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CATALOGUE—(New Series)—of a portion of EDWARD LUMLEY'S EXTENSIVE ASSEMBLAGE of BOOKS—selected and partially classified, from upwards of 40,000 volumes in all languages—highly interesting to the Scholar, Student, Theologian, and Reader of every description; and they may be obtained through any respectable Bookseller in the Three Kingdoms, the Colonies, or the United States. As the great secret of E. L.'s business consists in the speedy turning of his Capital, and purchasing every thing with ready money, it must be evident that his terms can be for CASH ONLY.

DIONYS. CARTI1US. F.nnar. in Josua, &c. Psalms, Proph.

Major. 3 Tola, folio, cf. 16*. . Colon. 1533-5

Ditto. Evangel. IV. thick folio, cf. 8». . 1532

Ditto, Epist. Act. Apocalyps. thick folio, cf. 8«. Colon. 1532 —i— Sermones de '1 empore et Hotnil. et Vur. ad Plebem e

ct Itellgiosls, 2 thick vols, folio, calf, 11». Colon. 1533 Discipull Sermoncs (1641 de Tempore et de Sanctis (18)

Promptuar ex Exemplurum. vellum cUisps:tis.Argent.l484 Discordanlium Canonum Concordia, very thick large roval

folio, cf. 11*. . . . 1472

DriedoruaaTurnhout {S. Theol. Protest. Louon.) de Eerle

aiasticis Scripturis, de Tranalat. de Regulis, Mysteriis,

Dogmatibus extra Canonem S. Script, coustit. et libris

Apocryphis. folio [634pages) calf, clasps, is. Louan. 1543 Emericus a Stephano, bchola Sacra, singulis tutius Anni

Dominicis 8. Die Parasceves ac Principal. Festis, Qua?s

tionca Prxxlicabiles, cum suia Responsionibus. in S. Scrip.

S. Patribus, Author Probatiss. 2 vols, in 1, ca{f, clasps, Hs.

August. 1736

Estius. in 4 Libros, Sententiarum, thick large folio, vellum,

clasps, 10*. . . Parti, 16»0

Eusebius, Demonstrat. Colon. 1542; Vilisac

Gestis Pontificis, et Opera Divers. Platina», Agripp. 1540,

very thick folio, calf, os. Godefridi {Abbatus Aamontensis) Homilia?, Domin.Festival.,

8tc. Studio, Per, 3vols. in 1, ful.c/.clasps. It, August. 1725 H1EHONYM1 (S.) Opera Omnia, 12 vols, in 8, folio, calf,

21. 10». . . . Basil, 1537 - Confeasio ex Omnib. Cermanis Oueribus Collecla,

Steinwichil, 4 vols, in 1, thick folio, cf. is. Colon. 1685 Homilia ad 1'opulum, Alcuino Leinta, in ord. Tedactae,

jussaCaroli Magni. folio (532 pages) cf. clasps, 6s.

Colon. 1539

Hugonisvde Prato, Sermones Dominicales (115) superEvangeliaet Epistolas per totum annum, very thick folio, cf. clasps, St. , . 1480

Jacob de Voragine, Aurea Legenda Sanctorum, very thick folio, cf. clasps.first fete leaves pique by a %conn. Ids. 1479

Another, folio, cf. 16«. . Colon. 14s0

-—- Sermones de Tempore dominicales per totum annum (most early printed book) very thick folio, cf. clasps, 9s.

Joan de Tomoaco, Liber de Consolatione, thick folio, cf. rare, dr. . . . 1466

Johannes Hofmeiaterum (Eremit August.) Homilia? in Evang. Domin. el Festis, per totum Annum, quaint old cuts, Ingotdst. 1548: Zmaragdi, Abbatls, Collect, docta et pia explic. in Epist. et Evang. per circuit, auni. Ar

Snt. 1536; thick folio, cf. 8s. annis Herolt de Tempore et Sanctis, 2 vols, in 1, very thick folio, clasps, Bs. . Nuremb. 148(1

Leurcnius Forum Beneficlale slve Qutestiones et Respousa Canonica Materiam de Beneficiis (Jniversam, 3 vols, in 2, folio, cf. 8/. . . Colon. 1704

Lohner (Soc. Jesu) Instructissima Bibliotheca Manualis Concinatoria de Virtutibus, Vittis, Sacramentis, Novissi. mis aliisque materiis in Eccles. Cathedra tractari solitis Copiosa et selecta pro Conctuiilhus Kxhorlat. alilsq. spiritual. Instruct, materia, 3very thick folios,cf. 18*.

August. 1676

Ludolphus, Carthus. Vita Christi, thick large folio, cf. Hs.

Paris, 1002

Macrobius in Soranium Scipionis et Saturnal, 1526; Aulus Gellius, Noctea Attica?, 1526; 2 works in 1, thick ful. calf, fa.

Meffreth, Hortulus Regine, Sermoncs Hyemalis, JssUaaUs, et de Sanctis, 3 vols, folio, cf. 9s. Nuremberg, 149G

Nausas(P.) Homilia de Tempore et Sanctis, thick folio (890 pages) cf. clasp, Ss. . Colon. 1532

Nicolai, Siculi, in Decretales, 3 very thick vols, folio, cf.

clasps, 15s. . . Basil. 1488

Nider (johanes) Eposic. in Decalog. most early printed, thick folio, cf. clasps. 9s. A uremberg, J\. /X(14—J

—— PenitcntiMis ex diuers Sanctorum doct. IV. D. Cyril1, Quadripit. apologet. de greco, in latinum, Nvder Pormlcar. iuxta editicacionem, 3 very early black letter works, before dates, thick fullo, cf. clasps, 8#. OR1G1NES, Opera, Latine, 4 vols. In 2 thick folios, cf. nl.

25». . . Paris, 1512

Pallavicino vera Concilii Tridentini Historla contra fal.«ara P. S. Polani, a Oialtino, 3 vols, in 1 thick folio, clasfis, 7*. .... Antverp, 167J.

Paull Paravicini, Polyanthea Sac. Canonum Coordiuatortum, qui in Conciliis General, ac Provincial, in Oriente ac Occidente celeb, oiim in Braocato de Laurea, 3 vols, in 1, very thick folio, cf. clasps, Vis. . Colon. 1728

Pelliz«arius(Soc. Jem, Theol. Moral. Profess.) Mauuale Hegularlum, 2 thick vols, folio, cf. clasps, 12s. Lugduni. 1665 Procopii, Templinensis Capuccini Concionatoris (in Oct.

man) very thick folio (1002 pages) pel. 4s. Salisbury, 1676 Rationale Diuinorum Otnciorum quHlielnii Minatcnsis, Ecclesie Episcopi, thick fulio, cf. clasps, 14s. Ardent. 1484 Rosetum Exercitorium Sniritualium et Sucrarum Mediwt. etiam Materia predlcabilis per totum anni circut. folio, cf. quaint port. 10». . . 1494

Santius tie Porta, Sermoncs Dominicales, Mnriales et Festivols, in 1 very thick fol. calf, clains, Hs.

Hagenau, 1514—5 lavis Regia Racerdotum Oasutim Consrieiiliai Horalis Thesauri Loci Omnes Apcriens et

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ltTnpg (Atlatses, l/c.)

5692 ANCIENT Atlas, by I>'AnvillC, folio, new, 11 most distinct and beautifully coloured maps, H 1*. (5 for 22s.) 1839

"The supreme merit of this atlas is not too strongly

expressed by Gibbon, who calls him the incomparable D'Anville,"—Charles Butler.

5693 ATLAS, Andrews' Geographical, of England, and its Ancient and Modern DivisioJal; also, Political Chart of Europe, folio, 19 coloured maps, 3*.


5694 , Bagster, Chronological Scripture, a complete series of Maps elucidatory of Sacred History, Epochs iu Eccles. History, Condition of Holy Land, Earliest Ages to Present, Index and Concordance, hf. bad. cold, maps, bs. 6d. 185

5695 , Black, General, from latest and most

authentic sources, 54 maps in the first style of the art, by SYDNEY HALL, large folio, hf.morocco, 30s. pub. 21. 16*. . . 1840

5696 , Brooks' smaller School, comprising all

required for elementary education, hf. bd. 11 maps,'Is.

5697 , Ewings General, edited by Murray, 4to.

hf. bnd. cold, maps, Ss. pub. 10s.

5698 , Fenner, Modern, Different States of Europe, Asia, Africa, America, according to Treatises in 1815 ; also Parry, Ross, &c. Discoveries, hf. bnd. 53 maps, 3s. pub. 14s.

5699 , School, nach Stciler, Hand Atlas, oblong

4to. hf. cf. 20 finely cold, maps, 5s. Gotha, 1848

5701 , Teesdale's, of World, from best authorities, English and Foreign, Boundaries, Divisions, Mountains, Rivers, large 4to. 46 cold, snaps; also, Ancient Greece, Rome, Palestine, by Dower, 18*. pub. 51. . . 1831

5702 Ancient and Modern Maps (Knight's) Nos. 1 to 83 (wants Nos. 2, 3, 8, 9, 21, 23, 29, 57, 60, 74) plain; also, 2 Outlines, 1/. cost 3/. 13*.

