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301 Agriculture. Paxton's Practical Treatise on the Cultivation of the Dahlia, cloth, 2a. pub. . . . 1838

302 Pennington'svarious Advantages fromDrain

ing, Inclosing, and Allotting Large Commons and Common Fields, 1769; Dr. Meade, Origin and Progress of Galvanism, Dublin, 1805; Walker's Nature and Remedy of Abuses vu Wine, Edinb. 1802, &c. thick 8vo. 2a.

303 PHILLIPS'S Companion for the Kitchen

Garden, or History of Cultivated Vegetables, their Botanical, Medicinal, Edible, and Chemical Qualities, Natural History, &c. Sec 2 vols. 8vo. new, half morocco, uncut, 6s. pub. 12*. 1822

304 Phillips's Flora Historica, or the Three Seasons of the British Parterre, Historically and Botanically Treated, with Observations on Planting to secure a Regular Succession of Flowers, also Methods of Cultivating Bulbous Plants, 2 vols. 8vo. half morocco, uncut, 6*. pub. II. 4a. * 1824

305 Phillips's Pomarium Britannicum, an Historical and Botanical Account of Fruits known in Great Britain, 8vo. col. plates, 4a. pub. 10s. 1821

306" Phillips's Sylva Florifera, the Shrubbery

Historically and Botanically Treated, with Observations on Formation of Ornamental Plantations and Picturesque Scenery, 2 vols. 8vo. 5s. 6d. pub. 1/. 1*. 1823

307 Picot (The Baron) Historical Memoirs of

the Progress of Agriculture in the South of France for last 50 Years, translated, with Notes, 8vo. 2a. pub. 6a. . . . 1819

308 Pigeons, Treatise on Domestic, comprehending all the Species known in England, Method of Breeding, their Diet.Distempers, &c. Svo. plates, the beat treatise, very acarce, 3*. . 1765

309 Planting, Useful and Ornamental, with Index, 8vo. new, cloth, 2a. pub. 3a.

Lib. Uaef. Know. 1832

310 Poinsot, l'Ami des Cultivateurs, ou Moyens

Simples el mis a la Portee de tous les Proprietaires Fermiers,Laboureurs,Vignerons,&c.detirer le meilleur Parti des Biens de Campagne de toute Espece, 2 thick vols. 8vo. pita, of Hives, See. 3*. Par. 1806

311; PONTEY'S Forest Primer, or Timber Own

er'sAssistant in Training or Management of British Timber Trees, their Diseases, Defects, Means of Prevention and Remedies, also Properties of English Fir Timber, and Management of Oak Woods, Svo. platea,2a. 6d. pub. 12a. . 1808

312 PONTEY'S Profitable Planter, a Treatise

on the Theory and Practice of Planting Forest Trees in every Soil and Situation, more particularly Elevated Sites, Barren Heaths, Rocky Soils, &c. also Directions for Permauent Screens,and Useful Hints on Shelter and Ornament, 8vo. plate, 2a. pub. 10*. Qd. . . 1809

313 Price's Essay on the Picturesque as compared with the Sublime and Beautiful, and on Use of Studying Pictures for Improving Real Landscape, 1794; Letter to Repton on Ditto, 1795, 2 vols. 8vo. 3*. 6d.

314 Price's System of Sheep Grazing as practised in Romney Marsh, 4to. half elf. neat, plates and map, 5*. 6d. pub. 21. 2a. . 1809

315 Rennie'sNatural History and Origin of Peat

Moss, its Qualities, Means of Improvement, converting it into a Manure, and other Economical Purposes, 8vo. elf. neat, acarce, 5s. 6d. 1807

316 Reports of Committee of Commons on Cultivating the Waste, &c. Lands, 1796; Lecture on the Husbandry of Mess. Bakewell, Arbuthnot, and Ducket, 1811, plates; Report on Greg's Farm at Coles in Herts, 1811; Parker's Plans, Specifications, Estimates, and Remarks on Cottages, 1813, platea; Hooper on Structure, &c. of Plants, 1797 j Dr. Hunter's Outlines of Agriculture, 1797, plate, 8vo. halfclf. 3t.

317 Rigby (Dr.) Agriculture of Holkham, (Mr.

Cote's Syatem,) 8vo. third edit. 2a. Norwich, 1818

318 Rogers's Vegetable Cultivator, a plain and

accurate Description of all the different Species and Varieties of Culinary Vegetables, their Cultivation and Cookery, cloth, 4a. 6d. pub. Ba. 1839

319 Rooke's Descriptions and Sketches of Re

markable Oaks at Welbeck, in County of Notting.

ham, with Observations on the Age and Durability of that Tree, and Annual Growth of Acorns, thin 4to. 10 platea, 3*. . . 1790

320 Agriculture. Roughley's Jamaica Planter's Guide, or System for Planting and Managing a Sugar Estate or other Plantations throughout the British West Indies, 8vo. 4*. 6d. pub. 12*. 1823

321 Salisbury's Hints to Proprietors of Orchards

and Growers of Fruit in General, with Natural History of Blight and Insects destructive to Fruit Trees, cr. 8vo. platea, Is. 6d. pub. 6a. 1816

322 SALT, Cuthbert Johnson on the Uses of,

for Agricultural Purposes and Horticulture, also Feeding Sheep, with Minute Directions, 1830; Concise Directions for Use of Salt, and Proportions, Guildford, 1825, 8vo. and 12mo. 3s. pub.

322* Simonde (de Geneve) Tableau de l'Agricul

tureToscane,8vo. hlf.c[ plate, 2s. GeMere,1801

323 Somerville (Lord) System of Board of

Agriculture lllustrated.with Dissertation ou Growth and Produce of Sheep and Wool, Spanish and English, on Modes of Culture and Instruments in Portugal,and Facts on Sheep, Wool,Ploughs,and Oxen, also on Use of Salt, 2 vols. 8vo. pit*. 4a. 6d. pub. 18*. . . . 1800-9

324 Speechlyon the Culture of the Pine-Apple

and Management of the Hot-House, with Description of every Insect infesting Hot-Houses, and Methods of Destroying them, Svo. plates, 2*. 6d.

York, 1779

325 Speechly's Practical Hints in Domestic

Rural Economy, relating to Fruit, Kitchen and Cottage Gardens and Orchards, with Original Agricultural Articles, 8vo. plate, 3*. pub. 7*. 6d. 1820

326 Stillingfleet (Benj.) Miscellaneous Tracts

relating to Natural History, Husbandry,and Physick, translated from the Transactions of the University of Upsal in Sweden, with the Calendar of Flora, Observations on Grasses, &c. Svo. c(f. neat, 11 platea of Grasaea, 3a. . 1762

327 Sugar, Facts and Experiments on the Use

of, in Feeding Cattle, with Hints for Cultivation of Waste Lands, &c. 8vo. 2s. . 1809

328 Sugar, Cazaud's new Method of Cultivating

Sugar Canes, and Papers on Electricity, Minerals, Petrifactions, Dropsy, Algebra, Eclipse, Telescope, Organs of Speech of Orang Outang, Lightning, Free Martin, &c. &c. (teing Philoa.Trana. vol. 69,) small 4to. half. bnd. ia. . 1779

329 Sweet's Hortus Suburbanus Londinensis,

or Catalogue of Plants cultivated in the Neighbourhood of London, arranged on Linnaean System, with the Natural Orders, References to Books and Figures where described, Native Places, Times of Flowering, &c. royal Svo. ha(f. c{f. 3*. pub. 18*. 1818

330 Sylvan Sketches, or a Companion to the

Park and Shrubbery, (Acacia to Yew Tree,) with Illustrations from the Poets, 8vo. 10*. 1825

331 Tighe (W.) The Plants, with Notes, (The

Rose, Oak, Vine, and Palm,) fine paper, thick 8po. cloth, all the III parts, 3*. pub. 18*. 1808

332 Trotter's Method of Farm Book-Keeping,

exemplified by the Forms and Accounts actually practised by him, royal 8vo. hlf .bnd.3s. Edin. 1825

333 Trusler (Dr. John) Practical Husbandry,

or Art of Farming with Certainty of Gain, as practised by Judicious Farmers, the Result of Experience, with Directions for Measuring Timber, 8vo. 2*. ... 1790

334 Tusser (Th.) Five Hundred Points of Husbandry, withExplanatory Notes of Obsolete Terms, &c. Svo. 3*. . . 1744

334* Virgil's Georgics, with Latin Text, withEng

lish Translation and large Notes, written "con amore," by Rev. W. Stawell, illustrative of Ancient and Modern Husbandry,cr. Svo. new, hlf. morocco, uncut, plates, 3s. pub. 12*. . 1808

