mo. cloth, 2s. 6d. . . 185

Hawker (Col.) Instruction to Young Sportsmen in Shooting, cloth, plates, awl cuts, 7s. pub. II. . 1838 Hawthorne, Twice Told Tales, cloth, port. 2s. . 1852 Head (Sir Fras.) Fortnight in Ireland, Svo. cloth,map, 6s.6c/.

pub. 12s. . . 1852

Ileadiev, Beauties of Ancient English Poetry, 2 vols. 12mo. . . .1787

Heath, Book of Beauty, edited by Countess of Blessington, roy. Svo. cloth, plates, it. 6d. put/. 11. . 1845

, Picturesque Annua), Versailles, by Leitch Ritchie,

cloth, gilt learet.fine plates, is. 6d. pub. 11. 1839 Heine, Huch der Lteder, hf. mor. 2s. 6d. Hamburgh, 1851 Henry (Dr.) Experimental Chemistry, 2 vols, cuts, is. pub.

If. 14s. . . .1823

Henslow, Botany, Descriptive, Physiological, cloth, many cuts, 3s. pub. 6s. . . 1835

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is. pub. 6s. . . Oxf. 1849

, first 3 Books, in Greek. Bckker, text. Notes, Crit.

Explan. by Edwards, 8vo. cloth, is. pub. lis. 1840 Herodotus, Baehr, text literally translated, Geographical, General Index, by Cary, cloth, port. 3s. 6u\ pub. is. 1818 Hervey, Meditations and Contemplations, Hcptcnstall's fine edition, with Life, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. fine plates, 6s. 1796 Ditto, Theron and Aspasii, 2 vols. Svo. cf. very nt. plates, is.6d. . . . 1817

Herschel, Astronomy, cloth, cuts, 3s. pub. 6s. 1833 Hind, Algebra, 5s. pub. Us. . 1830

Ditto, Arithmetic, Principles, Practice, 2s.6d. pub. is.6d. 1815 Hodgson, Account of Augmentation of Small Livings by Governors of Queen Anne's Bounty, roy. 8vo. 3s. pub. IDs. . . . 1826

Hogarth, Complete Works, with Descriptions, Crit. Moral, Histor. Life, 3 volt, in one thick vol. hf. cf. nt. 90 plates, is. . . . 1837

Holbein, Dance ol Death, with Hist, and Lit. Intiod. cloth,

S3 cult, 6s. . . 1849

Holland (Mrs.) Domestic Cookery (stained) cl. plates.ts. 1818

Holland (Dr. H.) Chapters on Mental Physiology, 8vo. cloth, is. 10s. fid. . . 1862

Holtzapfrel, Turnery and Mechanical Manipulation, for General Reference and Practical Instruction on the Lathe, 2 vols.ctoM, cuts, 11. 4s. pub. II. 15s. . 1846

Holyrood House, Monastery, Chapel Royal, Palace, Environs, Historical Description, plates, 2s. cost 6i. 6d. 1819

Homer, Ilias, Or. ad opt. edit, recens. Veitch, 6nd. 2s. fid. pub. is. . Edin. 1849

Ilias, Gr. Lat. Clarke, 9 vols. Svo. bnd. map, 4s. 6d.

pub. 18s. . . . 1824

Odys. Gr. Lat. Clarke, 2 vols. 4s. 6d. pub. 18s. Edin. 1846

Homoepathy in 1851, by Russell, cloth, port. it. 1869

Hone, Ancient Mysteries described, especially English Miracle Plays, founded on Apocryphal New Test. Story, also Ecclesiastical Shows,8vo clh. pltt. pub. lot. 6d. 1823

, Political Tracts, House that Jack Built, Matrimonial

Ladder, Non mi recordo, Right Divine of Kings, Political Showman, Man in the Moon, Queen's Form of Praver, Slap at Slop, 8vo. cuts, is. pi*. 10s. 6d. 1819

Hooker, Pheuogamous, Flowering Plants, Ferns, 5s. pub. Us. . . . 1835

Hope, Costume of Ancients, roy. Svo. ^rood copy, russia extra, 200fine plates, lis. pub. ins. . 1809

Hope (Dr.) Morbid ANATOMY, Principles, Illustrations, complete Series of Drawings, with Descriptions, of Cases, Symptoms. Treatment, S:c. roy. Svo, *./. cf.ncw, splendidly coloured plates, 11. lit. pub. b gs. . 1834

Horace, Anthon's, cloth, is. pub. Is. 6d. . 1844

Horler, Apology for Ministers and Preachers of Gospel, with Vind. of Gospel from misrepresentations of Chubb, thick Svo. cf. nt. 3s. T . 1789

Horner, Memoirs, Correspondence, edited by his Brother, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, port. 9s. pub. 28s. 1843

Household Words, by Dickens, first 3 vols. hf. bnd. 13s. cost 24s. . . 1850-51

Ditto. Vols. 3 & 6. 3s. each, pub. is. fid.

Howitt, Student Life of Germany, plates, cuts, 8s. P"* ^

Ditto. Life and Adventures of Jack of the Mill, S vols. 12mo.

cIo(A, cuts. is. 6d. pub. 12s. . 1844

Hugo (Anton.) Analysis Geometries, Nova vera methodus

resolvendi Problemata Geometrica, Arithmeticas Quies 4to. calf, 2s. . . 1698

Huish, Memoirs of (Seorge 4th, thick Svo. cloth, port. is.

pub. ill. . . 1830

Ditto, William 4th, Life, Reign, thick 8vo. cloth, is. pub.

ins. . . . 183

HUMUOLDT, Kosmos, 3 vols. Svo. hf. cf. nt. 17s.

Stuttgart. 1845-50

Ditto, translated by Sabine, outAon'sed edition, 2 vols. 3*.

pub. is. . . Murray, 1819

Ditto, translated by Otte, 3 vols. sm. 8vo. cloth, 7s. 6d.;>u».

10s. 6d. . . Bohn, 1849 Aspects nf Nature In different Lands and Climates, with

Scientific Elucidations, translated by Sabine, 2 vols. limo.

cio/A, 4s. 6d. pub. Is. . 1849

Hume and Smollett, History of England, 3 vols. 8vo. 13s.

pub. 21. 5s.

Ditto, England, with Chronological Records, to Coronation of George 4th, by Burke, 6 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. nt. plates, 17s. . . . 1825

Hunt (R.) Element. Physics, Introd. to Study of Nat. Philosophy, sm. Svo. ctotA, 217 cuts. 6s. Jju6. 10s. fid. 1851

Huntington (W.) Kingdom of Heaven taken by Prayer, Account of Author's translation from Kingdom of Satan to Kingdom of God. Svo. cf. nt. 3s. . 1823

Hurwitz, Defence of Hebrew Scriptures, in Ans. to Rellamy, Strictures and Innovations, cf. nt. 2s. 6d. pub. Is. 1820

Illustrated Exhibitor, Sketches by Pen and Pencil, of Principal Objects in Gt. Exhibition, royal 8vo. hf. cf. new, numerous plates and cuts, 6s. cost 15s. . 1852

Imperialis (J.) Museum Historicum, Physicum, sm. 4to. vellum, many portraits, includingatlmirable cott Ms. 6d. . Fend. 1040

Insect Architecture, cf. nt. 160 cuts, 6d. 1830

Ireland (Sam.) Picturesque Views on River Mcdway, Obs. on Works of Art in Vicinity, hf. cf. very nt. fine pUtrs and cuts, is. pub. 2 gs. . . 1793

Ireland,Map of.cofoured.mounted on canras(2ibyl9) ls.6d.l J44

Irving, Bracebridge Hall, Knickerbocker, New York, Salmagundi, 6 vols. 12mo. hf. 7s. , 1824

, Columbus, Life, Voyages, 2 vols, in

Ditto, Conquest of Granada, 2 vols, in 1, calf, uniform, is.

Israel of Alps, History of Persecutions of Waldcnses, translated from French, bv Muston, cl. numerous cuts, 2s. 1852

Israel's Return, or Palestine Regained, by Freeman, clorA, 2s. pub. it. 1846

Jardine, Natural History of Game Birds, limo. cloth, 31 finely coloured plates, 3s. pub. 6s. . 1834

Ditto, Felina>, cloth, 38 finely coloured plates, 3s.

