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Book-Prices Current.



Being a Record of the Prices at which Books have been sold at Auction during the years 1887 to 1898, with the Titles and Descriptions of the Books in full, the Catalogue Numbers, and the Names of the Purchasers.

Some of the earlier volumes are out of print and others are at a premium. Reports will be made in answer to queries by the publisher.

Opinions of the Press.

"Book-Prices Current '-the Whitaker's Almanack of book-buyers and booksellers."-Illustrated London News.

"A very useful and admirably edited and printed publication."-Morning Post. "To praise Book-Prices Current' is unnecessary; it has become indispensable to book collectors, and of vital interest to all who care for literature."-Globe.

"Brunet, indeed, so long the book-buyer's chief delight, must yield to 'Book-Prices Current.'"-Notes and Queries.

"It is beyond comparison the book-collector's cyclopædia. Its own earlier volumes, curiously enough, command very high prices."-Daily Chronicle.

"The practical utility to buyers and sellers of an authoritative annual work of reference like this requires no demonstration. The knowledge and skill displayed in this compilation merit cordial recognition." Standard.

"To all classes of bookmen, the issues of 'Book-Prices Current' may be fairly pronounced indispensable."-Literary World.

"It may be said without exaggeration, that the annual volumes of Mr. Slater's admirable compilation are indispensable to such as desire to follow with any closeness the record of sales and the movements of the secondhand book market."-Times.

"Valuable to booksellers, and still more so to book-buyers. . . . This useful work has long established its position, and must have saved many a collector a bad bargain."-Athenæum.

"The work supplies a finely printed record which will be valued, not by the bookseller merely, but by the collector and librarian."--Daily Telegraph. "The book collector's Bible."-Pall Mall Gazette.

"The record is extremely useful for buyers and collectors of books, and is a valuable index to current phases of book-collecting, and to fluctuations in the market."--Saturday Review.

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Book-Prices Current:




FROM OCTOBER, 1898, TO JULY, 1899,

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78 present volume of book-PRICES CURRENT 15, strictly speak the first that has accurately coincided with the natural course

n season, wh... h, as is almost universally known, be, ins, n the middle of ( tober and ends at the end of July, or 2 the early days of August. It will be remembered that the previus voume was made to commence in December, 18,7, a se a plure absolutely necessary in order to introduce a new system. The present volume covers the sales held during the months of

and July, 1893, in-lusive, and I believe that it will sd that no sale or entry of any importance taking place **ween trese dates has been omitted from its pages. Omiss ons there are, fie it is neither des rable nor necessary to chronicle that is sold irrespe tive of condition, price, or interest, ften as a %, some books have been purposely overlooked, for is to sa' statin in repeating ad nauseam matters of inwh have been dealt with in the same volume with a at revu tom many previous occas ons. Book-PRICES CURRENT bays has been, a work of selection specially constructed for & and easy reference, ani complei in su-h a manner as to as true and fath ul a pi ture of the book market for the as poss ze without wear some repet tion on the one 17” Hat (ti, vs. in on the other

Atunde was takes the trouble to consult this and the pre eding e terre volutes, an 1 to careful y compare their contents with the eater ones of the series, will, I think, arrive at the hat a great change has come over the bookman's fan y last few years. He will observe that the tenden y is a se, that fewer large private librar es have come into

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