335 Virgil's Georgics, with an English Translation and Notes, by Professor Martyn, 8vo. elf. neat, plates, 4s. C>d. . . 1755

336 Washington (Preaident of theUnited States)

Letters (engraved infacaimile,) to Sir JohnSinclair on Agricultural and Interesting Topics, 4to. ha[f elf. neat, 3a. pub. lbs. . . 1800

337 Whately's Observations on Modern Garden- I

ing, illustrated byDescriptions, cr. 8vo.2*.6<Z. 1793 J

338 Ag-l'icilltlire. Wissett's Treatise on Hemp, with Comprehensive Account of the Best Modes of Cultivation and Preparation in Europe, Asia, and America, with Observations on the Sunn Plant of India, and Lord Somerville on Hemp, 4to. ha\fclf. neat, platea, da. pub. 15*. . 1808

339 Withering's Botany, corrected, &c. by Mac

gillivray, cr. 8vo. cloth, pits. 10s. 6d. 1837

340 Worlidge (J.) Systema Agriculture, being

the Mystery of Husbandry Discovered and layd Open, also of Beasts, Fowls, Insects, Bees, Fish, ing, Fowling, Instruments, Prognosticks, Interpretation of Rustic Terms, &c. folio, curious frontispiece, 3s. 6d. . . 1675

341 Worlidge (J.)Vinetum Britannicum, a Treatise of Cider, and otherWines and Drinks extracted from Fruits of this Kingdom, Method of Propagating Various Fruit Trees, Description of New Mill, and Art of making Metheglin and Birch Wine, also of Improving Bees, 8vo. fine copy, clf. 'Ss. 6d. 1678

342 Wright's Art of Floating Land, as practised in Gloucester, shewn preferable to any other, with Examination of Boswell, Davis, Marshall, and others, with Minute Directions, 8vo. plates, acarce, 3*. ... 1779

343 Young (Arthur) Farmer's Calendar, containing the Business necessary to be Performed on Various Farms during every Month, (highly valuable work,) thick 8vo. 3*. pub. 10*. 6d. 1804

344 AGRIPPA'S OCCULT PHILOSOPHY, the Fourth Book of, translated by Turner, small 8vo. halfclf. 11. (not worth 2s.) . 1783

345 Agrippa's Vanity of Arts and Sciences translated, 8vo. elf. portrait, 3s. cost 4s. 6d. . 1694

346 Aikin (Arthur) A Manual of Mineralogy, cr. 8vo. 3s. pub. 7s. . . . 1814

347 AIKIN'S DICTIONARY of CHEMISTRYand MINERALOGY, with Account of the Processes employed in Chemical Manufactures, and Description of Chemical Apparatus, Tables of Weights, Measures, Chemical Instruments, &c. 2 vols. 4to. plates, very scarce, 21. 18a. pub. 31. 13s. 6d. 1807

348 Ailiill (Dr.) (assisted by Morgan, Johnston and others,) GENERAL BIOGRAPHY,or Critical and Historical Lives of most EminentPersons, complete,10vols.4to.A(/".c//.n(.3/.6».p«4.10^*.1807-15

"Does not implicitly adopt prescriptive errors, but evinces sound judgment, manly freedom of sentiment.aod correct taste."—Iloscoe'* Leo X.

349 DICTIONARY, another copy, 10 vols. 4to.

uncut,very nt.hlf cloth, contents lettered, 2l.12s.6d.

350 Aikin's Biographical Memoirs of Medicine in Great Britain, from the Revival of Literature till Harvey, (Richardua Angliens, 1230, to Francia Glisson, 1677,) 8vo. 3*. . 1780

351 Aikin (Dr.)DescriptionofMANCHESTER and 30 to 40 miles round, thick 4 to. remarkably clean copy,with the73plts.andmap, 795

352 MANCHESTER, another copy, complete

with Map, (so often wanting,) very handiomely bnd. c\f. very neat, 18*.

353 AIKIN'S ''much esteemed and elegant" Essays on Song Writing, with Collection of the most Eminent ENGLISH SONGS, best edition, withaddit ions and Supplement by R. H. Evans, cr. 8vo. new, 2a. pub. 10*. . . 1810

354 ■ Character and Public Service of John

Howard the Philanthropist,cr.8vo.W/'.juor7.2*. 1792

355 Geographical Delineations, or Compendious View of the Natural and Political State of all Parts of the Globe, 2 vols. cr. Svo. c{f. very nt. 4s. pub. 12s. .... 1806

356 Letters to his Son, on Literature and Conduct of Life, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. elf. nt. is. 6d. pub.l is.

357 Memoirs of Bishop Huet, by himself, translated from the original Latin, with copious Biographical and Critical Notes, by Dr. Aikin, 2 vols. 8vo. 5*. pub. 11. 4s. . . 1810

358 Natural History of the Year, best edition,

by Arthur Aikin, cr. Svo. scarce, 2s. pub. 3s. 1821

359 Translation of D'Alembert's Eulogies of

Members of the French Academy, with Preface and Notes, 2 vols. cr. Svo. 4*. . 1799

360 Aikin (Dr.) Works of the BRITISH POETS, (compriaing, in a moderate compose, aChronological Series from Ben Jonaon to Beattie, without mutilation or abridgment,) with Biographical and Critical Prefaces, 10 vols. 12mo. elegantly printed, 15s. pub.21. . 1821

361 Aikin (Miss) Memoirs of Dr. Aikin, with a Selection of his Biographical, Moral, and Critical Works, 2 vols. 8vo. new, is. pub. II. is. 1823

362 Aikin and Mrs. Barbauld's Evenings at Home, for Young Persons, best edition, by Arthur Aikin, 4 vols. hlf. bound, 5s. Gd. pub. 10s. . 1826

363 Aikin and Mrs. Barbauld's Miscellaneous Pieces, "delightful," in Prose, cr. 8vo. elf. neat, 2s. cost 6s. 6d. . . . 1792

364 AIKIN (MISS) Memoirs of Queen Elizabeth, (" admirable histories."Edinburgh Review,) 2 vols. Svo. 10s. 11. 5s. . 1818

365 Memoirs of the Court of James the First,

2 vols. 8vo. 11*. Gd. pub. 11. is. . 1822

366 Life of Ulric Zwingle, the Swiss Reformer,

(a truly evangelical character and spirit,) translated from Hess, by Lucy Aikin, cr. 8vo. 2s. pub. 10*. 6d. .... 1812

367 AIMAN, Experiences de, an elegantly written Manuscript Treatise in French, on the Loadstone, with 41 very beautiful pen and ink drawings, small 4to. ctf. extra, gilt leaves, 5s. Gd. cost 10s. 6d.

368 Ainsworth's Account of the Caves of Ballybunian, County of Kerry, with some Mineralogical Details, 8vo. plate and cuts, 2s. is.

Dublin, 1834

369 AINSWORTH'S ANNOTATIONS upon the Pentateuch, the Psalmes.andSong of Songs or Canticles, (" laborious and useful," "critical and spiritual."Bickersteth; "full of valuable Jewish learning, and translation in many parts preferable to ours."Doddridge,) thick folio, good copy, elf. 11. 10s. . . . 1627

370 AINSWORTH'S Latin Dictionary, by Patrick, very good copy, thick 4to. ctf. neat, 13s. Gd. 1751

371 Latin Dictionary, good 8vo. edition, bnd.

6s. 6d.

372 another 8vo. edition, bnd. good old edition,

is. 6d.

373 Dictionary, Dymock's pocket edition, 4s.

pub. 7s. 1830

374 Airy (Professor) Gravitation, an Elementary Explanation of the Principal Perturbations in the Solar System, cr. 8vo. cloth, is. 6d. pub. 7s. 1834

375 Mathematical Tracts on Physical Astronomy, the Figure of the Earth, Precession and Nutation, and Calculus of Variations, 8vo. elf. neat, 7s. 6d. pub. 15*. . Cambridge, 1826

376 A July up the Rhine, with one Word to Bulwer, cloth neat, (plates of Rousseau's House, Tombs of Marshall Saxe, Madame Langlan, 4)-c.) 2s. pub. 5s. 6d. 1834

377 A Kempis's Imitation of Christ, translated, with Preface, by Payne, Dove's pocket edition, new, Is. pub. 2s. 1822

378 A Kempis's Imitation, translated, with Meditations and Prayers, by Dean Stanhope, 8vo. clean copy, ctf. plates, 2s. 6d. . 1742

379 Akenside (Dr.) Poems, 8vo. elf. nt. best library edition, 3s. . . 1772

380 Pleasures of Imagination, with Critical

Essay by Barbauld, cr. 8vo. elf. extra, 3*. pub. 7s.