Ditto, Pachyderincs, Thick Skinned Quadrupeds, eMA, 32 fine plates, 3s.

Jebb (Bp.) Life, Letters, by Forster, thick 8io. cloth, fine portrait, lis. pub. 16s. , . 1837

Jennings, Family Cookery and Receipt Book,_ 2.100 Receipts in Cookery, also Carving, cloth, 3s. pub. 7s. 6d. 1844

Johnson, English Dictionary, with Authorities, from Todd, edited by Chalmers, thick Svo. cf. nt. 6s. pub. 14s. 1824

Ditto. 8vo. cloth, 3s. . . 1846

Lives of English Pools, Crit. Obs. on Works, best edition, 3 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. 6s. . Cadell, 1783

Ditto, in 1 vol. cloth,"3s. . . 1847

Johnston, School Atlas of Physical Geography, sm. folio, cloth, 18 oloured maps, Is. pub. Us. fid. . 1852

Johnston (J. F. W.) Agricultural Chemistry, Geology, Elements of, cloth, 2s. 6s. pub. 6s. . 1842

Jones, Natural History of Animals, vol. 1 only, sm. 8vo. cl. 100 fine cuts, 5». 6d. pub. Us. . Van Voorst, ISii

Julian (Emperor) Orations, to Sovereign Sun, Mother of the Gods, translated from Greek, with Notes by Taylor. e/.i>er*-n«.2..0d. : «7W

Junkin (D. X.) The Oath, a Divine Ordinance, and Element of Social Constitution, Origin, Nature, End, Form, Abuses, 12iuo. doth, Ss. 60). . N. York, 1815

Eater and Lardner, un Mechanics, cloth, 3*. pub. 6s.
Keepsake, for 1834, silk, gilt edges, plates, it. pub. II. 1834
Kclghtlcy, Hist of Greece, cloth, 2s. Sd. pub. 6s.
Ditto, Rome, Is. 6d. pub. 6s. 6d.

Outlines of History, cloth, 3s. pub. Ss.

Keith, Measurer, by Maynard, bnd. 2s. pub. bs. 1846 Kelly, Narrative of French Revolution of 1818, cloth, ports.

plates, 2s. pub. is. . . 1848

Ken (Bp.) Practice of Divine Love, with Directions for Prayer, 12mo. cf. extra, is. . 1810

Kerr, "Newleafe Discourses'* on Fine Art, Architecture,

cloth. 2s. 6d. pub. bs. . . 1816

Kett, Elements of General Knowledge, 2 vols. 8vo cf. very

nt. is pub. II. . . 1825

Kirke White, Remains, with Memoir, 12mo. morocco, gilt

loaves, 2s. 6d. . . 1811

Kiuhiner, Cook's Oracle. cfofA, 3s, M. put. Is. M. F.din. 1845 Ditto, Traveller's Oracle, hf. cf. nt. plain, 3s. pub. 7s. 6d. 1828 Kittel.Taschenbuch der Flora Deutschlandsz:.mGebrauche

aut botanischen Excursionen, 2 vols. 12mo. (I230pa°e*), . . Nurnberg.lSii

Kitto, Daily Bible Illustrations, 2 vols. (Jan. to June), cloth,

numerous cuts, Is. Sd. pub. 12s. . 1850

Koch, II istory of European Nations.from Subversion of Rome

to Abdic. of Napoleon, translated by Crichtun, roy. 8vo. nt. 4t.6Vf. Koch, Synopsis der Deutschen und Schweiier Flora, thick

8vo. (1210 pages) hf. mar. 9s. . Leipsig, 1846

Kuhner, New Greek Delectus, edited by Allen, cf. 2s. 1839 Lafayette, Louis Philippe, Revolution of 1830, or History of

Events and Men of July, by Sarrans, 2 vols. port. 2s. Sd.

pub. 18*. . . 1832

Lancaster, Pictorial History of, roy. 8vo. cloth, 170 fine cuts

and map, 6s. ■ • 1814

Lardner, on Steam Engine, 8vo. cloth, plates and cuts, 6s.

pub. i2s. . . . mo

Ditto, Hydrostatics, Pneumatics, cloth, cuts, 3s. pub. 6s. 1831

Latin Quotations, Dictionary of, from most celebrated Anthors.with English translation,I2mo.cfof'/i,2*.6d.pu6.5*. 1836

Lawrence, Lectures,Physiology,Zoology, Nat. Hist, of Man, 8vo. is. pub. 16*. . . 1822

Leask (Rev. W.) Footsteps of Messiah, a Review of Passages in History of Christ, cloth, is. pub. Is. . 1817

Lebahn, German Pract. Grammar, Undine, Vocabulary of 4,500 Words, complete, cloth, 6s. pub. \0s. 1849

Lectures on Results of Great Exhibition, by Whewell, Dc la Beche, Owen, Bell, Playfalr, &c. 8vo. cloth, port, of Prince Albert, by !iay, is. pub. 7*. 6d. . 1852

Lectures, before Young Men's Christian Association, by Cumming, Stowell, &c. 1849-50; ditto, 1850-51, 2 vols. sm. 8vo. cloth. Is. 6d. each, pub. 3s. 6d.

Legendary Cabinet, collection of British National BallaLs, Ancient, Modern, from best authorities, Note-* and Illustrations, by Parry, sm. 8vo. hf. cj. nt. is. pub. 12s. 1829

Leland, View of Dcistical Writers, 2 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. is. 1754

Lemoine, Printing, Origin, History of. Foreign, Domestic, List of Eminent Printers, fcc. 2s. . 1813

Lettsom (Dr.) Hints, designed to promote Beneficence, Temperance, and Medical Science, 3 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. nt, ports, plates, is. pub. 27s. . . 1801

Levizac, French-English, English-French Dictionary, bnd. is. pub. 9s. . . 1818

.French Grammar, by Tarver, 2s. pub. Ss. 1842

Lewis, Antiquities of Hebrew Republic, 3 vols. Bvo. cloth, I5t.pu4.24j. . Oxford, 1835

Liddell and Scott, Greek-English Lexicon, thick Ito. 32*. corf 2/. 14*. ... 1845

LOUDON, Encyclopedia of PLANTS, Culture, History, fcc. thick 8vo. V". russ. neat, hundreds of cuts, by Sowerby, Sic II. 16>. pub. il. 14s. 6d. . 1829

Ditto, Agriculture, thick 8vo. multitude cuts, it. pub. 21. 10*.


Ditto of GARDENING, Theory, Practice of Horticulture, Floriculture, fcc, also Hist, of Gardening, thick 8ro. bnd. neat, 18*. pub. 2gs. . . 1822

: Villa Gardener, 8vo. cloth, cuts, 8s. pub. 12*. 1850

Loudon (Mrs.) Botany for Ladies, cloth, many cuts, is. 6d. pub. 8*. . . . 1842

Mcintosh, Practical Gardener, Modem Horticulturist, Gardens. Hothouses, Sec. hf. cf. numerous cuts. It. pub. If. 1839

Mackintosh (Sir Jas.) History of England, with Continuation, complete, 10 vols, cloth, cuts. If. pub. 31.

Miscellaneous Works, 3 thick vols, cloth, lis. 1854.

Maitlund. Dark Ages, State of Religion and Literature, 8vo. cloth, Is. 6d. pub. Vis. . . 1845

Markham, History of England, with Conversations 2 vols. hf. cf. nt. plates, cuts, bs. 6d. pub. 12*. . 1841

Maunder, Biographical Treasury, cf. vaunt. Ss. cost 16*. 1842

Scientific and Literary Treasury, Pop. Encyclopaedia

of Belles Lettres, thick vol. calf, gilt, very neat, Ss. 1845

Maurice, Indian Antiquities, Geography, Theology, Laws, &c. of Hindostan, also History, 7 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. very nt. numerous plates and maps, 18*. stub. 31. 13*. 6d. 1806

Mawe and Abercrombie, Complete Gardener, Gardener's Calendar, Lists of Trees, Flowers, &c. when to plant, also Forcing, fcc. thick vol. 2*.

