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2056 British Librarian, a Compendious Review or Abstract of onr most Scarce, Useful, and Valuable Books in all Sciences and MSS. by Oldys, 8vo. calf, curious copy, with all the title/, 8*. 1738

2057 BRITISH MAGAZINE, complete from the commencement in Deer. 1832, to April, 1839, edited by the late highly esteemed Rev. Hugh J. Rose and Maitland, 89 nos. 3/ 5*. pub. III.

2058 British Museum, Synopsis of the Contents of the, cr. 8vo. 1*. 1838

2059 British Naturalist, or Sketches of Productions of Britain and the Surrounding Sea, cr. 8vo. neat, wood-cuts, ''a fund of agreeable reading""great deal of useful knowledge," 3s. pub. 8*. 1830

20GO BRITISH ZOOLOGY, by PENNANT, 4 thick vols. 8vo. 298 engravings, \l. 18*. pub. 61.


2061 Britton's Beauties of Wiltshire, 3 vols. 8vo. 16*. 21. 8s. . 1801-25

2062 Wiltshire, vol. 3 (containing North Wiltshire) 8vo. 7*. pub. II. 16*. . . 1825

2063 Britton and Brayley's Description of Cambridgeshire, Cheshire, and Cornwall (forms vol. 2 of Beauties) 8vo. plates, fine old impressions; is.


2064 Britton and Brayley's History and Description of the late Houses of Parliament, and Ancient Palatial Edifices of Westminster, a subscriber's copy, complete in 10 parts, fine plates, 7s. tid. pub. II.


2065 Brix Area Noe, Thesaurus Lingua: Sanctre Novus, very thick folio, calf, good copy, 11*. 6d. cost II. 1*. . . Venet. 1593

2066 Broadhurst (Rev. T.) Translation from the Greek of Funeral Orations in praise of Military Men, by Thucydides, Plato, and Lysias, with English Explanatory Notes and Lives, 8vo. thickpaper, 4s. pub. 10*. . . Bath, 1811

2067 Brockedon's Road Book from London to Naples, 8vo. cloth, fine plates by Finden, 14*. II. 4s 1835

2068 Brodie (Alex.) History of the Roman Government to the Final Subversion of Liberty, thick 8vo. caff, neat, 5*. 6d. pub. 12*. . Edinb. 1810

2069 Bromley's Catalogue of Engraved British Portraits, also of the Foreigners who may claim a place to this Honour, in Classes, with Biographical and Genealogical Notices, 4to./ne copy, calf, very neat. Is. . . 1793

2070 Bromley's " valuable" Collection of Original Royal Letters, by Charles 1 and 2, King James, King of Bohemia, and others, 8vo. portraits, autographs, and seals, caff, 4s. . 1787

2071 Bronn Ergebnisse meiner naturisch-oeconomische Reisen Schweitz Italien und Sudfi ankreich, in 1824, thick vol. 8vo. plates of geology, i;c. 3*.

2072 Brooke (J.) Examination of Middleton's Free Inquiry into Miraculous Powers of Primitive Church, 1750, calf, fine copy; Letter to Jackson, in reply to his Remarks on the " Free Inquiry," 1749, 8vo. 3*. 6rf.

2073 Brookes' (Dr.) Gazetteer, 8vo. maps, calf, neat, 3*- 1809

2074 Gazetteer, 18th edit, improved by Pic

quot, 8vo. is. pub. lis. . Cadell, 1827

2075 re-modelled by Marshall, 8vo. bnd. maps,

5s. M. pub. 12*. . . 1834

2076 Brooke's Familiar Introduction to Crystallography, 8vo. 400 wood-cuts, 9*. pub. 16*. 1823

2077 Brook (W.J.) Letters to the several Churches and Individuals among whom he ministered, and Traces of Providence, 8vo. 2s. pub. 5*. Bright. 1812

2078 Brookes (Rev. T. the Puritan) Crown and Glory of Christianity, or Holiness the only way to Happiness, in 58 Sermons, small 4to. calf, neat copy, 6*. 1662

2079 Mute Christian under Smarting Rod,

12mo. neat, 2s. . . 1776

2080 Precious Remedies against Satan's Devices,

and Mute Christian under the Smarting Rod. calf, neat, 3*. 6d. . . 1812-13

2081 BROOKSHAW'S POMONA BRITANN1CA, or a Collection of the Most Esteemed Fruits cultivated in Great Britain, selected from the Royal Gardens at Hampton Court and round London, with full descriptions, 2 vols, in 1, royal 4to. very

fine copy, green morocco extra, gilt leaves, beautifully coloured plates, 31. pub. 12/. 12*. 1817

2082 BROOKSHAW'S New Treatise on Flower Painting, or every Lady her own Drawing Master, with familiar and easy instructions for various tints, 4to. fine col. plates, 6s. 6d. pub. 2 gs. 1818

2083 Broome (Rev. W.) Poems, with Essay on Criticism, 8vo. very fine clean copy, original binding, 2s. ." . . 1727

2084 Brouaut Traite de l'Eau de Vie, ou Anatomie Theorique et Pratique du Vin, avec un Ecusson Harmonique en faveur du Vin ou de l'Eau-de-Vie, small 4to. vellum, fine frontispiece and cuts, "rare et curieux," 3s. . Paris, 1646

2085 Brougham's Speeches, selected, with bis Life, 8vo. hatfeatf, neat, 4s. pub. Is. 6d. . 1832

2086 Broughton (Rev. T. of Sarum and Bristol) Prospect of Futurity in IV Dissertations on the Nature and Circumstances of the Life to Come, with Dissert, on Evidences of a Future State and General Conflagration, 8vo. calf, 3s. . 1777

2087 Broukhusii Poemata Omnia, Elegiarum, Lyricorum, Eclogarum,Epigrammatum, Silvarum, &c.libri sedecim, editore D. Hoogstratano, 4to. vellum, fine copy, portrait, "elegant Latin," 5*. 6d.

Amst. 1711

2088 Broussais de l'Irritation et de la Folie, ouvrage dans lequel les Rapports du Physique et du Moral sont etablis sur les Bases de la Medicine Physiologique, avec Apercu sur 1'Alienation Mentale depuis Pinel jusqu'a Broussais, thick 8vo. 5*.

Bruxelles, 1828

2089 Bl'OVrn "the learned professor" Comparative View of Christianity and other Forms of Religion, particularly with regard to their Tendency, 2 vols. 8vo. new, 3s. pub. 18*. Edinb. 1826

2090 "gold medal prize" Essay on the Folly

of Scepticism, the Absurdity of Dogmatizing on Religious Subjects, and Proper Medium between, cr. 8vo. half calf, 2s. . . 1788

2091 Philemon, or the Progress of Virtue, 2

vols. 12mo. scarce, 3s. pub. lis. . 1809

2092 Brown (Capt. Th.) Zoologist's Text Book, embracing the Characters of the Classes, Orders, and Genera of the whole Animal Kingdom, with Glossary, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. cloth, 107 plates, lis. 6d. pub. II. Is. . . Glasgow, 1833

2093 Brown (Dr. J. A.) Estimate of the Manners and Principles of the Times, 8vo. calf, neat, "distinguished for elegance, and spirit ana deep insight into human nature," 2s. . . 1757

2094 Brown's Things Divine and Supernatural conceived by Analogy with Things Natural and Human, thick 8vo. ca(f, neat, 3s. . 1733

2095 Brown (Dr. John) " the head of a new sect in Medicine" Works, with Life by Dr. W. Cullen Brown, 3 vols. 8vo. 5*. pub. 11. Is. . 1804

2096 BROWN (Dr. THOMAS) "inestimable" Lectures ou the Philosophy of the Human Mind, with Welsh's Memoir, complete in 1 vol. 8vo. half calf, neat, gilt lop, lis. 6d. pub. II. Is. 1828

2097 Observations on Darwin's Zoonomia,

thick 8vo. scarce, 6s. . . 1798

2098 Poems, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. scarce, 3s. 1801

2099 Welsh (Rev. D.) Account of the Life and

Writings of Dr. T. Brown, 8vo. half ca(f, portrait, rare, 12s. . . 1825

2100 Brown's Dictionary of the Bible, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, wants title-page to Vol. 1, 4s. 6d. . 1778

2101 Dictionary of the Bible, thick 8vo. new,

5s. pub. lis. . . 1834

2102 The Christian Journal on Common In

cidents, and Spiritual Instructions in Meditations, 8vo. calf, 2s. . 1811

2103 Select Remains, with his Memoirs, Letters,

Religious Essays, Dying Sayings and Advices, &c. cr. 8vo. bnd. much quoted by C. Fridges, 2s. 1789