Cadell, 1818

381 Bucke on the Life, Writings, and Genius of

Akenside, with Account of his Friends, cr. 8vo. portrait, 2s. pub. 9s. . 1832

382 Akerman's Numismatic Manual, or Guide to the Study of Greek, Roman, and English Coins, 12mo. cloth, plates, is. pub. 8s. . 1832

383 Alahastro (Anglo) (" the rarest poet and Grecian that any age has produced."Anth. a Wood,) Lexicon Pentaglotton, Hebraicum, Chaldaicum, Syriacum, Talmudico-Rabbinicum et Arabicum, folio, half elf. neat, rare, 8s. 6d. 1C37

384 Alamanni La Coltivazione et le Api di Rucellui, eolle Annot. ili R. Titi et Vita dal Mazzuchelli et Annot. del G. Bianchini, (" highly extolled, exquisite sweetness of style."Hallam.) cr. 8vo. h'If morocco, is. . Verona, 1745

385 Albigenses, a Romance, by Maturin, (" exceedingly painful, and powerfully written,") 4 vols. cr. Svo.half elf.veryneatandclean, l/.12s. 1824

380 Albio's History of the Isle of Wight from the Earliest Times, Civil, Ecclesiastical and Military,

with its Natural History, thick 8vo. half bnd. uncut, large map, (Fonthill copy sold for II. 12s.) 3s. 6d.


387 Albin's Natural History of English Song Birds, including those Foreign brought over, Canary Birds, &c. their Management, Diseases and Cure, cr. 8vo. ctf. many plates with the Eggs, 3s. cost 9s. 1737

388 Alchymist, a Periodical Paper, (consisting of articles grave and gay, prose and poetry, laughable and historical, philosophical, scientifical, life.) 8vo. complete, elf neat, 3s. 6d. . 1835

389 AlCliymiC, A New Light of, out of the fountaine of Nature and Manuall of Experience, and Treatise of Sulphur by Sandivogius, also Paracelsus of the Nature of Things, and Chymicall Dictionary, faithfully translated by Dr. J. F. small 4to. 3s. . . 1650

390 Geber, (the most famous Arabian Prince

and Philosopher,) Works, faithfully Englished by R. Russell, cr. 8vo. ctf. 2s. Gd. 1678

391 Praxis of Miriam the Prophetess, and 4

other works on Alchymy, inMSS. very beautifully written, by Hockley, small 4to. 3s. 6<f. 183

392 The Secrets of Antimony, a very old and

curious English MSS. very legibly written, small 8vo. elf. 2s. Gd.

393 Weidenfields on the Secrets of the Adepts,

a Practical Work, with very great study gathered from the Ancient and Modern Fathers of Adept Philosophy, by J. Hollandus, small 4to. 3s. (id. 1685

394 Alciphron, Rhetor, Epistolse, Gr. et Lat. Bergleri, 8vo. half morocco, uncut, 3s. Traject. 1791

395 Alcoran of Mahomet, translated by Du Ryer, cr. 8vo. clean in elf. 3s. 6d. . 1649

396 Alcoran translated, with Notes from approved Commentators, and Preliminary Discourse, by Sale, 2 vols. 8vo. best edition, elf. neat, 13s. (id. pub. 11. is. . . Cadell, 1812

397 Aldrich's Elements of Civil Architecture, according to Vitruvins and other Ancient and Modern Authors, especially Palladio, translated by Smyth, ("very clear and concise."Eustace,) 8vo. half morocco, uncut, 55 pits. 5s. pub. 18s. Oxford, 1824

398 Aldridge's Goldsmith's Repository, Elementary Treatise on the Art of Assaying Metals, Rules, Directions, and Correct Tables for all possible occasions of Mixing, Allaying, or finding the Value of Gold, Silver, and Parting, with Abstracts of Acts of Parliament on Gold, Silver, Changes in Standard, Slc. Svo. ctf. rare, 5s. 6d. . 1789

399 Aldridge's History of the Antiquities and Jurisdiction of all the Courts of Law, Equity, Ecclesiastical, Military, University, Copyhold and others, 8vo. 3s. pub. 5s. . . 1835

400 Aleman's Life and Adventures of Guzman D'Alfarache, or the Spanish Rogue, translated by Brady, (" a fund of acute and comprehensive observation on almost every rank in society."See Retrospective Review,) 3 vols. cr. Svo. new, cloth, is. pub. 11. . . 1823

401 Aleppo and Adjacent Parts, Natural History of, with Description of the City, Natural Productions, Climate, Inhabitants and Diseases, by Dr. Russell, "most completepicture of Easternmanners extant," 4to. ctf. neat, many plates, 5s. Gd. 1756

402 Alexander (Dr.) History of Women from the Earliest Antiquity to Present Time, 2 vols. 8vo. half bnd. 2s. . . 1779

403 Alexander (Professor) Canon of the Old and New Testament Ascertained, or Bible complete without Apocrypha and Unwritten Traditions, edited, with Introductory Remarks, by Vr.Morison, cr. 8vo. 3s. pub. 6s. Gd. . 1831

401 Alexandre, Dictionnairc Grec-Francais sur un Nouveau Plan, ou sont reams Ktienne, Schneider, Passow, et les Meilleurs Lexicographies et Grammairiens, "an excellent work," very thick Svo. 8s.

Paris, 1836

405 ALEYN (CHARLES) Historie of that Wise and Fortunate Prince llenrie the Seventh, With that famed Battaile of Crookbackeneere Bosworth,1638; The Battailes of Cresey and Poictiers, 1633, old elf. neat, with the rare old portrait, (see Lowndes for high valuation.) 9s.

406 ALFIERI Tragedie, da Asti, ("his tragedies are noble poems, in the highest degree imposing."

Quarterly Review,) 6 vols. 12mo. elf. neat, lis. 6<f.

Nizza, 1790

407 ALFIERI Tragedie, con Memorie Lettararie.e la Merope di Maffei et l'Aristodemo di Monti, dall' editore Montucci, 3 vols. 12mo. elf. neat, Ret. H. G. Rose's Autograph, 6s. pub. II. Is. 180C

408 Vie de Allien, par lui-meme traduite,(Brirr<n

after the style of Rousseau, the English Translator has suppressed passages,) 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. half ctf. neat, it. . Paris, 1809

409 Algarotti (Count) Essay on the Opera, translated, 1767; ditto, Lyric Muse revived in Europe, or Critical Display of the Opera in all its Revolutions, (an abstract of every thing published on the rubject,) 1768, 12mo. ctf. extra, 3s.

410 AIg-el»ra, Bland's Algebraical Problems, 8vo. 4s. pub. 10s. Gd. Cambridge, 1828

411 Bridge's Elements of Algebra, 8vo. 2s. pub.

7s. 1811; or another, 3s. pub. 7s. 1826

412 Colebrooke's Algebra, with Arithmetic and

Mensuration, translated from the Sanscrit of Brahmegupta and Bhascara, 4to. elf. very mat, 18s. 6d. pub. 3/. 3». . 1817

413 Darley's System of Popular Algebra, with

Proportions and Progressions, cr. 8vo. 2i. pub. is. 6d. 1827

414 Fennell's Elementary Treatise on Algebra,

to facilitate the acquirement of the first principles, Svo. 3s. pub. 9s. . Cambridge, 1831

415 Harris's Algebraist's Assistant, beingaCotn.

pendium of Algebra upon the Plan of Walkingame'i Tutor's Assistant, 12mo. Is. 4s. 1818

416 Hind's Elements of Algebra for Students

at University, 8vo. 5s. Gd. pub. 12s. 6rf.

Cambridge, 1830

417 Hindi's Collection of Examples, Fonnule

and Calculations on the Literal Calculus and Algebra, translated from the German, by Rev. J. A. Ross, 8vo. 4s. 6d. pub. 12s. . 182/

418 Lacroix, Elemens d'Algebre a l'Usagede

l'Ecole Centrale, 8vo. half ctf. neat, 3s. 1830

419 LACROIX'S Elementary Treatise on the

Differential and Integral CALCULUS, translated, with Appendix and Notes, thick 8vo. rare, lHi.

Cambridft, 1816

420 Maclaurin's Treatise of Algebra, with the

General Properties of Geometrical Lines, 8ro. 2s. 6d. .' •» . 1788

421 Mohammed Ben Musa, Algebra of, edited

and translated, with the Original Arabic, by Frederic Rosen, royal 8vo. 7s. pub. 10s. 1831

422 Nicholson and Rowbotham's Practical Trei

tise of Algebra, cr. 8vo. 2s. Gd. pub. is. Gd. 1821

423 Key to ditto, cr. 8vo. 2s. 6o*. pub. is. lS'.'i

424 SAUNDERSON (Lucasian Professor)

Elements of Algebra, with Life and Character, 2 vols. 4to. fine copy, ctf. with portrait, 8s.