Newton fRev. John) Works, 6 vols. 8vo. calf, gilt, very neat, port. Library copy. If. 4*. pub. 3gs.. . 1808

Nuttall, Dictionary, Classical, Archaeological, Manners,Customs. Laws, fcc. of Antiquity and Middle Ages, Svo.cloth, is. 6d. pub. 16*. ... 1840

OWEN (Dr.) on Hebrews, 7 vols. 8vo. best edition, scarce, 21. pub. il. is. . 1812

Parian Choir, or Church Music, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. cloth, is. pub. 16*. 6d. . . 1845-6

Patri Apostollci, 8. S. Clement, Ignatii, Polycarpl, et Marty ria, Annot. Var. Indice, Jacobson, 2 vols. 8vo. red morocco, extra, gill leases, beautiful copy, 11. is. cost 21. bs.

Oxon. 1840

PRAYER, Beautiful Oxford Edition, large clear type in red

and black, Svo. dark purple morocc, super, extra, broad gilt bands, tilt leaves, mw, 16*. pub. 1/. 16* . 1812 Prayer, Masters' reprint of Sealed Book, beautifully printed in red and bl-ick. In Elzevir type, am. 8vo. morocco, very neat, stamped gilt leaves, 10s. . . 1848

Prayer, Rubricated, morocco, silver cross, corners and clasps, •».... 1841 Reuouard (Dr.) Histoire de Medicine, Origiue au 19e Steele, 9 vols. 8vo. 5*. 6d. . . Paris, 1846

Riddle, Latin, English Dictionary, thick Svo. cloth, 10*. cost n*. . , . 1846

Rousseau, Elements of Botany, by Professor Marty n, 2 vols.

coloured plates, 3s. pub. 29*. . 1S07

Russel 1, Li fe.Sermons, Remains of Rev.C. Wolf,4*.7iui>. 12*. 1826 Schmilz, Hist, of Rome, thick vol. cfotA, 4*. pub. 1847 Seward (Governor,) Works, edited by Baker, 3 thick vols.

8vo. cloth, new, \6s. . New York, 1853

Strauss, Lehen Jesu, 2 vols. Svo. 12*. Tubingen, 184(i

Diffo, Vie de Jesu, traduitc par Littre, 4 vols. Svo. 12*.

Paris, 1839

Ditto, Life of Jesus, Critically Examined, translated from German, 3 vols. 8vo. 15*. cloth. II. 16*. . IS46 Uncle Tom's Cabin, Negro Life in Slave States of America, by Stowe, 8vo. cloth, Jull gilt, gilt leaves, 40 plates, 3s. 1852 , Key to ditto, Original Facts, Documents, Corroborative Statements, large Bvo. cloth, new,is. pub. 10*.6<f.l853 Ure (Dr.) Diet, of Arts, Manufactures, Mines, with Supplement. 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, nearly new, If. 12*. pub. 1846 Usher, Body of Divinity, Life, &c. sm. 4to. fine copy, calf, very nt. bs. , . (702 Waterland, Works, Life, Stc. by Van Mildert, 6 vols. 35*.

pub. 3 gs. . . 1814

Winslow, Lctsomian Lectures on Insanity, cloth, is. 1851 Wi'hering, Botany, 4 vols, flutes, 9s. pub. 21. 8*. 1812 Wordsworth, Athens, Attica, Residence, fcc. cloth, plates, maps, is. 6d. pub. Us. . . 1837

Zumpt's Latin Grammar, Abridged by Kenrick, ctfA. 2s. Wit

Library of a Scholar to be had of E. Lumley, 126,

High Holborn. Academic Franeoise, Dictionnaire de, corrigee, fcc. 2 vols.

4to. calf,gilt, neat. Queen Charlotte's Copy, 7*. Paris, 1798 Julian, Natura Animalium, Gr. et Lat. Gjsneri, Gronovius, "excellent, ample edit." 2 vols. 4to. vellum. Is. . 1745 jEschylus, translated by Potter, 4to. cat) neat, 3s. Ainsworth, Latin Dictionary, full edition by Patrick, thick

4to. calf, bs. 6d. Akenside, Poems, with Notes, fine library edition, 4to. calf, neat, beautiful portrait, is. . . 1772

ALBERTI, French-Italian, and IUl.-French Dictionary, 2 very thick large 4to. vols. hf. mor. 16*. Milan, 1834 Bacon (Lord) Advancement of Learning, by Wats, folio, vellum {no title), 3s. . . 1640

Ditto, Sylva Sylvarum, Naturall Historic, by Rawley, sm.

folio, c«f/, 2s. . . 1639

Baretti, Italian-English, English-Italian Dictionary, 2 large vols. 4to. half caff, neat, 13s. . Firense, 1832

Beattie, Dissertations, Moral, Critical, Memory, Dreaming, Fable and Romance, &c. Ito. calj, neat, 38. . 17»3

Belgian Churches, Confessions, Catechism, Liturgy, Ecclesiastical Canons (in modern Greek) Ito. calf, neat, 3s. 1648 Benson, Hist, of Christ, with Reflections, also Life of Au.

thor, thick 4lo. calf, neat, fine port. bs. . 1761

Biblia Sacra, Vulgat. Notis Chrouol. et Hist. "edition tret estimee "—Brunei, 4to. calf, Ss. Paris, 1666

Boccaccio, Decamerone, da Martlnelli, thick 4to. oaf/, . . . 1762

Boyer, French Dictionary, thick 4 to. calf, neat, 3s.
Burnet, Expos, of 39 Articles, folio, calf, neat, is.
Campbell, Polit. Survey of Britain, Lands, Inhabitants,
Revenues, &c. 2 thick vols. 4to. calf, neat, is. 1774
Cattierus, Gazophylaclum Grtocorum auct. Abresch, 4to.

calf, neat, is 6d. cost II. lbs. . 1810

Cellarius, Geographia Plenlor, 4to. cf. nt. maps, $c. 3*. 1703 Chillingworth, Religion of Protestants a Safe Way to Salvation, folio, cj. is. . . 1638 Chrysostomi, Comment, in Omnes Pauli Epist. Latine, Wolfgang, thick folio, monastic binding, Ss. Jlasil. 1536 Claudian, Annot X'yrrho in usura Dolphin. Ito. cf. gilt.nt.

plate,3s. . . . 1677

Cluverit, Unlrers. Geographia, Not. Hekelii Reiskii, Bunone, Ito. calj, gilt, neat, maps and plates, 3s. 1711

Cowper, Life and Posthumous Writings, by Hayley, 3 vols.

Ito. cf. nt. ports, bs. pub. H. 11*. U. . 1803

Dionysius Halicar. Antiquitatos sive Origins Romante, Latine, recog. Glareanus, folio, rustia, 3s. Basil, 1532 Dutch-English, English-Dutch Dictionary, by Sewel, 2 vols. Ito. hf. bnd. is. cost 18*. . Amit. 1735 Epictetus, Works, Discourses, Enchiridion, fcc. translated, with notes, &c. by Carter, thick Ito. cf. nt. is. 1758 Facciolati, Lexicon, by Bailey, 2 vols. 4to. hf. rustia, it.

pub. 61.16*. 6*1. . . 1828

Ferguson (Adam) on Hist, of Civil Society, " truly philosophical," 4to. calf, neat, 2s. 6d. . 1768 Ditto, Principles of Moral and Pollt. Science,2vols.4to.3*.1792 Forster, Dictlonariura Hebraicum, cum Phrasibus, Vet. et Nov. Test, annot. thick folio, calf, neat, Duke of Sussex's copy (index imperf.) is. . Basil, 1564 Fox.Chos.Jas.) Hist of JamesII.4to.porf. 3*.pu*. If. 16*.1808 Gall et Snurzhelm, Recherches sur le Systeme Nerveux en


General, 4to. plate. Is, . Paris, 1809

Guyse, Pract. Expos, of Evangelists, Paraphrase, Notes, Recollections, 3 vuls. 4to. cf. Ss. . 1739 Hederic, Greek Lexicon, by Patrick andYoung,4to.e/.2*.l755 Hesiodi, Gr. et Lat. Notis, Varior. ed. Robinson, "magnift.

cent and accurate," 4to. cf. nt. is. . 1737

Hill, Latin Synonymes, arranged Alphabetically, with Dis.

sert. on Prepositions, thick Ito. 4s. pub. II. 11*. 6d. 1801 Homer, Diss. Or. et Lat. Scholia Didyrai, annot, Stephani, "mott excellent," ito. cloth, 2s. 6a. Cantab. 1689

Hookc on Ancient Roman Senate, against Yertot, Dr. C. Middletvu, chapman, &c. Ito, c/.nl.U. 1758

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This Publication is intended to be the organ of communication between the Book-buying and Reading public, and the Booksellers of the whole kingdom. It is more especially designed to be the means of procuring for Authors, Scholars, &c. the rarest and most valuable books ; and as each number will be strictly confined to literary subjects, no Advertisements can be admitted, except those which have reference to matters of analogous character. The literary portion will present unusual attractions from its sterling merit, original information, and news.