5703 Maps, Post Office, of CUMBERLAND, DORSETSHIRE, DURHAM, ESSEX, on canvas, in case, Gd. each

5704 World, East, and West. Hemispheres, Teesdale's Map of, in canvas, in case, 2s. 1830

5705 America, North, and British, Spanish, and French Boundaries, Map of California, Baffin's and Hudson's Bays, by Bowen and Gibson, large old map; also, Vvyld, Map of Disputed Oregon Territory (21 by 24) both on canvas, in cases, 4s.

5706 DIOCESES of ENGLAND, London, Bath, Wells, Winchester, Chester, Carlisle, Ely, Dur. ham, Norwich, Bangor, York, Exeter, Chichester, Lichfield, Canterbury, Gloucester, Bristol, Hereford, &c. original and Proposed BOUNDARIES, 19 4to. Maps, beautifully executed, 2s.

5707 Dorset, by Taylor, 1796; ditto, by Smith, 1821, 2 maps, on canvas, in cases. Is. 6d.

5708 ENGLAND and WALES, neat large MAP of, with Railways (14 by 13) COLOURED, 3d. each (6 for Is.)

5709 Europe, Statistics of, by Dr. Jameson, 2 very large charts, on canvas, Is. . 17—

5710 Germany, Post. Map; also, through France, Italy, Hungary, Prussia, Poland, Denmark, Berlin, 1818; also, Plan of Hamburg, 2 Maps, on canvas, in case, Is.

5711 Hamburg, »ery/nemap,1839; Citadelle d'Antwerp, Plan de, 1831; Bordeaux, 1835; Bretagne, 1830, 4 fine large maps, 2s. 6d.

5712 Hampshire, Map of, by Kitchin ; also Wyld's, of Southampton Railway, Isle of Wight, Road London to Paris, 2 maps, on canvas, 1*.

5713 Herefordshire, Cary's, coloured, 1801 ; York; Tunbridge Wells, Sprange, 1802; Bowles, old Map of England and Wales,4 maps, on canvas, Is.

5714 Lake District, Height of Hills, bearings, excursions, 8tc.0tley ;Monmouth,Smith,1808;Newcastle

npon-Tyne and Gateshead, Oliver, 1838; England and Wales, Rowe, 1821; 4 maps, on cantos, 2i.

5715 Lille, 1832; South Sweden, 1792; Sidle, J 805; West Bank of Scheldt, 1832 ; 4 map,,« canvas, 3*.

5716 London, Cruchley, from Ordnance Survey, cor. 'rected to 1841, very large; also Walker, ditto of

Middlesex, 2 maps, on canvas, 2s.

5717 1'nlestlne, very fine large Historial MAP, including Egypt and Arabia, showing Ancient and Modern Geography, Routes of celebrated Trarellers (indispensable accompaniment to Hoi) Scripture) by Creighton and Henshall, Views of Grmi Cairo, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, present Slate, Plsia of Ancient and Modern ditto, very large and diatinct (32 by 39) coloured, on canvas, in Itathtr case, 9*. pub. 21. 2s. . 1851

5718 Paris et Faubourgs, Plan Routier, large sheet on canvas, 6d. . Paris, 1821

5719 ROME, Modern, Nolli'sTopographical Plsn, large Map (3 by 2; on canvas, in case, 1*. td.

Rome, 1828

5720 Recens, Rubes Plan (*iotriny Builiifi,

Ruins, tec.) large map (3 by 9) on ca»M», ta ecu. Is: (id. . MM

5721 Seat of War, Rhenish States, Dutchy of Warsaw, Austrian Empire, Italy, Prussia since Revolution, North Germany, Poland, Russia, 2 /orjr maps, on canvas, in cases, 1812; also Flan of Dresden, in case, 1842, 2s.

5722 SHROPSHIRE, very large, from Aetna! Sirvey, by Rocque, on 4 large sheets, 2s. 17S2

2723 SPAIN, Atlas, Maritima de, published by tit Government of Spain, 2 vols, large folio, very fist maps, and Views of Headlands, 6s. Madrid, 1789

5724 Stafford, County Map, by Phillips and Hotchins, very large, on canvas, in case, it. 1831-2

5725 Surrey, Walker's, with Rail Road, roaroi, is cate, 6rf.

5726 Turquie en Europe, Raffanel; also Ke* Russi'. by Islenieff, 2 maps, canvas, 6d.

5727 MUrg-arct, or the Gold Mine, from Ik French of Elie Berthet, " charming picture," 8ro. e/o<A, 2«./j«4. 10*. . 1845

5728 Maria S. di Loreto di Roma al Foro Trajsoo, Statuta della Ven. Compagnia, Chiesa ed Os|*dilf di, Transunto Originate, a spese di C. Lucia Guirdiano, A most legible MS. son. 4to. mor. 3s. 18K

5729 Mariano (Soc. Jesu) Historia de Rebus, MSPanije, "traduit par I'auteur lui memt em augmentations considerables," "contain* beside matters of fact polit. and useful reflections on ioportant transactions," Sir E. Brydget, verj thick folio, cf. nt. 6s. . Toleti,

5730 Mariani (Soc. Jesu) Vita del Patriarca S. IGNAZIO, Fondatore della Compagnia diGesn,ltti< 8*o. (534 pages) half vellum, bs- 6d. Roma, 1642

5731 Marie ou Esciavagc aux Etat Unit, tableau, do Moeurs Americanes, par De Beaumont,cr.8vo.2i.

Paris, IM

5732 Marigny, History of Arabians, under the Caliphs, from Mahomet, with Histor. Crit. Eiph*. Notes, Index, translated from French, 4 vol*. ««•

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573'3 Marine de France, de 1661 a 1739, Essais Hi«toriques et Critiques But, par un Ancieo Officeric la Marine Royal de France, 8vo. 2*. 18"

5734 Mariner's Chronicle, most interesting Narratives of Shipwrecks, Fires, Famines, &c Authentic extraordinary Adventures, Sufferings of Crews, Reception, Treatment on Distant Shores, Description of Country, Manners of Inhabitants, A ceo oat ■ Deliverance of Survivors, by Duncan, 4 vols. •/• cf. plates, bs. pub. II. . 18W

5735 MARINO, Adone, Poema, Argomenu, M

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Conte Santivale Allegoric Don Scoto. (" Smoothnest of ityle, versification, voluptuous, striking display, delicate traits of passion." Sismondi), 2 thick vols. 12rao.^reen mor. extra, bs.Amst. 1680

5736 Mariot de Beauvoisin, How to read and translate French, a Progressive Translation of Exiles of Siberia, cloth, \s. Gd. . 1847

Markham (Mrs.)

5737 History of England, with Conversations on each Chapter,2 vols. am. 8vo.ind\ cuts, 16«.1836

5738 12mo. cloth, cuts, 4s. pub. 7s. 6d. 1846

5739 FRANCE, Conquest bjr Caesar to Louis Philippe, cloth, 4s. 6d. pub. 7s. Gd. 1845

5740 Markland, Remarks on ENGLISH Churches, and expediency of rendering Sepulchral Memorials subservient to Pious and Christian Uses, cloth, beautiful plates, 3s. pub. 6s. 6d. 1842

5741 Marks (a Jew now Converted) Narrative, by himself, Preface by Rev. C. B. Tayler, of Chester, cloth. Is. 6d . Priv. Print. 1840

5742 Marlborough (Duke of) Life, Original Letters, and Papers, by Lediard, 2 vols. 8vo, cf. numerous plates, plans, Sfc. 3s. . 1743

5743 Marlborough (Earl of) Account of new Inventions and Improvement for England, Building of our Shipping, Planting Oaken Timber in Forrests, Apportioning Public Taxes, Conservacy of Royal Rivers, Surveys of Thames, Proceedings on MilI'd Lead, also, Sir W. Petty's Naval Philosophy, thick 12mo. cf. scarce, 2s.' . 1691

5744 Mill-low and Nash, Tragedie, Dido Queen of Carthage, l.">94, " rarest of English Plays, only 2 copies known. Steevens' sold for 171." 8vo. 6d. pub. 2s. 6d. . . Repr. 1825

5745 Marmion, Lady of Lake, Lay of Last Minstrel, by SirW. Scott, 18.17-9; Grahame, Sabbath, and Poems, Tennant, Anster Fair and Poems, 1838; Burns' Poems, Fergusson's Poems, in 1 large 8vo. vol. hf. cf. nt. 4s.