Cambridge University, l/l'1

425 Saunderson's Algebra, Select Parts of.Jor

Students at the Universities, 8vo. ctf. 2s. 1761

426 SHARPE'S IntroductiontoALGEBUA.m

which the Fundamental Rules are clearly demonstrated, and rendered easy to every capacity, rilb Appendix, containing the Solution of 100 Alftbraical Questions, cr. 8vo. 2s. pub. Edmb. 1820

427 Strachey's Bija Ganita, or the Algebra of

the Hindus, 4to. ctf. neat, is. pub. 15s. 1813

428 Strachey, another copy, 4to.Ws.4s.M.18I2

429 Treatise on the Nature and Properties of

Algebraic Equations, with the Solution of Eqo>tions, 8vo. 2s. pub. 5s. . ""2

430 Ward's Treatise on Algebraical Geometry,

Svo. cloth, 3s. pub. 5s. Lib. Usef. Knoir. It*

431 Wood's Elements of Algebra, 8vo. >

pub. 7s. . . . 18M

432 Young (Professor) Theoretical and Practical Elementary Treatise on Algebra, cr. 8vo. clolb, 3s. Gd. pub. 5s. 6rf. . . W

433 ALGER1E, Mon Voyage en, raconte i Dies Enfans, par Napoleon Roussel,'l"' 2s. Gd. . . Paris, Wt

134 Ali Chcrefeddin, Histoire deTimur Bee le Grand Tamerlan, Empereur des Mogols et Tartare*. tnduite, avec Notes Historiques, par Petis de la Croii2 vols. 12mo. hlf. catf, neat, 5s. Paris, 1?»

435 Ali (Mrs. Meer Hassan) Obiervations on the

Mussulman n * of India, Descriptive of the Manners, Customs, Habits, and Religious Opinions, from 12 Years' Residence (" most agreeable, admirable, and very attractive wort, the fruit of actual observation,") 2 vols. 8vo. la. pub. \l. is. 1832

436 Alibert Precis Historique sur les Eaux Minerales, les plus usitees en France, suivi de quelques Renseignmcns sur les Euux Minerales Exotiques, thick 8vo. 3*. fid. pub. 10*. Paris, 182G

437 Alison (Dr. Scott) Inquiry into the Propagation of Contagious Poisons, and Nature and Effects of Vitiated Air, with Directions for Avoiding, 8vo. cloth, 3*. 6(i. pub. 5s. . . 1839

438 Alison's "beautiful and instructive" Essays on Nature and Principles of Taste, 2 vols. 8vo. 8*. 6d. pub. 11. It. . . . 1815

439 Alison's Sermons, (" beautiful, melodious, and refined,") 2 vols. 8vo. (vol 1, bds. vol. 2, elf) 6». pub. II. is. . . 1814-5

440 Aiken's Scraps from his Sketch Book, engraved by himself, 4to. 42 very spirited plates, 9s. fid. pub. U. 5*. . . . 1821

441 Allan's Mineralogical Nomenclature Alphabetically arranged, with Synoptical Tables of the Chemical Analyses of Minerals, 8vo. 2*. (id. pub. 12*. 1814

442 Allan's Views in Glasgow and its Neighbourhood, with Descriptions by Leighton, very clean, oblong 4 to. hlf.bnd. India paper 1835

443 Alleine's Alarm to Unconverted Sinners, with Cases of Conscience Resolved, (" very awakening and edifying."Bickersteth,) thick 12mo. Is. pub 4t. 1818

444 Unconverted, best edit, with Introductory

Essay by Thomson, cr. 8vo. 2*. fid. pub. 4*.

Glasgow, 1823

445 Allen (Dr.) Cases of Insanity, with Medical Moral, and Philosophical Observations and Essays upon them, 8vo. 4*. pub. 8*. . 1831

446 Essay on the Classification of the Insane, 8vo. plates, 4*. pub. . . 1839

447 Allen (John) Tracts : Crown of Thorns set on the Head of Jesus, 1800 ; Door of KnowledgcOpcned, 1802 ; Christian Pilgrim, or Travels Spiritualized, 1803; Chain of Truths, 1811; Gospel Standard,

, 18X3, cr. 8vo. ////. ctf. neat, 2s. Od.

448 Allen's History and Antiquities of Lambeth and the Palace, with Biographical Notices of Eminent Natives, royal 8vo. numerous engravings, 6s. fid. pub. It. 12*. - - 182/

449 (ALLEN ROBERT) Doctrine of t he Gospel, by a plaine and familiar Interpretation of the Particular Points or Articles thereof, with the promises, comforts, and duties, Sfc. Sfc. 3 vols, in 1, thick folio, elf neat, 10*. . 1606

450 Allestry (Rev. R.) XVIII Sermons before the King and on Public Occasions (" richly furnished with all variety of choice solid learning."Anth. a Wood,) folio, elf. 4*. . 1669

451 Alley (Dr.) on the Hydrargyria, or that Vesicular Disease arising from the Exhibition of Mercury, 4to. coloured plates, 3*. pub. 7s. 6d. 1810

452 Allix's Reflexions upon the Books of the Holy Scripture, to establish the Truth of the Christian Religion, 2 vols, in I, fine clean copy, best edition, the original binding, 5s. . . 1688

453 Allix (P.) de Messire Duplici Adventu, dissert, dure, adversus Judseos, 1717, rare; Gretton on Being and Attributes, in reply to Dr. Clarke, 1726; Harris (of Kent) I^egal Prefigurations asserted and Vindicated, 1727; Mackworth's Divine Authority of Scriptures, Divinity of Our Saviour and Holy Ghost,1704 ; Leslieagainst Deism,1701,8vo.c7/".3*.

454 Alma Mater, or Seven Years at the University of Cambridge, (very clever work, by Wright, the Mathematician,) 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 5*. pub. 18*. 1827

455 Almaoach de Verite, ou Voyage dans 1*He des Lanternes, cr. 8vo. 1*. Amst. (Paris) 1791

456 AlllliilllM'M, a very rare assemblage of about 300, between 1633 and 1739, and from 1749 to 1832, (Made up with The Dove, Oxford, British Diary's, Watson's,Moore's, Wings, Partridge, Poor Robin's, Gadbury, Parker's and While's Ephemcris, Pearce, Season, Gentleman and Lady's Diaries, 4fe. ire.) some with cotemporary curious MSS. diaries, remarks, &c. 11. 13*. fid.

4(57 for 1806, Gentlemen's and Ladies' Diaries,

White's Ephemeris, Moore, Poor Robin, &c. 12mo.
morocco, gilt leaves, 2s. fid.

458 ALMANACKS, British, and Companions, com-
plete from Commencement in 1828 to 1832 inclu-
sive, 5 vols, half elf. very neat, 13*.

459 Almanacs, 1829 to 1840, only 3d. each.

460 Ditto, with Companion, for 1828, 5*. or

Companion only, 3*.

461 Audley's Companion to the Almanack, an

Explanation of Saints' Days and Holydays, with
Biographies, See. 12mo. half elf. \s. 6d. 1813


Book and Universal Mirror, embracing Anniver-
saries of Persons, Events, Institutions, Festivals of
all Denominations, from the Creation, 2 vols. 8vo.
new, half morocco, uncut, 7s. pub. 21. 2s. 1832

463 Brady's Clavis Calendaria, or Compendious

Analysis of the Calendar, illustrated with Ecclesias-
tical, Historical, and Classical Anecdotes, 2 vols.
8vo. 6*. pub. 11. 5*. . . 1812

464 (Almon's) Life and Parliamentary Speeches
(1736 to 1778) of Pitt, Earl of Chatham, 3 vols.
8vo. (" a valuable historical work,") 8*. 1793

465 ALPHABET of Chemistry, Scientific, for Begin-
ners, by Professor Rennie, 12mo. numerous cuts,
Is. 6d. pub. 2s. fid. . . 1834

466 of Insects, for Beginners, by ditto, cuts,

Is. 6d. . . 1832

467 of Medical Botany by ditto, 2s. 1834

468 of Physics or Natural Philosophy, for

Beginners, by ditto, numerous cuts, Is. fid. sells
2s. fid. . . . 1833

469 of Zoology, for Beginners, by ditto, cuts,

Is. fid. pub. 2s. fid. . 1833

470 ALPINUS deMedicina Methodica in quibus me-
dendi Ars Methodica, (" elucidating and restoring
the ancient doctrine of methodic sect in medi-
cine,") small thick 4to. elf. 2s.6d. Lugd. Bat. 1719

471 de Praesagienda Vita et Morte ..'Egrotan

tium in quibus ars tota Hippocratica nova Methodo
elucesitcum Priefatione Boerhaave, "aconsitlerable
work,'' small 4to. 2*. fid. Lugd. 1710

472 Alston's Hints to Young Practitioners on land-
scape Painting, 8vo. 5pits. 2s.fid. pub. 10s.6(/. 1804

473 ALTIERl'S English and Italian Dictionary,con-
taining all the Words of the Vocabulary dclla Crus-
ca, &c. 2 vols. 4 to. half vellum, fis. very correct

Printed at Venire, 1751

tiones atque Observationes, Theologicas, Philolo-
gicas, Critical, Historicas, Exhibens, (see Walchii
for high character,) 6 vols. cr. 8vo. vellum, 10s.