*.* Advertisements for rare and scarce Works, odd Volumes, or Numbers, to complete Sets, inserted in this Advertiser free of expense.


Seven Lines and under, 5*.: Each Line after, 6d ; Quarter of a Column, 15s. Half ditto, 11. 5s.; Three Quarters ditto, 21.: A Column, 2l. 5*.

7/ will confer a Favour on the Publiiher, \f the Partiet to whom thii Circular it addretted, will give it at much Publicity at possible. Shouldany difficulty »riie in procuring Books, &c. from this Adrertiser, a Direct Application made to E. LuuLsr, 126, HiRh Holborn, London, will be immediate!}-attended to.

Booki cannot be aent to those who do not settle their accounts promptly.

Now Heady, 810. cloth, price 10s. 6d.

NEWMAN'S HISTORY OF THE AUIANS. Lumley, 126, High Holboni.

N.B.—It is intended to offer in the next Advertiser s large assemblage of Foreign Literature, Fathers, Church History, &c. collected by E. Lumley, during a recent visit to the Continent.

A Set of the BRITISH CRITIC from Commencement; alio New Seriei, with Index, 1793 to 1818, in all 52 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. lettered, uniform, II. 12*.

A set of the GERMAN CONVERSATIONS LEXICON, best edition, 15 vols, complete, and new, in parte, 21. . Leipzic, 1833-43

Ditto, Conversations Leiicon fur Gebildete aus Allen Standen, Von Wolff, 5 vols, small folio, cf. very nt. parte. 14*. . Leipt. 1843

DUta, of UNITED SERVICE JOURNAL, Wars by Land and Sea, from commencement, 39 vols, good copy, hf. nut. num. pltt. l(c.2l. 8*. 1829-1842

ABERCROMBY, Martial Achievements of SCOTS NATION, Lives, Characters, Memorable Actions of Eminent Military Scotsmen, Military Transactions of Scotland, &c. " marvel lout but accurate," 2 vols, folio, (Roxburgh copy toldfor Ad.) 18*. . . . 1711-15

AC HERMAN, Ornaments for Sculptors, Painters, Carvers, and Modellers, Part 2, 4to. 40 fine plates, 4t. pub. U 11*. Gd. . . 1818

./ELIAN, Tactics, Military System of Grecians, translated, Preliminary Discourse, by Dillon, 4 to. 39 plates, 10*. pub. 2gt. . 1814

AIKIN, Dictionary of CHEMISTRY and MINERALOGY, complete with Supplement, " invaluable condensation of Chemical andMineralogical Science bett in the language, including mott valuable information not to be found eltewhere," 2 vols. 4 to, hf. ruuia, platet, 25*. pub. 41. 10*. 1807-14

AINSWORTH, Latin Dictionary, best edition, by Morcll and Carey, \bt.pu6.3l.l0t. 1816

AIRY, Astronomical Observations, at Cambridge Observatory, 5 vols, in 1, 4to. hf. morocco, 18*. cott about 41. . . 1828-33

AL.BERTI, French-Italian and Italian-French Dictionary, 2 vols. 4to. hf. cf. lit. Genet, 1811

Another edition, 2 vols, folio, hf.ruttia, nt. 18*. cost Bassano, 1B40

ACUERTI, Architecture, Statuary, (Italian and English) by Bortoli and Leoni, 3 vols, in l,cf. gilt, many fine platet, 16*. . 1726

ALBERTUS MAGNUS, Sermones de Tempore ac Sanctis per totius anni cireuli, extremely early production, and very fine clean Specimen of early printing, thick folio, monastic binding, with clasps, 14*. (worth 21.) N.D. 14—

Alexander, Service for first nights of Passover, as

used in all Israelite Families (Hebrew and Englith) with Commentary, 4to, cf. platet, 3*. A.D. 5566

ALLEN, History of Lincoln, earliest to present Time, 2 vols, in 1, thick 4 to. embotted morocco, gilt leaves, fine platet and map, 13*. pub. 3gt. 1830

Ambroise (St.) Vie, par Hermant, 4to. cf. nt. 6*.

Parit, 1678

ANALYTICAL Society, Memoirs, exceedingly valuable work by BABBAGE and HERSC11EL, remarkably fine tpecimen of Typography, 4 to. 4*. cott 15*. . . 1813

ANGUS, Seats of Nobility, Gentry, in Gt. Britain and Wales, after Eminent Artists, with Descriptions, 63 platet, copiet have told 31. 15*. to 51.12*. 12*. . . Lowndes, 1787

Anthems, 8, in Score, by Wcbbe, large 4to. hf. cf. 4*.

Anthologia Graeca, Obs. et Notte in, De Bosch, thick 4to. 4*. . . Utraject, 1810

Anti-Jacobin, Poetry of, bast edit. 4to. 2*. 6d. pub. 21*. . . . 1801

AN WARI SOHEELEE, the Light of Csnopus, by Cashefee, a PERSIAN MS. beautifully written on Bombyx Paper, fol. hf. cf. (276 paget) 13*.

Apuleius—Opera, Oudendorp,vol.2 only,4to.2*.1823

ARCH APOLOGIA, a Series of 12 vols. (16 to 27) 4to. uncut,\very fine platet, 3/. pub. 30/. 1809 tol837

Architecture and Building, Treatises of, by Hosking, 4to. 26 plates, It. pub. 15*. . 1832

ARET.EUS, Csusis et Sigois Acutorum et Diuturnorum Morborum, Gr. et Lat. Boerhaave, large fol. cay, gilt, lit. . Lugd.mb

Aretin,HistoriaFlorentinarum, 3*.Argent,l6l0

ARISTOPHANES, Gr. et Lat. Burmann, "correct text," with very excellent Animad. by Duker, co»tributing much to elucidating the Text, also very good Notes by Berglcr, 2 vols, in 1 thick 4to. very fine copy, rut. git. leavet, 16*. cott 21. 2t.Lugd. 1700

ARNALD, Apocrypha, Crit. Comment, on, edited by Pitman, 4to. hf. qf. nt. 8*. pub. 2 gt. 1822

ARNOLD, Chronicle or Customs of London, also celebrated Poem of Nut Brown Maid, 4to. cloth, 9*. pub. 36*. . . . 1811

ARTISAN, Monthly Journal of Operative Arts, both aeries, 4 vols. 4 to. cloth, numerous platet and cutt, 15*. pub. 21. 12*. . . 1844-6

ART UNION Journal, Vols. 7, 8, 9, 10, 4 vols.4to. hf. cf. nt. numerous beautiful platet, 21. I5t. cott 61. . . 1845-48

Ditto, 1851, includes Catalogue of the Exhibition, complete in 7 Nos. original impressions, 15*. cott II. 12*. (id.