5746 CEuvres Complettes, " great merit, most lively pictures of French manners, great elegance, politeness," avec MEMOIRES et OZUVRES POSTHUMES, Edin. Review, 31 vols. sm. 8vo. cf. nt. contents on back, 18s. . Paris, 1787-1805

5747 Contes Moraux, 2 vols, cf.nt. 2s. Paris, 1761

5748 Incas, ou Destruction de Perou, bnd. Is. 1814

5749 Incas, or Destruction of Peru, translated, 2 v ols. 12mo. cf. nt. 2s. . . 1806

5750 Marmora Arundelliana, Inscriptiones Veteris Latij, Comment. Seldenus, sm. 4to. 1628; also, Marmora Oxoniens. Or. a Chandelero, curante Roberts, 8vo. 1791, 2 4oo*», 2s. Gd.

5751 Marolles, Sufferings and Martyrdom of, with Essay on Providence, translated by J. Martin, Is. pub. 3s. 9d. . . 1830


5752 Letter from a Pastor to bis Parishioners, on Illegality of Proposed Alteration in Law of Marriage, with Extracts from the Canon, &c. 6d. per dozen . . Lwmley, 1850

5753 Marriage of Widower with Deceased Wife's Sister, contrary to Law of God, and First Principles of Social Life, Reprint of Dr. Pusey's Evidence before Commissioners, tended very greatly to decide the question, 2d.

(Tracts for First Principles) 1850

5754 Bennett, plain Scripture grounds, Marriage within Prohibited Degrees Forbidden, 1849; also, by J. Darling, E. B. Denison, Northumberland Freeholder, W. Page Wood, 1849-50; Crowder, Letters to Bishops on ditto, 1846; Champneys, Dale, Gurney, Montagu Villiers, on ditto, 1849, 7 pamphlets, 2s.

5755 Prater on Law of Husband and Wife, and Comparative View of Marriage Law of England, Scotland, Ireland, 1836; Halkerston, Digest of Law of Scotland, on Marriage, Edinb. 1827; Jerningham on Catholic Regulations, on Mixed Marriages, 1843, 3 works, 2s. firf.

5756 Report of her Majesty's Commission on Laws of Marriage, relative to Deceased Wife's Sister, examined by A. J. Hope, Gd. 1849

5757 Marriott (Rev. C.) Hints on Private Devotion, cloth, Is. . . Oaf. 1848

5758 MARRIOTT (Rev. II.) Course of Practical

Sermons, "considerable merit, practical, clear, simple, persuasive, plain," 8vo. 3s. pub. 2 gs. 1816

5759 MARROQUINS, Vaches tannees, Peaux chamoises, passees en megie, &c. Art D'APPRETER ct TEINDRE toutes sortes de Peaux, par Quemiset, 12mo. cf. scarce, 2s. Paris, 1775

5760 Marryat (Capt.) Thornton, and Moore, most inteiesting Series of Views, Illustrating the It II rIliese W»r, in 1824-5, by British Forces, BOTH SERIES, complete, with 2 books of Descriptions, 24 beautifully coloured plates, 6s. pub. 6 gs. . . 1826

5761 Ditto, beautifully coloured, las. pub. fi gs.

5762 Marryat, Pirate and Three Cutters, large 8vo. hf. morocco, fine plates by Stanfield, rather soiled, 9*. pub. 17s. 6d. . . 1836

5763 , Poor Jack, 8vo. cf. nt. very fine plates,

after Stanfield, little soiled, 10s. pub. 14s. 1840

5764 , Olla Podrida, "full of choice morsels

on Continental Life," 3 vols. hf. red morocco, 8s. pub. \t. lis. 6d. . 1840

5765 Marryat (Dr.) Art of Healing, hf. cf. Is.

5766 Marsden Coins, 16 odd plates, 4to. numerous coins, 2s. 6d.

5767 Marsden (J. B. of Tooting) 17 Sermons, cloth, 2s. 6d. pub. 6s. . . I,<34

5768 Marsden (J. H.) Hulsean, ditto, 1843 and 4, on Nichodemus, &c. 2 vols. 4». pub. 12*. 1844

M argil {Bp. Peterborough).

5769 Michaslis on New Testament, Translated, "of learning and research both by author and translator, impossible to speak in too strong terms; on Canonical Authority, Criticism, Ancient Versions, Interpretations, no book, etc.," Orme, 6 vols. 8vo. 11. 11*. pub. 3 gs. 1801

5770 Illust. of Hypothesis on Origin and Composition of Three First Canon. Gospels, with Defence, Cambridge, 1803-4; Letters to Author of Remarks, 1802; 3 pamphlets, 3s.

5771 Six Lectures on Study of Theol. Theolog. Arrangement Introd. to Old and N. Test. Crit. of Gr. Test. 8vo. 1». . . 1809

5772 History of Politicks of Gr. Britain and France from Conference at Pillnitz, 1791, to Declaration of War, with Append, of Attempts of British Government to Restore Peace, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. 4s. pub. 18*. . . 1800

5773 Marsh, Selection of 200 Cathedral Chants, Ancient, Modern, Single and Double, one for every Morning and Evening of Month, oblong 4to. hf. cf. 3s. . . Novello

5774 Marsh (Rev. E. G. of Hampstead) 17 Sermons on Evidences and Nature of the Christian Religion "pious, vigorous, and well stored mind," " a good summary," Seeley,1829

5775 Marshall (A.) Ecclesiastical Establishments farther Considered, 8vo. hf. cf. Is. pub. bs. Gd.


5776 Marshall (Rev. T. W.) Notes on Episcopal Polity of Holy Catholic Church, with Account of Development of Modern Religious Systems, 8vo. 4s. pub. 12s. . Burns, 1844

5777 Marshall, Gospel Mystery of Sanctification, "first took after Bible, fundamental book teaching vital religion, never weary of reading this incomparable book,"Hervey, good edition, 2s.

5778 Ditto, Sanctification, 1822; Cox, Jesus Shewing Mercy, 1825; Alleine, Alarm to Unconverted Sinners, 1823, 3 books, 3s.

5779 Marshall (Miss) Translated Extracts from Religious Works of Fenelon, 12too. 2s. pub. 6s. 1823

5780 Marshall, Planting and Ornamental Gardening, a Practical Treatise, comprehending entire subject, thick 8vo. (638 pages) 2s. 1785

91 ar rial.

5781 Epigram. Notis. Coless. Delphini, very full Index, "Me indelicate epigrams are at the end," 8vo. cf. 2s. . 1720

5782 Epigram, 8vo. cf. If. Pari*, Colonaus, 1533

5783 Epigram. Mattaire's edition, with very full Index, hf. cf. very neat, 2s. . 1716

5785 Epigram.Tauchnitz, stereotype edition, 1». 1828

5786 Martial and Naval Biography, Memoirs of most eminent Characters who have distinguished themselves by their Splendid Achievements from earliest periods, Battles, Sieges, Fights, Glossary of Terms,

2 pocket vols. cf. nt. portraits, 3s. 6d. 1803

5787 Martin (Mrs. J. C.) Revelation of St. John, briefly explained (chiefly abridged from Elliott) cloth, 2s. . Dublin, 1851

5788 Martin, Illustrated Natural Philosophy, Questions, Experiments, cloth, numerous illuslra. 2s.

5789 Martin Chuzzlewit, by Dickens, 8vo. plates, . . 1844

5790 Martin (John) Macbeth and Witches, View of Scottish Army, Distant Lakes and Mountains, beautiful effect of Clouds, &o. showing his grand Conceptions of Height and Distance. Engraved by LUPTON(10 by 14) 3i.

5792 Martin (Montgomery) Statistics of British Colonies in W. Indies, South America, North America, Asia, Austral-Asia, Africa, Europe, Area, Produtions, Companies, Charters of each from Colonial Office, royal 8vo. cloth, 7s. pui. 2 gs. 1839

5793 IRELAND, Bsfore and After Union with

G. Britain, 8vo. cloth, 2s. 6d. pub. 7s. 6d. 1848

5794 Martin (of French Church, Ulretcht) Discourse of Natural Religion, 8vo. cf. Is. 1720

5795 Martineau, (Miss) How to Observe Morals and Manners, "replete with sound refifctions, useful references, bird's eye view of society, vigour of intellect," 8vo. cloth, 3s. pub. 8s. Gd. 1838

5796 Martinelli, Pocket Dictionary, Italian French, French Italian, 2 vols. cf. nt. 2s. 6d.

5797 Martinet, Manuel de Therapeutique et Matiere Medicale et Formulaire Pratique (580 pages) Is.

Paris. 1828

5798 Manual of Pathology, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Morbid Characters of Diseases, different Methods of Examination, applicable to affections of organs within Head, Chest, Abdomen, Translated with Additions by Quain, 2s. cost 7s. 1835

5799 Martin, Natural History of MAN, his Varieties, also, of MONKEYS, unfinished work, 9 parts 8vo. 298, most beautiful wood cuts and plates, by Harvey, 4s. 11. 2s. 6d. . 1841

5800 Martjn, Professor, translation of Rousseau's "very elegant" Letters on Botany, with Notes. 8vo. 2s. pub. 9«. . 1815

0801 Tour through Italy, ample Catalogues of

Architecture, Painting, Sculpture, Description of Cities and Environs, 8vo. cf. nt. map, It.