2104 Brown (Moses) Poemsj The Works and Rest, of the Creation and Luther's Hymn, 12nio. ca(f, very neat, 2*. . . . 1805

2105 Brown (Dr.) Memoirs of the Public and Private Life of John Howard the Philanthropist, from his Diary, Letters, &c. thick vol. 4*. pub. 15*. .... 1818

2106 BROWN (TOM) Works, 4 vols. 8vo. ca(f, 12*. 6d. 1712

2107 BROWN (TOM) Letters from the Living to the Living, with their Answers relating to Publick and Private Transactions, 8vo. 2*. . 1703

2108 Remains, Serious and Comical, Prose and

Verse, with his Characters of the Women of the Age, and Key to all his Prophesies, Satyrs, Poems, &c. 12mo. calf, 2s. . . 1/20

2109 Browne (Capt.) Hermes Unmasked, or the Art of Speech founded on the Association of Words and Ideas, with an Answer to Dr. Vincent on the Greek Verb, cr. 8vo. 1*. . . 1795

2110 Browne (Dr. T.) British Cicero, a Selection of the most admired Speeches in the English Language, Popular, Parliamentary, and Judicial, with Historical Illustrations, 3 vols. 8vo. 15*. pub. 11. Us. 64. 1808

2111 Classical Dictionary for the Use of Schools,

cr. 8vo. bnd. 2s. pub. Gs. . 1827

2112 Selection of most Distinguished Characters, Ancient and Modern, for Schools, &c. cr. 8vo. Is. pub. 4s. . . 1815

2113 BROWNE (Dr.) History of the HIGHLANDS, and of the HIGHLAND CLANS, 7 vols. 8vo. portraits, maps, S[c. 17s. 6d. pub. 11. 18s. 6d. . . 1855

2114 Browne (Isaac Hawkins) Poems on the Iramortality of the Soul, &c. Latin and English, very fine copy, bright calf, with splendid portrait, "striking poetical beauty, and sound and ingenious argumentation," 2s. 6d. . 17<>8

2115 Browne (Rev. S.) True Character of the Real Christian, or Sincere Good-Man, from Psalm CXIX. explaining the nature of Religious Hatred to Vain Thoughts, &c. cr. 8vo. 2s. . 1709

2116 Browne (Rev. T.) Plain and Useful Selections from the Old and New Testament, according to most approved Modern Translations, thick royal 8vo. 4s. pub. lis. . . 1805

2117 Browne (T. B.) Thoughts of the Times, or Men or Things, History, Religion, Poetry, Utilitarianism, Imagination, Men to be Loved, &c. cr. 8vo. 3s. 1838

2118 Browne (W. G.) Travels in Africa, Egypt, and Syria, from 1792-8, thick 4to.plates, "most valuable work, a model for travellers, particularly instructive on Darfour."Stevenson. 8s. pub. 2 gs.


2119 Browning's Domestic and Financial Condition of Gr. Britain, with Sketch of her Foreign Policy, and of the Statistics and Politics of France, Russia, Austria, and Prussia, thick 8vo. 3s. pub. 16*.

Longman, 1834

2120 Brownist's Conventicle, or an Assemble of Brownigts, Separatists, and Non-Conformists, as they met together at a private house, contaynin([ their manner and forme of their preaching, praying, eating, &c. small 4 to. half calf, JBIarfc JlrtttY, wood-cut, 7s. . . 1641

2121 Brownrigg (Dr.) The Present Art of making Common Salt, with several improvements, Svo. plates, scarce, 3s. 6d. usual price, 10s. 1718

2122 BRUCE'S Travels to discover the Source of the Nile, 7 vols. 8vo. and 4to. Atlas, 1/. 12*. p«h. 6 gs. . . 1813

2123 Bruce's Travels, abridged by Shaw, cr. 8vo. plates, Is.

2124 Bruce (J. of Newport, Isle of Wight) Sermons, 8vo. 3s. pub. 10*. 6d. . . 1825

2125 Bruguiere (Dr.) Helminthologie, ou Les Vera Infusiores, lntestins et Mollusques, &c. (from the Encyclop. Method.) 4to. half russia, 95 plates, 6».


2126 BRUNET MANUEL du LIBRAIRE, 4 vols. 8vo. last edition, scarce, II. lis. 6d.'


2127 Brunton's Compendium of Mechanics, or T«t Books for Engineers, Mill-Wrights, Smiths, &c. cr. 8vo. plates, 3s. pub. 5s. Glasgow, 1831

2128 Bruyere GJuvres Completes de, Caracteres, Dialogues, &c. avec la Vie, Svo. 2s. Paris, 1818

2129 Caracteres, avec Traduction des Charac

teres de Theophraste, 3 vols. 12mo. neatly printed, Is. ... Pans, 1832

2130 Bruyere's Characters, or the Manners of the Age, with the Moral Characters of Theophrastus, translated, 8vo. neat, 3*. . 1709

2131 Bryant (JiU'ob) New System or Analysis of Ancient M.vllioloar.r,

3 vols. 4to. calf, plates, 21. 12*. (id. 1774

2132 ANTIENT MYTHOLOGY, with Life,

6 vols. 8vo. bds. 42 plates, 21. 2*. pub. 31. 1807

2133 on tbe Authenticity of the Scriptures,

and Truth of the Christian Religion, 8vo. calf, "much learning and ingenuity," 2s. . 1794

2134 Inquiries into various parts of Ancient

History, throwing light on the Ancient History of Assyrians, Chaldeans, &c. &c. 4to. catf, maps, is. usual price, 15*. . . 17G7

2135 Observations on Chevalier and Dalzel's

Description of the Plain of Troy, 4to. [pp. 49,) 1*.

Eton, 1795

2136 Expostulation to the British Critic on the

Homeric Controversy, 4to. (pp. 135,) map, uncut, scarce, Is. . . Eton, 1799

2137 on a Controverted Passage in Justin Martyr, and on the Worship of Angels, 4to. 1*. 1793

2138 PHILO JUDEUS' Sentiments concern.

ing the WORD of GOD, with large Extracts from his Writings, compared with the Scriptures on many other Doctrines of the Christian Religion, by Bryant, 8vo. scarce, 3s. usual price, 8s. 1797

2139 on Passages in Scripture which the Enemies

to Religion have thought most obnoxious and attended with difficulties not to he surmounted, 4to. platet, 5*. . . . • 1803

2140 on Rowley's Poems, both parts complete,

thick 8vo. half calf, 2s. Od. . 1781

2141 Bryant (W. Cullen, the American) Poems, ed. by Washington Irving, cr. 8vo. 3s. pub. 9s. 1832

2142 Bryce (Rev. J.) on Native Education in India nnder the Church of Scotland, with Remarks on the Character of the Hindus, 8vo. 3*. 1839

2143 Br.Tllg-e* (nil- Kgl'l-tOll) Autobiography, Times, Opinions, and Contemporaries, 2 vols. 8vo. new, in cloth, lis. 6d. pub. 1/. 8*. 1834

2144 THE GREEN BOOK, a Register of

the Order of the Star, (privately printed at Geneva, and tery rare, not in any of the Collections, or in Martin's Catalogue of his Works. It contains criticisms, some very severe, on Wurdsu orth, Southey, Aikin, Mathias, Clifford, Heber, Godwin, Parr, and 41 other literati,) folio, 40 pages, 3*.

2145 The Anti-Critic, (imperfect, only 184

pager,) 3*. Grf.

2146 Bertram, a Poetical Tale, royal 8vo. 100

copies beautifully printed at Lee Priory, with wood-cuts, 3*. G<1. pitb.lSs. . 1814

2147 Carmina Brugesiana, Domestic Poems:

Inscriptions, Biographical Notices, by Quillinan, 8vo. only 25 copies printed, is. Bruges, 1822

2148 Censura Literaria, Vol. X. only, contains

specimens of Gower, Old Madrigals, Daniels, Aleyn, May, Bridges, O.vitidcn, Shipton, Lovelace, Sf-c. with the translation ofVaniere's Poem on Fishing, &/c. 8{c. with General In'Jex to the Censura, 8vo. 3*. pub. 12s. . . 1809

2149 Cimelia, seu examen criticum Librorum

ex Diariis Literariis ab 1665 ad 1792, Scriptis, thick 8vo. halfbnd. uncut, only 75 copies printed, rery few copies are in this country, 15*. 1823

2150 Coningsby, a Tragic Tale of recent Date,

cr. 8vo. 2*. . . Geneva, 1819

2151 Letters from Continent, both parts, 8vo.

4». (id. Lee Priory, only \00 copies printed, 1821-22.