Athanase (St.) Vie, par Hermant, 2 vols. 4to. cf. nt.

fine portrait, 10*. . Parit, 1671

ATHENIAN LETTERS (by Hon. W. Yorlcc, Lord

Hardwicke, Dr. Borel, ice.) 2 vols. 4 to. hf. cf. nt.

ports, and plates, 7». . 1798


Atlas, ARROWSM1TH, General, 4 to. half bnd. 54 mapt, 5t. pub. II. I6t. . 1823

Atlas, CHAMBERS, complete, 4to. 6*. fid. pub. 12*. ... 1853

Atlas, EDINBURGH, School, 4to. cloth, 36 coloured mapt, 5*. 6d. pub. 25*.

Atlas, GAIL, pour Etude de L'Histoire Ancienne et Intelligence des Auteurs, Grecs et Latins, 4to. 52 map* and platet, 4t. . Parit, 1815

Atlas, KIEPPERT, von Hellas, und den Hellenischen Colonien, folio, cloth, 24 fine coloured mapt, lit. . Berlin, 1846

Atlas, LOWRY, with Table, from most recent Authorities, and Index, 1 to. hf. bnd. 100 coloured mapt, 10*. cost 20*. . . 1850

Atlas of PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY, by Petermann and Milner, large 4to. cloth, 15 finely coloured mapt and numerous cult, lit. pub. 21*. 1850

Atlas, SPRUNER, Antiquus, folio, cloth. 27 fin» coloured mapt, 12*. pub. (lothue, 1850

Atlas, TALLIS, Illustrated by Wallis, Allen, &c. Descriptions, &c. by Montgomery Martin, 39 first parti, folio, about 70 col. mapt, 14*. pub. U 19*.

Atlas, THOMSON, new GENERAL, on Various Projections,of Form, and Compound Parts of Globe, Empires, Kingdoms, States of World; with Memoir on Progress of Geography, Summary of Physical ditto, Consulting Index, very large royal folio, cf. very nt. 74 fine coloured mapt, 21. 5s. pub. llgt.

Edinb. 1817

Atlas, AMERICAN, Historical, Chronological, Geographical, of N. & S. America and West Indies, according to Plan of Le Sage, large folio, hf. cf. nt. 53 coloured mapt, 7*. Philadelphia, 1823

Atti, della Accademia di Scienze, Lettere di Palermo (vol. 1.) 4to. platet, 2*. Palermo, 1845

EAILY, New Tables for facilitating Computation of Precession, Aberration, Nutation of 2,881 fixed Stars, I to. hf. morocco, 15s. pub. 25*. 1827

Barber of Seville, Music, from Orchestral Score, by Rockstro, English Words, 4 to. cloth, 8*. pub. 16*.

BARCLAY, English Dictionary, most useful Work, late edition, thick 4to. hf. cf. nt. lit. pub. 30*.

Baron (Dr. J.) Origin and Progress of Changes of Structure in Man and Inferior Animals, 4to. fine cold, platet, 3*. pub. 18*. . 1828

BARONAGE of Scotland, Hist, and General Account of Gentry of, collected from best Authorities, "original edition qf Douglas, not published," 2 vols, folio, hf. cf. cuts, 9*. Edin. 1798

BARROW (Dr. Isaac) Works, edited by Archbp. Tillotson, 3 vols, in 2, folio, cf. nt. fine old port. II. ... 1715

BARRY, Wines of Ancients, Observations on Hist.

Crit. Med. 4to. cf. very nt. plate. 7s. 1775 BASILK (St.) et S. GREGOIRE de NAZIANZE, Vies, par Hermaut, 2 vols. 4to. cf. nt. port. 11».

Paris, 1C79

Bath, Bristol, Somerset, Gloucester, displayed, series of Views, from original Drawings, by Shepherd, Hist, and Descript. Illustrations by Britton, 4to. hf. bnd. 50 fine Views, 8s. . 1829

II lit Ml IIII, Uppon Bartholeme, His Booke de Proprietatibus Rerum, taken foorth of the most Approved Authors, the like not heretofore translated into English, folio, original calf binding, very fine copy, ltiaclt Letter, 21. 10s. 1582

BATTY, Campaign of Left Wing of Allied Army in Western Pyrenntes and South of France, in 1813 and 14, 4to. plates, stained, 10«. pub. 2gs. 1823

, Scenery of FRANCE, with descriptions, English, French, complete, 12 parts, 4to. large paper, proof impressions, 11. pub. 10/. . 1822 , Welsh Scenery, with descriptions, sin. folio, cloth, 35 very fine plates, 10*. pub. 4gs. 1825

BAXTIiR, Smume of Practical Theology and Cases of Conscience, thick folio, cf. first few leaves damaged, 8s. . . 1073

BEATTIE, Scotland, Illustrated, 2 vols. 4to. hf. cf. beautiful plates by Allom and Bat tlett, \l. 6s. pub. 3gs. . . . 1833

Ditto, Wraldenses, or Protestant Piedmont, Dauphiny.and Ban de la Roche, 4to. cf. beautiful plates by Bartlett and Brockedon, 17s. pub. 2 gs. 1838

BEAUFOY, Nautical and Hydraulic Experiments and Scientific Miscellanies, roy. 4to. (688 pages) cloth, plates. Is. . Priv. Print. 1831

BEAURAIN, Histoire Militaire de FLANDRE, lfi'JO-4; Marches, Batailles, Sieges, etc. 2 vols, folio, cf. gt.fine copy, full of fine maps and plates, some coloured, military plans, (10 fr. Brunei) 10s.

Paris, 1 755

Bell, Engravings explaining Course of NERVES, with Address to Physicians, 9 plates; Ditto, on Bones, numerous plates, 2 vols. 4to. 5s. pub. 21. 12s. 6d. . . 1810

Bellamy, Concordance to Bible, Geographical Index, Calendar, Table of Lessons, 4to. cf. tit. 3s. 1818

BENSON (Dr. G.) History of First Planting of Christian Relisjiun, 3 vols, in 1 thick 4to. cf. nt. 12». .... 175G

Ditto, on Epistles, Paraphrase, Notes, 2 thick vols. 4to, cf. nt. lis. . . 1752

BENTHAM, History and Antiquities of ELY CATHEDRAL, complete, with Supplement, 2 large Toll. 4to, plates, 32*. pub. 6 gt, . 1817

Bentivnlio and Urania, an old Romance, sm. folio, hf.rf.nt.Zs. .' . . 1600

BEVERIDGE (Bp.) Works, 2 vols, folio, cf. nt. 1/. 12s. . . . 1720

U1t»le«, If <el.r.

Bible, Large Type Edition, thick lto. calf, lis.

Oxford, 1812

Bible, BAXTER'S, Notes, Critical, Explanatory, by STYLES, 2vols.4to.c/.n/. numerous pits. 15s. 1811

Bible, BURDER'S, Expositor anil Commentary, Critical and Practical, 2 thick vols. 4to. cf. gilt back, l%s.pui. 6 g*. . . 180'J

Bible, D'OYLY and MANT, Notes, Exphn. and Practical, 3 vols. 4to. good copy, well bnd.pits. 2 gs.

Another, fine copv, rtissia. vert/ nt. 21. 10s.

Bible, MATTHEW HENRY, Family Devotional, Copious Notes, 2 very thick vols. lto. cf. very nt. numerous fine plates, 25s cost 'M. Tallis, 1^5

Eible, MATTHEW HENRY, Notes, Explan. Practical, edited by Blomfield, 2 vols. 4to. cf. very nt. fine plates, 25s. pub. 21. 15s. Virtue, 185

Bible, WESTALL, with Apocrypha, finely illustrated, 3 vols. sm. folio, red morocco extra, fine plates by Heath, ]/. 5s. cost 3 gs. . 1815

Bible, It. CATHOLIC, Family, from Vulgate, with Crit. Hist. Controversial Notes by Haydoek, Tables of Theol. Hist. Points of Faith and Doctrine, &c. complete in Nos. numerous fine plates, 11. 10s. pub. Zl.