5802 Ditto, Edition of Virgil, Bucolics and Georgics, with English Translations and Notes, best edition, 2 vols. 8vo. cf. plates, bs. . 1749

5803 MARTYR, PETER, Comment. Doctiss. in Pauli Romanos, " Illustrious man, never to be named without highest respect and honour," Bp. Je-cell. thick folio, cf. nt. 7s. Basil, 1570

5804 Martj n (Henry) (the eminent Missionary) 20 Sermons, "praise himfar above commendation, pious, ardent," thick 8vo. 2s. pub. 10s. 1822


5805 Antonii Geo. Vita Diva Joannis Apost. Thom. Sebastiani, S. Csecili&e Virginis, S. Agatbae Virg. Martina; Virg. 4to. re//um,2». Roma, 1570

580'; Estius Martjrium Edmundi Campiani, e Soc Jesu, cum duobus aliis Presbyt. Radulpho Slierwiuo etAlex. Briano, in Anglia proter contans. Rom. et Cathol. fidei confess, mortis suppl. 1581, Lovanii, 1582; Ribadencira Vita Ignatii Loiolas Soc. Jesu(514 pages)Ingoldst,lb90, thk.vol.reW.4».

5807 —— Historia Martyrum Gorcomiensium, Maiori numero, F. F. Minorum qui pro fide Catholics, aperduellibusinterfectisunt, Anno 1572, sm. 8vo. cf. rare, 4s. . Namur, 1655

5808 Gallonius (A.) de Sanctorum Martyrum Cruciatibus, thick 12mo. vellum, horrid plates of dreadful torments, 4s. . Colon. 1602

5809 Historia aliquot nostri sseculi Martyrum Anglite cum pia turn lectu iucunda nunquam antehac typis excusa (Fisher, Th. More, Reginald, &c ) Mogunt, IbbO (valued by Ijowr.des at 30s.); Judtcii Universitatis et Cleri Coloniensis Adversus Caluranias P. Melanthonis, Buceri, Oldendorpij et eorum, 1545; Acta et Decrcta Concilii Prouincialis Treuerensis et Alia Statuta, Colon. 1549; sm. 4to. monastic binding, 9*.

5810 Lipello, Vitas Sanctorum, Res Gestic, Martyrum Confessorum utque Sanctum Virginum, Cbronologium digests, 4 very thick vols. sm. 8vo. ca(f, 8t.

Colon. 1596

5811 Mnuricuis Cancacus, Anglo, Historia Martyrii Octodecim Carthusiannrum Anglorum sub Reyre Aug. Ilcn. VIII. 1535-11, Crudelitur interfect. a A. Havensio, fine plUes, valued by Lowndes at 11. 16s.; Vita Mirarulu Canonizatio S. Borromss, per Cholinum, 1611; Sacchimis Vila Slanislai Kostkse Poloni, Soc. Jesu, very fine portrait. Ingolds. 1609; Miraeus Originea Carthusianorum Monaster, per orbetn uniuersum, Colon. 1609; thick 12mn. 7s.

5812 MARTYROLOGIUM, Romanam, Gregnrii XIII. jussu, editum, thk. Svo. cf. is.Antverp,\5S6

5813 Another edition, greatly enlarged, thick 4to. monastic binding, clasps, many plates, 10*.

Mogunt, 1631 5811 Another edition, enlarged, 4to. rf. clasps, 6s.

Colon. 1751

5815 Martyrologium UsiassVlIi monachi, very rare early Blade Letter edition, folio, monastic binding, It. 1Is. 6d.

Colon, per Johez Koelhoff, 1 150-1480

Sep Diltdin's Bibliotheca Spencer, for notice of excessive rarity of this Printer's Productions.

5S16 Another, cum addit. ex diners. Martyrol. collect, et de nuovo adiectis, very early blank letter edition, with red title and rude wood cut, Joannes Justus, Meditationes (150) in Vitam Servatoris Nostri Jesu, Colon. 1537, thick vol. sm. 8vo. monastic binding, clasps, 10$.

5817 Maruli (Mar. Spalatensh) de institutions bene beateque oiendi ad normam vita; sanctorum utriusq:ie testamenti felicitcr digesti, thick vol. (803 pages) cf. nt. 3s. . Colon. 1530

233 Mary Stuart, James 1st. Acc. of Instrument nf Legitimation, by Mary to her Brother Earl of Murray, edited by Amyot, 1824; Pius IV. Letter to Mary, to assist at Council of Trent, also Sir B. Tichborne to Jam. I. on Staying Execution of Cobham, Gray, Markham, edited by ditto, 1824; Orig. Papers to James I. and Charles I. on Duke Buckingham and Earl Somerset, edited by Lysons, 1813; Letters of James I. to Sir G. More, on Trial of Earl of Somerset, edited by Bray, 1817, 4 to. 2s.

5818 Mary, Queen, Hist. Crit. Inquiry, Evidence against. Exam, of Robertson, Hume, 8vo. 1». 1760

5319 Mary le Bone Parish, Topographical and Historical Account of, Buildings, Antiquities, Schools, Charities, Amusements, Lives of Eminent Person?, by T. Smith, 8vo. cloth, plates and map, 3s. pub. 9t. . . , 1833

5820 Mary's Grammar, with Stories for Children, by Mrs. Marcet, cloth, is. . 1846

5821 Maseres (IWon) Doctrine of LIFE ANNUITIES, familiarly explained, with Variety of Tables, 4 to. cf. nt. 4s. . . 1783

5822 Commission and other Public Instruments

relating to Quebec, since Conquest by British, Collections of, 4to. '■are. 4s. 1772

5823 Mason (Rev. A. of Wishawtovrn) 1G Discourses on Rom. XI. Script. View and Pract. Improvement of the Divine Mystery, Jews' Blindness and Rejection, Coming in of Gentiles, Fulness, Salvat. of all Israel, Advent, &c. Bvo. 2s. pub. 5». 6d.

Glasgow, 1825

5824 Mason (Ch.) Solus Christns totiui mundi Episcopus. Concio in St. Alpliage, 1676; Browne, Vind. Vera et Valida Cleri Anglicani Ineunte Reformatione Ordinatio, cb Instrument Consec. M. Parker, 1088; S. Fuller, Canon. Sucess. Minist. Eccles. Angiia Reform Vind. IG90; Bcveridge, Conrio, 1GH9, sm. 4to. 2s. 6d.

5825 Mason (F. Chaplain to K. James I. Archd. of Norfolk) Vind. of CH. of ENGLAND, and LAWFUL MINISTRY, of Success. Elect. Confirm. Consec. of Bishops, Ordin. of Priests and Dsacons, Defend, sgt. Bellanninc, Saunders, Bristow, Hardinge, and other Romanists; also Index full series of Succession of our Bishops and Writers on the Controversy, on bo'.h sides, by J. Lindsay, folio, cf. nt. rare, 11. 5s. . 1728

5826 Vind. of Ordinations nf Church, demonstrating all Essent:als of Ordination, according to Practice of Primitive and Greek Churches', still retained in our Ch. 1G38; Papists Mis-represented and Represented, or Twofold Character of Popery,

a Sum of Superstitious Idolatries, Cruelties, Wicked Principles of Popery for 150 Years, 16WG; Reflections on Burnet's English Reformation, Amst. 1688; De Laune, Pica for Non Conformists, shews true state of case, also his Sufferings for same, edited with Preface (by De Foe) 1706, sm. 4to. 5».

5827 Mason (Non Juror) Proposal for Catholic Communion, an Exam, of GO Controv. Points, I2mo. 1«. 6d. . 1801

5828 Mason (G.) Essay on Design in Gardening, best edit, augmented, 8vo. cf. Loudon's Copy, 2s.


5829 Mason (Rev. H.) Christian Humiliation, or Christian's Fast, declaring Nature, Kinds, Endes, Uses, Properties of Religious Fasts, and concern. Fast of Lent, 1627; Ditto, Epicure's Fast, or Licenciousness of Romane Church in her Religious Fasts, 1626, sm.4to. vellum, 3s.