2152 List of the Pictures "entailed" at

Brydges Barrett's Seat, Lec Priory, Kent, with Biographical Notes, 8vo. only 60 copies printed, 9*. ... 1817

2153 Luigi Da Porto Julietta, " the origin of

Shaispear's play," translated from Italian by F. D. S. privately printed by Sir E. Brydges with some of bis privately printed publications, 8vo. half bound, uncut, 3s. 6d. . Geneva, 1824

2154 Memoirs of the Peers of England during

James I.'s Reign, 8vo. Vol. 1, fine portraits, all published, 5*. 6d. . . 1802

2155 Occasional Poems, written in 1811, 4to.

100 copies printed at Lee Priory, 2s. pub. 10*. 6d. 1814

2156 Odo Count of Linden, a Poetical Tale,

(only 50 printed,) different coloured papers, 4s.

Geneva, 1824

2157 Brytl^l's (Mir Eg'erton) Select Poems, with Preface, 4to. 100 copies, beautifully printed, with elegant wood-cuts, 3s. &d. . 1814

2158 The Population and Riches of Nations

Considered, together not only with regard to their Positive and Relative Increase, but Tendency to Morals, Happiness, &c. discussing the Principles of the Poor Laws, Corn Laws, Circulating Medium and Taxation, cr. 8vo. 2*. Geneva, 1819

2159 What are Riches? or Examination of the

Definitions of this Subject by Modern Economists, 8vo. 2s. . Genera, privately printed, 1821

2160 Sir Ralph Willoughby, an Historical

Tale of the Sixteenth Century, with the dedicatory Sonnets of Spenser inserted, and Sketches of Character, cr. 8vo. 2s. . Florence, 1820

2161 RES LITERARIA, Bibliographical and

Critical, 8vo. contains 45 articles on Italian Literature, Memoir of the Aldi, only 75 copies printed, 5*. Home, 1821

2162 Quillinan Stanzas, 4to. beautifully printed

at Lee Priory, 2s. . . 1814

2163 Bryilg-e* (Air Eyerton) J2,u.

tioilS of Barksdale, Clement, Nympha Libethris or the Cotswold Muse, 1651, with Preface by Brydges, only 40 copies printed, S. E. B. autograph, 8s. orig. edit, in Bib. Anglo. Poet. 20/. 1816

2164 of Brathwayte's Odes, or Philomel's

Tears, 1621, reprint. Lee Priory, only 80 copies, 3*. pub. 7s. 6d. . . 1815

2165 of Browne (W. of the Inner Temple,

author of Britannia's Pastorals) Original Poems, 1615, never before published, with Notes, all the 4 parts, 4to. only 80 copies printed at Lee Priory, 10*. 31. . . . 1815

2166 of Davison's Poetical Rhapsody,

vol. 1, and vol. 2, part 2, and vol. 3, part 1, 6s. pub. 31. 16*. . . Lee Priory, 1814-6

2167 of England's Helicon, ("truly elegant

and interesting."Vibdin,) a Collection of Pastoral and Lyric Poems, first published at the close of Elizabeth's Reign, with biographical and critical Introduction by Brydges, small 4to. only 120 printed, 9*. pub. 2 gs.' . . 1812

2168 of Kitz-Geffrcy's Life and Death

of Sir Francis Drake, 1596; Trumpet of Fame, or Sir F. Drake and Sir J. Hawkins' Farewell, by H. R. 1595, both poetical worts of great rarity, beautifully printed at Lee Priory, 5*. 6rf. pub. 18*. . . . 1818-9

2169 of Hall (John, of Durham) Poems,

1646, reprinted, with Life by Brydges, 12mo. 4*. 6d. pub. 10*. 6//. Longman's, 1816

2170 of Hammond (W.) Occasional

Poems, 1655, only 61 copies, reprinted, with Preface by Brydges, small 4 to. 5*. (id. pub. 15s. 1816

2171 of Herbert Earl of Pembroke, and

Sir B. Rudyard's Poems, in James I. and Charles I. time, 12mo. Preface by Brydges, 5*. 6rf. 1817

2172 of Higgins' Mirour for Magistrates,

wherein may be seene, by examples passed in this Realme, with how grcevous plagues vices are punished, reprinted from edition of 1587, collated with those of 1575-1610, 8vo. 4*. 6d. . 1813

2173 Newcastle (Duchess of) True Relation of the Birth, Breeding, and Life of, by herself, with critical Preface by Sir E. Brydges, 6s. 6d.

Lee Priory, 1814

2174 of Percy's Coelia, containing Twenty Sonnets, small 4to. 9s. 1594. LeePriory, 1818

2175 of Raleigh (Sir Walter) Poems, now

first collected, with biographical and critical Introduction by Sir E. Brydges, 4to. only 100 copies, beautifully printed, 10s. td. pub. 3gs.

Lee Priory, 1813

2176 of Stanley (Th.) Poems, 1651, reprinted,

with Preface, at Longman's private press, 5s. (id. pub.\0s'.6d. . . 1814

2177 of Withers (G.) Select Lyrical Poems,

1622, cr. 8vo. printed on Chinese coloured paper, 2s. pub. 7*. . . Lee Priory, 1815

2178 Valerianus de Litteratorum Infelicitate,

royal 8vo. only87 copies printed, 6s. Geneva, 1821

"Libi'llum lepidum profecto, atque ele^antem."— Menckeniut, "Ouly able to find one copy at Rome." —Brydges,

2179 Brydone's Tour through Sicily and Malta, in Letters to Beckford, 2 vols. 8vo. fine copy, calf, "easy and elegant,'' 4s. , . 1774

2180 Bubbles from the Brunnens, (by Head,) cr. 8vo. 5*. 6<f. pub. 7s. 6d. . 1834

2181 Bucellini Germania Topo-Chrono-StemmatoGraphica, Sacra et Prophana, in qua brevi Compendio, multa distincte explicantur, 3 vols, folio, calf, numerous full-length portraits and genealogical tables, 11*. . . Ulma>, 1654

2182 Buchan's Historical and Authentic Account of the Ancient and Noble Family of Keith, with full List of Attainted Scottish Noblemen, 1715-45, 12mo. 2*. . Peterhead, 1820

2183 Buchanani Poemata, pocket vol. bound, "one of the greatest masters of modern Latinity," 2s.


2184 Buchanan's Dialogue on the Rights of the Crown of Scotland, translated, with Dissert, on pretended Identity of the Getes and Scythians, of Getes and Goths, and Goths and Scots; with Defence of Buchanan by Macfarlan, 8vo. 3*. 1799

2185 Buchanan's Practical Treatise on Propelling Vessels by Steam, 8vo. ldplates, 4s. pub. 11. 1816

2186 Buchanan on the Teeth of Wheels, comprehending Principles, and their application in practice to Millwork and Machinery, revised by Peter Nicholson, 8vo. numerous cuts, 2s. 6d. 1808

2187 Buchanan's Christian Researches, 8vo. half calf, neat, 4s. . . 1811

2188 Sermons: Star in the East, Jubilee,

Light of the World, Sec. 8vo. 2*. 6d. pub. 9*. 1812

2189 Another edition, elegantly bound, blue

morocco extra, gilt leaves, is. 6d. pub. 10*. (id.


2190 Buck (Rev. C.) Theological Dictionary, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, 7s. pub. It. 1*. . 1802

2191 Theological Dictionary, revised and enlarged by Rev. Dr. Henderson, thick 8vo. 12*. 6d. pub. 18*. . . . 1833

2192 Sirion's Enquiries relative to this World

and that to come, 12mo. 2s. , 1825

2193 Buckingham (Duke of) Sheffield Earl Mulgrave, Works, Songs and Verses, Memoirs, Characters of a Tory, Charles' Speeches, Pedigree, Essays, Sic,

2 vols. 8vo. calf , fine portrait, 4s. 1740

2194 Budd (Rev. H.) Silent Preacher, or Selection from Hooker's Writings, with Introductory Address, 12mo. 2s. pub. 5*. . 1810

2195 Buddicom (Rev. R. P.) Sermons on Important Points of Faith and Duty, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 5*. 6rf. pub. 10*. 6d. . . Seeley, 1822

2196 Friendship to God Illustrated in the Life

of Abraham, in Discourses at Everton, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. cloth, 8s. pub. 11. . . 1839

2197 Budworth (J. A.) Fortnight's Ramble to the Lakes in Westmorland, Lancashire, and Cumberland, 8vo. calf, neat, is. pub. 10*. 6d. . 1810

2198 Button «J3uvres Completes

de, avec les Suites par Lacepede, et Notice par Cuvier, 80 vols. 18mo. new, multitude of plates, 21. 8s. . Paris, 1830

"Button's History is far superior to all others, and very entertaining, written with great vivacity and elegance as well as knowledge. By his fancy anil tiistc lie scattered flowers over the most barren parts."— C'/i. Uuller.