Bible Maps, Histor. and Descript. of Script. Geography, by Hughes, cloth, 12 cold, maps, 3s. 1841

BICK1IAM, British Monarchy, or Chorographical Description of all Dominions Subject to King of Gt. Britain, all engraved, and fine specimens of

Writing, sm. folio, cf. numerous fine cuts, 8s. 1748

BILLING, Antiquities of DURHAM, Architectural, Ecclesiastical, Castellated, Domestic, lto. many very beautiful pits. \l. 12». pub. bgs. Durham, 1846

Birth and Triumph of Cupid, a Series of Plates after Designs by Lady Dashwood, elegantly engraved by Tomkins, large oblong 4to. hf. cf. 25 plates, 4«. 6<f. . 1795

Blank Books, with neat writing paper (9 by 7) 3s.

Ditto, (9 by 7) ruled with blue lines, Is. 6d.

BOFFj^AND, Description of the founding in Bronze of the Equestrian Statue of Louis XIV. Paris, Descriptions (Latin and French), folio, cf. 18 plates, 4s. . . Paris, 1743

BONAVENTURA (S.) in 4 librorum Sententiarum, 2 very thick vols, folio, calf, clasps, very early production and fine specimen, 24s. Nuremberg, 1491

Book of Illustrious, Portraits of Melbourne, Peel, Wellington, Wilberforce, O'Connor, &c. with Lives, 4to. cloth, 13 portraits, 3s. pub. 12s. . 1845

BOYE R, French ind English, and English and French, Dictionary, par Mitand, 2 vols. 4to. cloth, 8s. pub. SI. 8s. . . 1816

BOYLE, Stile Papers, Correspondence, Letters, Life, large folio, cf. very nt. 10s. . 1742

BRABANT, Delices de la Noblesse, Description de toutes les Maisons, Monasteres, Sec. oblong 4to. cf. nt. 202 plates, 18s. . Amst. 1706

EEi'ittO'l, Chronological History and Graphic Illustrations of Christian Architecture in England, Use, Progress, Perfection, thick 4to. hf. morocco, 86 fine plates, Sec. \l. 6*. pub. 6 gs. 1835

Union of Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, descriptive account of Soane Museum, large 4to. beautiful plates, 12s. pub. 3/. 3*. 1827

Architectural Antiquities of Gt. Britain, with

Descriptions, Vol. 1 and Pts. 9 to 25 (except 16 and 1") large paper, many plates, 18s. 1807

Brookes (M.^l History of Man's Redemption, folio, cf. 4s. . 1657

BROUGHTON, Dictionary of all Religions, from Creation, 2 vols, in 1 very thick folio, cf. lis. 1745

BROWN, Self Interpreting Bible, 2 thick vols. 4to. russia, good copy, Us. pub. 21.10s. Longman, 1806

Ditto, another edition, large folio, cf. gilt, 40 plates, 16s. . . Bungay, 1814

BRUCE, Annals of EAST INDIA COMPANY, from establishment 1600 to Union 1707, 3 vols. 4to. cf. nt. 10s. pub. 41. 10s. . 1810

ERUNONES (S.) Expositio in Psalterium, most beautifully printed, black and red, thick folio, calf, monastic binding, very rare, 13s.

N. D. Noriberg Coburger, 1494

BUCKINGHAM Palace, Decoration of Garden Pavilion in, by GRUNER, with Introduction by Mrs. Jameson, folio, 51 beautiful subjects on 15 plates, 18s. pub. U. lis. Grf. . 1846

BUCKLAND, Reliquie Diluvianse, Observations on Organic Remains, &c. 4to. 27 plates, very scarce, 11. pub. H. lis. 6rf. . . 1824

BURKITT, on New Test, thick folio, cf. nt. fine portrait, 9s. . . 1729

BURNET, Own Time, (Charles 2nd to Peace of Utrecht,) also Life, 2 vols, folio, cf. nt. 10s. 1724

Ditto, on 39 Articles, folio, cf. nt. 4s. 1705

Burney, Account of Musical Performances in Westminster Abbey and Pantheon, in commemoration of Handel, 4to. cf. nt. plates, 3s. 1785

BUTTERFLIES, British, and their Transformations, by Westwood, complete in 11 parts, beautiful pits, original colouring, II. 2s. pub. 15s. 1840

CTSjiiVeS, of Cape of Good Hope and Interior of Southern Africa, various Classes and Tribes, with Descriptions of Manners and Customs of each, 4to. cloth, 41 plates; 7s. pub. 2 gs. 1851

CaBcuftiS, and its Environs, a Splendid Work, displaying the Scenery of this great Emporium of Eastern Grandeur, by SIR CHARLES D'OYLY, large folio, 2 7very fine engravings,\

CallllCt, Dictionary of Bible, 5 vols. 4to. half morocco, numerous plates, 3/. 10s. pub. 10 gs. 1823

CALVERT, Picturesque Views and Descriptions of Towns, Castles, Mansions, in Staffordshire, Shropshire, Hist. Topog. illustrations, by West, 2 vols, in 1. 4to. 70 fine plates, 7s. pub. 21. 2s. 1830

CAMBRIDGE University, its Colleges, Halls, Pub

lic Buildings, History of, by Ackermann, 2 large vols. 4to. cloth,finely coloured plates, 21. 5» mi Ml ■ • . 1815

Ditto, Antiquarian Society Publications, 9 first part!, 4to. plates, 15s. cost 11. 14s. Camb. 1841)

CAMDEN, Britannia, Chorographical Description of Gr. Britain and Ireland, translated, edited by Gibson, 2 large vols, folio, ca(f/ilt, portrait and Hspi. II. 5s. . . 1722

Camden, History of England, Commercial Intercourse, Alliances, Parliamentary Hist. &c. from Caesar to George 3rd, 2 vols, folio, hf. cf. nt. numerous plates, 12s. . . 1S10

Camper, Connexion between Science of Anatomy and Arts of Drawing, Painting, Statuary, &c. translate from Dutch, byCogan, 4to. 17 large plates,

Camus, Art of Singing, New Plan of Vocalization, Explanations, French and English, hf. cf. nt. ii. cost 30s. . , 1832

CARLISLE, Topographical Dictionary of Scotland, and Islands in British Seas, 2 thick voh.4to.rM, 10s. pub. 5 gs. . . 1813

CARPENTRY, Joinery, Cabinet Making, New Complete System of Lines, Application to Roofs, Stain, Furniture, &c. 4to. hf. cf. nt. 90 platei, 13s. ml 33s. . 1639

CARTES a JOUER, et Cartes Nnmeralei do Qvtorzieme et Dix Huitieme Siecles, avec Precis liistorique, roy. 4to. 100 fine plates, some it cofcw, 1/. 5s. . . Paris, OU

CARTWRIGHT, Confutation of Rhemists, Translation, Glosses, Annotations, of New Test, folio,e/ very nt. 11. . . 1613

Cary, New English Atlas, divided into Countirs, iiTM Actual Survey, 4to. hf. cf. 57 coloured mnpi. i: pub. 2 gs. . . . 1M9

CASSER1I, Collationcs S. Patrum, Mil. Prhctpt, fine specimen of early typography, tulio, mmvlu binding with clasps, 10s. . Bail, USi

CATHEDRAL, Canterbury, Graphic Description cf, with Histor.Notices, &c. by Woolnothand Hastinjs, 4to. beautiful plates. Us. pub. 3 gs. Iff

Ditto, Salisbury, by Dodsworth, 4to. haifmmcte, beautiful plates, 10s. pub. 31. 13s. 6</. 1SH

CAUSSIN, Holy Court, Practice of Communion, Piety, &C. Prelate, Soldier, Lady, Anew, Lore. Sic. 4 vols, in 1 thick folio, hf. cf. nt. enyrowd titles and plates, 10-. . 16'<

CAVE, Historia Literaria, 2 vols. M.ealfverynat, Ids. . . . K«

C'ltm'noclt, Works, 2 vols, folio, hf. ef.perl. 30s. . . . 163

Chedworth (Lord) Letters to Crompton, 1780 to 1795, 4to. cloth, 3s. pub. 25s. AorWes, l»l«

CHINA, Illustrated, by Allom, Historic*!, Descriptive Notices by Wright, 4 vol.'. (compltlt is 3i parts), 12Sfine plates, 11. 10s. pub. 3/. 4s. INCHINA, Costumes and Punishments, English and French, Explanations by Mason, large 4to. rem. 60 fine coloured plates, 1 Is. pub. 9 gt. ISW

Christian in Palestine, or Scenes of Sa,red History, illustrated, by Sketches on the Spot, by Bartleit, Descriptions by Stebbing, 4to. Subscriber's copj.s 20 parts, very fine plates, 16s. 60". coil 2f.


ab Mundolnitio ad annum 1512, (Eul^}.»<'•'W'', Palmer) Basil, 1529, Egesippus de Excidio Hier* solylmitana;, Colon, S.A. thick folio, calf, *<***" binding, with clasps, 8s.