5830 Mason (John) Treatise on Self Knowledge, *' replete with Maxims of the highest importance," good edition, cf. 2s.

5831 15 Discourses, Devot. Pract. for Families;

with Hymn to each; Historical Dissert, on Analogy, behaviour of God's People towards him in several Periods of Jewish and Christian Church; and his Correspondent Dispensations in their respective Periods, Bvo. cf. nt. 2s. . 1848

5832 Student and Pastor, Directions to attain

eminence and usefulness in, with Letter to a Friend on his Entrance in Ministerial Office, on Elocution, Pronunciation, and Toulmin's Essay on Catechising, !2mo. 2s. pub. Is. . 1807

5833 Mason (Rev. R.) Sermons, the Indulgent Father, or Reclaimed Infidel, with Six Sermons on Vanity of Man, Credibility of Resurrection, Benefits of Contentment, 8vo. cf. Is. 6<f. . 1742

5834 MASON (Rev. W.) Works, Poems, English Garden, Church Music, Dufresnoy, Art of Painting, &c. 4 vols. 8vo. cloth, new, St. pub. 21. 2s. 1811

5835 Ditto, Poems, Odes, Elegies, Dramatic Poems, Elfrida, Letters, " one of purest of the Poets; great elegance of language," 8vo. cf. 2s. 1764

583G Essays, Historical and Critical, of ENG

LISH CHURCH MUSIC, 2s. York, 1795

5837 Mason (Monck) Refutation of " The Vestiges of Creation," or Creation by Agency of God opposed to Creation by National Law, cloth, 2s. pub. 5s. . . 1845

5837*M«SOn (W.) Parlour Preacher, a Pack of Cards for all determined to win Christ, 18mo. new, 3d. . . Reprint, 1829

5838 Spiritual Treasury for Children of God,

Morning, livening, Meditations, of each Day in Year, upon Texts of Scripture, to establish Faith, promote Comfort, and Influence Practice of Followers of Lamb, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. cf. 3s.

5839 Christ. Communicant, Suitable Companion to Lord's Supper, with Meditations, Routine's Preface, sheep, Miss Bickcrsttth't Autograph, 1815; ditto, The Ax laid to Root of Antinomian Licentiousness, or Evangel. Excitements to Holiness of Life, 17G0; Address to Clergy on Departure from Doctrines of Reformation, 17C7; J. Wesley, Sermons, lsf edit. 17CG; ditto, Address to Clergy, 1756, 2 books, 2s.

5840 MASON {Catholic Pastor of Stourbridge) The Nullity of a Symbolical Eucharist and Verity of Corporeal Pretence proved True Doctrine of Ch. Religion as revealed by Christ. Grf. 1835

5841 MASONRY, FREE, Dr. Anderson, New Book of Constitutions of Antient and Honourable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons, History, Charge!, Regulations, 4to. 3s. . 1738

5842 Masonry, Free, Principles of, delineated (by R. Trewman), cr. 8vo. cf. nt. 2s. Eieler, 1777

5843 MASOTTI, Francesco (delta Compagnia di Gesu) PREDICHE (97) Fide, Speranze, Religione, Peccati, Morte, Castighi del Peccato, Costume, Penitenza, Canta, Panegiriche, Ecclesiastiche, &c. 3 vols. 4to. cf. nt. 4s. Venc:ia, 1769

201 Maws, Observations on the Word, its derivation, by J. Bruce, 1824; H. C. Robinson, on the Etymology of Mass, &c. 1333. Ho. Is. Gd.

5844 Mass, Instructions on Prayers and Ceremonies of, translated from Cochin, and arranged for each

I Sunday in the Year, by W. J. Walter, 2 vols, in 1.

thick cr. 8vo. scarce, 3s. . , \%n

5845 Massarengo, Tre Sorclle, Conzoni, sm. 4to, re/. turn, emblematical plates, 5s. cost Helier fil 11».

Augusta, 1602

5846 Massie (Dr. J. W.) Evangelical Alliance. Ongin, Development, Personal Notices of its Distin. guished Friends in Europe and America, cr. 8to. cloth, 2s. 6d. pub. s. . , uij


5847 QJuvres, Sermons, Discours. &c. "most lit. guenl and mellifluous style imaginable, the final model of French prose," complete, 2 very Urge Tois. 8vo. 12s. . Pan's, Diiat, 1838

5848 Sermons, translated, with Life, 8vo. 5i. put. 12?. . . . 1826

5849 Petit Carerae, "tenderness, sublimity ,rttumnq, eloquence," cf. extra, gilt leaves, 2s.

5850 Pseaumes, Paraphrase Morale de, en forme de Priere, cf. nt. Is. 6d. . . 174?

5851 Selections from, translated, with Life,

cloth, new, 2s. pub. 7s . Halchard, 1826

5852 Massingberd, Hist, of English Reformation, 12mo. cloth, 3s. (id. pub. 6s. . 1842

5853 MASSINGER, VIRGIN MARTYR,"aneili play, pure and chastened production," miniiturc 4to. "exquisite book," cloth, elegant, leavlifiiily ornamented book, with borders, also pkta, iy Pickersgill, 3s. pub. 10s. . 1845

5854 Massing-er, Plays, LARGE TYPE, edited, collated, &c. with Notes Crit. and EipUn. by Coxeter, 4 vols. 8vo. cf. nt. 10s. 1789

5855 Ditto, and FORD, Plays, admirably edited, with Critical and Explanatory Notes, bj Gilford, Inlrod. by Hartley Coleridge, "peculiarly dtl'ghlful writing, the excellencies of Shaksptart mi

Ben Jonson," large 8vo. cloth, IGs. lBiO

5856 Massinger, Plays adapted for Family Readiar, and Use of Young Persons (Ay Rev. W. Htnas), 3 vols, cloth, 5s. cost 15s. . 1830

5857 Ben Jonson, Plays, Introduction by Barry

Cornwall, in 1 large vol. cloth, lis. pub. lis. 1833

5858 Master Humphrey's Clock, Old CuriosityShop, Barnaby Rndge, complete, 3 large vols. 8vo. kf. morocco, nt. fine engravings, 13s. . 1840

5859 MastO<toil, New Species, and other Vertebrated Animals, found on left bank of Irawadi, Described by CLIFT; also, Profess. BUCKLAND, Geolog. Account of ditto, 4to. 7 yUu and maps, 2s. . Geolog. Trtms. 1323

5860 Materials for Thinking, extracted from Ancient and Modern Authors, 36Nos. 8vo. cloth, secret, It.

Matlseni titles.

58G1 A Scries of Mathematical MANUSCRIPTS, Old Questions and Solutions, on Wallis, Arithmetic of Infinites, Problems, Naval Dictionary, &c., 10 books, 2s.

58G2 Three Old Ditto, Algcbr. Problems snd Questions, Cube Equations, and Numerous Question and Answers worked out, Is. 6rf.

5SG3 Airy (Astronomer Royal), AstronomicilObservations at Cambridge Observatory, a vols, in 1 thick vol. 4to. hf. morocco, 11. lis. 6d. 1829-33

5864 Lectures at Ipswich on Astronomy, 8ra

cloth, 7 plates, 4s. 6d. pub. 9s. . 1849

5865 Mathematical Tracts, on Lunar and Plsv

nctary Theories, Figure of Earth, Precession sad Nutation, Calculus of Variations, Undolstory Theory of Optics, 8vo. hf. morocco, 9s. pvi. 15f.

Cambridft. 1S51

586G Algebra, Self-Examinations in, by Wri;«t, • 1825; also Bridge, Elements of Algebra, 1831, 8vo. hf. cf. nt. is. pub. lis..

5867 Arithmetic and Algebra, most important rcrw. variety of Examples, and all Senate House Eiifination Papers to Candidates for B.A. within last six years, 8vo. hf. cf. nt. is. pub. 10s. I8*''

5869 Arithmetician, Concise, Accountant's Manual. Shortest Method of Calculating Interest, Tiatf, General Rules of Arithmetic, with Method! of Proof, embodying many years' practical altcnticn, and investigation of numerous Works, modem a»d obsolete, from Lucas de Burgo, in 1494, ill"' (or G/or Is.) pub. 2s. Gd. each Piekeraj, IS23

5870 Arnold, Boys Arithmetic (Part 2) elotk,is. Wo

5871 BAILEY, New Tables for facilitating Cob; »■ tation of Precession, Aberration, Nutatim of2r-31 iMatheni titles.

Principal Fixed Stars, with Cntalogue, computed i by Astron. Soc. 4to. hf. mor. 10*. pub. 25*. 1827

5872 Bessel, Fundaments Astronom. pro anno, 1755, ex Obs. Bradley, Grenovic, 1750-1762, folio, hf. morocco, 4 s. ' Regiom. 1818

5873 — Tabula Regiomontanss Rcductionum Obs. Astronom. 1750 ad 1850, large 8vo. hf. mor. 10*. . . Rtgiom. 1830

587-1 Bland, Algebraical Problems, with Solutions, 4*. 6d. pub. 10«. 6d. . 1837


5875 Algebra, 1>. 6d. pub. 4s.

5876 Arithmetic, Introduct. Complete Exercise Boole for Teachers and Students, this edit, contain* Table, Prime Numbers 1199991, 8vo. 2s. 6d. cost 8s. . . 1810

5S77 Arithmetic, KEY to, by Tyson, for Teachers and others, 1*. 6d. pub. 7s

5878 Astronomy, clear and familiar Introduction to, 8vo. 19 plates, 2s. pub. 12*. . 1807

5879 Mensuration and Pract. Geometry, by Mnynard, 12mo. bnd. 2s. 6d. . 1818

53S0 Boucharlat, Elemens du Calcul, Differential et Integral, 8vo. no title, 2s. . 1830

58S1 Bourguet, Traite Element, de Calcul. Different, et Integ. Indepemlans de toutes notions de Quantites Infinitesimales ct de Limites, 2 vols, in 1 thick 8vo. hf. cf. nt. 3s. Paris, 1810

5882 Brees, Glossary of Civil Engineering Theory antl Modern Practice and Subjects of Field and Office Work and Mechanical Engineering connected, 8ro. cloth, numerous cuts, 4s. pub. IBs.