Tiguri, 1737-42

475 AMADIS de GAULE, Le Quartorzieme Livre
de, Traittant les hauts faits d'armes et amours ex-
tremes, &c. thick 18mo. (pp. 628,) vellum, 2s.

Lyon, 1577

476 Amadis de Gaule, le Thresor des XII livres de,
cr. 8vo. vellum, 2s. Paris, 1559

477 Amadis de Gaul, traduction libre de, par Comte
de Tressan, (" The Parent of all Books of Knight
Errantry in Spain; see Cervantes Praise of it,")
2 vols. cr. 8vo. elf. neat, 4*. fid. Amst. 1780

478 Amadis of Gaul, by Southey, vols. 2 and 4 only,
5*. 1803

479 Amaryllis, or (160) Songs, most esteemed for
Composition and Delicacy,rightly adapted toVoice,
Violin, Hautboy, Flute, and German Flute, and
Harpsicord, 2vols. in 1, small 4to. scarce,4*. 17—

480 Amat(Arehip.Pa!myrensi)Ecc\es\x Jcsu-Christi
Ichnographia, Sive Militantis Ecclesire, a Filio Dei
Homine Facto Institutee,cr.8vo.3s.Bare/none, 18.10

481 Amateurs de Tableaux, des Ecoles, Allemande,
Flamande et Ilollandoise, Guide des, par Gault de
Saint-Germain, 2 vols, in 1, thick cr. 8vo. verynt.
half russia, 4s. . Paris, 1818

482 Amazones, Traite Historique sur les, par Petit,
2 vols, in 1, thick 12mo. numerous cuts of medals,
2s. . . 1718

483 AMBASSADEUR et ses Fonctions, avec Re-
flexions sur les Memoircs pour les Ambassadeurs,
Reponse et Discours Historique dc l'Election de
1'Empereur et Electeurs, 2 vols, in 1 thick 4to. elf.
extra, gilt leaves, 5*. Cologne, 1715

484 Ambassadeur, Le Parfait, traduit de l'Espagnol,
par Lancelot, thick 18mo. vellum, 2*, 1642

485 AMBROSE (ISAAC) Compleat Works, (" derout and admirable thoughts."Bickersteth,)thick folio, htf. elf. neat, good copy, withport. 16*. 1682

486 Works with Life, edited by Wesley, 2 vols.

in 1, 8vo. elf. neat, 6*. pub. 16*. . 1815

487 Christian Warrior Wrestling with Sin,

Satan, the World, and Flesh, edited by Rev. T.
Jones, 12mo. cloth, Is. fid. . 1837

488 AMERICAN PREACHER, by Evangelical Mi-
nisters in United States, Select Discourses from,
2 vols. 8vo. very scarce, lis. Edinb. 1796

489 America,Campe'sColumbus,or the Discovery of, translated from the German, by Helme, (excellent book for young,) small 8vo. half bud. map, 2s. 1828

490 Alll«'l'it-H. Abingdon (Earl of) Thoughts on Burke's Letter to Sheriff of Bristol on American Affairs, 1776; Rev. J. Anderson's Interest of Great Britain with regard to her Colonies considered, 1781; Considerations on Measures in N. America, 1774; SirW.Jones's Principles of Government,1781-2-3, &c. very thick 8vo. half elf. 3*.

491 Abdy's Journal of a Residence and Tour in

N. America, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. new, hlf. mor. 7s. pub. 30*. . . . 1835

492 Account of the Proceedings of the Inhabitants of Quebec to obtain a House of Assembly, 1775; Additional Papers, or Appendix to Ditto, 1776, 2 vols. 8vo. 5*. fid.

493 Acuna's Voyage up the River of Amazons,

Acarate's Voyage up the Plata River to Mines of Potosi andGrillet, and Bechamel's Voyage in Guiana, translated with Notes, (the original Spanish is excessively rare,) 8vo. elf. maps, scarce, 3*. fid. 1658

494 America and the Americans, by a Citizen

of the World, (" the observations of an independent business man, containing the whole truth, and rendering Americans justice,'') 8vo. 3*. fid. pub. 10*. fid. 1833

495 Anburey (Capt.) Travels through the Interior Parts of America, 2 vols. 8vo. elf. neat, interesting plates, 3s. . . . 1789

496 Apocalypse de Chiokoyhikoy, Chef des

Iroquois, Sauvages d'Amerque, ecrite 1305, 8vo. sewed, 2s. . . Philadelph. 1777

497 Appeal to Justice, &c. of Gr. Brit, in Disputes with America, 1774; Second ditto,-1775; Beauties of Fox, North, and Burke, Selected from their Speeches, 1784 (portraits); Wales on present Population of England and Wales, 1781, &c. very thick 8vo. half elf. is.

498 Auteroche (Chappe de) Voyage to California to observe the Transit of Venus, with Description of his Route through Mexico, its Natural History, and Voyage to Newfoundland and Sallee, by De Cassini, 8vo. plan, 2s. . . 1778

499 Barbarities of the Enemy Exposed, in a Report of the Committee of the House of Representatives, on the Spirit and Manner in which War has been waged by the Enemy (English), with Documents, cr. 8vo. 2s. . Troy, 1810

500 Biographia Americana, or Historical and

Critical Account of the Lives, Actions and Writings of Most Distinguished North Americans, from First Settlement, 8vo. df neat, portraits, 4*. fid.

New York, 1825

501 Boucher (Rev. Jonathan) Discourses

Preached in North America, between 1763—1775, on Causes and Consequences of the American Revolution, with Historical Preface, very thick 8vo. 2*. fid. . . . 1797

502 Breton (Cape) Importance and Advantage

of, truly stated and considered, proper maps, 1746; Letter on Free British Fisheries, with Draughts of Herring Buss and Nets, and Harbour of Peterhead, 1750, &c. 8vo. hlf. elf. 2s. fid.

503 Bristed on the Anglican and Anglo-American Churches (the causes of the weakness and inefficiency), 8vo. 3s. pub. 10*. 6(7. . 1823

504 British Treaty, (The) with Appendix of

State Papers, 1808; Mayer's Prophetic Mirror to England, proving Bonaparte "The Beast that arose," Sic. 1806; Long Illness andLast Moments of Fox, with Strictures on his Life, 1806, scarce i All the Talents in Ireland, a Satirical Poem, 1807, &c. 8vo. hlf. elf. 2s.

505 — Brother Jonathan, or the New Englanderi,


3 vols. cr. 8vo. 4s. dd. pub. II. lis. dd.

Blackwood, 1825

506 AllierfCll. Bucaniers of America, History of, Walker's pocket edition, elf. neat, 2s. dd. pub. 6s. . . . 1810

507 Burke's Speeches on American Taxation,

French Affairs, Catholics and others, against Burke, very thick 8vo. hlf. elf. neat, 2s. dd, 1775, &c.