2199 Bulkeley and Cummin's Voyage to the South Seas in 1740-1, with Narrative of the Loss of the Wager, Hardships, &c. Sec. 8vo. calf, 2s. 1743

2200 BULL (BP.) WORKS, with Life by Nelson,

3 vols. 8vo. 13*. 6d. pub. 18*. . 1816

2201 Bull (Marcus) Experiments to determine the Comparative Value of the Principal Varieties of Fuel and Apparatus used for Consumption, royal 8vo. 4s. . Philadelphia, 1827

2202 Bulla Reformations Pauli Paptelll. ad Hist. Concil. Tridentini Pertinens concepta non vidgata. e Cod. MS. Neap. Descript. annot. Clausen, 4to. 2s. pub. 5*. . . Haun. 1830

2203 Bullar's Historical and Picturesque Guide to the Isle of Wight, cr. 8vo. map and plates, Is. pub. 5s. . . . 1825

2204 Selections from the British Poets, from

Spenser to the latest Writers, (Byron, Campbell, &c.) with Biographical Notices and Criticisms, cr. 8vo. half calf, neat, 3s. pub. 7s. 6a". . 1822

2205 BULLINGER (HENRIE) SERMONS, thick 4to. old binding, with clasps, wants title-page and last leaf, otherwise fine copy, 10*. 6d.

The Sermons of this celebrated Reformer were ordered to be read by the English Clergy.

2206 Bullock's Six Months' Residence and Travels in Mexico, with the Natural Productions, State of Society, Manufactures, Trade, Antiquities, Sec. of New Spain, 8vo. 18 plates, is. pub. lis. 1824

2207 Bullock (Rev. T.) Vindication of Christ and his Apostles from Miracles and Prophecy, in Answer to Collins, 8vo. calf, 2s. . 1728

2208 Bulloker(Dr.)English Expositor,or aComplete Dictionary, by Browne, 12mo. scarce, \s. 6d.

Dublin, 1731

2209 Bulstrode's Essay of Transmigration in defence of Pythagoras, cr. 8vo. portrait, 2s. 1692

2210 BULWER'S England and the English, in 1 vol. cr. 8vo. hay caff, very gay, 4s. Paris, 1833

2210* Falkland, cr. 8vo. " his first novel," 2s. 6d.

pub. 10s. .... 1827

2211 France, Social, Literary, Political,in 1 vol.

cr. 8vo. uniform, 5s. . Paris, 1834

2212 Paul Clifford, 8vo. half calf, 5s. 1833

2213 The Student, 8vo. ha(f calf, uniform,

4s. 6d. . Paris, 1835

2214 (John) Works, 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, lZs. pub. 21. . . 1805

2215 Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners,

12mo. portrait, Is. . . 16—

2216 Pilgrim's Progress, cr. 8vo. very clean

copy, original binding, Buchanan's copy, 2s. 6d.


2217 —— Pilgrim's Progress, with Notes by Rev. T. Scott, of the Lock Hospital, 8vo. caff, neat, plates, 5s. 6d. . . Seeley, 1801

2218 Pilgrim's Progress, with Mason's Notes

and Life by M. Nicoll, complete in 18 Nos. 8vo. plates, 2s. 6d. pub. 9s. . . 1810

2219 —— Pilgrim's Progress, with Life, cr. 8vo. West all's plates, 4s. 6d. pub. lOt. 6d. 1820

2220 Pilgrim's Progress, with Mason's Notes,

12mo. half bound, neat, cuts, 2s. 6d. pub. 5s. 1832

2221 Buonamici Commentaries on the late War in Italy, translated from the Latin, with Introduction by Rev. A. Wishart, 8vo. calf, neat, "considerable elegance, fidelity, and judgment," 3*. 6d. 1753

2222 Burbridge (Th.) Poems, 2s. 6d. pub. Is. 6d.


2223 Burder (Rev. G.) Village Sermons, or Plain and Short Discourses, 4 vols, in 1, half bnd. 3s. 6d. 1798

2224 Burdon'a Materials for Thinking, 2 Vo!b. 8vo. calf, neat, best edit. 10*. . 1810

2225 Burgess (Dr.) Physiology, or Mechanism of Blushing, illustrative of the Influence of Mental Emotion on the Capillary Circulation, with General View of the Sympathies and Organic Relations, 8vo. cloth, 4s. pub. 9*. . . 1839

2226 Burgess (Anthony the Puritan, and one of the Assembly of Divines) Practical Exposition of Corinthians, and Godly Man's Choice compared with Natural Man's Desire, folio, calf, wants first title, 7s. 6d. . . 1658-9

2227 Spirituall Reflnings in 161 "very

searching and excellent" Sermons, Grace and Assurance, and Sinne, thick folio, calf, scarce, \2s.


2228 Burgess (Bp.) Hebrew Reader, Extracts from the Bible and Decalogue, &c. Hebr. and English, cr. 8vo. both parts, 2s. . . 1822

2229 Burgess (Up.) on Josephus' Account of Herod's Rebuilding the Temple at Jerusalem, 8vo. If. 6d.


2230 BURGH'S Dignity of Human Nature, 2 vols. . 8vo. calf, neat, " highly esteemed work," 6s. (cost

Cuthell, 13*.) . . .1767

2231 Another edition, with Life, in 1 vol. 8vo.

4*. . . . . 1795

2232 Political Disquisitions, or Enquiry into

Public Errors, Defects, and Abuses, illustrated by, and established upon, Facts and Remarks, extracted from a Variety of Authors, ancient and modern, 3 vols. 8vo. fine copy, calf, Is. . 1774

2233 Burghersh (Lord) Memoir of the Operations of the Allied Armies under Prince Schwarzenberg

and Blucher, 1822, charts; ditto Memoir of the Early Campaigns of Wellington in Portugal and Spain, 1820, 2 vols. 8vo. 6*. 6d. pub. \l. 9*. 6d.

2234 Burghley (Lord Secretary of State to Edw. VI. and Lord High Treasurer to Elizabeth) Memoirs of the Life and Administration of, by Archdn. Nares, vol. 1, thick 4to. portrait, 5*. pub. 3 gs.


2235 Burigny's Life of the truly eminent and learned Hugo Grotius, with Critical Account of bis Works, 8vo. calf, 3s. . . 1754

223C Burke's Works, best edition, in 8 vols. 8vo. caff, neat, U. \ 3 gs. 1801

2237 Correspondence of Burke and Dr. French

Laurence, 1788-1797, containing upwards of 100 letters, now first published, 8vo. new, in cloth, 2s. 64. put. 8*. 6d. . . . 1827

"Burke's compositions are inimitable' in literary beauty, and treat of the highest interests of individuals and nations."—Blackicood.

"Laurence, one of the most learned, upright, and able men that ever enlightened his profession, or supplied his contemporaries with useful knowledge."—Lord Holland.

2238 on the Sublime and Beautiful, 8vo. 2s.

1761; another, 8vo. caff, neat, portrait, 3s. 6d.