CHURCH, Cabinet of QUADRUPEDS, Histor.u« Scientific Descriptions, 2 vols. roy. 4to. rn-»w>tiful plates, proof impressions, 13s. pub. 9pi. 1<»

CICERONIS, Opera Omnia, Adnot. Nobbe, it 1 large thick vol. imperial 8vo. 15s. Lip

CLARKE (SAM.) Bible, with Annotations, «»* folio, calf, portrait, 9s. . '.'

Clement, Bibliotheque, Curieuse, Historiqae, Utique, ou Catalogue Raisonnee de Livrcs Data* atrouver.5firstvols.4to. (A. B.)U Win}*-1''

CLIFFOKD, Topographical, Historical Decnpn' of Tixal, 4to. plate, 1817; Ditto, Collectanea I wfordiana, 8vo. Paris, 1817, 2 Worh, IOs.

Clive, Sketches, between Peraisn Gulf and PiSea (Palmyra, Sculptures at Ximrmd, .«»; Ararat, Moosut Hut, Arab Encampment, Roman Ruins, Neetorian Patriarch. Armestn ^ mascut, Cornell' Head*, Koordith Chief'* House, Kerbela, &fc.) large folio, 24 very fine plate*, 11. pub. bl. bt. . . 1852

Cloquet, Muscles, engraved by Mitchell, 4to. 24 plate*, b: 5d. . . 1832

Coals, Inequality, Oppression, Impolicy of Taxes on j also Substitute for Grant of One Shilling per Chaldron to Duke of Richmond by Charles 2nd. 4to. 1793; Report and Parliamentary Evidence on Coal Trade, folio, 1838, 2 work*, 3*.

COBBIN, Commentary and Family Exposition of Bible, with Practical Reflections, Marginal References, Chronology, Indexes, &c. very thick 4to. blue mar. extra, gilt leave*, map, plate*, 2b*. 1837

COLLIER, Historical Dictionary, with Appendix, "moit useful work," 4 large vols, folio, calf, lis.


COLLINS, Proceedings, Precedents, Arguments, on

Claims and Controversies, On Dnronieo by Writ,

and other Honours, large folio, cf. very nr. 6s. 1734 Colston (Marianne) Tour in France, Switzerland,

Italy, Illustrations to, rny. folio, 50 fine plate*, It.

pub. 21*. . . 1823

Common Prayer, Offices, Ordination, Psalms, New

Version, &c. 4to. calf, beautiful large type, 10*.

Oxford, 1841-6

Concordia Fratri Gradi de Allemaia, tplendid specimen of early Typography, very thick large folio, calf, bras* botset, lb*. ArgentMeutelii, 1475

Concordantia,G r. et Lat. Test, Stepbani, fol. 2s. 6 ci.l 600

CONEY, Continental Architecture, Beanties of, Ancient Cathedrals, Public Buildings, in France, Netherlands, Germany, with Hist, and Descriptive Illustrations, large 4to. half morocco, gilt leaves, 28 plates and 56 vignettes, 25*. pub. 4 g*. 1843

CONSTANTINI, Lexicon, Gr. et Lat. cura Portus, EDITIO OPTIMA, work of first reputation, 2 vols, folio, russia, gilt leave*, formerly worth 8 and 9 g*. "usual price 3 gs." 18*. Geneva, 1592

Cordiner (Rev. C.) Remarkable Ruins, Romantic Prospects of North Britain, Ancient Monuments, Singular Subjects of Natural History, 4to. cf. nt. 57 fine plates, 7s. . . , 1788

COTMAN, Architectural Antiquities of Norfolk, 7 large folio parts, 42 plates (wants plate 36) IS*. pub. 41. . . . 1812

Ditto, Norfolk and Suffolk Brasses, with letterpress and Index, but only 143 plates, XI. 15*. 1816

Cottage Gardener, a Practical Guide in every Department of Horticulture, conducted by G. W. Johnson, 1848, Dec. 1851, first vol, cloth, rest in parti, 16*. cost. 21.

COWPER, Anatomical Treatises on MUSCLES of HUMAN BODY, with Introduction on Muscular Motion, this used to be cohtidered the maynum opus, of a Medical Library, very large thick folio, cf. nt. 66 fine large plates, lbs. . 1724

COYNE, Ireland, Scenery and Antiquities, 2 vols. 4to. half morocco, numerous very beautiful plates by Barllett, 24i. pub. 31. 3s. . . 183

COXE, Memoirs of Pelham Administration, collected from Family Papers and Authentic Documents, 2 vols. 4to. 14*. pub. bl. 5*. . 1829

CRABB, Historical Dictionary, 2 thick vols. 4to. 18*. pub. bl. 8s. 1825

Ditto, Universal Technological Dictionary, 2 thick vols. 4to. K pub. bl. 8*. . . 1823

Cramer, Asia Minor and Ancient and Modern Greece, with the Islands, 2 large maps on canvas on stretcher, 5*. pub. 10*. . Oxford, 1827

Crosby Place, Architectural Antiquities and Present Stale, by Hammon, with Hist, and Descript. Account, royal. 4to. cloth, lb fine plates, 3s. 1844

CItUDEN, Concordance, thick 4to. cf. very nt.port.*. . . .1805

—— Concordance to Old and N. Test, in 1 Alphabet, Bagster's finely printed edition, 4to. 3*. 1833

Crystal Palace, History and Description, 4to. hf. cf. new, fine plates by Mayall, is. 6d. Tallis, 185

CYPRIAN (St.) Opera, Gr. et Lat. very thick folio, cf. very nt. 18*. . . Amtt. 1691

DAM MI I, Lexicon, Homericum et Pinflaricum, Gr. et Lat. Duncan, thick 4to. cf. very nt. 10*. pub. 31. 3*. . . Glasgow, 1824

Darwin, Temple of Nature, or Origin of Society, with Notes, 4to. hf. cf. nt. plate*, 4*. . 1803

DAUBUZ, Commentary on Revelations, thick folio, cf. very nt. 18*. . . . 1720

DAVILA, History of Civil Wars of France, translated by Farneworth, 2 vols. 4to. cf. nt. 18*. 1758

Dean, Farm Buildings and Labourers' Cottages, Essay on Construction of, 4to. cloth, 16 plates,is pub. 11. 11*. 6d. . . . 1849

DECRETALES.Divini Gregorii Pape.Libri Quatuor, beautiful specimen of red and black printing, thick folio, monastic binding, clasp, 10s.

Nurenberg, 1482

De Ligny (R. Catholic) Life of Christ, from Incarnation to Ascension, also History of Apostles, translated by Sadlier, impl. 8vo. cloth, fine plate*, 7*.

New York, 1851

DEMOSTHENES, first Aldine Edition, extremely

scarce, see Note, small folio, hf. bnd. MSS. Notes

by Dobree or Porson, very imperfect, 12*. DICTIONNAI RE de 1'Academic Francoise, 2 thick

vols. 4to. new, 9s. '. Paris, 1825

Dictionnaire Universel, Historique, Critique, Biblio

graphique, des Hommes, de toutes Nations 20 vols.

8vo. hf. russia, 11. . Pari*, 1810

DIODORL'S SICULUS, Bibliothecre Histories;,

Gr. et Lat. Rhodomanni, very thick folio, cf. nt.

"correct and retpectable edit."Dibdin, 7*.