5883 Ditto, of Practical Architecture and Civil Engineering, Steam Engine, Mechanical Engineering, Surveying, Levelling, Uee of Instruments, Mining, Quarrying, Bricks, Iron, Lime, Cements, 8vo. cloth, morocco, cuts, 6s. \?s. 1853

5881 Brewster (Sir D.j Optics, cf. nt. 3s. cost Ss. 6d.


5885 Bridge, Elements of Algebra, 2». pub. Is.

5886 Aylrner, Key to ditto, 2s. Cd. pub. 7s.

5887 BRITISH ASSOCIATION, Catalogue of 8377 STARS, with Preface, Explan. by Bailey, 4to. 17. 10*. pub. 3 gs. . . 1815

5888 Butler, Arithmetical Questions, combining Arithmet. and Miscellaneous Instruction, for Young Ladies, bnd. 2s. pub. 6s.

5889 Ditto, Exercises on Globes and Maps, with Questions and Append, by Bourn, bnd. 2s. pub. 6s.


5890 Byrne, Mathemat. Papers, New Theory of Earth, Strength of Materials, Gothic Arches, Spherical Trigonom. Improved Proportional Com. passes, ttc, edited by Son, 1*. pub. 2s. dd. 1848

5891 Calculus, Differential and Integral Syllabus of, both vols. 3*. pub. \2s. Cambridge, 1826-8

5892 Carev, ASTRONOMY as known at present Dav, Nature and Use of ASTRONOMICAL INSTRUMENTS, Manner of Calculating Calendar, Distances, etc. of PLANETS, Sec. 8vo. many cuts, 2s. pub. 6s. . . 1818

5893 Cambridge Problems, a Collection of Printed Questions to Candidates at Gen. Examinations, 1801 to 1820 inclusive, 8vo. 3s. pub. 10*. 1821

5891 Cliitoril (Professor) Fractional Arithmetic, Practically Exemplified, for Schools and Priv»tc. "Clear, perspicuous, numerous well selected examples in this most difficult branch,"Firminger. "Correct," Prof. Cape. "Well calculated, from full examples,"De Morgan. "Very serviceable to teachers and students,"Lewis. 1*.

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braicnl Investigation of MAXIMA and MINIMA, with Selection of Propositions deduciblc from Euclid (436 pages) 12*. Cambridge, 1817

5901 Supplement to Euclid, Obvious Deductions, or remarkable properties of lines, angles, figures, not in Euclid, Geomet. Solution of Problems in Nat. Philosophy, General Index, Enunciations of all Propositions apart from proofs, last edition, thick 8vo. 4*. pub. 17*. . 1825

5902 Dalby (Professor) Course of Mathematics for Royal Military College, vol. 2 only {Algebra, S(c.) large 8vo. bnd. 2s. 64. pub. 16*. 1836

5903 Dealtry, Fluxions, 2nd EDIT. 8vo. hf. morocco, 4s. pub. Us. . 1816

5904 De la Caille Lect. Elem. Opticse, a Boscovicb, Vindob. 1766; LORGNA, Specimen de Seriebus Convergcnlibus, Veron. 1775, 2 4tos. 2s. 6d.

5900 De Morgan, Elements of Arithmetic, "admirably adapted as discipline," 3s. 1850

5906 , Explan. of Gnomic Projection of Sphere,

and of such points of Astronomy most necessary in use of Astronomical Maps, with Description of Construction and use of Maps, of Stars, &c. 2s. pub. 5*. . . 1836

5907 Dublin Problems, a Collection of Questions proposed to Candidates for Gold Medal, 1816-23, 8vo. 2». fid. pub. 6s. 6d. . 1823

5903 Elrington, Translation of Euclid, with Compend. of Algebra and Trignometry, 12mo. cloth, 2s. 6d. pub. 5s. . 'Cam}. 1847

5909 Enckc, Berliner Astrononiisches Jahrbuch fur 1834 and 1835, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. morocco, 3*.

Berfln, 1832-3

5910 Euclid, Potts, Sinison, Text, Notes, Appendix, 2 boots, cuts, bs. 10». Camb. 1815-47

5911 Ditto, Potts, School Edition, 3s. pub. 4s. fid.


5912 Geometry, Plane, Solid, Spherical, Projections, Sections of Cone snd Cylinder {by Bradley) 8vo. 2». pub. 6s. . Libr. Usef. Know. 1830

5913 dretTOry (Dr. Olinthus) Hints, Theoret. Elucidat. Practical, for Teachers of MATHEMATICS and Self-taught Students, Miscellaneous Tables, Geometrical Division of Plane Surfaces, useful Propositions from Hirsch and Euler, "an excellent wart," 12m<>. 6s. 1810

5914 Hall, Calculus, Differential and Integral, 8vo. 5f.^u4. 12*. 6rf. . . 1834

5915 Hamilton, Aualyt. System of Conic Sections, for University Students, 8vo. hf. morocco, 2s. 6d. pub. 9s. . . Cambridge, 1830

5916 Fleming, Plane Trignometry, Book l.with Examples, for Schools, cloth, 2s. 1851

5917 Herschcl, Natural Philosophy, 2». 6d. pub. 6s.

5919 Ditto, Astronomy, cloth, 2s. 6d. cost 6s.

5920 Hevclius, Prod'romus Astronomiie Fundam. Stellarum Fixarum Catalogum Construend. Novus Tabulus Solares Catalog. Stellar. Fix. 1660-1700, &c. ejusd. Uranographia, thick folio (350 pages) and numerous plates, 9*. Gedani, 1690

5921 HIND, Algebra, Elements, 4s. pub. 12*. 1837

5922 H Hitter (Rer. J. Vice-Principal of Bat tersea Train. Coll.), TEXT BOOK of ARITHMETIC, for Use of Teachers. Rules Explained, {with an abundant variety) of Examples, Exercises, Notes cn Money, Weights, Measures, Signs of Operation; Solution of Exercises in his Manual, Exercises adapted to Artificial Tests; also interesting List of Works on Arithmetic, "work of first rale excellerice, most clear exposition, concise accurate solution," cloth, 2s. pub. 5s. 1847

5923 Hymers, Conic Sections and Applic. Algebra to Geometry, cloth, 4s. 6d. pub. 9s. Camb. 1845

5924 Inrnan, Nautical Tables for British Seamen, large 8vo. hf. morocco, 10s. pub. 30*. 1830

5925 La Lande Expos, du Calcul. Astronomique, 8vo. hf. cf. 1*. . . Paris, 1762

5926 Malcolm (Alex, of Aberdeen) New System of Arithmetick, Theoretical and Practical, "one of most complete and rigid expositions of Theoretical Arithmetic which has ever been published," 4to. cf.nt.5s. . . .1730

5927 Mathematical Problems and Examples, arranged according to Subjects from Senate House

[ Examination Papers, 3». pub. lis. Camb. 1836

5928 Mathematician, many curious Disserts, on Rise, Progress. Improvement, of Geometry, 200 elm its Problems in Algebra, Geometry, Mailie.a. Pliilos. never published, by Soc. Gentlemen, 8vo. elf. 2s. . . 1751

5930 Mathematics, System of Practical, Part I. {Algebra, Geom.), by Scottish School Book Associa. tion, complete, with Key or Solution, with the Exercises, 2 books, bnd. 4s. . Edin. 1845

5931 Mathematics, L. U. K. vol. 2 {Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebraical Geometry), 8vo. 4*. pub. 11*. 6d. 1835

5932 Ditto, vol. 3 {Astronomy, History of ditto, Mathemat. Geography, Physical ditto and Navigation, Explan. of Terms, iyc.,) thick 8vo. 4s. 6d. pub. 8*. ... 1834

5933 Mercator's System of Expeditious Calculation. The Arithmetic of England and Commercial Calculator, 8vo. cloth, 2s. . 1813

5931 Moseley, Treatise on Mechanics, applied to Arts, including Statics and Hydrostatics, 8vo. cloth, 4». pub. 6s. 6d. . . 1847

5935 Mudie, Popular Mathematics, first Elements of Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, in their Relations and Uses, cloth, 3s. pub. 9s. . 1836

593B Murphy, Treatise on Theory of Algebraical Equations, 8vo. 2*. . . 1839

5237 Mylne, Elementary Treatise on Astronomy, for those not versed in Mathematics, 8vo. mops of Constellations and Figures, 2s. pub. 9s. IS 16

5938 Narrien, History of Origin and Progress of ASTRONOMY, with Plates illustrating chiefly the Ancient Systems, 8vo. cloth, 4s. pub. 14*. 1833

5939 NAUTICAL ALMANAC, very fine series, 1828 to 1851, 24 vols. hf. morocco, II. 10*.

5940 Nesbit, Practical Arithmetic, all latest Improvements; Mental Arithmetic, Ike. " one of best commercial treatises of the day," 1839; Ksy to ditto, 1S11, 2 books, bnd. 5s. 6d. pub. 10*.