2239 Reflections on the French Revolution,

8vo. ("30,000 copies of this work, set off with the highest style of English eloquence, acute reasoning and great penetration, most sound and practical wisdom, were speedily sold,") 2*. 1790

2240 Thirteen Tracts on Regicide, Peace, American Taxation, Bristol Discontents, &c. very thick 8vo. 3*.

2241 Life of Edm. Burke, with Impartial Account of his Literary and Political Efforts, and Conduct and Character of his Associates, Coadjutors, and Opponents, 8vo. caff, 3s. . 1798

2242 Life of Burke, by Prior, best edition, in

2 vols. 8vo. scarce, (" sensible and valuable."Blackwood,) 16*. 6d. pub. 11. 8s. . 1826

2243 BURKE'S Genealogical and Heraldic HISTORY of the COMMONERS, complete in 4 vols. 8vo. 3/. 13*. 6d. sells 51. 8*. 6d. . 1832-8

2244 Bnrkitt on the Testament, thick royal folio, very fine copy, calf, portrait, " deservedly popular."Home, 15s. worth 11. Is. 1765

2245 Burkitt's New Testament, abridged by Rev. S. Glasse, 2 thick vols. 4to. russia extra, gill leaves, 10*. pub. 3 gs. bds. . 1805

2246 Burlamaqui's Natural and Political Law, translated .by Nugent, in which the True Systems of Morality and Civil Government are established, and different Sentiments of Grotius, Hobbes, Puffendorf, Barbeyrac, Clark and Hutchinson, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. caff, neat, 6*. . 1752

2247 Burlei, Anglici, sacre pagine professoris excellentissimi, sup. artem ueterem Porphyrij et Aristotelis expositio, folio, Ulilttt Hitter, very early production, neat MS. notes, 3s. 6d. S. A.

2248 Burleigh House, Northamptonshire, the Seat of the Marquis of Exeter, Guide to, with Catalogue of the Paintings, Antiquities, &c. 8vo. 2*. 6d. pub. 12*. 1815

2249 Burnet (Bp.) Exposition of the XXXIX Articles of the Church, folio, caff, highly commended by Tillolson, Tenison, Sharps, Stillingfieel, Patrick, Hall, H(c. 5s. . . 1700

2250 Exposition, thick 8vo. 5*. 6d.

Clarend. Press, 1796

2251 of the Pastoral Care, cr. 8vo. "beautiful

illustration."—Ch. Bridges, 2s. . 1818

2252 Abridgment of his History of the Reformation, cr. 8vo. half calf, neat, " his greatest and most useful work, contains the History without the Records," 3s. . . 1683

2253 ditto, ditto, 3 vols. 12mo. caff, portraits, 3s. 6d. . . 1719

2254 History of his Own Times, with Life, 2

vols, folio, calf, neat, "most interesting work."Dr. Johnson, 10*. . . 1734

2255 Suppressed Passages in Burnet's Own

Times, for earlier editions, 8vo. 5*. Priv.print. 1823

2256 Salmon's Impartial Examination of Burnet's History of Own Times, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, 4s.


2257 BurilCt (Bp.) Lives of Hale, Rochester, and Boyle, with large additions, 12mo. bnd. It.

Dublin, 1804

2258 Another, Pickering's neat pocket edition,

2s. pub. 4s. . . .1829

2259 History of the Rights of Princes in

disposing of Ecclesiastical Benefices and Church Lands, with papers and arguments in the late Contests in France on the Regale, thick cr. 8vo. calf, 3s. ... 1682

2260 Memoirs of James and William, Dukei

of Hamilton and Castleherald, &c. giving an account of the Civil Wars in Scotland, with Original Letters of Charles I., folio, calf, portraits, Tho. Chillingworth's autograph, 10*. worth 11. Is. Lowndes. . . 1677

2261 Travels in Switzerland, Italy, &c. cr. 8vo.

"curious and entertaining," with observations on corruptions of Popery, 2s. . 1737

2262 Burnet (Dr. Th. of the Charter House) Sacred Theory of the Earth, with the Defences, and Addison's Poem, 2 vols. Svo.fine copy, calf, portrait, "his masterpiece; will ever charm from its eleagnt style, and the grandeur of its imagery," 6*. 1726

2263 of the State of the Dead, and of Those

that are to Rise, translated, with Answers, by Rev. M. Earbery, 2 vols, in 1, 8vo. caff, frontispiece, 3s. 1728

2264 Burney (Capt.) Chronological History of N. Eastern Voyages of Discovery, and early Eastern Navigations of the Russians, 8vo. map, 2s. pub. 10*. . . . 1819

2265 Burney (Dr.) General History of 71 lisle from the Earliest Times to the Present,

4 thick vols. 4to. numerous fine plates, and portrait by Bartolozzi, half russia, fine set, 31. 5s.


2266 Memoirs of the Life and Writings of

Metastasio, " the primary source of most exquisite delight in the union of Italian Poetry and Vocal Music," with Translations of his Letters, 3 vols. 8vo. caff, 5s. . . . 1796

2267 Burns (Allan) Observations on the most Frequent and Important Diseases of the Heart, with Cases, 8vo. 3*.fln4. ?». . . 1809

2268 Burns (John) Principles of Midwifery, including the Diseases of Women .andL.ChiWreji. thick 8vo. 3*. pub. 10*. 6d. . 'lSll

2269 Burn's Justice of the Peace, 22nd edit, by King,

5 thick vols. 8vo. law calf, 6s. pub. 21. 12*. 6d. 1814

2270 Justice of the Peace and Parish Officer,

24th edition, with Additions, &c. by Sir G. Chetwynd, 5 thick vols. 8vo. 10*. Gd. pub. 4 gs. 1825

2271 Justice, by Chitty, 6 thick vols. 8vo. cloth,

11. 12s. pub. 51. . . 1831

2272 Burns' Works, with Life and Criticism by Currie, 1806; Reliques of Burns, edited, See. by Cromek, 1806, 5 vols. 8vo. best edition of Burns' Works, calf, very neat (sheet D.D. is foxed as usual,) 11. is. pub. 21. 6s.

2273 Burns' Poetical Works, with Life and Glossary, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 2s. 1811; or Cadell's Pocket Edition, 2*. 1817

2274 Poems and Songs, Sharpe's edition, with

Westall's Plates. 2 vols. 5*. pub. 18*. . 1824

2275 Burn's (W.) Primitive Doctrine concerning the Person and Character of Jesus Christ against Socinians, Arians, Trinitarians and Swedenborgians, and on Moral Character and Office of Christ and Holy Spirit, 8vo. " the result of 12 years' mature consideration," 4*. pub. 10*. Glasgow, 1822

2276 Burrish (Onslow) Batavia IUustrata, or View of the Policy and Commerce of the United Provinces, particularly of Holland, and Enquiry into the Alliances of the States General with the Emperor, France, Spain, and Gr. Britain, thick 8vo. calf; neat, 3s. . . .1731

"The Commons, ever jealous, have frequently distressed the Administration."—See Preface.

2277 BURROUGHES (JEREMIAH) Exposition, in Lectures upon the Eleventh, Twelfth and Thirteenth Chapters of Hosea, Puritan, 4to. caff. Is. 1651

2278 Irenicum to the Lovers of Truth and

Peace. Heart Divisions opened in the Causes and Evils of them, with Cautions and Endeavours to heal them, small 4to, 4*. . . 1646

2279 BURROUGHES (JEREMIAH) Moses, his Choice, with his Eye fixed upon Heaven, discovering the Happy Condition of a Self-denying Heart, small 4to. calf, 5s. . . 1660

2280 BURROW (REV. E. J.) Summary of Chris tan Faith and Practice confirmed by reference to the Text of Holy Scripture compared with the Liturgy, Articles, and Homilies of the Church, and Extracts from authorised works, 3 vols, cr. 8to. blue morocco extra, gilt leaves, 12s. pub. II. N. . . . . 1822

2281 Burserius Institutionum Medicine Practice, 4 vols. 8vo. calf, very neat, 6s. 6d. Lipsiat, 1798

'• Less hypothetical than Cullen."—Roth. •' A useful compilation, with original matter and much literary information."—Young.

2282 BURTON'S ANATOMY of MELANCHOLY, folio, vellum, wants the title-page,

8s. ...... • 1632

2283 Anatomy of Melancholy, 2 vols. 8vo. best edition, new, Mr. 6d. pub. 11. 4s. . Cadell, 1827

2284 Another edition, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, very

neat, " that whimsical farrago of all such reading as was never read."Moore, 16s. . 1813

2285 Burton (Dr.) on the Non-Naturals, and their great Influence on Human Bodies, set forth and mechanically accounted for, with Essay on ChinCough, 8vo. ca\f, scarce, 3s. . York, 1738

2286 Burton (Rev. C.J.) View of the Creation of the World, in Illustration of the Mosaic Record, 8vo. o. 6<f. pub. N. . . 1836

2287 BURTON (REV. E. Regius Professor at Oxford) Description of the Antiquities, Churches, Works of Art, Religious Customs, and other Curiosities of Rome, from personal observation during a visit, and from modern travellers and laborious compositions of Italian Antiquaries, with Illustrations by quotations from Ancient Authors, with Dimensions of Buildings, &C. &C. 2 vols. cr. 8vo. new, in cloth, plates, 6s. 6d. pub. 15*. . . . 1828

Last edition, with many interesting and entertaining additions.