Hanov. 1604

DIONYSIUS, AREOPAGIT. Opera (coelestis hierarchic Eeclesiast. Hierareh. Diuna nomina Mystica theologia, Epistola Diuni hymni Anima, &c.) "full of metaphysical remarks," folio, monastic binding with clasps, 8*. . Pari*, 1515

Dissertations on Philosophy and Science, from Ency. Britt. (Stewart on Metaphysical History, Playfair on Physics, Arithmetic, Fine Arts, Beauty .Vegetable Anatomy, Acoustics, Ant, Bee, Physical Astronomy, Atomic Theory, Achruinatie Glasses, &c.) 4to. cf. very nt. 5*. . 18—

DODD (Rev. Dr.) Commentary on Bible, a Compilation, with Original Notes, by Locke, Cudworth, Waterland, Caluiet, Doddridge, Sec. "the test in the language "Dr. Ad. Clarke, 3 vols. In 4 large folio vols, calf, 11. b*. . 1770

DODDRIDGE, Family Expositor, 6 vols. 4to. 18s. 6d. 1739

DODWELL, Views in GREECE, large folio, hf. morocoo, 30 plates, coloured equal to Drawing!, 35*. pub. 18 gs. . . 1821

DON, Gardener's Dictionary, 4 thick 4to. vols, cloth, 11. pub. 14/. . . 1832

DON QUIXOTE, a Set of very clever Illustrations to, by Picart, Coypell, tec. avec Explications, 4to. fine copy, calf, 31 fine plates, 12s. Haie, 1746

Doillty and Rheims Family Bible, translated from the Latin Vulgate, thick Ho. fine plate*, 6*.

New York, 1852

DOUGLAS (Bp.) Works, with Life by M'Donald, thick large 4to. fine port, andfactimile of writing, 9*. cost 3 gs. . . 1820

Dublin University, and Trinity Coll. Parliamentary Report on State, Discipline, Studies, Revenues, Evidence, Suggestions, Correspondence,2*.6(f.1853

Dufresne, Glossaries, Vol. 5 (P to R), thick folio, uncut, 4s. . . 1734

DUGDALE, Monasticon Anglicanum, History of Abbics, Monasteries, in England and Wales, also French, Irish, Scotch, formerly relating to England, abridged, 3 vols, in 1, folio, cf. nt. many plate* of various Habits, 18*. . . 1693

DUNCAN, CAESAR, translated, with Discourse on War, thick large folio, cf. very nt. fine plates, including the Bull, 18s. . 1753

Dunsford, History of Tiverton, 4to. cloth, maps, 2s. 6d. . . Exeter ~1790

DUPIN, Ecclesiastical History, (includes 16/A Century) 15 vols, in 7, folio, cf. 21. 10*. 1696-1706

Complete History of Canon and Writers of Old

and New Test. 2 vols, in 1, folio, cf. nt. 8*. 1699

DURER (ALBERT) Designs to Lord's Prayer, also Prayer in 43 Languages, edited by Stoeger, folio, portrait, 13*.

Ecclesiastical Gazette, Vol. 1, 4to. cl. *carce,3s. 1839

Edinburgh and Surrounding Country, 4 Panoramic Views of, oblong 4to. 4s. . 1822

ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA, 3rrl Edition, I good copy, 22 vols. 4to, hf, russia, ptatei, 3J. 1797

Encyclopedic, ou Dictionnaire Raisonne des Sciences, Arts, et Metiers, par une Societe des Gens de Lettrea, mis en ordre par DIDtROT et DALEMBERT, complete, with Table et Supplement, 35 thick vols, folio, cf. nt. (12 alone being plate*) 6 gt. . . Pari*, 1751

ENGINEERS, Civil, Transactions of Institution of, first 3 vols, in 7 parts, 4to. cloth, many fine plates, 21. bl. 10*. 6<f. . 1836-42

England, Views in, by BIRCH, a Series of Views, with Descriptions, oblong 4to. cf. nt. fine plate*, little stained, 8s. . . 1791,

England and Wales, very large Map of, large imperial folio, hf. bnd. bs. . Stockdale, 1809

Episcopal and Capitular Revenues, Commission, Parliamentary Report on, with Evidence, 4c. 2s. 1850

ERASMUS, Annotatio, in Nov. Testamentum, folio, cf. nt. 6s. . . 1519

Erasmus, Life, by Jortin, best edition, 2vols. 4to. hf. vellum, uncut, fine old port. lbs. 6d. 1758

Erechtheion at Athens, Fragments of Athenian Architecture, Remains in Attica, Megaria, and Epirus, by Inwood, large folio, hf. morocco, 39 fine plates, Us. pub. 4 gs. . . 1827

Euripides, Tragedies, translated by Potter, with Notes, 2 vols. 4to. cf. nt. plates, bt. 1781

EUSEB1US, Socrates, Evagrius, History of Church, Translated, with Notes, thick folio, cf. verynt. 13*.

Camb. 1C83

FABYAN, Chronicles of England and France, Pynson's edition of 1516, reprinted, with Biog. Lit. Preface by Ellis, thick large 4to. hf. morocco, 10*. pub. 31. 3s. . . 1811

FALCONER, Remarks on Influence of Climate, Situation, Population, Food, 4c. on Disposition, Religion, Temper, 4c. of Mankind, excellent work, 4lo. cf. nt. 4*. . . 1781

Family Herald, 3 vols. (5, 6, 7) 4to. cf. very nt. 10*. cott 11. . . 1847 1849

Ditto, 4 vols. (8, 9,10,11), cl. 11*.pub. 18*. 1850-53

Female Saints of all the Orders, sm. 4to. hf. bnd. 89 very fine old Portrait*, 12*. Pari*, 1639

FINDEN, Tableaux of Character, Beauty, Costume, 2 vols, in 1, imperial 4to. morccco extra, gilt leave*, 61 tplendid plate*, 30*. pub. bl.

Views of Ports, Harbours, Coast Scenery, Watering Places of Gt. Britain, descriptions by Beattie, 2 vols. hf. cf. very nt. 100 fine plate; 11. 5*. pub. 31. is. . . . . 1839

FISHER, Gallery of Scripture Engravings, Historical and Descriptive, 3 vols, complete in parts, 192 fine plate*, 11. 9*. pub. 21. 8*. . 185

—— Historic Illustrations of Bible, principally after Old Masters, 4 vols, complete in parts, clean copy, 120 fine pit: good impressions, 11. 41.185

Flavel (J.) Works, vol. 1 only, folio, cf. port. bs. 1731

FLEETWOOD, Life of Christ, 4to. cf. nt. plates, 8*. pub. 11. 6*. . . Kelly, 1838

Ditto, by Stebbing, in Nos. thk. 4to. pit: 8:pub. 28*.

FLETCHER, Guide to Family Devotions, 4to. cf. nt. fine plates, 13: pub. 26s. . 1834

Fletcher, Emblematical Devices, with Appropriate Mottoes and Alphabets, 4to. 64 plates, bs. 1810

FLUD, Historia Majoris et Minoris, Metaphysica, Physica Technica, "supposed originator of Animal Magnetism," 2 vols in 1, thick folio, cf. nt. numerous cuts by De Bry, 10s. . 1618

FORMICARIUM, juxta edificationem fratris Johis Nyder, Basil, (S. A.) DYALOG. super libertate ecclesiastica inter Hugonem (decanum)et Oliuerium (burgimagistrnm) et catonem, (secretarius), Rychenstem, 1477, extremely early specimens, folio, monastic binding with clasps, 8s. FORTIFICATION et Attaque et Defense des Places, explique pour toute le Monde, par M. de Bousmard, 3 vols, and Atlas of plates, hf. cf. bs. Fortifications Reguliers, Essai d'une nouvelle methode pour defense des Grandes Places de Guerre, par Prince D'Arenberg, 4to. hf. cf. large plate*, 2*. Fothergill (Dr.) Works, Weather Diseases, Magnetical Machine, Disorders of Painters, Coffee, Diseases of London, etc. thick 4to. hf. cf. portrait*, 6(C. 4: . . . 1784 FOX, History of Martyrs, 2 vols, in 1, thick 4to. cf.

plate*, 8*. . . ,1807

GAGE, History and Antiquities of Hengrave, ^n


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