5941 Ottley, Treatise on Differential Equations, Examples arranged in Classes, 2». fid. pub. 7s. 6d.

Cambridge, 1832

5942 I*Oe»f©el4, Ilerschel, Babbagc, Collection of Examples of Applications of Differential and Integral Calculus, also Finite Differences, 2 vols. 8vo. II. 2s. pub. 30*. . 1820

5943 Peacock, Comparative View of Fluxional and Differential Calculus, 8vo. 1*. Cambridge, 1819

5944 Ditto, Logarithms,Nature, Construction, Use, 1812 ; ditto, Plane Trigon. 1817 ; 8vo. hf. mor. 2s.

5945 PEARSON, Practical Astronomy, 3 vols. 4to. hf. morocco, plates, 41. 10*. pub. 71.

5946 Petty (Sir W.) Discourse on Use of Duplicate Proportion in Important Particulars, also New Hypotheses of Springing or Elastique Motions, bnd. Is. . . 1674

5947 Porter (Mrs.) Rational Arithmetic, New Edition, adapted for Schools and Private, bnd. 3;. pub. . Murray, 1852

5948 Powell {Baden, Savilean Professor at Oxford) Elementary Treatise on OPTICS, Experimental, Mathematical, for University Students, 8vo. cloth, 3s. pub. 10*. . Oxf. 1833

5919 Robertson, on Case of Mathematical Instruments, their Uses, Account of Authors who have treated on Proportional Compasses and Sector, Use of Gunners' Calipers, 8vo. cf. 2s. 1757

5950 Robins, Mathematical Tracts, Gunnery, Fluxions, Prime and Ultimate Ratios, &c. edited by Dr. Wilson, 2 vols. 8vo. old red morocco, gilt leaves, 4s. . . 1761

5951 Simms' Treatise on Mathematical INSTRUMENTS in Surveying, Levelling, Astronomy, their Construction, Use, Tables, Protraction of Work, &c. 8vo. woodcuts, 2s. 6d. pub. 6s.

5952 Ditto, on LEVELLING, for Civil Engineer, Architect, Student, cloth, 3». 6d. pub. 6s. 1837

5953 Simpson, Elements of Geometry, with application to Mensuration of Superficies and Solids, Determ, of Maxima Minima, and Construction of Geomet. Problems, with Notes, 2s. pub. 6s. 1821

5954 SillltJOn, Euclid, 8vo. 2s. pub. 10*.

5955 Snowball, Plane Trigonometry, 2s. pub. 6s. 6if.


5956 Somerville (Mrs.) Connexion of the Physical Sciences, 3*. pub. 7*. 6d. . 1834

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5957 Stone, Mathematical Dictionary, Explanation of Terms, History of Rise, Progress, State, &c. of Things in Mathematicks, Natural Philosophy, &c. 8vo. calf, 2s. . . 1726

5958 Tate, Algebra made Easy,cloth, Is. 6d. 1848

5959 Exercises on Mechanics and Nat. Philos.

Easy Introd. to Engineering, for Schools and Privates ; Theory of Steam Engine; On Accumulated Work; Equilib. of Structure, with Theory of Arch. Pressure and Efflux of Fluids; Calculations on Railway Cuttings, &c. cloth, 2s. 1847

5960 on Factorial Analogies, with summation

of Series and New Develop, of Function, 8vo. 2s. pub. 4s. . . 1845

5961 Taylor (Thos.) Theoretic Arithmetic, by Theo. Nicomacbus, Jamblichus, Boetius. Particulars ou Perfect, Amicable, and other Numbers, Specimens of Pylhagor. Philos. of Numbers, and a development of their Mystical and Theological Arithmetic, 8vo. 3*. pub. 14*. . . 1816

5962 Thomson (J.) " admirable writer," Introd. to Calculus, Different. Integ. with Illust. of Theory of Curves, cloth, 3s. pub. 5s. 6d. 1849

5963 Euclid, Plane Trigonom. Notes, Illustrations, cloth, 3*. . . 1845

5964 Trigonometry, Plane, Spherical Trigonometry, also First Principles of Analytic Geom. cloth. 2*. pub. 4». . Belfast, 1839

5965 TROTTER, Arithmetic, Theoretical, Mercantile, Mental, with Plane Trigonometry, its application to Heights and Distances, Tery excellent, embodying all Improvements, new method of extracting Cube Root, Examples, Tables, and more of Theory of Numbers lh»n in any other Schoolbook (283 pages) 1«. pub. St. Gil. 1841

59G(I VENTUROLI (Professor at Bologne) Elements of Practical Mechanics, Principle of Virtual Velocities and its Uses in Mechanics, from Italian, by CRESSWELL, most useful tables of weights and linear measuies of different countries, 8vo. plates, 2». pub. 6s, . Cambridge, 1623

5967 Vince, Treatise on Fluxions, 8vo. (398 pages) hf. morocco, 4s. pub. 12*. 6rf. . 1828

5968 Watt (Peter) Science of Life Insurance, Progress and Present State, Thcrmometrical Tables, &c. 1837! Hulley (of Globe) Tables of Annuities and Assur. on Lives of Equal Ages, Single, Annual, Sc. 1828, 2 works, 3s. pub. 16».

5969 Whewell, Dynamics, on Free Motion of Points, and on Universal Gravitation, including Principal Propositions, in Book I. of The Principia, Camb. 1832; ditto. Second Part, Motion of Points, Constrained and Resisted Motion of Rigid Body, 1834; 2 vols. 8vo. 5*. pub. 22s.

5970 WILSON, Plane and Spherical TriffoHOmetry, considerable extracts from Poinsot, Stephenson, Professor Airy, <yc. also on Logarithms, 8vo. 2s. pub. 10s. . 1831

5971 Wood, Algebra, by Lund, 12th edit. 5*. 6d. pub. Vis. 6d. . - 1845

5972 WOODHOUSE, Astronomy, Complete, Theoretical, Practical, Physical, 2 vols, in 3, 8vo. )\f. blue morocco, scarce, 11. is. pub. It. 18*. 1821, &c.

5973 Physical, complete (forms vol. 2 of his

Worts) rare, 4s. 18*. . 1818

5974 Ditto, Theories of Fixed Stars (forming part 1 of vol. 1) 8vo. os. pub. 10*. 6d. 1821

5975 WRIGHT (of Trin. College, Cambridge) Algebraic System of Conic Sections and other Curves, the Higher Geometry, 8vo. 2s. pub. 10s. 1836

5976 Self Exam, in Euclid, 1829; ditto, in

Pure Arithm. 1829; 2 booksin 1, 5*. pub. 14s. 6d.

5977 Wrigley and Johnstone, Collection of Examples in pure and mixed Mathematics, with Hints and Answers, 3«. pub. Ss. 6rf. . 1845

YOUItgr (Professor, Belfast.)

5978 Calculus, DIFFERENTIAL, Elements of General Theory of, Curve Surfaces, and Curves of Double Curvature, 3*. pub. Ss. . 1831

5979 Calculus, INTEGRAL, Elements of, with Application! to Geometry and to Summations of Infinite Series, 3s. pub. 9s. . 1833

5y81 Geometiy, Analytical, Conic Sections, Curves, Surfaces of Second Order,c/oM,3*. 9*. 1833

5982 TRIGONOMETRY, Plane, Spherical, Applicatkm to Nautical Astronomy and Navigation, with

the Logarithmic and Trigonom. TABLES, 5s. pub. \2s. . . 1833

5983 Logarithms, Tangents, and other Tables, 2s. pub. 6s. 1834

5984 Key to his Algebra, 2». Gd. pub. 6s.

5985 Mathias, Pursuits of Literature, " satirical poem, with much information on Books and Authors in the notes," 8vo. cf. nt. 2s, 1798

5986 (elegantly and correctly printed edition)

CRESCEMBINI, Commentari all Istoria della Poesias Italiana d'ogni genere e Specie "judicious selection," 3 vols. 3s. pub. II. 1803 j Ditto, Storia dell' Accademia degli Arcadi, in Roma, many plates, \ 7s. 6d. 1804; MASON, Saffo, tradotto, 1809; Tirahoschi storia della Poesia Italiana, 4 vols. 5*. pub. II. lis. 6d. 1803.