2288 History of the Christian Church from

Christ's Ascension to Constawthie's Conversion, cloth, 5s. pub. 7s. «rf.. . 1836

2289 ■—" 'Remarks on Rev. Bulteel's Sermon at St. Mary's, 1831; Bulteel's Reply, 1831; Wordsworth on the Admission of Dissenters to Cambridge, 1834; {Rev. L. Wainewright) Hints to University of Cambridge, 1827; Professor Musgrave on Church Reform, not published, 1832; Expediency of Revising the Liturgy and Articles, 1790; Colton's Sermon at Tiverton, 1805; Ditto on Don Juan, 1819; Remarks on Consumption of Public Wealth by the Clergy, with Plans, 1822; Dean Kipling on Accusations by Irish Papists against Protestants, 1809; and 8 others, 8vo. N. 6d.

2290 Burton (Dr. John) Pentalogia. Oidipus Tyrannus et Coloneus, Antigone, yEschyli Septein contra Thebas. cum adnot. &c. Burgess, 2 vols. 8vo. calf, neat, " best edition of this esteemed work," id. Gossett's copy soldfor IBs. . 1779

2291 Burton (Blchar«l) Works,

{"favourite books with collectors,") Admirable Curiosities, Rarities and Wonders in England, Scotland and Ireland, Stace's edition, with additional wood-cuts and index, small 4to. 3s. pub. 18*. . . 1811

2292 Historical Remarques and Observations

of the Ancient and Present State of London and Westminster, cuts, 3s. 1691; or another edition, 4*. 1730

2293 Hist. Remarks on London and Westminster, Stace's reprint, with additional wood-cuts and index, small 4to. 3s. pub. 18s. . 1810

2294 History of Ireland, small 4to. wood-cuts,

3s. ISs. 1685 Stace's reprint, 1811

2295 History of Oliver Cromwell, bound,

2s. 6d. . . 1693

2296 History of the House of Orange, their

Glorious and Magnanimous Achievements, and of William and Mary, small 4to. 2s. pub. \0s. 1693

Reprint. 1814

56, Chancery Lane.]

2297 Burton (Uicharil) Works.

The Unfortunate Court-Favourites of England Exemplified, cuts, N. . . 1706

2298 Unparallel'd Varieties, or Matchless Actions and Passions of Mankind in 400 Instances, 12mo. 2s. 6d. . . 1728

2299 Wars in England, Scotland and Ireland,

from beginning of Charles I. to Restoration, Stace's reprint, with cuts and index, small 4to. 3s. 6d. 1810

2300 Bury (Rev. E. of Gr. Bolas, Shropshire) Help to Holy Walking, or Guide to Glory, with Directions how to Worship God and to Walk with Him all our Lives, cr. 8vo. calf, 2s. . 1675

2301 BURY ST. EDMUNDS, Charter for Incorporating the Burgh of, newly translated, 8vo. N.

Prim print. 1810

2302 Bury St. Edmunds, Description of, and the Antiquities of its Environs within 10 miles, with Particulars of Churches, Biographical Notices of celebrated Men and Families, Charities, Patrons, Incumbents, tec. 8vo. engravings of 40 churches, 6s. pub. IN. . . 1827

2303 Busbequii Opera Omnia, 32mo. bound, {Gibbon's favourite pocket companion,) 2s.

Elzevir, 1633

2304 Busby (Dr.) General History of Music from the Earliest Times, with Lives of Composers and Musical Writers, 2 vols. 8vo. 5s. pub. 11.10s. 1819

2305 Dictionary of Music, with Familiar Introduction, 12mo. 2s. pub. Is. 6d. . 1813

2306 Busby (Stanhope) Lectures on English Poetry from Chaucer to Milton, with Quotations, cr. 8vo. new, cloth, 2*. . . . 1837

2307 Busfield (Rev. J. A., of the Asylum and Woodstreet) Sermons on the most Important Duties of Christianity, 8vo. 3s. pub. 12s. . 1819

2308 Sermons on the most Important Duties

of Christian Religion, Lord's Prayer, and Great Mystery, 3 vols. 8vo. 5s. 6d. pub. 11.16s. 1826

2309 Bush's Hibernia Curiosa: a View of the Manners, Customs, Dispositions, Natural Curiosities of Ireland, 8vo. best edition, uncut, plates, 2s. 6d.


2310 Busy Body, or Men and Manners, a-Periodical, 8vo. coloured caricature plates, 3s. March to July, all published . . 1816

2311 BUTLER (BP.) Analogy of Religion, Is. Gd. 1826; or good old 8vo. calf, is. 1740; or with Preface and Life by Bp. Halifax, 3s. Rd. 1802

"It seems to have been reserved for this great man to achieve in this department of human knowledge, improvements scarcely inferior to Sir Isaac Newton's." — Treat, on Religious Doubt.

2312 Hobart's Analysis of Butler's Analogy,

2s. Dublin, 1834

2313 Sermons at the Rolls, &c. 8vo. 2s. 1828

2314 Butler (Chwrles) Reminiscences, 2 vols. 8vo. 8s. pub. 19s. . 1824-7

2315 Account of the Life and Writings of Bossuet, cr. 8vo. N. . . 1812.

2316 Account of the Life and Writings of the

Rev. Alban Butler, with Observations on Sacred and Profane Literature, 8vo. 2s. . 1799

2317 Continuation of Alban Butler's Lives of

the Saints, 8vo. Is. pub. 10s. 6d. . 1823

2318 Historical and Literary Account of the

Formularies, Confessions of Faith, of the Roman Catholic, Greek, and Principal Protestant Churches, 8vo. is. pub. Is. 6d. . . 1816

2319 History of the Geographical and Political

Revolutions of the Empire of Germany or Principal States of Charlemagne, with Genealogies, 8vo. calf, neat, 4s. Gd. pub. 12s. . 1812

2320 Historical Memoirs of the Church of

France in Lewis XIV. XV. and XVI. Reigns, and French Revolution, 8vo. 4s. pub. 14s. 1817

2321 Horse Juridical Subsecivre, a connected

series of Notes on Geography, Chronology, and Literary History of the Codes of Grecian, Roman, Feudal, and Canon Law, cr. 8vo. half calf, neat, 3s.


2322 Life of D'Aguesseau, Chancellor of

France, and his Ordinances for consolidating and amending the French Law, with Historical and Literary Account of Roman and Canon Law, 8vo. 2s. 6d. pub. 6s. Gd. . . 1830

2323 Blltler'8 Life of Erasmus, with Historical Remarks on the State of Literature between the Tenth and Sixteenth Centuries, 8vo. 4s. pub. 1s.6d. . . , 1825

2324 of Fenelon, with the Lives of St. Vincent, of Paul, and Henri-Marie de Boudon, a Letter on Ancient and Modern Music, and Historical Minutes of the Society of Jesus, 8vo. 4s. 10s. Gd. . . 1819

2325 of Grotius, with Minutes of Civil, Ecclesiastical and Literary History of the Netherlands, 8vo. 4s. 6d. pub. 7s. 6d. . 1826

2326 of Michel de l'Hopital, Chancellor of

France, cr. 8vo. 1*. . . 1814

2327 Butler's Easy Introduction to the Mathematics, in which the Theory and Practice are laid down and familiarly explained, 2 vols, 8vo. 5s. Gd. pub. ll.Us.6d. . . . 1814

2328 Butler's Sketch of Modern and Ancient Geography, 8vo. bound, 2s. pub. 9s. . 1824

2329 Butler's Praxis on the Latin Prepositions, 8vo. 3s. pub. G. 6d. . . 1823

2330 BUTLER'S HUDIBRAS, all the 3 Parts complete, 8vo. calf, neat, 2s. Gd. 1639; or pocket edition, ca(f, 2s. . . 1720

2331 Hudibras, and Posthumous Works, Satires, Speeches, and Key to Hudibras by L'Estrange, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. very fine copies, half morocco, Hogarth's plates, 7s. Gd. 1732-75

2332 Hudibras, with Annotations, 12mo. bnd.

cuts by Hogarth, 2s. 6d. . 1775

2333 Hudibras, with large Annotations and

Preface by Dr. Grey, 2 vols. 8vo. 10s. 6<f. pub. 11. 5s. ... 1806

2334 — Hudibras and Remains, with select Notes by Dr. Grey, and Life by Dr. Johnson, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. Smirke'sfrontispiece, 6s. pub. 14s. 1810

2335 Hudibras, pocket edition, 2 vols, calf,

neat, 3s. 6d. . . 1818

2336 Hudibras, pocket edition, neatly bnd. 3s.


"I never met with so much wit in one book as this." —Voltaire.