508 Butler (Fanny Kemble) Personal Journal

of a Residence in the United States, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 5*. 6d. pub. 18*. . . 1835

509 Cabrera, or Critical Investigation into the

History of the Americans, with Analysis and Comparison of Monuments of Del Rio and Egyptians, small 4to. (no title page), singular fac-similies of old Antiquities, 3s. . . 1822

510 CANADIAN FREEHOLDER, in Dialogues between an Englishman and a Frenchman Settled in Canada, shewing the Sentiments of the Freeholders of Canada on the late Quebec Act, Boston Charter Act, and Expediency of Concessions to the Americans (by Baron Maseres), 3 vols. Svo. calf neat, scarce, 10s. , . 1779


of the Present United Colonies, from their Settlement to 1763, from Records and State Papers, thick 4to. a highly valuable work, 11. 5s. . 1780

512 Chevalier Lettres sur l'Amerique du Nord,

(Etats Unis, Mexique, Cuba, 8fc.) 2 vols. 8vo. large map, 5s. dd. pub. 16*. . . Paris, 1836

513 Claim of the American Loyalists, reviewed

and maintained, upon incontrovertible Principles of Law and Justice, 8vo. red mor. gilt leaves, 3s. 1788

514 Clavigero's History of Mexico, collected

from Spanish and Mexican Historians, from MSS. and Ancient Paintings of the Indians, with Critical Dissertations, translated by Cullen, 2 vols. 4to, hlf. bnd. in 4, 7s. (dd. . . 1787

515 Clinton (Lieut.-Gen.) Narrative of his

Command in N. America in 1781, with his Correspondence, 1783; Hutchinson, Governor, and Lt.Gen. Oliver, Letters, Printed at Boston, with Address, &c. 1774; Sure Guide to Hell, by Belzebub, 17—, &c. 8vo. 3s.

516 (Cooper's) Notions of the Americans, picked

up by a Travelling Bachelor, 2 vols. 8vo. as. dd. pub. 11. 8s. . . 1828

517 Crawford's Essay on the Propagation of the

Gospel, in which are numerous Facts and Arguments to prove the Indians descended from the "Ten Tribes," 12mo. 2s. 6d. Philadelphia, 180

518 Crockett (David) Narrative of the Life of,

written by himself (The American' Munchausen), cr. 8vo. dth and best American edit. 2s. pub.

Philadelphia, 1834

519 — De Solis, Historia de la Conquista de Mexico Poblacion y Progressos, de la America Septentrional, Nueva Espana, folio, hlf. bnd. uncut, many plates, 6s. . Brus>e!as, 1704

520 De Tocqueville, de la Democratic en

Amerique, 3 vols, small 8vo. large map, 5s. dd.

Bruxelles, 1837

521 Dixon (Capt.) Voyage Round the World,

particularly on N.W. Coast of America, thick 4to. neat, plates, 5s. . . 1789

522 Dixon's Remarks on Meares' Voyages,

1790 j Dixon's further Remarks substantiating several Facts on Geography and Commerce, with Capt. Duncan's Letter, 1791; Meares's Answer to Dixon, 1791, 4to. Funthill copy, uncut, and very neatly hlf. bnd. morocco, 5s.

523 Eddis's Letters from America,Historical and

Descriptive, comprising Occurrences from 1769 to 1777 inclusive, thick 8vo. (pp.iyo)clf. neat, 2s. 6d.

524 Falconer (Capt.) Voyages, Dangerous

Adventures, and Imminent Escapes, containing the Laws, Customs, and Manners of the American Indians; also Voyages, &c. of Randal among the Virginian Indians, 8vo. elf.frontispiece,3s.6rf. 1710

525 Ferrall's Ramble of Six Thousand Miles

through the United States, 8vo. new, cloth, facsimile of Cherokee, 2s. dd. pub. 10s. (id. 1832

526 Goldsmith (Lewis) Exposition of the conduct of France towards America, with cases decided in Council of Prizes in Paris, 1810; Pott on the Matters of Prize, and Practice of the Admiralty

Prize Courts, 1810; Jennyn's Examination of the Conduct and Transactions of the Commissioners for Dutch Prizes, 1810; Authentic Accounts of the Battles of Jena, Auerstadt,&c.1809; andothers, thick 8vo. halfclf. 3s. 6d.

527 America.Graham(Dr.)DescriptiveSketch of the Present Stateof Vermont, 8vo.portrait, 2s. 1797

528 (Grant, Mrs.) Memoirs of an American

Lady, with Sketches of Manners and Scenery before the Revolution, 12s. 1808

529 Hale's History of the United States, from

their First Settlement to the Close of War with Gr. Britain in 1815, 8vo. 3s. dd. pub. 12s. 1820

530 Hall (Judge) Letters from the West, containing Sketches of Scenery, Manners, and Customs, and Anecdotes connected with the First Settlements of the United States, 8vo. As. pub. 12s. 1828

531 Holmes (Abiel) American Annals, or

Chronological History of America, from its Discovery in 1492 to 1806, 2 vols. 8vo. maps, 4s. pub. 18s. . . . 1813

532 Howe (Lieut. Gen.) Narrative of his Conduct during his Command in N. America, 1781; The Watch and Genius of America, Odes, 1778; Strictures on the British Army in General, and Foot Guards in Particular, by a Field Officer, 1793; Trial of Grant at Court Martial, 1792; British Military Library, 1799, coloured plates, 4to. hlf'.bnd. Sr.

533 Humboldt's Researches on the Institutions

and Monuments of the Ancient Inhabitants of America, with Descriptions and Views in the Cordilleras, translated bv H. M. Williams, 2 vols. 8vo. plates, 14s. dd. pub. 'll. lis. (id. . 1814

534 HUTCHINSON'S History of the Province of MASSACHUSETS BAY, from 1749, and Narrative of the American Revolution, edited by his Grandson from his papers, 8vo. new, is. (id. pub. lbs. . . . 1828

535 Imlay (Capt.) Topographical Description

of the Western Territory of North America, with reprints of Filson's Discovery, &c. of Kentucky, Heart's Account of Ancient Works, Natives, &C. Hutchins's Description of Louisiana, Virginia, &c. and 10 other scarce papers, thick 8vo. calf, large maps, 3s. dd. . . 1797

536 Jefferson's Notes on the State of Virginia,

8vo. elf. 2s. fid. . Philadelphia, 1788

537 JOHNSON'S LIFE and Correspondence

of NATHANAEL GREENE, Major General of the Armies of the United States in the War of the Revolution, chiefly from Original Materials, 2 vols. 4to. G. pub. 31. 3s. . Charleston, 1822

538 Labat (Pere) Voyage aux Isles de l'Ame

rique,contenantuneexacte Description detoutesces Isles, Arbres, Plantes, Animaux, Habitans, Moeurs, Manufactures, Commerce, etc. 2 vols. 4to. elf. neat, numerous maps and plates, 10s. 1724

539 Latour (Major) Historical Memoir of the

War in West Florida and Louisiana, in 1814-5, translated by Nugent, with Atlas, 2 vols. 8vo. half elf. neat, 8s. . Philadelphia, 1816

540 Letter on the Orders in Council, 1812;

Anticipation of Marginal Notes on American Declaration, 1813; Dispute with America Considered, 1812; Gilb. Wakefield's Letter to the Attorney General on late Trial, 1798; Burdett on Power of Commons to Imprison, 1810; &c. 8vo. elf. neat, N. (id.

541 Letters from an American Farmer, describing Situations, Manners, Customs, &c. not generally known, by Hector St. John, 8vo. 2s. (id. 1782

542 Letters of the British Spy, (exceedingly

popular in the States,) ex. 8vo. Is. Is. 1812

513 Lewis and Clarke's Travels to the Source

of the Missouri River, and across the American Continent, 3 vols. 8vo. maps, lis. (id. pub. 21. 2s. 1817

544 Lincoln's History of Worcester, Massachusetts, from its Settlement to 1836, with History of the Worcester County, roval 8vo. (pp. 383,) no map, 3s. 6d. . Worcester, (U. S.) 1837

545 (Lind, Author of the Poland) Remarks

on the Acts relating to the Colonies, with Plan of Reconciliation, 8vo. scarce, 3s. 6d. . 1775

546 Long's Voyages and Travels of an Indian

Interpreter and Trader, describing the Manners and Customs of N. American Indians, with Voca

bulary of Chippeway Language, Names of Furs and Skins, Words in Iroquois, Mohegan, Shawanee, and Esquimeaux Tongues, &c. 4to. ("most faithful picture."Volney,) is. 6d. . 1/91

547 A III Cl'iCSt. Mackenzie's Voyages from Montreal, or River St. Lawrence, through North America to Frozen and Pacific Oceans, with History of the Rise, Progress, &c. of the Fur Trade, 4to. very fine copy, russia extra, maps, II. lis. 6d. lbOl

548 Macy (Obed) History of Nantucket from

First Settlement by English, with Rise, &c. of the Whale Fishery, cr. 8vo. cloth,is.Boston(U.S.) 1835

549 Mandrillou le Spectateur Americain, on

Remarqucs Generales sur l'Amerique Septentrionale et sur la Republique des Trieze-Etats-Unis, et Recherches Philosophiques sur la Decouverte du Nouveau Monde, thick 8vo. large map, it.