5987 Matilda and MALEK, Adhel, The Saracen, A i Crusade Romance, from French of Mad. Cottin,

with Life of Author by Boileau, 4 vols. hf. cf. very nt.\r.2s. . 1817

5988 Matilda, a Tale of the Day (by Marquis of Normanby) 2 vols. hf. cf. 4s. pub. 14*. 182G

5989 MA TINS and Even. Song, Guide to Celebration of, Order of Daily Service, Litany, Holy Communion, with PLAIN TUNE, to promote Rubrical Conformity, and Participation, by the People, by Joule, 8vo. Is. pub. 2s. . 1846

5990 Matthtei Aimerichii, Specimen Vet. Romans; Litteraturte Deperditse vel adhuc Lntentis, "great mass of erudition, curious preface," Home, both parts, LARGE PAPER, sin. 4to. (390 pages) 3s.

Ferrar. 1784

5991 Matth««i PARIS (Angli Monachi Albanensis) Ilistoria Major cum Rogeri Wendoveri, W. Rishangeri Author. Major Minorque Ilistor. Chronicisqiie MSS. et Vila! Duorum Offarum Merciorura Reguni et 23 Abbatum, S. Albani Edit. W. Wats, "I have never read a more honest historian." Sharon Turner, "minuteness of annalist spirit and feeling of independent man," very thick large folio, cf. nt. I 1. 5s. . 1684


Hietoriarum, Collect."particularly curious in Anglo
Saxon and earlier Noman Kings," (published by
Arch. Parker) thick folio, cf. very nt. It. 4s. 1570

5993 Matthreucci (R. P. Augustini) Practica Theologo Canouica ad causas Beatificationum et Canonizationum pertractandas juxta Formam Decret. adapta, digesta, producta, sm. 4 to. vellum, 3s.

Venet. 1722

5994 Matthew (St.) Gospel, New Version, Literal Comment, on all Difficult Passages; also, Introd. to Reading of Holy Script, by Beausobre and Lenfant, 8vo. 3s. pub. 9s. 1823

5995 Exposition of, with suitable Lectures and

Prayers, by Adam, of Wintringham, 11 highly paluabte," Bickersteth, 2 small vols. cf. nt. As. 1819

5996 Matthew (St.) Gospel, Lent Lectures, Explan. and Pract. upon, by Bp. Pnrteus, with Life, "excellent for matter and style."Quarterly Review, 8 to. 2s. 7s. 6d. . 1823

5997 Ditto, "calculated to do good to learned and unlearned, aged, inexperienced, grave, reflecting, gay, Ihouyhtleas," Brit. Crit. 2 vols. 8vo. large type, 4s.

5998 Matthew Henry, Bible and Miscellaneous Works, with Notes by Burderand Hughes, complete, 7 vols. 4to. very beautiful copy, cf. gilt, elegant, excellent present, 41. 10s. pub. 71. 12*. (in boards) . . 1811

5999 Another copy, by Burder and Hughes, 6 vols. 4to. hf. cf. 21. pub. 6gs. . 1811

6000 Bible, with Selections from Henry's Commentary, Notes, Illustrations, 2 thick vols. 4to. cf. very neat, plates, 14*. . 1803

6001 Matthew, on Naval Timber and Arboriculture, Crit. Notes on recent Authors on Planting, 8vocloth, 3s. pub. 12*. . 1831

6002 MATTHIiE, GREEK Grammar, translated from German, by Blomfield and Kenrick, vol. 1 only, 3*. . 1820

6003 Ditto, for Schools, by Edwards, bnd. Is. pub.3s.

6004 Maturin (Rev. C. R. the Novelist) V Sermons on Errors of R. C. Church, preached in St. Peter's, Dublin, "particularly eloquent and powerful writer" 8vo. U. . . 1824

6005 Maud (Rev. H. B. of St. Olave't, Jewry, ifc.) XXII Sermons, Nisbet. 1834; Ditto, at Swansei, 1835, 8vo. cloth, 3s. pub. 10*.

6006 Maudru, Elemens Raisonnes de la LANGUE RUSSE, 2 thick vols. 8vo. cf. nt. 6s. 1800

6007 Maugham, London Manual Chemistry, Interim. Verbal Translation of Pharmacopoeia, Tests of Poisons, &c. 2*. 6d. pub. 10*. 1831

205 Muunday, at Greenwich, Order of, March, 1572, by Lambard, 1749 ; List of New Year's Gifts to Q. Elizabeth at; ditto, Jan. 1584-5, 4to. 1*.


6008 Biographical Treasury, Lives of 12,000 Persons of all Ages, Precepts,Maxims, cloth, 6t. pub. Ss.

6009 of History, Ancient, Modem, cloth, 6«.

pub. 10*. . . 1843

6010 Scientific, Literary, Popular Encyclopaedia of Belles Lettres, Literature, Science, Art, cloth, 7s. pub. 10*. . . 1848

6011 British Biography, Select, from Rude Warlike Days of Boadicca to Victorian Era, cloth, 2s. 1839

6012 JHauildeville (Sir John) Voiage and Travaile, which treateth of the Way to Hierusalera, and of Marvayles of Ynde, with other Hands and Countryes; edited from Cottonian MS. collated with seven MSS. and old printed editions, Introduction, Notes, Glossary, by Halliwell, 8vo. cloth, front. 70 facsimiles of old grotesque woodcuts, from earlier editions and MSS. in British Museum, Ss. . . 1839


"For als moche as th* Londe bezonde the See, that Is to seye, the Holy Lond, that men callen the Land of Promrssioun, or of Heheste passyngc alJe othere Londet, it Ute moit worthl Lond, most excellent, and L:idv and Suvercizn of alle othere Londet, and it bletsed and hale-wed of the precyons Hod3' and Blood of oure Lorde Jesu Christ; io the wliiehe Londe it lykede him to take Fletche and B!ood of the Virgyne Marie, to envyrone that Holy Lond with hi* ulessetie Feet; ami there he wolde of nU bietsedtmte enoumbre him in the seyd blested and gloriouae Virrla Marie, and become"

"Although to interesting, and particularly so. as being the first English prote work, not in any of the coliectiool of voyages.**—SaB KsTKosrscriva Review. The language In a recent reprint, is modernized throughout.

6013 MAUNDIIELL, Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem, at Easter, 1697, "a pleasure to quote and read, so accurate, ingenious, a model,—Bp. Newton, large paper, 8vo.c/. plates, 3s-co it \2s.6d. 1749

6014 Ditto, Reprint, bnd. 1*. . 1832

6015 Another Copy, also Bp. Clayton, Translation of Journal, Cairo to Mount Sinai and back again, large paper, roy. 8vo. very fine copy, russia extra, plates. Is. 6d. cost. 30*. . 1810

6016 Maurer, Rosenmuller et Fuldner, Comment. Theol. vol 1, pt. 1 (355 pages) 2s. Lips. 1825

6017 Maurice et ses Compactions, on Martyre de la Legion Thebeene, Defense de, avec HUtoire detaillee, par Abbe Joseph de l'lsle, 12mo. cf. 2s.

Nancy, 1737

6018 Mauritio, Arciduca della Legione Thebea et de auoi valorosi Campioni, Sacra Ilistoria di, nella quale l'attroce Persecutione et Gloriosa Essaltattone di detti SS. &c. aggiunta la Solennissima, Translatione delle Venerande Reliquie con Mincoli, sm. 4to- hf. cf. 3s. . Torino, 1604

6019 Maurice (Rev. Dr. H.) Defence of Diocesan Episcopacy, Ans. to Clarkson, 8vo. cf. nt. 3s. 1700

Maurice (Rev. F. D.)

6020 Old Test. 19 Sermons on First Lessons, Septuag. to 3rd. after Trin. cloth, 4s. pub. 6s. 1851

6021 Prophets and Kings of Old Test. Series of Lincoln's Inn Sermons, cloth, Ss. pub. 10*. 6<f. 1853

6022 Sermon at Guy's, Responsibilities of Medical Students, 8vo. 6d. . 1833

6023 On Lord's Prayer, cloth, no title, 2s. 1849

6024 MAURICE, Indian Antiquities, Disserts, oa Ancient Geography, Religion, Laws, Government, Profane Literature of lndostan, "abounds with erudition, ingenuity," S(c. 7 Tola. 8vo. plater, 15*. 6d. pub. 31. . 1800

6025 Obs. connected with Astronomy and Ancient History, Ruins of Babylon, Persepolis, 4to. plates, 3s. pub. U. 5s. . 181S

6026 Maurice (Rev. Peter) Popery of Oxford, Confronted, Disavowed, Repudiated, Svo. cloth, 2s. 1837

6027 Mauritania, Ancient, or Territory, Western Zahara Sug, Resources of, Rich Productions,

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