2337 BUTTERFLIES, BRITISH, Duncan's Natural History of, green morocco, extra, gilt leaves, 36 plates, with 176 illustrations most beautifully coloured, 12s. cost 11. Is. . Bdinb. 1835

2338 Button (Ed.) Rudiments of Ancient History, Sacred and Profane, cr. 8vo. calf, neat, N. 1739

2339 Buxton, History of, and Visitor's Guide to the Curiosities of the Peak, and Descriptive Itinerary of the Excursions, with remarkable Plants of the Neighbourhood, by Jewitt, royal 8vo. half calf, plates, 3s. . . . 1811

2340 Buxton on the Effects of our Prison Discipline, with Descriptions of various English and Foreign Prisons, 1818; Roscoe on Penal Jurisprudence and Reformation of Criminals, 1819, 8vo. ca(f, super extra, is. pub. 11.

2341 BUXTORF1I LEXICON CHALDAICUM TALMUDICUM et RABBINICUM, thick folio, vellum, very fine copy,portrait,11.10s. Basil, 1639

2342 Buxtorfii Lexicon Hebraicum et Chaldaicum, 8vo. Gs. pub. 18s. . Glasgow, 1824

2343 Byrd (Wm.) Superius. Psalmes, Sonets, and Songs of Sadness and Pietie, made into Musicke of five parts, small 4to. 3s. Boswell's copy sold for 19s. . . . 1588

2344 Byron (Commodore) Narrative of the Loss of the Wager, and his Distresses on the Coast of Patagonia, 12mo. cloth, 2s. pub. 5s. . 1832

2345 Byron's Works, Letters, Journals, and Life, by Moore, last edition, 17 vols, half bnd. calf, very neat, pub. 41. 5s. Murray, 1834

2346 Byron's Poetical Works, 5 vols, 12mo. calf, very neat, 15s. pub. II. Us. Gd. . 1823

2347 Byron (Lord) SPEECHES in PARLIAMENT, original edition, 8vo. {not in his Works,) 6d. pub. 5s. . . 1824

2348 POEMS, second edition, very scarce, cr.

8vo. view of Harrow, 3s. . Newark, 1808

2349 Childe Harold, Bride of Abydos, Doge

of Venice, English Bards, &C. &c. 10 pieces, original editions, 4s. 6d.

2350 Childe Harold, complete in 4 cantos, 8vo.

3s. 11. Is. . . 1812-8

2351 Byron. English Bards and Scotch Review, ers, 8vo. original edition, Is. . 1810

2352 Works, new edition, vol. 12, cloth, 2s. Gd.


2353 Don Juan, best edition, 2 vols, complete

In 4 vols. 8vo. bds. 10*. 6d. pub. U. 16*. 1819

2354 Conversations at Pisa with Capt. Med

win, thick 8vo. facsimile, 3s. pub. 14*. 1824

2355 Hobhouse's Historical Illustrations of

Byron's Childe Harold, with Dissertation on the Ruins of Rome, and Essay on Italian Literature, 8vo. bds. 5s. pub. lis. . . 1818

2356 Bythneri Lyra Prophetica Davidis, small 4to. ca\f, is. 6d. cost 30*. . .1653

2357 Another copy, wants last leaf of the Chal

daic, 4to. bnd. 5s. . . 1664

2358 Lyra Prophetica, 8vo. 10*. pub. 11. 1823

"Most valuable help to the critical and grammatical

study of the Psalms."—Home.

2359 Cabinet Dictionary, containing an Explanation of all the Terms used in the Cabinet and Upholstery Branches,with Directions for Varnish-making, Polishing, and Gilding, complete in 15 parts 8vo. no plates, 2s. Gd. pub. II. 12*. . 1803

2360 Cadiere (Marie) Factum contre le Pere Girard, pour avoir portee par abominable Quietisme, et plus haute spiritualite jette six autres Devotes, mises sous sa Direction, dans les memes exces, 8vo. scarce, 3s. . . Haye, 1731

2361 CSBSftrlS Opera notis variorum Montuni et Scaligeri, thick 8vo. vellum, "best of the variorums, a most beautiful and correct book."Harwood, 5s. 6d. . . Elzevir, 1661

2362 Commentarii (Maittare), cr. 8vo. calf,

large paper, "correct, with excellent index," 2s. 6d. Grafton copy sold for 13*. . 1716

2363 Opera annotationibus S. Clarke, 8vo.

ca(f, maps, 2s. 6d. . .1739

2364 Opera notis et animad. Bentleii et Ju

rini, thick 8vo. calf, maps, 2s. . 1742

2365 Opera, Bipont edition, 2 vols. 8vo. calf,

neat, " neat and useful edition," 4s. Gd. 1782

2366 Commentarii, with German Notes by

Held, 8vo. Is. Gd. pub. 7s. Gd. Sulzbach, 1822

2367 Commentarii edidit Oberlinus, thick 8vo.

new, cloth, 4s. pub. 16*. . . 1825

2368 Oudendorpii, 12mo. calf, very neat, 3s.

pub. 7*. Gd. . . Regents, 1816

2369 Commentaries, translated, with Notes, by

Col. Bladen, " best edition, with Bowyer's notes," 8vo. bnd. plates from Palladia's designs, 4s. 1750

2370 Commentaries, translated "excellently,

with elaborate" Discourse of Roman Art of War, by Duncan, 2 vols. bnd. maps, 5s. Gd. 1815

2371 translated by Duncan, 2 vols. 12nio.

cloth, 4s. pub. 10*. . New York, 1835

2372 Caire la Science des Pierres Precieuses appliquee aux Arts, par Dune, thick 8vo. 16 plates, useful work for jewellers, antiquaries, engravers on stone, Gs.Gd. Paris, 1833

2373 Calamy (Rev. E.) Free Grace in all its Glory, Caveat against New Prophets, Funeral Sermons for Sylvester, for Watts, Mrs. Francis Lewis, 1703-8 j Wright's Farewell-sermon, 1708; Harris' Mischief of Evil Company, 1707, 8vo. calf, 2s.

2374 Calamy's Nonconformist's Memorial, or Account of the Lives, Sufferings, and Printed Works of 2000 Ejected Ministers, by Palmer, 3 vols. 8vo. 15*. Gd. pub. II. 11*. Gd. . 1802

2375 Caldecott's Hamlet and As You Like It, a specimen of an edition of Shakespeare, royal 8vo. 250 copies only, privately, contains many additions from that for sale, 5s. Gd. Pritat. printed, 1832

2376 Caledonian Musical Repository, a Selection of esteemed Ancient and Modern Scottish Songs, with the Music, cr. 8vo. half calf, neat, 3s. 1806

2377 Calidas Sacontala, or the Fatal Ring, an Indian Drama, translated from the Sanscrit and Pracrit, 12mo. calf, very neat, 2s. Stanley's copy told for 12*. . . . 1792

2378 Caligraphy, Specimens of, by Shinton, folio, fine specimens of writing, 4s. Lancaster, 1818

2379 Call to Repent (by Rowland Money), 8vo. 2*. pub. .... 1839

2380 Call upon the Great, 8vo. cloth, 2s. 1839

2381 Callcott's "much esteemed" Musical Grammar, cr. 8vo. 3*. pub. 10*. Gd, . 1809

2382 Callet Tables Portatives de Logarithmes, thick royal 8vo. half russia, 6s. pub. II. Paris, 1814

2383 Callimachus' Hymns, Epigrams, and Coma Berenices or Orpheus 6 Hymns, translated, with Explanatory Notes by Dodd, 4to. half calf, 3s.


2384 Callipsedise, or an Art how to have Handsome, translated from Latin of Abbot Quillet, with Art of Nursing and Breeding from St. Marthe, 8vo. calf, 3s. . . . 1710

2385 CALMET'S DICTIONARY of the BIBLE, with the Fragments by Taylor, in 4 vols. 4to. many plates, 11. 7s. Gd. . . 1798-1800

2386 Calvert (George, Jacksonian Prize Essay) Practical Treatise on Piles, Strictures, and other Diseases of the Rectum and Anus, 8vo. plate, 3s. pub. 8s. Gd. . . . 1824

2387 Calvin's Institution of Christian Religion, translated by Norton, thick small 4to. clasps, 12s. . . . 1599

2388 Institution of Christian Religion, translated by Norton, folio, old binding, lis. . 1611

2389 Institutes of Christian Religion, best

edition, translated by Allen, and collated with French Versions, .Ivols. 8vo. 18*. pub.21.5s. 1813

2390 on the Psalms, small 4to. Jjlatlt ILcttcr,

very imperfect, 5s. Gd.