Amsterd. 1784

550 Marryat (Capt.) Diary in America, with

Remarks on its Institutions, 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 8*. 6d. pub. 11. lis. (id. . . 1839

551 Martin's History of the British Possessions in North America, with valuable official documents, 8vo. cloth, no map, is. pd. ll. lg. 1834

552 Martineau (Harriet) Society in America,

(" best, truest, fullest, and most philosophical,") 3 vols. cr. 8vo. 7s. dd. pub. II. lis. 6d. 1837

553 Massachusettensis, or a Series of Letters

containing Facts which laid the Foundation of Troubles in Massachusetts Bay, with Reflections, 8vo. Is. (id. . . i;;6

554 Memoirs of a Life chiefly passed in Penn

sylvania within the last Sixty Years, (Published with highly laudatory preface by Galt,)Sm. pub. 9s. dd. . Edinb. 1822

555 Memorials of Council ofTrade (of Imu

XIV.) in France, in 1701, on their Commerce to America, Guinea, &c. 8vo. Is. . 1736

556 Memorials of the English and French Commissaries concerning the Limits of Nova Scotia or Arcadia, (French and English), thick 4to. (w. U.

Private print. 1755

557 ■ Memorials of ditto, ditto, concerning St.

Lucia, (French and English,) thick 4to. "a complete answer," it. . Prh. print. 1755

558 Michaux,TravelstotheWestwardoftheAlle

gany Mountains, in the Ohio, Kentucky, and Ten nesse States, and through the Carolinas, translated by Lambert, 8vo. large map, 3s. dd. pd. 12*. 1805

559 Morse's American Geography, thick 8vo.

maps, 2s. . . 1792

560 Morse's American Gazetteer, thick 8vo.

maps, 2s. . . 1798

561 Murat (Prince Royal of the Two Siciliet)

Moral and Political Sketch of the United States, with a Note on Negro Slavery, cr. 8vo. halfclf. neat, col. map, 3s. 6rf. pub. 7s. dd. . 1833

562 Murray (Hugh, "very valuable") Historical Account of Discoveries and Travels in North America, Canada, Polar Sea, etc. from the Earliest Ages to the Present Time, 2 vols. 8vo. map, new, 6s. dd. pub. II. 7s. . 1®

563 Murray (Rev. J., of Newcastle,) Impartial

History of the War in America from its Commencement, with the Charters of the several Colonies, 2 vols. 8vo. elf. neat, portraits, is. 17''

564 NewEngland andHer Institutions, (Farmer,

Ecclesiastical Organization, The Church, Revival, Slavery, Insurrection, School, Village Choir, to.) by One of her Sons, cr. 8vo. 3s. pub. St. M.

Seeley, 1835

565 Observations and Reflections on the " Quebec Act" of 1774, 8vo. Ir. . l'#'2

5G6 Olive Branch, or Faults on Both Sides,

Federal and Dogmatic, cr. 8vo. 2s. dd.

Philadelphia, 1815

567 Pensylvania, Historical Review of the

Institution and Government of, from its origin, as regards the Controversies between the Governors and Assemblies, 8vo. elf, neat, is. 1W*

568 Plan of the New Constitution for the United

States, with Preface, 1792; Dr. Price's "«r? valuable" Observations on Nature of Civil Liberty, Government, and Justice, &c. of WarwithAmerica, 1776; and others, by Burke, etc. 8vo. h<ufdf ^9 Portlock (Capt.) Voyage round the World.

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particularly on N. W. Coast of America, (thick paper?) 4to. cif. neat, 20 plates, those of Natural History coloured, 5s. Gd. . 1789

570 America. Priest's American Antiquities and Discoveries in the West.beingevidenceofan Ancient Population differing from the present Americans, many Centuries before Columbus, with copious Description of the Stupendious Works in Ruins, and Conjectures, 8To. elf. plate and map, 5s. Gd.

Albany (U. S.) 1835

571 Prospect from Malvern Hill, or Liberty bewailing her Injuries in America, a Poem, by M. D. 1777; Declaration and Address of the Suffering Loyalists to thePeopleof America, 1782, thin4to.2s.

572 Ramsay (Dr., of South Carolina) History of

theAmerican Revolution, 2 vols.Svo.c//".nr.4s. 1793

573 Ramsay (Dr.) Life of Washington, thick

Sio.port. by Heath, 2s. Gd. pub. 9s. Cadell, 1807

674 Reports on the Present State of the United

Provinces of South America laid before Congress, with Documents, Notes, Sec. by Mess. Rodney and Graham, 8vo. map, 2s. pub. 9*. 6d. 1819

575 Robertson (Dr.) History of America, best

edition, including the Posthumous Volume containing the Histories of Virginia and New England, 4 vols. 8vo. elf. neat, maps, 9s. pub. II. 8s.

Cadell, 1812

576 Robson's Account of Six Years' Residence

in Hudson's Bay, 8vo. hlf. c(f. nt. plans, 2s. 1752

577 Rolt's History of South America, thick

8vo. elf. neat, map, 3s. . 1756

578 Stedman's History of the Origin, Progress,

and Termination of the American War, 2 vols. 4to. vants title to vol. 1, 5s. 6d. . 1794

579 Stewart's Account of Prince Edward's Island

in the Gulph of St. Lawrence, N. America, 8vo. half cif. map, 2s. Gd. . .1806

580 Strangeways (Capt.) Sketch of the Mosquito

Shore and Territory of Poyais, Descriptive of the Country, its Productions, Mode of Culture, &c. 8vo. large map and portrait, 3s. pub. 12*.

Blackwood, 1822

581 Stuart (James) Three Years in North America, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. map, 5s. 6d. pub.ll. Is. 1833

582 TAPPIN'S 15 Years' Travels in the E.

Mies, 1667—1682, (in German,) small 4to. very rare, 12s. 6rf. . Hannover, 1704

583 Tarleton (Major Gen.) History of the Campaigns of 1780—1781 in the Southern Provinces of North America, thick 4to. chart, 7s. 1796

584 Thomason's Men and Things in America, being the Experience of a Residence in the States, (dedicated to Peel,) small 8vo. cloth, 2s. pub. 7s. . . . 1838

585 Trollope's Domestic Manners of the Americans, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. plates, 7s. pub. 11, It. 1832

586 Tytler's Historical View of the Progress of

Discovery on the more Northern Coasts, with Wilson's Natural History, and Vindication of Hakluyt, small 8vo. map and engravings, Us.(id. pub. 5s. 1832

587 Ulloa and Juan'sVoyage to South America,

describing the Cities,&c. translated, with Notes,Sic. by Adams, 2 vols. 8vo. elf. neat, 4s. Gd. 1772

588 Visit to the Falls of Niagara in 1800 (by

Maude,) royal 8vo. proof plates, 3s. (id. pub. II. Is.


589 Walton's Present State of the Spanish Colonies, including a Particular Report of the Spanish Part of Hispaniola, and Settlements on South Continent of America, History, Trade, Population,Customs, &c. 2 vols, 8vo.c(f. nt.mop,\l.4s.l8l0

590 Warden's Statistical, Political, and Historical Account of the United States, from their first Colonization, 3 thick vols. 8vo. 9s. pub. 2Z.2s.1819

591 Woods's Two Years in the Settlement on

the English Prairie in the Illinois Country, with Account of the Productions and Habits of the Back-Woodsmen, cr. 8vo. half elf. maps, 2s. pub. 10s. . . 1822

592 Worsley (Israel) View of the American Indians, their Character, Customs, Language, Traditions, shewing them the Descendants of the Ten Tribes of Israel, the Language of Prophecy on them, and Course they Travelled, cr. 8vo. 3s. 1828

593 Wynne's General History of the British

Empire in America, including all the Countries

ceded by the Peace of Paris, 2 vols. 8vo. half cif. neat, 3s. 6d. . . 1770

594 Amesii Anti-Synodalia Scripta, Amst. 1633; Amesii Medulla S. S. Theologite, Methodice disposita et de fidei Divinte veritate, Lond. 1629, 2 vols. 18mo. elf. 4s.