2391 Mackenzie's Memoirs of Calvin's Life

and Writings, chiefly from Beza, cr. 8vo. 2*. 1809

2392 Maimbourgh Histoire du Calvinisme,

thick 18mo. 2s. . . 1682

2393 Cambist, The Modern, a Manual of Foreign Exchanges, by Tate, in Bills of Exchanges, Bullion, Arbitrations of Exchange, numerous Formula:, Tables of Weights and Measures, &c. 8vo. 4s. Gd. pub. 10*. Gd. . . 1836

2394 Cambrian Tourist, or Post-Chaise Companion through Wales, advisable Route, best Inns, Distances, Objects, &c. &c. cr. 8vo. with charts of tours, 3s. pub. 8s. . . . 1821

2395 CttltlOI'idg'esllil'e, History of, by Lysons, 4to. numerous plates, 14*. pub. 2gs. 1808

2396 CllHlt>l*i<is°4». Beverley's Letter to Duke of Gloucester, Chancellor, on the Corrupt State of Cambridge, 1833; 5 Replies to ditto, by Bell, Russell, &c. 1833; Beverley's Reply to Sedgwick, 1834; Philpot's Letter on resigning his Fellowship, on seceding from the Church, the Errors of the Church, Universities, &c. 1835; Whewell on Admission of Dissenters, 1834; Sunday Question Settled, 1834; Excerpta c Statutis, 1819, in patent leaf-holder, 7s.

2397 Cambridge Tart, in 98 Epigram-Satiric

Poetical Effusions by Cantabs, 2s pub. 8s. 1823

2398 — CARTER'S History of Ancient and Modern Cambridge ; also of Ely, 8vo. large paper, royal 8vo. {only 140 copies rejirinted by Upcott, the former edit, sold for 141.) 11.8s. 1819

2399 Catalogus Cantabrigiensis Graduati, ab

1659 ad 1787, Ordine Alphnbctico, 4to. 2s. 1787

2100 Conversations at Cambridge, (Coleridge,

Kirke White, Cowley, W. llervey, S. Walkey und Moultrie, Gray, Mason, Henry Martyn, Praed, Professor Sedgwick, Wordsworth, &c.) cloth, is.


2401 ■ ■ Dictionary of Academical and Colloquial

or Cant Terms used at Cambridge, with curious illustrations, 12mo. 2s. . 1803

2402 Dyer's History of the University of

Cambridge, with Notices of the Founders and Literary Men, 2 vols. 8vo. plates, fine original impressions, 14s. pub. 21. 2s. . . 1814

2403 Fresh Hints, or a New Cambridge Guide,

dedicated without permission to Freshmen, cr. 8vo. 2*. .... 1815

2404 Granta, or a Page from the Life of a

Cantab, a Poem,cr. 8vo. 1*. Cambridge, 1836

2405 Harraden's 30 Picturesque Views of

Cambridge University and Town, with descriptions, 8vo. very fine impressions, 3s. . 1800

2406 Jebb (Rev. J.) Remarks on present Mode

of Education in the University of Cambridge, with proposal for its improvement, 1773; Power of Climate over Policy, Strength and Manners of Nations, 1774, &c. 8vo. calf, 2s.

2407 Maiden's Account of King's College

Chapel in Cambridge, with plate of chapel, and curious portrait of author, 8vo. scarce, Is. Gd. 1769

2408 Cambl'l«ls°e. Musa: Cantabrigiensis, the Latin and Greek Prize Odes and Epigrams, 8vo. 2*. . . 1810

2409 Wainewright (Rev. Lathom) Description

and Vindication of the Literary and Scientific Pursuits encouraged and enforced at Cambridge, with Notes, 8vo. 2*. . . 1815

2410 Camdeni Britannia, thick 12mo. old calf, curious old maps, 2s. . Amst. 1017

2411 CAMDEN'S BRITANNIA, translated, with Additions, &c. by Gibson, 2 vols, folio, calf, but edition of the Bishops, 18*. . 1722

2412 Camden's Remains concerning Britain, amended by Philipot, small 8vo. calf, neat, 7s. Gd. 1674

2413 Camoes (Luis de) Os Lusiadas, Poema, segundo o legitimo texto, 2 vols. 12mo. half calf, neat, 4».

Avinhao, 1818

2414 Camoens' Lusiad, translated from Portuguese by Musgrave, 8vo. very fine copy, calf, beautiful portraits, 5*. Gd. pub. 11. Is. . 1826

2415 Campaigns of the British Army at Washington and New Orleans in 1814-5, (by Gleig,) cr. 8vo. half calf, neat, 5s. pub. 8s. 6d. . 1827

2416 Campan (Madame) Memoirs of the Private Life of Marie Antoinette, with Anecdotes, 2 vols. 8vo. half calf, 4s. Gd. pub. 18s. . 1823

2417 Campbell (Arch.) Voyage round the World, 1806 to 1812, with his Shipwreck, and Vocabulary of the Sandwich Islands, 8vo. map, 2s. pub. 9*. 1816

2418 CAMPBELL (DR.) Lives of the Admirals, with Berkenhout's continuation, best edition, completed to 1812, by Yorke, in 8 vols. 8vo..fine portraits, 11. pub. 41. lGs. . 1812

2419 Political Survey of Great Britain, 2 very

thick vols. 4to. calf, neat, 6s. . 1774

"Wonderful research and labour." "Of inestimable value in understanding the best means of promoting the prosperity of our native country."—KetVtEltmenlt.

2420 CAMPBELL (PRINCIPAL) Translation of the IV Gospels, with Dissertations and Notes, i vols. 8vo. 15*. pub. 11. 8s. . . 1612

2421 Dissertation on Miracles, Sermons and

Tracts, 2 vols. 8vo. 6*.. Edin. 1797; or 8vo. ti. pub. 10*. Gd. . .' Cadell, 1823

2422 on Miracles, 12mo. calf, 2s. Edin. 1766

2423 Lectures on Pulpit Eloquence, 1«. firf. 1824

2424 Philosophy of Rhetoric, with his last

corrections, abridged by Jamieson, cr. 8vo. 3i. 1823

2425 Campbell (Dr. Hugh) I-ove Letters of Mary Queen of Scots to the Earl of Bothwell, with her Love Sonnets and Marriage Contracts, a complete History of her Woes and Trials, 8vo. 3s. pub. Vol


2426 Campbell (Dr.) on Edinburgh Epidemic Puerperal Fever in 1821-2; and Dr. Gordon's Essays on ditto of Aberdeen, 1789-92,8vo.

Edin. 1822

2427 Campbell's Collection of the Flowers of Literature from Modern Authors, cr. 8vo. half calf, neat, portraits, 3s. pub. 8s. . 1824

2428 Campbell's Poetical Works: Pleasures of Hope, Gertrude of Wyoming, and other Poems, cr. 8ro. calf, neat, 3s. . . Paris, 1822

2429 Pleasures of Hope, 12mo. calf, neat,

plates, 2s. . . 1810

2430 Theodoric and Fugitive Poems, cr. 8vo.

1*. pub. 8*. . . 1824

2431 (the Poet) Letters from the South, 2 vols.

8vo. plates, 5*. Gd. pub. 11. 4s. . 183/

2432 Campbell's Missionary Travels in S. Africa, 8vo. plates, 4s. pub. 10*. Gd. . 1815

2433 Second Missionary Journey into South

Africa, 2 vols. 8vo. map and coloured plates, half calf, neat, 5s. 6d. pub. 11. Is. . 1822

2434 Camper (Professor) Works on the Connexion between Anatomy and Drawing, Painting, Statuary, with new Method of Sketching Heads, fv.c. with accuracy, edited by Cogan, 4to. 17 plates, "accmpanion to Bell's Anatomy of Expression," 8». full. 11. . . . 1821

2435 Camus' Nature's Paradox, or the Innocent Impostor, a pleasant Polonian History, now Englished by Major Wright, small 4to. calf, neat, fi*t frontispiece by Vaughan, 4s. .

[56, Chancery Law

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