595 Amherst (Lord) Embassy to China, Journal of the Proceedings of, and Narrative of the Public Transactions of the Voyage to and from, by Ellis, 2 vols. 8vo. large map, 4s. Gd. pub. II. Is. 1818

596 (Amhurst, Nic.) Terrffi-Filius, or Secret History of the University of Oxford, (to justify the University by exposing the practices of her unworthy members, and reforming her corruptions,) with Remarks on Principal Newton on University Education, 12mo. c\f. neat, 2s. 6d. 1726

597 AmoenitatesLiteraria; et RarioraOpuscula, Schelhornii, (" contains rare and curious tracts in every department of Bibliography. A fund of various and amusing information."Dibdin,) 10 vols, in 5, cr. 8vo. vellum, 12*. Francof. 1730

598 Amour Conjugal, Tableau de, ou La Generation de 1'Homme, par Venette, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. elf. nt. plates, 5s. 6d. . . Amst. 1732

599 Amours d'Ismene et d'Ismenias, 12mo. elf. neat, gilt leaves, plates, 2s. . Haye, 1743

600 Amours de Louis le Grand et de Mademoiselle du Tron, 12mo. French c(f. 2s. Rotterdam, 16—

601 Amour en son Throne, ou les Nouvelles Amourevses et Caprices du Loredan Gentil-homme Venitien, thick cr. 8vo. Fonthill copy, c(f. nt. covered with Fteurs-de-Lys, and gilt leaves, 6s.Paris, 1G46

602 Amours des Dieux, Balet, represente parl'Academie Royale de Musique, Dimanche, Sept. 1727; Oriion, Tragedie, 1728, small 4to. elf. neat, 2s.

603 Amour, LeTriomphe de, Ballet Royal, mis en Musique par Dc Lully, folio, elf. 3s. Gd. Paris, 1681

604 Armide, Tragedie, raise en Musique par

Lully, (un Spectacle ou Von court enfoule,) folio, elf. 4s. . . Paris, 1686

605 AMPHIBIORUM Tentamen Systematis.auctore Blasio Merrem, (German and Latin,) %vo.halJ elf. uncut, 3s. . Marburgi, 1820

606 Amsinck's Illustration of Tunbridge Wells and its Neighbourhood, royal 4to. hlf. c[f. nt. 42 pits, and vignettes, original impressions, lis. pub. 41. 14*. Gd. . . . 1810

607 Amusements, Fashionable, Letters to a Friend on, by Benevolus, \, 2s. Seeley, 1825

608 Amusements in Retirement, or The Influence of Science, Literature, and the Liberal Arts ou the Manners and Happiness of Private Life, cr. 8vo. 3s. pub. 10s. 6d. . . 1816

Ana and Loung-intr Books.

"Desultory and amusing, anil have the advantage of remaining longer in the memory, supplying the man of extensive knowledge with materials of conversation, and filling up vacancies of deeper studies."—Ilatttim,

610 Addisoniana, or Memorabilia of the Life,

Times, Writings, and Cotemporaries of Addison, with his Correspondence, 2 vols. 12mo. elf. neat, 4s. pub. 14*. . . . 1803

611 Anecdotes Parisiennes, 12mo. bnd. Is.1815

612 Apothegmes of the Ancients, taken out of

Plutarch, Diogenes Laertius, Elian, Atheneus, Stobelus, Macrobius and others, collected, cr. 8vo. elf. scarce, 2s. (id. . . 1683

613 Badaudiana, Traits d'Esprit, llossuaniana,

Reparties, etc. 2 vols. 32mo. 2s. Paris, 1817

614 Hicvriana, ou Jeux de Mots de M. De

Bievre, 12mo. 1*. . . 1800

615 (Bouhotirs) Pensees Ingenieuses des An

ciens et Modernes, recueillies, 12mo. elf. neat, 2s.

Paris, 1748

616 Brookiann, or Selections from the Writings

ofH. Brooke, with list of the Anas,2 2s. Gd. pub. 10*. . . 1804

617 Calcographiana, The Printseller's Chronicle and Collector's Guide to Knowledge and Value of Engraved British Portraits, by Caullield, (scarce, only 250 printed,) 8vo. portrait, 4s. fit/. pub. 15s. . . . 1811

618 Chalcographimania, or the Portrait Collector and Printseller's Chronicle, with Infatuations of Every Kind, a Humorous Poem, and Copious Notes explanatory, (a very violent attack on collectors, auctioneers, etc., with much information,)

8vo. facsimile of supposed Unique Print, 3*. 6d. pub. 10*. Gd. . . 1814

Ana and Lounging* Books.

619 Chef d'CEuvre d'un Inconnu avec Remar

ues Savantes et Recherchees, par Matanasius, 2mo. c(f. nt. portraits, 2s. Gd. Haye, 1716

620 Collins'sScripscrapologia, or Doggerel Dish

of all Sorts, Songs, Epigrams, Epitaphs, &c. 12mo. portrait, 2s. Birmingham, Privately Printed, 1804

621 Colton's Lacon, or Many Things in a few

Words, addressed to Those who Think, 8vo. 7s. Gd, pub. Us. . . . 1823

622 Danby's Thoughts, chiefly on Serious Subjects, (after /he manner of Lacon,) cr. 8vo. hlf, elf. (pp. 299) 3s. Exeter, pritat. print. 1821

623 Dictionnaire Portatif ties Faits et Dits Me

morables, de 1' Histoire Ancienne et Moderne, 2 thick vols. cr. 8vo. elf. neat, 4s. . 1768

624 Gambold's Maximcs, Theological Ideas,

and Sentences, out of the Ordinary of the Moravian Churches, bis Dissertations and Discourses, 1738 to 1747, 8vo. clf.fine oldport. 2s. (id. 1751

625 Gasconiana, ou Recueil des Bons Mots, et

Pensees, les plus Plaisantes et Yives, des Gascons, 18mo. scarce, 2s. Gd. . . 1708

026 Henri IV. Esprit de, ou Anecdotes les plus

interessantes,Traits Sublimes,Reparties ingenieuses et Lettres, 12mo. elf. neat, 2s. Paris, 1770

627 Huetiana, ou Pensees Diverses, (one of the

best, with eulogy, tfc. by Olivet,) 12mo. c(f. neat, 2s. Gd. . . Paris, 1722

628 Johnson (Dr.) Table Talk, or Aphorisms

on Literature, Life and Manners, with Anecdotes, 8vo. half morocco, 2s. Gd. pub. 6s. 1798

628* Lacon, The Pocket, a Manual of the Best

Words of the Best Authors, on every subject of Importance, comprising nearly 1000 Extracts, thick pocket vol. neat, cloth, 2s. pub. . 1840

629 Laconics, Manual of, or Many Things for

Many Minds, selected from Ancient and Modern Authors, (by Taylor,) thick pocket vol. neat in cloth, 2s. pub. . . .1841

630 Longuemana, ou Recueil de Pensees Dis

cours et Conversations de, 2 vols, in 1, 12mo. fine copy, c(f. extra, 3*. Gd. Berlin, 1754

631 Lounger's Common Place Book, or Miscellaneous Collections, in History, Criticism, Biography, Poetry and Romance, complete, with the Supplement, (" exceedingly good selections,") 4 vols. 8vo. c(f. neat, 12*. Gd. pub. If. 18*. 1805-7

632 Mooriana, or Selections from the Moral,

Philosophical and Miscellaneous Writings of Dr. John Moore, with Life, by Prevost and Blagdon, 2 vols. 12mo. half elf. neat, As. pub. 10*. 1803

633 Nouvelle Bibliotheque de Litterature, &c.

ou Choi j des meilleurs morceaux des AN A, 2 vols. 12mo. neat, 3s. . Lille, 1765

634 Oxoniana Selected from scarce and valuable

publications and MSS. in the Bodleian Library, 4 vols. cr. 8vo. 6*. pub. U. Is. . 1800

634* Parrhasiana (Le Clerc) ou Pensee Diverse!

sur la Critique, Histoire, Morale et Politique, 12mo. elf. 2s. 1699

635 Parrhasiana, or Thoughts upon several subjects, by Le Clerk, done into English, 8vo. c(f. 2s.


636 Perroniana et Thuana, ou Pensees Judi

cieuses, &c. Cologne, 1094; Soberiana, ou Bons Mots, &c. Amst. 1694, very thick 18mo. elf 3s.

637 Miscellaneous Remains(./4na of the Greatest

Menof the last age,consistingofJudicious Thoughts, firm Passages, Curious Hnnarks, Witty Sayings and Pleasant Tales) of Cardinal Perron, Thuanus, Evremont, Cbevreau, 8tc. translated, thick cr. 8vo. elf. 3s. Gd. . . 1707

038 Petit Contour de Poche, ouArt d'Echapper

a l'Ennui, 18mo. Is. . Paris, 1814

639 Polyanthea, aCollectionof Interesting Fragments in Prose and Verse, with Original Anecdotes, Biographical Sketches, Dialogues, Letters, Characters, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. 4s. pub. 16*. 1804

640 Recueil de Gaiete et de Philosophic, Contes

Joyeux, Maximcs, Anecdotes, Enigmes, &c. 2 vols, in 1, thick 12mo. cif. neat, 3*. 1798

641 Rousseau, les Pensees de, (sagacite pro

fonde, amour de la vertu, richesses de style, max

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